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I flew from Australia to America to meet the girl who haunts my dreams.

"m 18 aus hbu?"
"f 18 cal"
"sweet! How's it goin?"...

Omegle, of all places, was where we met and six months later, I found myself boarding a plane from Perth, Western Australia to Los Angeles. I knew I was crazy but I was crazy about her. She was amazing. She had great masses of long brown wavy hair. She had an absolutely stunning face and curves to match. I was in love with a very hot Latina. Hey! They are pretty rare in Australia. So for the price of a couple of custom boards I bought tickets to LA instead. There had better be some gnarly surf in LA! It was hard to believe I was actually there. I got into a cab. That would be a taxi in Australia. LOL. Gave the driver the address of the art college she's at and we were off on the wrong side of the road.

I had to wait a couple hours before I finally saw her. She looked exactly like her pic! A quick prayer of thanks she didn’t turn out to be a 40 year old man who's living with his parents in Wisconsin. Apart from being slightly shorter than in her pic, she looked incredible. I turned quickly away from her as she walked in my direction. Her hair moved with the breeze and I caught a whiff of the perfume she tried to describe to me before. I glimpsed a flash of perfect white teeth as she laughed at something the girl with the dark curly hair whispered to her. That must be her bff, Kylie who was very cute but my eyes were occupied elsewhere.

"Turn around..." I texted her on ebuddy.
I watched her looked into her iphone4 before looking up. She turned around slowly and our eyes locked. The look of shock on her face before the most beautiful smile appeared took my breath away.

"Andy!!! What? How? What are you doing here?" she exclaimed.

Before I could open my mouth to answer, she was enveloped in a deep embrace in my arms. We had talked about what we will do if we ever met. I had rehearsed this moment so many times in my mind before. She fitted perfectly to my body and we clung to each other. We must have hung onto each other for an eternity. When we finally broke apart Kylie had slipped discreetly away.
“OMG! I really can’t believe you are actually here!” she exclaimed.

“I know it’s crazy but I just needed to see you.” I replied.
“Where are you staying?” Alexis asked.
“Ha-ha! I was kinda hoping with you.” I replied.
A cheeky smile appears on her face as she said “Well? C’mon then, you crazy aussie. I’m not carrying your bag!”

It turns out that she lived just around the corner in a fraternity house. Alpha Omega Kappa, something it was called. I couldn’t have cared less as my eyes were roaming around looking at the scantily clad girls hanging around the corridors. It had a surreal atmosphere just like out of a “girls gone wild” video. Only in America and I’m starting to love America.
“Focus!” Alexis said as she led me towards her room.
A few pinches and slaps on my butt by smiling girls later, Alexis was turning the key in the lock to her room. The door closed on the revelry outside and we were finally alone.
“I see you have a thing for California girls.” said Alexis.
“I have a thing for you, baby.” I replied.

She took one step closer to me and said, “I can see that!” as she looked down on the rather obvious bulge straining against my jeans.
“You don’t seem to have a problem with jetlag.” she breathed into my mouth as she kissed me hungrily.
Her tongue darted into my mouth as we kissed passionately. She was as wild one moment and as angelic as another, exactly like how she was online.

My hands slowly brushed along her arms and ends up cupping her cheeks tenderly. She looked into my eyes and she was that shy young girl again.
“Maybe we better stop. You do know I have a boyfriend.” Alexis said tentatively.
“Yes. Alexis.” I replied as my head bended down to kiss her again.

My tongue probed gently as she responded by accepting it into her willing mouth. I could feel her trembling in anticipation as I sensed her eagerness.

“Shhh..shhh..It will be okay.” I assured her as she visibly succumbed.
My hand massaged the base of her neck as our kissing intensified. She lets out a sigh through our locked mouths. My hand moved down as I seek a button. My fumbling hand somehow manages to loosen her buttons as her shirt hangs open in the front. I caught a glimpse of her lacy bra against her tanned complexion. Her taut belly was exposed to my eyes. She was the perfect specimen!

I placed a hand on her stomach as she flinched from the sudden contact. I held my hand still as her stomach rose rhythmically in her hurried breathing. I started to slowly move my palm in maddening circles as she lets out a groan of approval. Her hips followed my hand instinctively in a circling motion as her excitement took over.

My hand traveled up her stomach over her navel as her hips continued to rotate in a sensual dance. It reached the valley of the beautiful mounts of flesh and hesitated awhile. Her full breasts rose and fell as she waited for my hand to attend to them but I purposely brushed over them. Pushing her shirt to the side, I helped her to glide it off exposing her bare belly completely. I dove into the liquid pools of her beautiful brown eyes and whispered softly to her telling her how beautiful she was. I proceeded to pull my shirt off exposing my surfer’s chest to Alexis. I laughed as I heard her audible gasp.

“I’m glad the photos you sent don’t lie.” she laughed.
I resumed kissing her as my hands goes boldly over her bra covered breasts. My hands could barely cover her luscious mounts as I gently began to massage both of her breasts with my hands.

“I’m glad your photos don’t either!” I replied.
I began to quicken my pace as her hands met mine as I worked on them. Together we pressed the mounts together, mashing them. Our joined fingers gripped the breasts hard and squeezed tightly as she uttered mewing sounds from deep inside her throat. We played with her nipples relentlessly as they protruded against the bra that struggled to contain her heaving breasts. Time stood still as the sensations concentrated on her burning nipples.

Her hands went back and unclipped her bra and it landed on the floor. Her hands covered her breasts coyly rather than modestly as she backed her bared back on the door. I stood back and admired the goddess until her self- consciousness resulted in a pink flush over her cheeks. She reached out with outstretched arms to bring me closer to avoid my admiring eyes. I knelt in front of her and kissed her just above her navel as she gasped. I grasped her by her hips and dipped my tongue into her navel. Her hands came down from her breasts and hung limply by her sides. My hands moved tantalizingly slowly onto the small of back before tracing the back of her spine. My fingers spread like little spiders feeling the back of her shoulder blades before resting just under her ribcage. I could feel the rhythmic rise and fall of her tortured breath.

Still I waited before moving over the underside of her unprotected breasts. They looked every bit as delightful as the 34D cup she claimed to be. My hands tested the fullness of her creamy breasts and marveled at their suppleness. She was indeed a goddess. My fingers wasted no time as my index fingers and my thumbs rolled and pulled on her stiff and growing nipples just the way she had describe how she loves it. Her fingers gripped my hair and pulled me upward as I got the message. My face was pulled upwards towards her breasts and I stared for moment at those delectable mounts before my tongue snaked out and sampled a nipple lightly. My tongue flicked ardently at the aroused bud while my other fingers pinched down on the other nipple cruelly. A moan escaped from her mouth as my mouth captured the nipple and sucked it in. I opened my mouth as wide as possible in an attempt to fit as much breast into my mouth as possible. I released her only to recapture the other nipple and bite on it softly. I alternated from nipple to nipple, licking, pulling, biting, and causing them to stand out like hard pebbles.

Her hips were opened wide with me crouched between them. My hands reached down to loosen the buttons on her jeans but they were too tight. Her hands hurriedly helped me in anticipation of what was about to happen. Her fingers deftly opened her jeans and they were added to the growing pile on the floor. She stood magnificently naked in front of me except for her lacy panties. I was still in my jeans. I stood up and with some difficulty negotiated my fly over the growing obstacle in the way and took them off.
“Oh my God Andy!” said Alexis incredulous. “You weren’t lying about that either!”
I peeled my boxers off with a silly grin on my face.
“It’s uncut! Liked you said!” she cried.
She kneed down in front of me and slowly peeled back my foreskin exposing my bludgeoning purple head. She stared at it in disbelief as a drop of pre cum emerged from the tip of my cock. She couldn’t resist sticking her tongue out to lick the drop off. The feel of her warm tongue on me caused my cock to throb and grow more.

I had to resist the temptation and pushed her gently off saying, “I’ve come a few thousand kilometers to give you your present.”
I pulled her back up on her feet and stepped in between her hot thighs. I kissed the inside of her thigh as she struggles to keep her legs from wobbling in her excitement. I slowly kissed my way down away from where she expected and lifted one leg as she braced herself against the door. I kissed the back of her knee and couldn’t resist a slight nibble. I then changed tack and proceeded my way back toward the original destination. Nibbling and biting gently my way up towards her quivering flesh. I reached where her thighs joined and began to kiss my way around just the outside of her soaked panties. Torturing her more and rewarding her patience I began to kiss the wetness through her panties, savoring the juices streaming out of her pussy. Pushing the fabric into her with my tongue she lets out a muffled scream as her legs gives way amidst her shuddering. It suddenly occurred to me she must be cumming as the sensations took her away.

Alexis is a very giving and sensuous soul, always more willing to give than receive. As such she has yet to experience the pleasures a tongue gives. I continued unperturbed as I knew she was all woman and this was just the first of many orgasms I would induce out of her. I continued to move my tongue around probing the seat of her panties as she buried her hips into my face. The wild side of her prompted her finger to pull the flimsy material to the side exposing her pretty shaved pussy lips to my view. I lost no time in dipping my tongue into her steaming pussy as her juices literally flowed down my tongue. Her taste flooded my senses as I teased all her folds and explored her, probing, tasting...I pushed deep inside her inner walls driving my tongue deeper inside her.

“Ughh!” she uttered as my tongue finds the hood of her clit.

I swirled my tongue around her clit careful to avoid direct contact, prolonging her pleasure. Her hands that been running through my hair nearly pulled them out of their roots as she pulled my head trying to lodge my tongue on her inflamed clit. I smiled a secret smile as I relieved her agony and took the jewel in my tongue. Swirling around and around it as her hips continues to buck against my face. I decided to up the intensity by gently but firmly sucking on her pink button.

That was enough to cause her to pummel my shoulder with her clinched fist as she screamed “I’m cumming baby! Don’t stop sucking on my cunt!”
The bad girl has emerged out of the angel. She had always said she was a screamer and got off talking dirty and I believed her.

My index finger joined my tongue as I placed it gently at her entrance. I managed to ease a nail in before it was engulfed right in by her strong coital muscles. I continued to saw my finger in and out as my tongue lashed on her clit. I knew she couldn’t last much longer as I spied her glazed eyes rolling backwards as she got close to the edge. I removed my finger in one long exit stroke and held it to the winking star below her pussy. I pushed my lubricated finger firmly forward as her resistance failed and my finger entered her tight ring.
“SHIT...FUCK!!!” was all she could utter as the sudden intrusion pushed her over the edge. “Fuck me Andy! Fuck my ass! I’m cummming!!!”

That's was all the excuse I needed to spin her around and push her up against the wall hard but not as to hurt her. I pulled her panties down and they dropped to her ankles and she kicked them off deftly. I pressed my hard length against her back smelling her thick hair. I held on to the back of her neck as my hardness grinded into her billowy buttocks.

“What do want baby?” I toyed into her ear. I nibbled on an earlobe before demanding “Tell me what you want me to do! Say it!”
“Fuck me with your big hard cock Andy! Fuck me hard, please! Please baby I need your cock!”she replied obediently.
She reached down and guided my hard cock to her wet pussy. Even in my rigid state I struggled to enter her extremely tight snatch. Ever slowly my cockhead moisten by her pussy juice inches inside her.

“You are stretching me babe. I’ve never had anything this big inside me!” she gasped. “It’s feels so good. I feel so full. You are so big. More! Baby! More!”
As her muscles loosen and her walls stretched to accommodate me, I stood on my toes and impaled my entire length in her. I held her there for a moment as I waited for her to get accustomed to my size. I moved my pelvis in slow rocking circular motions as her wetness awash my cock. I felt her hands on my buttocks as she started to mimic my movements pressing back into me. Encouraged, I began to lengthen my strokes. The sensation of her tight pussies grip on my turgid cock was sensational. My cock started to stroke relentless as she hangs onto the wall, her full breasts brushing against the abrasive wallpaper. Her nipples grew increasingly agitated as she felt the pleasure waves transferring to and fro her nipples and clitoris.
“I’m close. Baby! Please don’t stop!” she pleaded.

I had other plans and I slowed down my frenzied pace to a maddeningly slow grind.

“You know how I gave you your present? How about me opening up my present now?” I enquired.
She relied in a quavering voice, “Anything babe! Just let me cum please.”
I quicken my pace a little and teased, “Say it. Beg me!”
“Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Daddy! Cum in my ass!” she moaned as she literally pushed my cock out of her. My eager cock pushed into her crack trying to find its target. Once again her hand gripped my tumescent cock and guided it towards her orifice. I inched my cockhead forward as she pressed back on me. I struggled to maintain my composure as my head slipped into her tight warmness. The newness and unfamiliarity of the sensation was electrifying.
“Fuck the surf! I’m in heaven!” I thought as I began a slow descent into her ass.

My hand reached down and found her clit as I began to drive into her. I started to pummel her virgin ass like a madman as the ecstatic burning sensations overcomes my caution. I dug three fingers in her cunt as my thumb and forefinger rubbed her clit in fervor. I felt her tremors starting as my balls tighten and I began to shoot ropes of cum into her helpless body.
“Fuck! I’m cumming!” we shouted in unison to the room.
My cock continued to sprout and spurt seed deep inside her. Alexis’s body jerked and tossed around like a rag doll as she pounded the wall with her fists.

“Oh baby! I love you!” Alexis said as I hugged our sweaty bodies together.

“I love you too.” I murmured into her hair as the door swung open and Kylie stepped in the room.
“I heard you banging on the wall and I thought you might need my help.” she said with a wide mischievous grin.

To be continued…

This was written literally in one day. Being my first attempt I was keen to just get it out there. As it is my first draft I would appreciate your reader’s kindness and any advice would be helpful. As usually all I am including this attempt at writing is dedicated to my beloved Sammy.