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At My Bedroom Door

She arrived at his house soaked to the skin, being a gentleman, he did his best to warm her up good
At My Bedroom Door

Don Abdul ©2008

I had spent the whole afternoon taking my two little boys out to lunch at the mall, and then we took in a movie when we got back home. I was exhausted so I went to bed rather early.

I was just dozing off for the night, when the door bell rang, so I reluctantly got out of bed to see who it was. I couldn't believe my eyes but there she was with her clothes all wet from the pouring rain. She said she had gone out with the girls, but the date ended too soon and she didn't want go home yet so she thought she'd come see where I lived.

The rainstorm got worse, so I made her a drink, and gave her a robe to wear while I dried her clothes. We listened to some music, and then she wanted to dance, so we danced a little. My penis started to rise under my silk robe and I was embarrassed but she just smiled and whispered into my ears, "A dog that neither barks, nor bite isn't worth its name"; That said we continued to dance, then I felt her hand slip under my robe and you caressed my rigid cock as we danced.

I moaned softly into her ears as she rubbed the head of my dick and before long, we were dancing toward the bedroom. Her robe was open at this point, so was mine, and for the first time we felt each others body heat. As our bodies met the heat of our pent up lust ignited into one huge consuming fire of unbridled passion. I could feel her shiver in my embrace.

We only got as far as the bedroom door, which I kicked, open with the back of my heel, and then I lowered my head to your ample breast. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned as she felt my hot breath envelope the tender skin of her exposed breast. Gasping softly at the first touch of my wet tongue on her erect nipple, she pressed closer to me.

I sucked on her rock hard nipple, then spread little love bites all over her tit. Moving to the other breast, I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it. "Ohhhhh, sweet Don" she moaned louder and rubbed my dick which she still held onto as though she'd be lost without it.

Mmmmmm! I crooned as I slid my hand right down her back and rubbed her full ass. Oh, how I enjoyed that....sliding my fingers down in between the cheeks.... and lower until I felt the damp heat of her rising wetness. Just as I was about to start feeling her wet pussy, she gently pushed forward....making room between us. She lowered her head to my tiny man nipples. "Oh goooodnessssss!" I moaned as I felt the heat of her breath on my chest..... It fired up my desire even more.

She licked my nipples and all the feeling went right through to my dick kicked and jumped right out of her grasp, and then she licked her way down my torso, to my belly and then knelt in worship at my feet. She takes one look up at me in full blush, and then recapturing my throbbing cock, she held it with both hands both hands and began to lick its shiny head. She licked up the pre-cum oozing from my slit and then she began to suck my cock deeper and deeper into the wet heat of her mouth.

I started to breathe faster even as my body was seized by a fever. She just kept right on sucking on my cock, as I groaned and moaned... and sank my fingers into her hair and caressed her scalp. "Shit!" I groaned as my legs threatened to rebel. I fall against the wall for support; alas this was not to be as I slid down to the carpet, my cock pulling out of her sucking mouth with a loud ‘Pop!'

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.......myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" she half moaned half exclaimed as she looked up at me, but she didn't let up. She just came right after it again, but just before she could put it back into your mouth, I grabbed her and spun her around... working with the feverish urgency of a horny teenager, I maneuvered us into a 69 position, and then I licked her exposed, dripping swollen cunt lips. "Mmmmm! Honey you're so sweet", I crooned as she gasped softly, and shook, and trembled too.

"Mmmmm!" she responded, but whatever else she had to say was muffled as she sank my cock deeper into her mouth, alternately sucking and licking the length of my shaft. She worked her oral magic...... "Ohhh, I so love to suck thick cocks" she whispers, blowing her hot breath on my saliva bathed cock.

At my end I licked her juices clean and then probed deeper into her glorious pinkness and then I licked her cunt from top to back, teasing her ridge with the tip of my tongue. She shuddered, and arched her back and pressed down for more, so I caught her clitoris in my lips and sucked on it, "Aghhhhhhhhh!" she moaned out loud. I let go only for a moment and then I licked it, flicking my tongue over it faster and faster until her whole ass was shaking.

"Oh baby! Oh my Don Sir, please take me now.....shit please fuck me right now"; she begged, involuntarily arching her back, opening her cunt ever wider. I plunged deep into her pussy with my tongue and tongue fucked her until her whole body was shaking!

"Ooh yessssss" she moans....quivering, tensing and contracting. It was time. We changed positions, She on your knees in front of me... I place my hand on her shoulder and urge her onto all fours. " Umghhhh", she cooed and purred as she gets on all fours. With her pussy still quivering from my oral ministrations, I grasped my throbbing cock and pushed it gently into her invitingly wet cunt.... "Oh, daddy!" she gasps as I enter and she pushed back to take me all the way in to the hilt.

Laying both hands on her waist, I pull her back towards me and fed her inch after inch of my solid black meat. Rocking my waist I go deeper until my cock hit her cervix. "Aghhhh! She moaned, her waist starting to rock faster as she also threw her ass back at me. We fucked faster, deeper and sweeter as she matched my every thrust with her own. "Oohhhhh Mary, you're so sweet darling..... I've...I've been ...aghaaaaaaa! I've been meaning to tell you.......Oh yes baby! Faster...Mmmmm!" I moaned and ranted, slapping her full ass hard.....

"Oh yeah Don Sir, slap my sweet as.....and fucked me faster" she moaned "Mmmmhhhhhh, tell me what Don Sir...don't hold back now...." "Oh shit baby, I've been meaning to tell you since that I'd love to fuck you .... And love you... and kiss you and hold you and oh....." "Oh, rock that waist......" I grasps for coherence, as I slap her now sore ass.... slap! slap!! slap!!! Reaching forward and grasping her tit, I squeezed it's hurting her but I just squeezed harder..... "Oohhhhhhh" she shivered.

Spitting down onto her ass, and with my thumb I rubbed it into her puckered asshole.....then began to finger her ass...even as we fucked "Oh goooodnessssssssssss" I shout, the feeling of another digit in her ass pushing against my cock was so exciting.... Pushing against that thin wall between pussy and ass, transmitting the pressure to her clit, I ram it home..... "Oh my Angel Imma cum real soon darling..... Do you want me to fill you up...?" I ask her barely coherent. "Oh yes I wanna breed you angel......." She doesn't respond, she's too far gone to say a word.

I took my finger out of her ass and without coming out of her pussy I climb to my feet and rested my hands on her shoulders for support, then I drove my shaft deep into her cunt.....hammering away. "Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she cries out loud as she felt my balls slapping hard at her near exploding clitoris. "Oh.....shitttt! Baby...I'm cumming" I warned as I pump away at her cunt. She was shaking, nearing the cliff edge.... and rocking from the impact of my merciless thrusts.

"Oh God! Shit...I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumming" hips lock in cock right at the mouth of her womb.....spitting volley after volley of hot creamy cummmmmmm. Aghhha!!!!! I screamed... then lowered my face to her shoulder....biting deep and hard into her flesh as my powerful release peaked..... "Oghhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed out with me....her body wracked with strong spasms as the pain, the pressure and the excitement of my bite sent her spiraling over the edge of the cliff as her pussy contracts and her body convulsed......

Our love juices co-mingled.....and pushed out of her tightly occupied pussy, emerging as bubbly foamy mess of ejaculate running down her silken thighs... and my balls too. We collapsed into a heap, at the door of my bedroom, just on the inside....where we fucked hard and sweet for the very first time.........

Afterward, she looked sexily over her shoulder at me, smiles softly and says; "I have to say, that is NOW...your best ever....." misty eyed with what I can only suspect to be tears of heartfelt affection, she turned away. I looked down at her body, the welts on her reddened sore ass..... The blood I'd drawn from biting her so hard, the imprint of my teeth, the bite mark ... and I felt myself begin to get aroused all over again.

The End (at least for now)
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