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Asian Delight

This is my first story


A few years ago the company that I work for transferred me to Bali , Indonesia and until I could get a place of my own I was staying with my friend Roger and his lovely wife Chico . They shared the house with a roommate named Lia who is a stunningly beautiful Indonesian girl with long black hair, pretty brown eyes and the body of a playboy centerfold.  


Lia and I became friends from the beginning and since neither one of us were dating anyone we would frequently spend our free time together, and I’ll admit I did sometimes fantasize about fucking her.


Roger and Chico left the country about a month after my arrival on a two week business trip and it became an every night occurrence that before going to sleep, Lia would come to my room and say goodnight then go to hers and shut the door


Her room is right next to mine and I’d often hear soft moaning and a muffed buzzing sound. There was no doubt in my mind that she was masturbating and I honestly believe she wanted me to hear. Regardless of her intentions, it always got me excited so I’d always jack off and imagine Lia playing with her pussy.


This routine continued for several days then one evening I decided to try something different and just before Lia was due to arrive, I got naked and lay down on the bed. I was feeling a little bit nervous about how she’d react but there was not time to change my mind so I began slowly stroking my cock making it nice and hard.


As expected Lia came to my room and when she saw what I was doing immediately said “Wow.”   I could only assume that meant she liked it because a big grin appeared on her pretty face and she remained there silently watching me for a few minutes before walking away.


A short time later I once again heard those same familiar moaning and buzzing sounds, but they appeared to be much louder this time so I was curious and went to check it out. Her door was wide open and I quietly peeked in to find Lia lying completely naked on the bed with her eyes closed, sliding a purple vibrator onto her pussy with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.


  It was a very erotic scene and I stood there mesmerized by the site of her gorgeous body for a few moments then instinctively began stroking my cock. I’m not sure if that got her attention but Lia instantly opened her eyes and in very seductive way asked………

“Do you like watching me masturbate?”


I managed to mutter “Yes” and upon hearing that answer she suggested that I join her on the bed.   It was a once in a life time opportunity so naturally I could not pass up that invitation and as Lia continued pleasuring herself I quickly entered the room and lay down beside her


She immediately looked directly between my legs and with a very sexy tone told me “You have a really nice Dick, stroke it for me.”   I had every intention of doing exactly that and without delay I wrapped a hand around my rock hard cock and started stroking it in rhythm with the vibrator going in and out of her wet pussy. 


Lia began moaning nonstop after several minutes of masturbating together and I anticipated she was close to having an orgasm because she began rubbing her clit more vigorously and was sliding the vibrator into her pussy at a much faster pace.


My intuition proved to be correct because moments later with her eyes focused on my cock she cried out “Cum with me.” That was all the encouragement I needed and the second cum started spurting out of my cock Lia plunged the vibrator deep into her pussy and began screaming in ecstasy….


She held it there until her body stopped quivering then she looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers and asked “Did you enjoy that?”  I was still holding onto now my cum soaked cock and replied “loved it”, then I got up and went into the bathroom to clean myself off.


When I returned Lia was sitting up on the bed and as I sat down beside her in a cute shy way she said “That’s the fist time I’ve ever masturbated in front of someone.” I could not help but smile as I placed my hand on her thigh and replied “It was very sexy.” I then asked her “Would you like to do it again sometime?” and without hesitation she enthusiastically answered “Definitely.”


It was getting late by this time and since we both had to get up early for work the next morning I simply gave her a goodnight kiss on the cheek then went back to my room and fell asleep with thoughts of Lia on my mind.


The following night I was checking out some things on my computer and I got an e-mail from Lia that read {If you want to watch me play with myself again, come to my room}. I did not bother wasting the time to write a reply and within seconds went to join her.  


To my delight Lia was lying on the bed wearing just a pair of skimpy black lace panties and while fondling the hard nipples of her beautiful firm tits she smiled at me and in a very sexual tone said   “I need some motivation, show me that big Dick”  


I took off all my clothes immediately after hearing that request then sat down between her beautiful legs and gently pulled off her panties. Lia just continued playing with her tits and didn’t object when I placed my hand on her neatly trimmed pussy, so I began rubbing her already swollen clit with my thumb and slowly inserted a single finger into her pussy


Her pussy was nice and tight and as it was squeezing my finger Lia let out a pleasurable sigh then softly said     “I like that, play with my pussy.”   I was happy to hear that she was enjoying it and I kept fingering her pussy for awhile longer then picked up the vibrator that was lying on the bed and after turning it on began rubbing it against her clit and pussy lips.  


Lia quickly started moaning and told me “I want it inside me” so I did as she requested and gently inserted the vibrator into her tight wet pussy. I began sliding it in and out slowly at first, then a little more rapidly, and after a few minutes of doing that she cried out “Deeper, put all of it in me”


At that point I took the vibrator between my thumb and forefinger and put it all the way inside her until my hand was resting on her pussy lips.   I began a rhythm of pulling it out so that just the tip of the vibrator was still in her pussy then I’d slide it all the way back in again.


Before to long she told me “Harder fuck me harder” and the instant I started pounding it into her pussy she began to thrust her pelvis up and down.   My hand was now slapping against her pussy after and a short time she screamed out “Oh my god, Oh my god”


I knew that she was having an orgasm because I could feel her pussy tightly grip the vibrator so I continued to hold it inside her until she stopped moving then I gradually pulled it out and got up on my knees between her lovely legs.


There was no need to ask if she liked it because that seemed clear and with her eyes focused on my fully erect cock she inquired “Your Dick is so hard can I touch it?”

I told her. “Sure you can” and with that answer Lia sat up and wrapped both her hands around my rock hard cock.


She immediately began to lightly squeeze it and in a very sensual tone she inquired

“Do you want me to stroke it for you?”   I nodded my head yes and when she began slowly stroking my hard cock I soon after found myself moving my hips back and forth pumping it into her hands


A big smile instantly appeared her pretty face and Lia encouraged me to keep doing it by saying “That’s it, pretend it’s my pussy, and fuck it.” It felt great and after about five minutes of continuously thrusting my cock in and out of her hands she said “Cum for me”


Lia must have sensed something or it was just perfect timing but either way I thrust my cock deep into her hands one last time and cum squirted all over her chest. She did not say anything and just held onto my cock for a moment longer squeezing out the last few drops of cum, then she lay down and began rubbing it all over those beautiful tits.


It was very sexy site and I’ve never seen any woman do that before accept in porn movies and as I watched in amazement Lia said “I need to clean up now, want to join me?” Without giving it a thought I answered “I’d love to” and off we went to the bathroom


After taking a long hot shower together we were drying off and I could tell from the expression on her pretty face that there was no need to get dressed.   This proved to be correct because while I was hanging up the towels Lia proceeded to lie down on the bed and said “I’m horny again, Will you do something for me?”



I quickly answered “sure” without even waiting to hear her request, and in a very sexy tone she asked. “Will you lick my pussy”?  I’d been wanting to do that since the first day we met ,and without saying a word I quickly got on the bed and gently spread her lovely legs wide apart as I crawled in between them.


With a big smile on her face Lia placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed it down to her neatly trimmed crotch. I immediately licked up and down the lips of her pussy a few times then I plunged my tongue inside and moved it around in circles


Her constant moaning was a clear indication that she was enjoying it but after sliding my tongue in and out of her tasty pussy for awhile longer I lifted my head up a bit and ask “Does that feel good?”  Lia quickly replied. “Yes, Yes” then she forced my head back down between her legs and pleaded “Don’t stop, please don’t stop, lick my pussy”.


She had nothing to worry about because it was never my intention to quit and the moment I spread the lips of her pussy and started licking her clit ,she squealed with pleasure so I kept rapidly flicking my tongue across it for several more minutes then I began gently sucking on it


I’m really not sure how long I was licking and sucking on her clit but suddenly Lia cried out “You’re going to make me cum”, then her body instantly began to shake. I did not stop however and just continued licking her pussy as she had a massive orgasm and lapped up the sweet juices that oozed out of it.


When her body stopped shaking I lay down on my back and the next thing I knew Lia was kneeling over me with a lustful expression on her face saying those six words any man would love to hear “I want to suck your Dick”


I was a little shocked but it also excited me and before I could even reply Lia leaned down and began licking my cock like it was a Popsicle. It felt incredible and after a brief time of doing that she wrapped her soft lips around my cock and began sucking the head in and out of her warm wet mouth.


Lia had me in a state of total ecstasy by this point and just when I thought it could not get any better she began gradually sliding her lips further down my cock until she managed to get the entire thing in her extremely talented mouth.


No other woman has ever sucked my cock like that before and I must admit I loved watching her do it. She continued sliding her velvety lips slowly up and down my rock hard cock for several minutes then she began sucking it in and out of her mouth at a much faster pace.


It took only about thirty more seconds of her eagerly sucking my cock to make my balls tighten up and knowing what was about to happen I shouted “I’m going to cum.” To my pleasant surprise Lia just kept sucking and as my cock squirted warm cum down her throat she tried her best to swallow all of it but when she sat up there was a little dripping out the corners of her mouth.


Without a doubt it was the best blow job I ever had and as she was licking her luscious lips clean I told her “That felt amazing.” Lia giggled a bit then with a big smile on her pretty face she winked at me and said “Well you’re pretty good at eating pussy too”


At that moment I realized our relationship had reached a different level and we remained lying there talking for awhile until it was time to sleep, then once again I gave her goodnight kiss on the cheek and returned to my room.


The following night I got off work later than usual because of a mandatory meeting that everyone had to attend and while driving home a text from Lia appeared on my phone that read : Hurry home sexy , I’m waiting for you :.


I entered the house to find candles burning, soft music playing and Lia sitting on the couch in the living room drinking a glass of wine wearing a short black night gown. It was obvious that she had something in mind but I did not feel the need to inquire what it was as I sat down next to her.


Lia looked incredibly sexy and I could not take my eyes off her as she poured me a glass of wine. She then handed it to me and offered a toast by saying “To our special evening” so I touched her face lightly and as our glasses clicked together replied “I’ll drink to that”


We sat there in the dim light drinking wine and chatting for a short time then I could not resist anymore so I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Lia reciprocated and as we were passionately kissing my hand soon found its way down between her legs to discover her pussy was already slightly wet.


I naturally started rubbing her clit but Lia quickly grabbed my hand and stopped kissing me to quietly say “Not here come with me”, then she led me to her bedroom where there were more candles burning and rose petals scattered on the bed.


  It was a very romantic setting and with a lustful look in her eyes Lia pressed up against me and whispered in my ear “Tonight I want you to fuck me” The thought of fucking her instantly made my cock get hard and without saying another word she slip off the night gown and laid down on the bed with her gorgeous legs spread wide open


I’ve never removed my clothes any quicker in my life and within moments I was standing at the foot of the bed completely naked with my hard cock sticking straight out. Lia got a huge smile on her pretty face then she started lightly rubbing her clit and in a very sexy voice said to me “Come here and put that big dick in my pussy.”


Without delay I crawled onto the bed and stared directly into those gorgeous brown eyes as I poisoned myself above her. Lia immediately placed both hands on my ass then began pulling me closer towards her, and the instant my hard cock penetrated her pussy she screamed so loud I’m sure the neighbors heard it


Little by little I eased my cock further into Lia’s tight wet pussy and when the entire length of it was completely inside her she softly said “Your dick feels so good” and the expression on her pretty face was one of pure pleasure


It became instantly clear to me that she had great muscle control because her pussy was tightly gripping and releasing my cock over and over again. The feeling was amazing and I remained still for a few moments enjoying it then began slowly pumping my cock in and out of her throbbing pussy.


Lia quickly cried out “Oh yes, Fuck me , Fuck me   ” so I continued sliding my cock into her pussy in that manner for awhile then I began thrusting it in at a much harder and faster pace. By this time she was moaning constantly and after pounding my cock into her pussy for several more minutes she tightly gripped my hips with her thighs and a slightly desperate tone ask “Can I ride you?”


Upon hearing that request I immediately wrapped my arms around her and rolled over on my back placing Lia on top of me. She wasted little time repositioning herself and within seconds she was squatting over me guiding my cock into her wet pussy.


Gradually Lia lowered herself down and when my entire cock disappeared into her pussy she remained there squeezing it with her vaginal muscles for a short time, then rose up until just the head of my cock was barely in her pussy and began the whole procedure over again.


It felt sensational and as she continued riding up and down on my hard cock I reached up and started massaging those beautiful firm tits of hers.   Lia did not say a word but it was evident she was very aroused because her breathing was becoming more rapid and I could feel the wetness from her pussy dripping down onto my balls.


She kept fucking me like that for several more minutes then suddenly she straddled my hips and with my hard cock now completely in her warm wet pussy began a slow rocking back and forth motion


Anticipating that Lia was going to have an orgasm soon   I began rubbing her swollen clit with my fingers and within a very short time she began vigorously grinding her hips and cried out   “I’m going to cum, cum with me, cum in my pussy”.


Her pussy then contracted several times and as it clenched my cock tightly she screamed out “Ohhh Yesss, Ohhh Yesss.” I could feel her warm juices gushing all over my cock and not being able to control it any longer I groaned wildly as my cum squirted inside her warm wet pussy.  


Lia appeared to be exhausted and immediately collapsed into my chest with my cock still inside her twitching pussy. She just silently laid there for a few moments until she caught her breath then she raised her head and passionately asked me “So are we lovers now?”


It’s been five years since Lia asked me that question and even though I am now living back in the United States , I m happy to say   she is now my beautiful wife and will forever be my…….. Asian delight







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