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At Ellie's

This is the first ever story I have written and published on any site. All comments are welcome as they will help me with how I write future stories. 
As to if it is a true story or not, well, that is up for you and your imaginations to decide! I do hope you enjoy reading it!

It was nearing 9pm when I walked up the path and knocked firmly on the front door of her home. I looked around, to see if there was anyone about, as I waited on her answering.

I turned back as I heard the door unlock and open.

She stood before me in her grey skirt suit, not long home from work I thought to myself.

"Oh! What are you doing here?" she said rather surprised that I had turned up announced.

"What way is that to greet a guest to your home?" I asked.

"I’m sorry Sir, I just wasn’t expecting to see you" she said, lowering her head in apology.

She stood back allowing me to enter her home, closing and locking the door behind me.

I turned to look at her and she again lowered her head, knowing she had spoken out of turn. She stood in silence as I looked her over.

Ellie was about 5’8", dark shoulder length hair, stunning hourglass figure with great legs and quite large breasts. She looked great in her skirt suit that hugged her body in all the right places, hugging her waist, showing of her hips and breasts.

"Look at me" I ordered her, "Are you pleased I have come to see you?"

She looked up at me and replied "Yes Sir, I am always pleased when you come to see me".

I walked over to her and reached up and gently stroked her right cheek. A smile came to her face. My hand moved to the back of her head and I stroked the back of her neck with my nails, she let out a quiet moan of pleasure.

Suddenly and without any warning I grasped her hair in my hand and pulled back, lifting her head, exposing her neck to me. Ellie gasped but did not resist me. I kissed her throat, gently biting at her as I moved from one side to another, finding her ear, biting and pulling on her lobe a little, this was something I had discovered she liked quite some time ago.

I relaxed my grip a little so as to let her head fall forward allowing our lips to meet. The softness and warmth of her lips against mine felt so good. Her lips parted and I felt her tongue against my lips, trying to force mine open. I gave a little pull on her hair to remind her who was in charge! Ellie moaned into my mouth, her breathing was getting heavier.

My right hand moved to her suit jacket, running my hand over the material, feeling her breasts through it. Reaching for the buttons and opening it up, revealing her black lace bra underneath.

"Very nice, Ellie, I see you have listened to me and have gone without a shirt as I asked you to".

"Yes Sir, I have found it quite exhilarating wearing only my bra underneath, especially when other people notice and look at me" Ellie replied quite proud of herself, "It does make me quite aroused".

I was very pleased that Ellie had done as I has asked, she was still learning to do as I wished but things were moving along quite well.

"I’m very happy to hear that Ellie" I told her with a smile.

I slipped her jacket of her and my hand moved over her lace covered breasts, feeling her nipples harden through the material. Her chest heaving as she breathed deeply, her body shivering as I touched her. Moaning as my fingers and hands caressed her breasts.

I released the grip on her hair and my hand moved around her neck to her throat, gently pressing and squeezing as I continued playing with her beautiful large breasts. Her breathing deepened and her moans grew louder as she began to get more aroused.

With my other hand I reached round her back and unhooked her bra, then run my nails up and down her spine. She shivered and moaned with pleasure. Her large breasts where beautiful. Her nipples where already quite erect before I started kissing them. Taking each one into my mouth, sucking and biting on them.

I pushed her against the wall, making her jump a little, my hand on her neck and chest, holding her tightly, restraining her movement.

"Now, my Ellie, have you done what else I asked of you?"

My hand moved down and pulled at her skirt, pulling it up over her hips. My hand went immediately to her pussy, where I got conformation of the answer I had hoped for. She had indeed gone without any underwear and she had shaved her pussy bare.

My hand could feel the heat coming from her aroused pussy. My fingers felt the warm, wet feeling of her juices as soon as they made contact with the smooth skin around her lips. My god it felt so good feeling her pussy shaved! It had taken her some time to come around to shaving all her hair off but I think she was very happy now she had.

She immediately opened her legs allowing her pussy to open up and let my fingers slip easily between her lips and to find her swollen clit. She let out a loud moan of pleasure as my fingers caressed her clit, squeezing it between my fingers and pulling on it, making her even more aroused.

My fingers pushing down her slit to find her entrance, then quickly pushing two fingers deep inside her, she moaned out loudly in pleasure as my fingers fucked her soaking wet pussy hard and deep.

My cock is so hard in my jeans. I need her to pleasure me!

I release my hold on her body and remove my fingers from her soaked pussy. I lifted them to her mouth and she tastes herself from me, taking my fingers into her mouth and sucking them clean of her juices.

I pushed her skirt down over her hips and let it slip down to the floor. She was now standing naked in front of me. Her chest heaving as she breathed deeply, her nipples fully erect pointing out from her large breasts, her shaved pussy glistening from her juices that my fingers had smeared over it and which were now running down the inside of her legs.

I wanted to fuck her right then but I wanted her to please me more first.

"On your knees Ellie" I commanded her.

She dropped to her knees, knowing exactly what she was to do, She unzipped my jeans and reached inside my boxers to let my cock free. Immediately taking it in her hand and stroking me up and down the full length of my cock, rubbing her thumb over the head as she looked up at me.

"May I suck your hard cock Sir? I know it will please you if I am allowed" Ellie asked.

I nodded to her and she took the tip of my hard cock into her mouth, letting her tongue circle around it, licking me. She then took my cock deeper into her mouth, moving her head up and down my length, taking more in every time, until it was as deep as she could get it.

My hand moved to the back of her head and once again I took hold of her hair. She stopped moving as she knew what was coming! I started fucking her mouth, pushing my cock deeper into her throat, making her gag but she did not resist, as always. I fucked her throat faster and harder with every stroke, pushing her onto me as I held her hair.

She looked at me with her asking eyes and again I nodded as I understood what she wanted. Her hand moved between her legs and she began playing with her pussy while I fucked her throat. Although I could not see what she was doing I still knew what she was doing as she has shown me how she fucks herself when she is having her mouth fucked by my cock.

She would open her pussy and put her clit between two fingers and rub it up and down between then squeezing it as hard as she could between them. Then she would put her two fingers as deep inside her pussy, which by now would be dripping juices from it. She then curled her fingers to find her g-spot, pressing the palm of her hand against her clit and bring herself to the edge of orgasm but always stopping before she did, as she knew she had to ask if she was allowed to cum for me.

I was close to cuming deep in Ellie’s throat at this point so I pulled my cock from her mouth letting her tongue flick over the end as I pulled away from her. She let out a moan of displeasure but she knew that it was not over.

"Stand and face the wall"

She stood and gave me a curiosity look but did as she was asked. Once she was facing the wall I pushed her against it, her nipples hitting the coldness of the wall making her shout out. Pushing her so her breasts were now pressed against it. Holding her hair again, pulling back on it as she moaned out in pleasure.

I used my foot to spread her legs more. My hand moved between her legs reaching round to find her drenched pussy. My two fingers easily slipped inside her and I fucked her hard and fast, which is just how she likes me to fuck her. I have never known anyone that loves to get fucked harder than Ellie! 

My fingers were covered in her juices in seconds, so I slid another finger into her and pulled on her hair a little harder. She was moaning louder and almost constantly as my fingers reached the depths of her pussy. As my fingers fucked her my thumb kept pushing against her ass. Each time I pushed against it she would moan louder and push back against my thumb, wanting it to enter her tight hole. I rubbed my thumb around her ass and then pushed it into her causing her to shout out.

"Oh! Sir! Thank you Sir that feels so good. Please fuck me harder Sir!"

I fucked her pussy with my fingers and her ass with my thumb as hard as I could, making her move up and down the wall with each stroke of my hand. Her breasts and nipples rubbing against the wall as she moved, causing her a little pain but giving her even more pleasure. I could feel her pussy tightening around my fingers as she tried to stop herself from cuming.

"Sir?" she said.

"Yes Ellie, what do want?"

"I need to cum for you Sir, may I cum over your hand Sir?" she asked in her heavy breath.

"No Ellie" I replied.

I didn’t want her to cum over my hand, I wanted it over my cock. I wanted my cock inside her now!

I pulled on her hair and moved her away from the wall and pushed her forward so she was bent over in front of me. Exposing her hot, wet pussy and her tight ass to me.

"Would you like me to fuck you now, Ellie?"

"Yes Sir, please fuck me Sir, please fuck me hard Sir" she almost begged.

I took hold of my hard cock and place it at the entrance to her pussy. Holding her hips and in one swift, sharp move pushed my cock all the way into her hot, wet pussy. She shouted out in pleasure as my cock pushed deep into her. I fucked her with long, deep strokes almost bringing my cock out of her before driving it deep inside her.

I knew I wasn’t going to last very long as I was very aroused. I could feel my balls tightening up as I got close to cuming. I fucked her harder, pulling her hips to me as I slammed my cock into her, hitting her cervix.

"Sir?" she shouted out, "May I cum Sir?, I beg you Sir please! I need to cum for you Sir!"

"Yes Ellie, you may cum for me! Cum for me now!"

As I pushed my cock hard into her pussy again I felt her tighten around me, almost like she was trying to choke my cock with her pussy. She screamed out loud as her orgasm took over her body, her legs shaking as it heightened, her juices flowing out around my cock, drenching the two of us, as she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm.

I couldn't’t hold out anymore. My cock hardened completely and my balls tightened up as I felt myself reach my point of no return.

"I’m going to cum, Ellie!" I shouted out, "I’m going to cum inside your pussy!"

"Oh god, please Sir, please cum inside me, fill my pussy with your cum!" Ellie begged.

That was enough to push me over the edge. I held her hips so tight as I trust into her hard and deep once more, then feeling my cock explode and shoot my cum deep inside her. Shooting two, then three, then four times into her, filling her pussy full of my cum.

I stood holding her hips for a few minutes while we both got our breath back a little before I took my softening cock from her cum filled pussy. As I took it out I saw my cum leaking from her and as she stood it ran down her leg a little. She quickly caught it with her fingers and put them in her mouth.

"Mmmm you taste good Sir!" she said with a wicked smile on her face.

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