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At the Office

After so many years, and there he was again.
NB: This is NOT a QF. Just so you know. Yes it does have sex. But it has a bit of a build-up to it. I usually like to set the mood and allow characters to develop a bit before I get into love scenes. I also tend not to use explicit language. If you’ve looked at my work before, you’ll probably recognise all of the above as being my particular writing style.

I don’t write to get you off, but if you do happen to get off? Well, I’m very flattered :P I write because the urge takes me sometimes, so all of my stories will be off the top of my head – If they don’t always flow well it’ll be due to lack of planning. Apologies if this is the case for you!


* * * * * * *

I scowled, heels clicking sharply on along the floor in brisk taps as I strode angrily towards the elevators. This was the last straw, I swear to God!

I’d worked my ass off for three years. THREE years. I’d done everything right; I’d done countless hours of over-time, so many coffee runs it was insane and kissed so much ass I was surprised I hadn’t developed a back problem from constantly bending down. My scowl deepened as I rose smoothly towards the penthouse floor.

As it was, my ‘commitment’ and ‘dedication’ to the company had been recognised, and as a result, I now held an executive position within the company, which was the only reason I was on this elevator right now.

Only company execs were allowed access to the penthouse. And even then, only in the most dire of circumstances were they permitted entry. I fumed inwardly.

I’d requested leave more than four months ago to fly to Tuscany for my sister Juliana’s wedding. My leave had been granted. But now, a WEEK from the date I was due to fly out, I’d received notice from the bastards up top informing me that my leave had been red carded and I was permitted to go on the condition that my resignation be handed in immediately. I cursed out loud, my hands clenching into fists. Oh, I definitely had something to say about this.

The doors slid open and I stepped out onto rich timber. I looked down at my heels. I would have left them on; only, it was such a beautiful floor. I’d hate to see it marred. I took my heels off and padded down the end of the corridor barefoot.

As I reached the far doors, I stopped before knocking, and quickly put my heels back on, it wouldn’t hurt to look professional, despite the fact that I wanted to say some extremely unprofessional things right now.

I straightened my clothes and lifted my hand to give a smart rap on the door. My knuckles didn’t quite make contact. The door opened unexpectedly. And time stood still.

Sunlight and laughter. The backyard hedge and the aroma of hot cookies. A boy and a girl. A handshake and a promise. The last day of school and tears of salt. A flash of recognition and a stolen kiss.

My eyes widened as I met a gaze of stormy blue.


* * * * * * *

The corner of his mouth curved upwards in the tiniest of smiles and I felt something liquid and hot give a tug in low places, much to my horror.

“Won’t you come in.” Not a request.

I stepped inside, suddenly unsure, my nerves having fled at this unexpected development. Marshall. What the hell was he doing here? I hadn’t seen him since… God, I didn’t know how long ago it was.

He used to be my best friend. He’d moved in next door to me when I was six. My mother had basically forced me to play with him because it was the ‘neighbourly’ thing to do, and as a result I’d resented him at the start. I had better things to do than play with the new kid on the block, and I let him know it too. But, in his favour, he’d shown that he had a wicked sense of humour and even more importantly, he could share. I’d been surprised that first day when he brought his lunch out and handed me half, no questions asked. I liked him instantly. We did everything together after that. Tree climbing, building huts, throwing water balloons at the neighbour’s cat. Everything.

We’d gone our separate ways when high school ended. We both had different plans for college, and, we weren’t really as close anymore. He was still my friend, but he wasn’t the boy I’d met those many summers ago. And I was no longer that same girl.

I remembered the day I was due to leave for college. I’d glanced next door and seen the ‘For Sale’ sign on his front lawn. I was suddenly struck with the urge to climb up into our old tree house one last time. I’d clambered up slightly awkwardly, smiling as I remembered the ease with which I used to climb. How times changed.

I was sitting cross legged on the floor, gazing around fondly at all our childhood memories on display when I heard someone climbing up. I leaned out over the balcony and looked down to see Marshall making his way slowly up. My gaze shifted over him, shirt tight over powerful shoulders, strong lines of muscle in his arms. I swallowed, unconsciously wetting my lips. Damn but the boy was all sorts of sexy. Why had I never noticed before?

His head popped up at the top of the ladder and he grinned, white teeth flashing. I felt my own cheeks dimple in automatic response. He clambered up over the railing and ducked through the doorway.

“I thought you might be here.” He flicked sun-bleached hair out of his eyes.

I reached out, pushing the unruly mass off his face, revealing eyes blue as the Aegean Sea. He ducked his head shyly, and I let his hair fall back down into place.

“My mom says I should cut it…”

“No don’t do that!” I looked down, a little embarrassed at my outburst. “I like it like that…”

He tugged on a runaway lock absentmindedly, “You do?” I nodded vigorously. “Well, I better not cut it then.”

I nudged him gently, “No, you better not!” A childish grin.

And suddenly there was only Marshall. My vision filled with endless blue.

* * * * * * *

I shook my head as I followed him inside to his office, attempting to get my thoughts back to the present. I was partially successful. My brain returned to real-time, but my body however. Heat was simmering slowly through my veins as I’d remembered Marshall’s kiss.

It had been hot and wet and demanding. He’d pressed me into the back wall, one hand sliding to angle my jaw the way he wanted, the other fisting in my hair. I’d been unable to fight the waves of sensation, and I’d wrapped my legs around his waist, my body wanting more. Only he hadn’t given me more. He’d pulled away suddenly, his eyes dark with passion, breathing hard. My gaze flicked downwards to see the hard evidence of his desire and my lips curved.

“I’m sorry!” Whispered. He looked up me, contrite. Before he disappeared over the railing, leaving me bewildered and, frustrated. Extremely frustrated.

I hadn’t seen him since that day. Until now. It was a little unsettling, seeing him here. I’d dated off and on in college, been out on dates since, and had one night stands. But always I remembered that kiss. I’d never experienced one like it. Before OR after.

“Have a seat.” Again, not a request. That was starting to piss me off. I frowned slightly before realising it wouldn’t help my case to frown at the boss. My face smoothened as I sat, crossing my legs, my skirt sliding up my thighs slightly. I didn’t miss the flicker of his eyes as bare skin came into view. Were all males natural perverts?

“What’s the emergency?” Cool, masculine tones had my heart rate increasing.

I swallowed before explaining. He sat silent through the brief speech, fingers steepled, his eyes never leaving my own. I trailed off uncertainly, inwardly cursing myself for appearing pathetic. I hadn’t made it to exec for nothing.

“That is unfortunate. Sadly, there is nothing I can do, Stella.”

My eyes widened incredulously. Nothing he could do? My. ASS. I stood up, palms coming flat on his desk as I leaned over, my eyes flashing fire. I opened my mouth to tell him exactly what I thought about that when he stood abruptly. And I was suddenly experiencing déjà vu.

* * * * * * *

I found myself on my knees in front of him, papers still floating down through the air, large hands burning on my waist. His gaze was a furious storm, ice melting to a burning ocean of desire. I gulped. This could not be happening again! I opened my mouth to say something, anything to break the spell of the moment. It was not to be.

My words were swallowed by his kiss. His hands slid down to cup my buttocks with proprietary roughness as his mouth took my own. He nipped my lower lip and I gasped, my mouth opening. He swept through, devouring. It was a hungry kiss, one that burned with the promise of more.

My nipples hardened instantly against my bra as he pulled me closer to him, my breasts rubbing against the muscled plane of his chest. He dipped his head, nipping and licking his way down my neck. I gave a breathy moan as I felt the slightest stubble rubbing over sensitive skin. My eyes opened to see my reflection in the window and I realised where I was suddenly.

I jerked away, scrambling backwards off the desk, a wave of red sweeping up my neck to bloom across my cheeks. I pressed a hand to my chest, panting. “What the hell was that Marshall?!” I demanded in a somewhat flustered manner.

He said nothing, stepping around his desk to advance on me slowly. I stepped back. And back. Until my back hit the door. Shit. This was so not going as planned. I saw the smallest of smiles cross his face before he was pressed up against me again and I could feel his arousal, hot and heavy, pressing against my stomach. Damn. My fingers itched.

“I like it when you say my name.” Lips on my ear. I shuddered, my thighs clenching instinctively.

“What are you doing? We can’t do this. You know that.” I drew a shaky breath as his fingers slid over my stomach, inching slowly upwards.

“I can do who I want.” I jerked my neck away from his mouth, narrowing my eyes at him. He grinned in return. He’d always enjoyed winding me up. Fine, two could play at that.

I rolled my eyes. “No, you can’t. What If I don’t want you?” Brow raised in challenge, my eyes twinkling.

“OH!” The smile was wiped off my face as I found my skirt yanked upwards and suddenly warm fingers were sliding into my panties to settle against hot flesh, slick and throbbing.

A smug smile of arrogance. “I think you DO.” His last word was punctuated by a finger sliding inside me, stroking my walls.

I moaned. “You. Don’t. Waste. Time!” I panted out as he began to thrust his finger in and out, my hips beginning to roll slightly to meet him. He answered by sliding another finger to join the first. I gave a breathless cry, my hands sliding over hard biceps, travelling up to grip powerful shoulders. I wanted to touch him!

I arched into his touch, thrusting my hips forward, as my hands went to the top of his shirt and I gave a vicious yank. Buttons flew everywhere. We both gave a groan of relief as my hands met bare skin. He was hot, and hard, and. So very male. I wanted to taste him.

My hands pushed the shirt down, baring his shoulders. I dipped my head, teeth sinking into one masculine pectoral. He threw his head back, growling slightly. He tasted like sunshine, and salt. Like Marshall. I wanted more. A trail of kissing nips across his chest, before I sucked one flat, male nipple into my mouth. He liked that. I made my way across to his other nipple. His finger increased its pace. I whimpered with need, my body tightening.

I moved my hands to his shoulders, stroking and shaping. Raw power. I quivered as his thumb pressed against my clitoris. One hand slid through his hair, pulling his mouth to mine. His lips curved against my mouth as he allowed me to lead. Sweet boy. My hands slid downwards. To brush the hard ridge of his erection. Sexy boy.

“Wh-what?” A broken question as I found myself being thrown over a shoulder and carried back to his desk. He placed me gently on my back. An instant later, I found my skirt gone, panties torn from my body. My shirt laid open, buttons bouncing and spinning on his desk. “Hey! Wh-OH!” My words were cut off in a cry of pleasure as he sheathed himself to the hilt inside me in a single firm thrust.

“Ugh. Fuck yes!” He growled as he moved inside me roughly, lifting one of my legs and pressing my knee to my chest, pushing it wide, so he could get deeper. I couldn’t help but moan.

His hand went to my bra. A single tug and that was gone too. Shit. I was never going to get out of here… My brain blanked as he gave a deliberate rolling thrust. “Do that again.” A breathy order. He did. Again. And again. Until I felt my body beginning to splinter, pleasure sparking through me in glorious waves of fire. “I’m s-so close!” A desperate whisper.

Teeth sank into my neck and I cried out, pulses of heat moving through me. Muscles spasming, clutching him with sucking wetness. He kept stroking in and out even as I came, his hands shaping and petting the curves of my breasts, thumbs gently rubbing my nipples. I trembled, body relaxing as he gentled his thrusts.

He pulled out slowly, still hard and throbbing. I lay sated, sitting up groggily on my elbows. My gaze flicked from the glistening ridges of his erection jutting up out of his pants to his face and back down again. My tongue came out, wetting my lower lip. His cock twitched slightly and I smiled, reaching a hand out tentatively.

“Can I…?”

His response was to pull me to the edge of the desk by my ankles.

I smiled up at him, my fingers brushing the head of his cock with feather light touches. He groaned, pushing himself into my hand, wanting more. My hand fisted around him, squeezing. His eyes were blue fire. I looked up at him, licking my lips provocatively, just because I could. His eyes darkened and he clenched his fists. I knew he wanted to pull me down onto him, and I was surprised at his restraint. Sweet boy. I opened my mouth.

“ARGH FUCK!” A very masculine growl as wet heat engulfed his throbbing erection.

He was hot and silky against my tongue and I moaned involuntarily. I pulled off slowly, maintaining eye contact the whole time. He sucked in a breath as my tongue flicked the sensitive underside of his cock, my hands sliding all over his chest, shamelessly petting. My fingers found his nipples and I plucked gently, hearing him hiss slightly at the contact. Still he kept his hands by his side. So patient. I smiled up at him.

I met his gaze of shock with eyes sparkling in mischief as I took him as far into my mouth as possible. I gagged a little as I felt him pushing into my throat, but I kept trying anyway, wanting to please him. Once. Twice. His hands came down, fisting in my hair. Ah, here we go, I thought to myself, expecting him to push me down further onto him. I was surprised. Again.

He tugged my face up and took my lips in a searing kiss that made my toes curl. I moaned into his mouth and he pulled back, looking into my eyes. He was panting, a sheen of sweat gleaming across his chest, his hands were trembling as I met a gaze of wild desperation. My own widened when I realised what he wanted. He was asking for permission. Sweet, sweet boy.

I dragged his mouth back to mine in answer. He growled against my mouth, shrugging his shirt off roughly before his hands came to land on my hips. His lips broke away from mine as he lifted me off the desk and turned me around so he was pressed up against my back. One hand slipped around my throat while the other slid down to guide one knee up onto the desk, opening me to him before he entered me again, from behind.

I threw my head back, electric red falling down over his shoulder as I arched, exposing the line of my throat. His teeth closed around my earlobe as he began to move in and out with long, deep thrusts. The hand on my leg slid upwards, fingers landing on my clit. I was close again. My body beginning to tighten, nerves overloading with sensory input. I gasped as his thighs met the back of mine with ever-increasing force.

“That’s good Stella. Let me pleasure you.” His voice a masculine caress that made me flush from the inside out.

“Ugh. I’m. Nearly. There!” Stammering gasps.

And then he was gone.

I opened my mouth to protest but relaxed when I felt his hand between my shoulder blades, pushing me down onto my chest over his desk.

“Spread yourself for me baby.” An order. I obeyed.

“MM yes!” I felt fingers sliding up my inner thighs, stroking across my wetness. I moaned, hips moving to meet his hand. But his fingers continued upwards. I gasped. Warm pressure at the entrance to my ass.

“N-now wait a second!” My breath whoosed out of me in a surprised gasp as he pressed the tip of his finger inside. A slow burn. He pulled out again and I relaxed. His other hand came up to pet that tight bundle of nerves as he continued to press shallowly into my ass. Pleasure to counter the pain. Sweet boy. He continued to pet me this way, gently stretching me until he could slide two fingers into me with ease. Then I felt blunt heat on the puckered entrance. I tensed again.

He leaned over me, lips on my ear. “Relax baby. I won’t hurt you. I promise.” Fingers sliding down to pinch my clit gently. Soothing me. Sweet boy. I relaxed as he gentled me. “Take a deep breath, then exhale.”

In. Out. Stretching. Fire burning. My eyes flew wide, breath leaving my lungs in a pained gasp. Fingers pinched my clit, roughly this time and I gasped again, pleasure momentarily over riding my discomfort. His fingers continued to dip and stroke and caress in my slick, throbbing flesh until I relaxed against him, allowing him room to move slightly. I flinched as he slid out, then slowly pushed back in, feeling my ass stretch and drag as he moved.

“God. So tight!” He groaned, fingers still on my clit, trying to distract me from the pain. I marvelled at his self-control. The boy must have been in complete agony! I gritted my teeth, determined to please him. I took a deep breath, and slid backwards, taking him to the hilt in a slow burning thrust of my hips.

“Fuck! Stella! Are you ok?!” Here he was, buried balls deep inside my ass, and the boy was STILL asking if I was ok. I answered him with a thrust of my hips, hearing his in-drawn breath.

“Fuck me. Ride that tight ass.”

He groaned, “Are you sure? I won’t be gentle. I can’t be gentle. I’ve wanted this for so long. Ever since that afternoon. I’ve only ever wanted you, Stella.”

My heart swelled. Sweet boy. My boy. Marshall.

“Marshall, I’ve wanted you too. We’ve both waited so long. Now PLEASE, PLEASE would you fuck me?!”

He gave in, pulling out then sliding back in firmly. He continued to thrust in and out, slowly increasing the power of his strokes until he was pounding me into his desk. The air turned blue as I lay beneath him, moaning, meeting him thrust for thrust, giving him everything. My ass had loosened up considerably by this point and he was sliding in and out with ease. I grimaced inwardly, I was going to be a gaping mess by the time this was over, but it was worth it. He was worth it.

“Ugh! Stella. I’m gonna come!” His hips were jerking erratically, and I knew he was close. I squeezed my anal muscles around him as he slid two fingers into my throbbing pussy. I gasped, suddenly finding myself close to the edge.

“Come for me Marshall. Let me pleasure you.” An echo of his own words.

I felt pulsing heat flooding my ass and I cried out as his teeth sank into my shoulder, my world flickering. I heard him calling my name as I fell over the edge, spasming around him, my internal muscles clenching and sucking.

* * * * * * *

I stood at the terminal, looking down at the plane tickets in my hand. “Bastard.” I said affectionately as I nudged his arm. He grinned, sapphire eyes twinkling.


“You don’t mean that.” I raised my brow.

“I know.” White teeth flashed. “Kiss me?”

I rolled my eyes, but stretched up towards him anyway. How could I deny him. “I can’t believe you went to all that effort JUST to get me up to your office… I mean. What If I hadn’t even gone? Do you know what you put me through?!” I glared up at him. He had the grace to duck his head at that.

“I knew you would. I know you Stella.” A shrug.

“I’m going to get you one day for that. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day. When you think you’re safe. THAT will be the day.” A dangerous glint in my eye. “Now come on you, we’ve gotta board. Juliana is really excited to see you, she always liked you. Had a huge crush on you when we were growing up you know.” I winked.

“Oh REALLY… Damn shame she’s getting married. Otherwise I-HEY!” He laughed, ducking as I attacked him with a rolled up magazine.

I smiled at him, eyes sparkling with laughter, then pulled his mouth down to mine for a kiss. “You’re MINE.”

A gaze of endless blue, fingers sliding up to cup my cheek gently.



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