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At the Beach

A substitute chaperone finds the job worth doing.
So, to celebrate their high school graducation, I got dragooned into driving my sister, three of her squealing friends and one mother-type chaperone down to the beach for a week in the sun, and then going down to fetch them the next Sunday. The early-morning trip would have been a lot easier with earplugs, but Mrs. Prentice, whose daughter Patricia was a beauty, seemed to be used to the clamor. I found their little cottage and they piled out squealing while I unloaded their stuff and was ready to head back home when the over-weight chaperone tripped on the back steps, fell awkwardly, broke her ankle and might have fractured her hip as well as her wrist. The ambulance came quickly and they hauled her off and an hour later she had been helicoptered back home for treatment. I was told to stay and chaperone and be cooperative.

I got a cheap air mattress, some plastic screening, borrowed one of the mother’s blankets and decided to sleep in the back of the big SUV.

The girls, including Patricia, headed for the beach and I bought some cheap trunks and followed, giving my eyes and brain a vacation meal of almost bare female flesh. This year’s bikinis are even smaller than last year’s and sit even lower on slim hips, and the red tank suit one of the kids wore, a la Baywatch, was highly stimulating since it appeared to be painted on and displayed her bulging sex-lips wonderfully as well as her hard, little nipples and her ass crack. If I hadn’t stuffed my cock in the suit’s jockstrap, I would have had a lot of trouble hiding my boner. My balls were very unhappy.

In mid-afternoon, long-legged Patricia and I went back for drinks and snacks and after we rinsed off our feet in the outdoor shower and went inside, she collapsed in my arms and our mouths devoured each other. Then she peeled herself off me and called home to check on her mother while she shrugged off her day-glo yellow string bikini, and I freed my raging cock, hugged her from behind with my hands full of her luscious breasts and impaled her as soon as she disconnected, right to the hilt, to the very swollen balls. She arched and squalled and then leaned against the wall as we rutted like dogs, and I blew my wad in her and kept humping. She made a series of very odd noises; I just grunted.

Once we were spent, we got up off the floor, smiled at each other, dressed and hurried back to the big umbrella with sodas and chips.

An hour or so later the lovely Tucker twins decided they had had enough for the first day and invited me to come back and guard the place while they showered and got dressed. I thought it was silly and unnecessary, but as we hiked back, one of them, Miller I think it was but it might have been Morgan, asked me if Pat and I had a good time together. She smiled and licked her lips. “Bet we’re harder to satisfy,” she said as she pulled me into the small shower-shed with her twin and proceed to yank off my trunks, stroke my cock and watch her sister kneel to suck it into her mouth while we were all under the cold shower.

I really can’t recall all of that happened in the next half hour but it involved a lot of flesh smacking and grunting and humping and sucking and mauling as well as some ejaculating. At one point I’m sure one girl was sucking my balls while I was eating out her sister and then I know I was fucking one and playing with the other one’s tits on someone’s bed. I just loved to suck boobs, even conical ones.

We dined on pizza and then strolled the boardwalk as a group, played some games and headed for our beds. The girls insisted that I come inside and use the cot intended for the chaperone. I declined and made up a bed in the car and soon found myself with my new-grad sister, a haughty girl who usually made fun of me, in my blanket, both of us bare.

She gently held my cock as we kissed and rubbed our sweaty bodies together.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked after she had managed to get turned around so I could lick her while she sucked me.

She nibbled the shaft of my cock like an ear of corn. “The girls told me how nice you were, jerko.” I’d never done 69 before; it was worth doing.

“Shame on them,” I said seeking her tiny clit and getting her gasping and creaming as I nibbled and licked and probed and pawed.

“Do it, do it,” she demanded as she spread herself for me.

I got turned around, mounted and eased my rigid ram up into her and found a stretchy hymen.

“Vickie,’ I said, holding back, “you’ve a virgin.”

“Do it,” she gasped, pulling me to her. “Tear me open.”

“Are you sure?” I asked as my big prong jerked and flexed in her, and she arched up, taking me deeper.

She nodded, and I impaled her.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she clenched her jaw and wrapped me in her long legs.

“More, more, more,” she sobbed as we enjoyed each other, rocking the car from side to side, making the shocks and springs squeak.

When we were spent and lying almost joined under the blanket, my blunt glans in her fluttering labia, she whispered. “I’m not fertile. We can do this all week. The twins have IUDs, but you’d better check on Pat, she’s kind of careless.” Then she rolled over atop me, wiggled back and enveloped my blood-hot cock with her slippery vulva. “We sure have wasted a lot of time,” she gasped as we started again with her nipples rubbing up and down my chest and my cock trapped in her slippery grip.

In the morning we got in the outdoor shower together as the sun was coming up, and I bounced her on my ram until we both were satisfied. We ended up glued together and gasping into each other’s mouths with my long, hard cock happily buried in her spasming cunt. So we showered again.

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