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At the beach, a collaboration

This is my first story, written in collaboration with my inspiration, Smirk71. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it!

We are still lying on the blanket on the beach, the sun is high in the sky, but clouds are approaching. I am still kissing your neck, nibbling on your ear; my hand is tracing lazy circles up and down your side. Your hands are wrapped around my neck as I nip your neck with my teeth.

I reach up and place my hand over your chest, feeling the hardness of your covered nipple through your top. I break the kissing on your neck and lay back on the blanket, pulling you over and on top of me. Placing my hands behind your head I pull you closer, kissing you deeper and deeper, and our tongues battling in a fight for survival. I can feel your hardened nipples pushing through your top, rubbing my bare chest. You can feel my hardness pushing through my shorts and you manoeuvre yourself so that your bare mound is rubbing against me.

The pressure you exert against my hard cock is an unbearable pleasure that I cannot take for too much longer and I roll us over so that I am on top of you.

I kiss my way back to your neck, trailing soft butterfly kisses as I go, I begin to move my way down, kissing along your collar bones before I put all of my weight on one elbow and moving my hand up to cup your breast, running my thumb over your aching nipple. I push my hand up and under your top, my hand coming into contact with your bare skin for the first time, you tingle and moan at my expert touch barely grazes the taut skin around your nipple.

I push your top up and help you lift it up over your head, exposing your top half completely. You have a flash of self-consciousness but it disappears rapidly as I dip my head and take your nipple between my lips, squeezing it gently, sucking it, and flicking my tongue over the very tip. You arch your back as my tongue runs its way around first one nipple, and then the other, tracing over the small bumps that surround them. Lightly blowing on the wet nubs, a soft moan escapes your exquisite lips, making me, if possible, even hotter.

The sky is clouding now, massive grey rain clouds intrude on the sunlight, but the warmth remains as droplets of rain start to mist down around us. My body is covering yours and you are mostly protected from the precipitation, but the feeling of the warm rain cascading upon your legs and face is making you wetter and wetter.

I am still giving your boobs the attention they deserve, my administrations becoming firmer as my teeth gently pinch the sensitive buds and my hand rotates between squeezing the globe of flesh. Your hands are still holding my head as I begin to move further down your body, slowly kissing and licking the rain from your dark skin.

I pause at your belly button, slurping the collected water. Your hands move to your breasts, quickly finding your nipples and pinching and twisting them as I disappear between your thighs. I kneel, looking down on you, your skirt bunched up around your waist, your eyes closed, lips parted, your rain soaked hair fanning around you as I run my hands down the outside of your thighs, over your calves, and back up the inside. I can feel you quivering under my touch as my hands caress your soft moist skin. You involuntarily part your legs, but I keep watching you, looking at you, at your most erotic.

I take your calves and place them over my shoulders as I slide down so that I am lying, my hands holding the inside of your thighs. I begin to kiss my way up the inside of your thigh, my hair plastered to my forehead from the rain. I can smell your sex, the most heavenly and intoxicating aroma meets my senses, I become almost light headed at the beautiful sight of your pussy, open, moist, the rain running between your lips combining with your own sweet juices and pooling on the soaked blanket.


I'm in complete heaven as I watch your descent between my thighs. As you are looking deep into my eyes your gaze alone is causing my pussy to quiver in anticipation of what is about to happen. I’ve been dreaming and masturbating about this very moment for so long. I know this sensation can never be duplicated. The first time I feel your tongue on my pussy. My head swims just thinking about it.

Your soft kisses on my inner thighs are causing me to melt. My breathing is so shallow. I can hear myself moaning. Short muted moans, each one begging you to touch my sodden pussy. I am shaking, it could be that my body is so confused. The warm rain, the cool breeze, you. I’m a bundle of nerves.

I am leaning back on my elbows in awe of your seductive handsome face. Your intense blue eyes are telling me to relax, to calm down, that you’re going to savor this, so please be patient Jasmine.

I give in to the fact that you are in control here. My right hand plays unconsciously with my wet nipple. Pulling it and allowing it to harden before I tug at it again. The rain and my complete arousal has made it hard as a rock. I don't think I'm aware I'm even doing this.

As I am enjoying the sensation of you stroking and kissing my supple thighs. You purse your lips and blow cool air along the folds of my labia.

"Ohhh my" I exclaim. My head rolls back. I muster the strength to bring my head back up, to look into your eyes. You raise your left eyebrow, grin at me, and blow again. Harder and slower. Your thumbs are applying a slow and forceful stroke just outside my pussy. Your firm grip on my thighs is a reminder that I am not going anywhere till you say I do.

"CHRIS!" my voice pleads. I tried to swallow, my breathing is erratic. I am arching my pussy towards your face. Nothing I do will quicken your pace. Your strong hands are not allowing me to move my hips.

I can feel your quick breaths on my now leaking pussy. Your right thumb just grazes my clit, you can‘t help but do that. It is hard, glistening and pulsating. “Ughhn” I softly sigh. You do it again, with more force. “This is killing me” I tell you half laughing half crying. Your eyes suddenly change. They are overcome with desire. You too are being pushed to your limits. I can see your jaw tighten as you swallow. Your tongue trails your lips from right to left. Slowly you close your eyes and dip your face to my dripping muff. I can feel the exhale from your nose as you take a second to enjoy the sweet aroma, moaning as you do.

I feel the tip of your nose go down my slit just before your tongue laps up my convulsing pussy. “OH MY GAWD” escapes from my lips breathlessly.

I can’t see. Every nerve in my body is focused on your tongue tasting my dew. I smile. This is it, this is what I have been thinking about for months.


I push your legs further apart with my palms, spreading your pussy, opening it to the elements. Using just the tips of my thumbs, I pull your lips apart; I drop my head and run my tongue up the outside of one lip, pausing at the top to gently blow on your throbbing clit. Your legs jerk as I work my way down the other side, everything slowly, everything deliberately. I gently push the tip of my tongue against your pussy, pushing past the outer muscle and in to you. I savor your taste, pushing my tongue as far into you as it will go, trying to avoid your clit with my nose.

I start moving my thumbs in circles, still spreading your lips to allow me unadulterated access to the entrance of your sex, slowly massaging the outside of your pussy. I trace my tongue up towards your clit; I can feel you tense as the expected anticipation builds inside you. I trail my saliva, mixing with your juices and the rain up and flatten it over your clit, hearing a moan escape your lips as you arch your back and try to push yourself into my face.

I reach up and take your hands, moving them down, placing them where I wanted them, holding yourself open for me. I take your hard clit between my lips, gently sucking it, flicking my tongue over the tip inside my mouth. With my hands now free, I continue attacking your clit, building you up to the ever quickening orgasm which I can feel building,

I rub your small pussy with my forefinger, not delving inside, just spreading your juices around, letting your clit pop out of my mouth, rubbing it with my wet fingers and then sucking it back between my lips again. I slowly slide a finger into your sopping cunt, moving it slowly as my lips and tongue continue sending electric bolts to your core.

Your hands move and grip the side of my head as I slip another finger past your smooth lips, speeding up my administrations. You are holding my head, your hands gripping my hair, moving my head to where you want me the most, your hips constantly moving, grinding yourself against my fingers deep inside you.

Your eyes are closed, nothing in the world registers apart from the explosion that is building within you, you are panting, biting your bottom lip and I rapidly flick the tip of my tongue over your clit. When my hands spread your ass cheeks and my index finger starts rubbing your asshole you nearly jump off the blanket, but my head between your legs forces your hips back down.

The combined mix of saliva, your nectar and the rain allow me to gently lubricate your ass and slip the tip of my finger inside. You chose that moment, with my finger in your ass, two fingers in your tight pussy and my tongue lashing your tingling clit, to finally reach your climactic orgasm. Your thighs clamp around the sides of my head, the muscles in your ass and pussy spasm around my fingers, you pull my hair, trying to pull me away, but I carry on, not changing anything as you continue to cum. My fingers speed up, my teeth softly nibble on your clit, you cum again, your hands moving from my head and pulling on your hard nipples, your legs cross behind my head, trapping my head against your smooth mound.

Finally you start to come down from the high that you are experiencing, your body wracked with tiny jolts. I move my tongue down and devour the sweet juices that are running out of you. Flicking my tongue over your sensitive clit, making you jump. I kiss my way back up your body, licking the rain water and perspiration from your skin. Kissing you deeply, your arms wrapped around me. You can taste yourself on my tongue.


Running my hands across your wet back, I moan “Oh Chris” in to your mouth. Every nerve ending in my body is seeking to make contact with yours. Sucking on your tongue I am mimicking the convulsions that my pussy is still experiencing. I am pulling your body so close to mine. Our short shallow breaths are one. Our fingers are tangled in each other’s hair.

The smell and taste of my own juices is the catalyst to me sliding my hand out of your hair and pushing you on your back. This is not an easy task, as you have been grinding your hips in to me. My leg is wrapped around you matching your undulation. I break away from your luscious mouth. Grinning, eyes ablaze, I straddle your chest. You can feel the heat from my pussy sitting on your sternum. My lubrication is mixing into the hair just below your navel and tickling my clit. I am in complete ecstasy rubbing against you. Like a metronome I moan. Your masculine hands are firmly caressing my sides as you take in the view of me gyrating on you, pulling me down towards your body. I start to just tap my clit on your stomach. Tap, tap, tap. I lean forward as you grab my breast and bring them to your mouth. Licking one then the other groaning as if you cannot suck them long or hard enough. Your hand squeezing methodically, this feeling of your mouth on my nipples is making me cum again all over your stomach. Shaking my head, I can ’ t believe that you have caused me to cum once again. I slowly push my body down yours. We both gasp as my ass hits your rock hard cock pointing straight up flat against your torso. The tip of your penis is peeking up over your shorts. I quickly and reluctantly dismount your beautiful frame. I have got to taste you. My mouth is salivating. You help me, help you out of your shorts. Lifting your hips to allow me to slide them off your body.

I ’ m kneeling on your side I fan my hands across your tone thighs. I suck air through my teeth almost predatory. I think about how sexy; and for your size, vulnerable, you are in this state. As I lean down kissing right next to the base of your cock, Crack!! A bolt of lightning slices through the air. We both jump. BAM! The thunder followed right on its heels. We could feel the electricity in the air. The noise reverberates off the water. The wind has picked up considerably. The wind is lifting my skirt and cooling the juices that have leaked down my leg. What a rush! I return to that place on your body. It ’ s so soft, hairless, and almost feminine. I slowly lick it, you moan and flinch. You ball you hands into fists and press them against the blanket. As if on cue, the raindrops triple in size. My eyelashes are catching the backsplash from the drops off your body.

As your hips rise up to make contact with my mouth, I slide my palm up your now throbbing cock to your stomach and push you back down. “Stay put,” I tell you with mock authority. You whimper but resign to my demand. Sliding my hand back down your cock, pulling your shaft between my thumb and index finger. I apply the lightest massage with my hot palm, as I trace around the hole where pre-cum has started to generously release itself. The rain and your anticipation are making for great lube. One by one I wrap my fingers around your cock. I side my hand up and down. I ’ m not sure who felt the most pleasure from that. You or me? I can feel your heart beating so quickly through your cock.

As I ascend my hand up your cock I take my thumb and circle the top, giving it is squeeze each time. It looks so deliciously red. My other hand has now cupped your balls. I hold them softly to feel the weight. They are so full, the skin is so delicate, and I lower my mouth and suck one in my mouth as I inhale. It goes in with a “pop”. “Ugghnnn” you sigh grabbing hold of my hair. Your fingers flex in my wet dreads as the rain continues to pour down on us.

My tongue licks up your rod, I pause for just a moment, and blow down your shaft. “Jasmine!!” you beg with your voice. I look into your hungry eyes and take you all the way in. I too am surprised to see your entire cock go all the way in my mouth.

I close my mouth and circle your cock with my tongue. I pull you in and out of my mouth repetitively. The feeling of your manhood in my mouth is priceless, it ’ s has become firm, hot and unbelievably erect. Faster and faster I lick the tip. Feathering around the bulbous mushroom. Your grip on my hair is more noticeable as you have been looping the strands around your thick fingers, down to my scalp. You now are guiding my head up and down your cock, like a doll. I have given in to your naughty whim and allowing you to spread my saliva all over your cock. If I didn ’ t completely trust you, this act would be considered lewd.

“Mmmmgn” I purr with you in my mouth. You must enjoy the vibration; air escapes your lips in the most sensual way.

The lightning and thunder is crashing all around us, as if to mimic our need to devour each other. The sky is now dark and menacing. The corners of the blanket are slapping my ass as it is extended high in the air. “Ahh! Ouch! I cry looking back to see the flapping corners stinging my exposed ass, like a wet dishtowel. You reach over and stroke it sincerely as you laugh and tell me “it ’ s just the blanket honey”. I look at you a wrinkle my nose and tell you that it stings.

“Awwhh, sorry Hun” you seductively say, “what can I do to make you feel better Jazzy?” I bite my bottom lip to suppress my smile. Your caress on my welted ass is comforting me and turning me on. You extend the circle you are making on my ass and slip your hand in to my pussy. “Oowwh” I cry. “That helps” I whisper I play along with your healing play. “What about here”? You ask, pushing a finger in my dripping cunt. In and out, in and out you slide your digit. My eyes are closed as I rock back against your intrusion. “Nooo, that. Feels. Just…Wonderful” I whine. Arching in my back in pure delight. I lower my head and proceed to suck your cock. Long and slow. I have now placed my hand over your cock and am following my lips with my hand. Faster I suck and stroke. Faster and faster I suck. Ohwww! You moan. Matching my licks with the pounding your fingers are doing on my swollen and soaked pussy.


I reach up and pull you to spin you closer to me, you lift your leg over my head and my arms reach under your legs, curling over and pulling your ass down onto my face. Your mouth and hand on my cock are making my hips jerk on every down stroke. I have never felt so hard, my aching balls never so full.

My hands part your ass cheeks and I run my tongue up your wet slit, my nose nudging against your asshole. I flick my tongue over your clit, making your body tense and push back against my face. I can feel your nipples brushing against my stomach as I suck your clit back between my lips, rubbing my nose against your sopping cunt, the rain water running in rivulets between your spread cheeks forming an intoxicating mixture of your freely flowing juices for me to lap up. My tongue begins its journey around your clit, stimulating it until it is as stiff as your nipples again, running its way up to your tight pussy, held open with my big hands. I reposition my hands and open your lips with my fingers as I push my firm tongue deep into your cunt, swirling it and fucking you with it. Your hips are bucking against my face.

Your mouth has left me as you sit back slightly, trying to get as much of me in you as you can as we both sense you are going to cum again. I remove my tongue from your pussy, only to replace it with the fingers that are holding you open, one form either hand, stretching you, exposing you completely to me. I flick my tongue around your sensitive opening; your hand reaches down between your legs, your fingers going straight to your clit, rubbing it softly to start with. Moving my hands back to your ass cheeks, I spread them, and in an instant my tongue flicks against your tight asshole, my chin pressing against your pussy. Your fingers move faster on our clit, you are no longer stroking my cock, just holding it, holding on as your impending orgasm approaches. My hands spread your ass cheeks to their limit as my tongue penetrates your ass.

As I fuck your ass with my tongue, the sensations begin. You feel it start in your belly and radiate out, all coming to rest in your cunt. The hand on my cock tightens, threatening to pull it off, your hand flies over your clit as you explode on my face, your ass contracting against my tongue, your cunt juices streaming over my chin. An animalistic grunt escapes your throat. My hands move from your ass and reach around to cup your boobs, running my thumbs over your nipples. My mouth moves back to your pussy to drink the sweet nectar running out of you. I can feel your cunt still contracting as mini orgasms overtake you, your whole body racked with pleasure for the most intense of orgasms.


Pling. Pling. Pling. "What on earth?!" I shout as my body is pummeled by tiny globes of hail. The force of the hail against my already sensitive skin causes me to call out and cum once more. We both are in awe of what just happened. Laughing and moaning as you flip us over to protect me from the attack upon my skin. As soon as you do I assume my position, with your marble like cock in my mouth. Never have I felt such firmness. The feeling of you against the inside of my cheek, against my tongue. So hard, so hot. I am popping the head in my mouth. The pop sound is music to my ears. You are now experiencing the hail massage. It feels prickly to your skin. It is confusing to your receptors, the pleasure you are feeling on the front of your body. The sting of hail across your back. It is driving you wild. Forcing you to thrust your hips and forcing your cock pretty far down my throat. (I have to admit, I’m being a great sport, look at how powerful your hips are). You’re up on your knees resting your head on your forearms. Hanging like juicy fruit in front of my hungry mouth. I can’t help but lick, lick, lick, the tip.

I have been caressing your ass dipping my finger into the crack. Drawing little circles, being very patient. Loving the sensation of the soft wet skin on my fingertips. Wondering very much what your reaction is about to be. I remove my mouth from your cock, replace it with one of my hands. I continue to stroke you, slowly my hand barely touching your shaft. My tongue is flicking across your smooth balls. I love the way they dance on the bridge of my nose. My eyelashes are fluttering the bottom of your ass. I tilt my head backwards. While doing this I release your balls from my mouth and drag my tongue up your crack. Not once but twice, fast. You gasped. Definitely the reaction I wanted to see, and hear.

A very deep “Ughhnn” is escapes your mouth. Your cock, I would not have thought possible, just got harder. My light grip filled with more of your girth. The veins now stick out with so much definition. The grooves almost tickle my hand. I lick upwards again. My tongue extended and catches the rain as it runs from your back. Mmm a mixture of your sweat and pure raindrops. It’s warm and salty all at the same time. I can smell your musk, my pussy, and ozone it is a cocktail for all my senses. My hand reaches around to the top of your ass. My thumb and tongue meet in the middle, right atop of your asshole. I press in with my thumb. You clench, understandably so. I persevere. Strumming upwards in deliberate deep strokes. Working my way in with my thumb whilst lubricating with my tongue. I’m licking at them both now, your asshole, so tight and my moving thumb. I am trying to chase it as I graze your sensitive spot, over and over again. I have turned my hand around on your cock, so I now am pumping it, as if it were my own, this feeling is empowering. With my new found control over such a burly man I pull your cheek to the side and attach my mouth directly to you hole. “Mmmm” I purr directly in to it.

Purring and lapping at it like a cat. I am so turned on by the warm feeling around my tongue I start to pump you with a fury. Each stroke of your steel rod I can feel in my pussy. I am moaning and penetrating your ass with my tongue. This feels so amazing, your ring contracting around my tongue pulling it in. I add my finger and I slowly pump it in and out. You are so tight. No matter what I must take my time, I need you to enjoy these sensations and be relaxed. You give in and relax. I start the stroking on your cock to match the stroking I’m doing in your asshole. We are in our own world. The hail has subsided but the tumultuous rain has not, the wind has not backed down either. Leaves are sticking to my exposed legs.

The pressure on your prostrate and the piston like movement I have been assaulting your manhood with is forcing you to rock back in forth between to two pleasures. Grunting while you rock back and forth. Your gruff voice is so sexy. The guttural sound resonating from your chest is resounding straight to my soaking cunt. Along with the abundance of heat emanating from your core. My body is moving unconsciously. I can feel your orgasm building through my tongue. Your muscular ring is uncontrollably spasm. That feeling only increases me to stick my finger as far as I can reach. I slowly slide my tongue from your anus and just alternate licks with finger strokes. I dab, dab, dab my tongue around your hole. This gets you going. Your cock freezes in my hands as you ass clenches tight. You finally let loose. Spurt after spurt or cum launch from your cock. I flinched in delight as it landed on my tits, stomach, legs, and toes. My hand that has been stroking you is covered in your jizm. I quickly and carefully, not to lose it, bring this hand to my mouth. I devour every drop that I find.


I lie back once again onto the blanket, pulling you with me. I hold your ass and turn you around so that you are facing away from me. Sitting up, I pull you down so that you are kneeling on my lap, your legs either side of mine. My cock is pressed away from me and as you look down between your legs, you can see the helmet splitting your lips and poking out in between them. I reach around and start pinching your nipples, not hard, but hard enough.

You start to undulate your hips back and forth, sliding your wet lips along my length, coating my rock hard cock with your juices. As you move back and forth, my mushroom head catches your clit, your head lolls back against my shoulder and I bend forward and kiss your exposed neck. We are both soaking, the rain causing your skin to shine in the shadows of the sky. You lean forward and raise your ass away from me; my cock springs up with a thwack against my stomach. I take hold of my thick manhood and hold it, pushing it gently between your slick, swollen pussy lips.

I put my hand on your back and stop you from sinking straight back onto me, content just to hold you, just the first inch inside you, stimulating all the nerve endings inside the entrance to your sensitive pussy. Just when you thought you couldn’t take any more, I pull out of you, pulling you back towards me, my hand pushing my cock back down and letting it spring back, directly onto your clit, so sensitive its almost painful. You gasp at the shock of my organ flicking against you. Again you rotate your hips, further coating the thick shaft nestling between the folds of your pussy lips. Again I push you forward, my cock springing back up, holding it in my hand I push the first inch into your slippery cunt. Putting my hands under your ass cheeks, I gently lower you onto me, inch by exquisite inch. You grasp my calves as you lean forward, accommodating my length. The view I have as you settle down onto me is amazing, the skin on your smooth back, soaked with perspiration and rain, running in drops between your ass cheeks, your tight asshole peeking out, your pussy lips wrapped around my engorged cock. No movement, just stillness and silence.


Complete serenity washes over my body. I am aware of every muscle in my pussy and every thick inch of your cock. Together they silently smolder. Just as my eyes roll to the back of my head and my throat closes in a crescendo of pleasure. I can feel the warm rays of the sun on my face. The sudden sensation of warmth on my rain and sweat soaked skin brings me back from the brink of being completely lost in the delightful anesthesia.

“Wait” I whisper. “Wait” I pant. I can’ t stop myself from rocking. “Please” I mutter. I can ’ t get the words out. My head is slowly shaking. My hands tighten on your calves. My body is trying to tell you what my voice can seem to get out.

I slide off your solid steel rod. Thwack! Back it slaps to your stomach. “Guahh!!” you exclaim. Your eyes open, your eyebrows meet in the middle questioning what the matter is. I can hear you exhale through your nose. You grab your cock with one hand and my hip with the other to join us again. “Hold on honey” I can finally say. I turn around on top of you so I am facing you. You sit up on your elbows. Asking me with your eyes what the fuck? “ Sug” I say giving you my most earnest and seductive smile. I push up so I am on my knees, take your hot cock in my hand and begin rubbing it against my pussy lips. “Sug, (up and down) We will only have one first (oowh, I stick the tip in an inch, holding it there) time (I sit down halfway down your rod) time. I contract my pussy around you, and pulsate. “We have only one first time” I start again ““I want to see your eyes“. With that said I sink all the way to the base of your cock. The biggest sultriest smile I have ever seen from you crept across your face... I just pull up slightly on your throbbing cock. Never letting go.

My hips are rocking at a steady but even pace. My pussy pulling you with me as I ride you. My right thumb is sliding across your stomach from your navel and just poking my clit. Each time it touches it I grip you even harder with my cunt. I can ’ t help but watch your face. Your sucking your bottom lip and have no idea how that visual is spurring me to ride you harder. We are both exhaling loudly and rhythmically out of our noses. The sounds of it are extremely animal. You are squinting because the sun is setting behind me. I tease you and periodically block the sun from blinding you. My left hand runs up my neck to chase the sensation of pure delight that is going through my body like a current. On the way back down my hand runs across my breast. “Oooh” I moan. You nod. “Pull it” You say. I roll the hard nipple in my fingers. “Lick it” you demand. “Want to see you lick it”. Your voice is so boyish and stern at the same time. You request is making my heart beat faster with desire. Still bouncing up and down I wiggle my tongue out of my mouth. Run it around my lips twice, bend my head forward and lift my breast to my mouth. Smirking at you I lick around the hardened nip and lick it with the most demure licks. “Mmmgnn” you moan “I like the way that looks Jazz”. “That ’ s hot”. I want nothing but to please you. These words encourage me to place the entire nipple in my mouth and suck.

You lie back and pick up the pace. Your hips are starting to thrust in to me with such vigor. I feel so full being impaled on your cock.


I move up, crossing my legs underneath your ass, your legs cross behind my back, locking us together. My arms pull you closer, your chest squashed against mine. Your stiff nipples crushed against the hair on my chest. My hands slowly slide down your back, quickly drying in the sun. I reach down and cup your ass, lifting you slightly and then letting go so you slide down onto my cock over and over. I lean forward and kiss you deeply, our tongues dancing with each other in your and then in my mouth. Our teeth clash with the ferocity of our kiss.

Every time you slide down my cock, your clit brushes against my pelvis, sending electric jolts through your body, your hyper sensitive nipples are harder than they ever have been and every time they brush against me, your pussy clenches around my cock.

I stop lifting you and you begin to grind against me, the friction on your clit and the feeling of being so filled up is becoming unbearable, your head drops back and you dig your nails into my shoulder. I can feel your pussy contracting as another orgasm washes over you. Your legs tighten around my waist, your eyes glaze over, your breathing becomes ragged, I hold completely still, almost holding my breath, waiting for you to come back to earth. Every slight movement of my hips caused your face to show the exquisite agony of your overwhelming orgasm.

After what seems like hours but is only minutes, you drop your head and your eyes finally focus on me again. “Wow” is all you can say. I just smile, knowing that I am nowhere near my own second orgasm yet.

I stand up, you still impaled on my shaft and lay us back down on the blanket, side by side. Me, still throbbing inside you, every twitch still making you quiver. I roll you onto your back and support myself on my elbows. I slowly withdraw my cock, coated in our juices until just the head is inside you. A look of longing takes over your face as you so desperately want me back inside you. I slide back in to the hilt and pause again, gyrating my hips, pushing my pelvis into your clit. Again I pull out ever so slowly, till I pop out completely.

Your hands grab my ass, trying to get my manhood back into your slippery cunt. I resist and, putting all my weight on one elbow, drop my hand to your pussy. Pushing two fingers into your soaking cunt, I rest my thumb on your clit. Dropping my head I take your nipple in my mouth, sucking it away from your heaving breast, letting go, watching it rebound into the mass of flesh. You close your eyes as my hand speeds up. I gently push another finger into you to join the two already fucking you. The pressure of my thumb on your clit and my fingers inside you intensifies as my little finger invades your ass again.

Pulling a finger out of your pussy covered in your own lubrication, I push it into your ass, joining the other one. As I am pumping my fingers in and out of both of your openings, I remove my fingers from your pussy, and plunge my cock back in, keeping my fingers moving in your ass.

I roll over so that you are on top of me, planting both of my feet firmly on the edge of the blanket, I start thrusting up into you. I can feel your juices running out of you, down onto my ever tightening balls. One hand is on the small of your back, pushing you down to meet every thrust of my hips, my other hand still spreading your cheeks and stretching your asshole with two fingers. You keep your legs straight and open them wide as I jackhammer into you.


Spent is what I should be at this point. I'm not even aware of how many orgasms I've enjoyed. My body is not my body, it's yours. I have no sense of time. I can only assume that my energy is a reflection of my emotions.

Sweaty and writhing as you continue to jackhammer your unrelenting cock into my over-aroused slippery pussy. The seemingly impossible is happening. My pussy is getting tighter. Not from me pulling you into me. Perhaps from delightful abuse. This sensation is most captivating. The tightness is having no bearing on the amount of cum oozing down your shaft. You slow down to savor the new constriction. You have the most devilish sexy grin on your face. You are enjoying your complete control of my body. If I could only speak, I’d say shame on you. (Not mean a word of it).

Your cum drenched cock is slowly alternating strokes with your long fingers, which are all the way in my now relaxed asshole. I can feel each inch of your fingers as they glide in and out of my ass. The piston like sensation is not allowing me to come down. The only thing I'm aware of is the need to feel your cock in my ass.

I wrap my hands around you head. Intertwine my hand in your hair and pull myself down to your mouth. My hard nipples burring in the thicket of sweat and rain matted hair on your chest, creating slight indents as they dig in to your skin. I bite your neck, no it appears not nicely. Like the animal I feel I have become. You snap your head away from me causing me to force you back to where my mouth can nibble and bite you. My forceful grip on your jaw turns you on. Look at her you think, she should know by now I’m in control. You laugh as you exhale and extend your neck for another bite. Smiling smugly as you continue to thrust in to me slowly.

I have to feel that tongue in my mouth NOW!! I growl as my mouth gnashes with yours. I want to devour you. Chris you are making me have sensations I’ve never experienced before. Incubus, I fear, although I know I’m not asleep. You continue to pound into me. “Ugh. Ugh, Ugh”. I grunt.

Sucking on your tongue and pulling you up by the back of your head I lead you up on your knees, you hand leaving my ass, I gasp at the feeling of loss. I take that hand and place it on my side as I turn around in front of you. Holding on to your hand on my side I turn to look you in the eye. Over my shoulder. I smile and wiggle my ass in front of you playfully. Almost as if to say come and get it. Still looking over my shoulder I watch you take your cock and stroke it a few times. Oh Gawd it’s hard. I’m not looking at your eyes anymore I’m focused on your stroking that rock hard rod. Mmmgnn. Your masculinity is dominating the beach. I wiggle again as you take your thumb and run from my dripping and hot pussy to my asshole. Licking your forefinger, why? Not sure, I’m plenty lubed. You slide it all the way in. “Owh, damn” I groan through my closed teeth. “Chris!!” I shout. As I shiver from excitement. That’s all you need to hear. And see. You take your diamond like cock in your hands, the bulbous tip slides first to my pussy all the way to my clit. I jump. . Then you bring it to my anus. Your other hand is caressing my ass. Left to right your hand glides. Poke, poke. We both grin. Your arm reaches across my back for stability, as you dip and plunge in to my ass. Slowly as you have done everything else so you and I may enjoy each moment. If I’m not crossed-eyes in the morning, it will be a miracle. My lips sneer as you invade my most private orifice. Such pressure, pain and pleasure attack my body all at once.


I slowly push my cock into you, pausing every inch to make sure you are ok. Waiting while your eyes water at the new feelings being excerpted on you. Finally my pelvis rests on your ass cheeks, I am in to the hilt, my balls resting against your wet pussy. I ask if you are ok, between pants you nod your head. I pull slowly back out of you until only the head of my cock is inside you. I pause and you begin to back onto me. On all fours you are in a perfect position to control the pace, while I let you anyway.

You rock back and forth, my entire length almost popping out on your forward stroke. The tightness of your ass, the sight of the flawless skin on your back, the vision of my dick sliding into your perfect ass, I know that I won’t be able to keep this up for much longer. I place my hands on the small of your back and try to concentrate on the feelings building in my balls.

I grab you by the hips, spreading your ass cheeks at the same time, plunging my cock into your ass. I speed up, my balls slapping against your pussy with every thrust. As much as I loved fucking you from behind, I wanted to see your face when we came. I pull out of you, you let out an anguished cry as the fullness evades you.

I flip you over so you are on your back on the blanket; the sun has started to dip as the evening approaches. I am about to spread your legs again, but pause. Asking you to move over, I pull the blanket back, pushing the sand into a pile before pulling the blanket back over the conspicuous lump. As you move back, I pull you so that the small of your back is on the soft sandy cushion under the blanket and your ass raised up to me.

Taking your legs, I prop them over my shoulders. Your hands disappear to your sides and spread your ass. Taking my cock in one hand I push back into your tight ass. With my hands either side of your waist, my weight supported on them, I am able to plunge deeper and deeper on every stroke. Your eyes are shut, a mixture of please and pain show on your gorgeous face, your tits shake with every thrust. I can feel the point of no return come and go. You sense it too, wanting to cum with me; you move your hands between your up reaching legs. With two fingers you rub your clit with circular motions. Wanting more you push two fingers into your wet open pussy. My arms begin to tremble; I can feel your ass start to contract around my cock as your fingers find their mark and you begin to cum again. Looking down and seeing my cock deep in your ass and your fingers inside you finally set me off.

My head rears up, every muscle in my body goes into spasm as I release my seed deep inside your ass, this sets you off and your ankles tighten around my neck as your fingers move at light speed over your clit. Spurt after spurt jets out of me, the orgasm draining every physical and mental part of my being. You cry out as you feel me slam into you and as your own massive orgasm takes over. I keep moving in and out of you, slowly, your ass, milking every drop of cum from me.

I pull my still hard cock from your ass, a trickle of my cum running out of you, mingling with your own juices and pooling on the blanket. I lower myself on top of you, our bodies, covered in perspiration sliding against each others. Our breathing is ragged; we are almost fighting for breath as we revel in our post climactic embrace.


We are panting as we lay intertwined sweaty and silent. Our chests are in alternating rhythm. One inhales the other exhales. My hands are caressing your neck. Your face is nestled into my neck. Your breath cooling and heating me at the same time. I gotta get you to stop that. I'm afraid it is turning me on. You’re kissing me softly on my sensitive neck. Involuntary I return kisses to your sweat slicked shoulder. I'm muttering thanks, oh Chris', oh my gods, and stops.

You lift your head off my neck and slide down off my body. Skidding as our sweaty skin sticks together. We lie facing each other our legs looped.

I look up at your content beautiful face in awe. Simultaneously we smile and laugh. "Daaammn!! I say to you as wrap my leg over your side. Pulling you in closer to me you can feel the heat escaping my
soaking wet pussy on your hip. I take my hand and stroke your face. I'm still trying to regulate my breath. Between breaths I kiss you. Each kiss is a thank you. You return each kiss and rub my cheek sweetly with your thumb.

The sensation of your cum dripping from my ass, almost tickles. My facial expression must say something is up. “What’s going on Jazz?" you ask. "Mmmgnn, I'm ok" I tell you as my eyes roll back and close.
Without my consent my hips are rolling in to you. I'm trying to rub my sex on your leg.

You lean up on your elbow to get a better view of this spectacle. My eyes plead with you. You grab my neck and pull me in for a deep kiss. As our tongues swirl in and out of our mouths I feel your manhood push against my stomach. "I don't believe you". You say in my mouth shaking your head and sitting up on your knees. I lie back on the blanket, smiling. You take your fingers and walk them down my chest.
Shaking your head as you go. You pause at my navel, trace around it. Your eyes never leaving mine. I have the biggest grin on my face. Your touch is sinful. You continue administer circles from my navel to the
small patch of hair, just above my pussy. You bend over and kiss it.

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