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At the Pool

Tags: wet, pool, summer, friends,
Two friends discover their feelings for each other and have a fun night by the pool.
It's a hot summer night so we decide to break into the local swimming pool again. We climb the fence and go to our spot underneath a couple of willow trees near the pool. Cooper and I have been flirty friends for a while but I've always had the biggest crush on him. But, being shy, I've never done anything about it. Since it's just the two of us tonight, I decide to maybe finally get the courage to say something.

I make sure to show off my long legs, tan from the summer, and wear my tight pink t-shirt that shows off the cleavage of my perky c-cups. My long brown hair is loose and wavy, and I feel confident.

We sit in the grass, watching the soft blue glow of the swimming pool. A breeze lifts my hair off my shoulders. I look over at him as we chat, his black hair falling into his eyes and his sun tanned skin making his white t-shirt stand out. 

"Damn, I remember I used to have the biggest crush on you," I say with a laugh.

"Whaaat! no way," he says, looking at me and smiling. "Since when?" 

"I think it was around that first time when we broke into the pool, and swam around in our underwear.."

"So you saw my smokin' bod and just wanted me ever since?"

"That must have been it."

We laugh for a minute and then stare into space.

"No…I think I liked how you always called me 'girl,' and you seemed kinda... bad boyish, and then the good music taste is always a turn on."

He thinks for a minute. "Yeah, makes sense. So what happened?"

"Well I never thought you'd do anything about it… There was that night when we were in your basement until like five am listening to records and all we did was talk. Never thought you were into it."



"Well, shit."

I look at him. "What?"

"I never thought you were into it! And you're so damn…. I dunno… I was scared you'd slap me if I ever tried anything--"

I slap him on the arm.

"Ohh you're so funny," he mocks.

"Continue," I say.

He rubs his forehead, dark brown eyes squinting. "Man, if only…"


"What, Nikki."

"You're a confusing kid."

"Me!? Have you met you? I've never had a girl who I've been as lost with as you! I mean it's like-" 

"Come on," I say, and grab his hand, standing and pulling him to the pool. "Let's swim you idiot."

I strip down to my underwear and jump in, hoping he'll follow suit. A loud splash tells me he does.

When I come back up for air, though, I don't see him anywhere. I look up in the grassy area, but still don't see him. All of a sudden, I hear a growl behind me and find myself being tackled into the water. I fight back, laughing and struggling to dunk him, but he's so damn strong. He grabs hold of my wrists and holds them above my head.

"You gotta say mercy," he says. Our faces are barely an inch apart, and I can smell the cinnamon gum on his breath mixing with my coconut shampoo and chlorine. I look into his eyes, both of us breathing hard, and glance at his lips for a second. 

"No," I gasp, and he leans in and presses his lips to mine. Our bodies press together underwater, and I feel his warm skin against my stomach. He drops my hands and his arms slide around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and bite his lower lip between my teeth, and pull a little. He moans and picks me up as I wrap my legs around him.

As we kiss, his tongue teases mine and we grow more and more fierce. A fire builds between us, a tangle of arms and legs and hands everywhere. I can't seem to get close enough to him; I push my fingers through his hair, and he pulls my hips tighter against his hardness. I can feel my bra wet and clinging to me, my nipples hard from the water and the breeze, and pressing into his chest. I kiss his neck and trace my tongue around his ear, and hear his breath come a little faster.

We somehow climb out of the pool, and still kissing, we get back to our sitting spot. He lays down on the soft grass, and I sit on him, one leg on each side. I kiss down from his ear, to his neck, to his abs, all the way to his waistband, kiss the protruding mass there, and back up to his lips, brushing my body against his, feeling my nipples graze his wet skin.

He undoes my bra and slides it off, and somehow we shed our underwear. We lay naked and wet, pressed together. His hand makes its way down between my legs, and as I straddle him, he starts teasing my swollen clit, making my breath come faster as he moves his fingers through my wetness.

I moan a little, and he, turns me over onto my back and he is on top. His toned arm muscles flex and he holds himself above me. I raise my hips to his, and arch my back, grinding against his throbbing erection.

He kisses from my lips, to my jaw, and across my collarbone. His tongue traces the outside of my nipple, slowly working his way to the hard center nub. I sigh as shocks of pleasure go between my legs, and his tongue continues its journey south.

I feel his warm breath on my stomach as he kisses downward, leaving a trail of fire everywhere he touches. I feel his firm hands on my thighs, and he spreads my legs, and kisses the inside of my thighs. My heart pounds faster in anticipation, and a throbbing starts between my legs. Finally, I feel his tongue on my clit.

I moan and twist my fingers in his hair. He starts in slow circles, and I gasp for air. I am already so close, and the sound of his tongue making slurping sounds from how wet I am gets me even closer. My legs start to tremble, and he moves his tongue and lips faster, and the muscles in my legs stiffen. I cry out and my back arches as I dig my fingernails into his shoulder.

Waves of pleasure flow through me. I grip his hair and move my hips as the orgasm takes me. "Ahhhh…" and then it's over and I am breathless. So is he, as he kisses his way back up my body. Our hips grind together, and I can feel the heat of his penis against my mound, and taste myself on his lips.

I roll him over, and climb on top. I slide his penis into me, and gasp in pleasure, feeling my nipples harden. He lets out a little moan. I lean back and ride him, feeling every inch of him inside of me. As I move, he positions his thumb so that every time I grind, I also grind my clit against it. I feel myself growing wetter and a building up to another climax.

Our cries of pleasure mingle with each other. The feeling inside me grows so intense, until my back arches in another orgasm, my clit pulses and I feel my pussy squirt as I come.

"Oh my god," he gasps, and suddenly his muscles tense, and he comes, hard, his cock twitching and jerking uncontrollably inside me, yelps of pleasure escaping his lips. And then its over. I lay down on top of him, still breathing hard and he kisses my forehead. 

"Damn girl," he pants, and we both laugh, naked underneath the stars.

What a good night.

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