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Ava and James: The Reunion

After a year, Ava finally gets what she has been waiting for.
‘Bang!’ The metal door of her locker slammed shut. Ava had just finished a long shift working at the nursing home and was looking forward to getting out. Having just changed out of her work uniform into a pair of tight fitting skinny jeans and a black tank top, she quickly checked herself over in the mirror.

Ava had a great body and after years of ritual after work jobs, she had definitely put in the time to earn it. Standing at 5’5, her clothes seemed to hug her body tightly showing off every curve of her hourglass figure. Ava had quite large breasts anyway, but having such a slim figure and flat stomach made them seem all the bigger. Although one of Ava’s favourite features had always been her arse, having spent years running, her thighs and arse had become firmly rounded and toned.

Ava admired herself in the mirror for a moment. Her long blond hair fell down over her delicate shoulders, a few strands resting along the top of her collar bone as it reached down to the top of her breasts. Her skin held a light bronze tan, adding a contrast against her golden hair. Her deep blue eyes seemed to smile at her as she looked over herself, rearranging her clothes to complete her appearance.

Today had been a day long anticipated by Ava. It had been nearly a year since she had seen him last and she wanted to be sure that his first impression was a good one. Butterflies seemed to hatch in her stomach and she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so nervous. Although James was an old friend, there had always been chemistry between them and this would be the first time since they met that they had both been single.

'Buzzzzzz!' Her phone went off vibrating noisily on the table beside the mirror. Quickly, she picked it up. The screen showed one new message: 'Hey, I just arrived. I'll be waiting outside for you when you finish. James x'.

‘Well, its now or never’ she thought to herself, giving her breasts one last readjustment. Ava could help but smile as she turned for the door, walking along the long narrow corridor, knowing he was waiting just beyond those doors. Energised by a sudden surge of energy, her heart began to beat faster with excited anticipation, pumping adrenaline through her veins.

Ava first met James two years ago when she had been working at a local supermarket while she was at college. James had been working at a customer service desk that sat on the edge of her department and she would often see him while she went about her daily tasks.

Although Ava had never found any trouble in approaching people in the past, there was something about James that made her shy and nervous to speak to him. It had been weeks before she built up the courage to even say ‘Hi’. Ava had a boyfriend and so she didn’t know why she acted so shy around him, but whenever their eyes met as she looked up, her heart felt like it would stop beating.

James had a tall slim figure. Although their work uniforms didn’t do much to flatter them, Ava could tell he looked after himself. His forearms were wrapped in tight cords of muscle that flexed whenever he moved to pick something up. He had a broad chest and shoulders, and Ava often found herself imagining him without his shirt. He had short dark hair that he never seemed to be able to style the way he tried to. One of her favourite features of him were his deep steel blue eyes, that whenever they looked at her, she felt could read her every thought.

Ava couldn’t help but be drawn to him, finding any excuse to go down to the border between their departments. As she worked in the clothing section she would look in the mirrors or out of her peripheral vision where she could discreetly watch him.

One night while leaning to tidy the clothing racks, Ava’s eyes glanced into the mirror to catch a glimpse of James. This was when she noticed that while she had been watching him, he had also been watching her. From the way she was positioned he had a great first hand view of her perfectly curved arse as she arched her back to reach forward. Ava couldn’t help but smile; she never realised that the entire time she had been checking him out he had been doing the same with her.

Ava began to wonder what thoughts might be going through his head while he watched her. Did he think the same thoughts as she did? Did he imagine unbuttoning her top so he could see the soft smooth skin beneath? Did he imagine running his hands over the curve of her ass, squeezing it or maybe giving her a spank? Ava had to quickly put her thoughts aside though, as she realised she was turning herself on and she still had another three hours before her shift ended.

Ava had always enjoyed catching people looking at her, and to feel James eyes on her empowered her. Every shift they shared from then on, she would try to find a way to catch him looking at her. Sometimes she would wiggle her ass a little or arch her back to see if she could get a reaction from him.

The idea that as he was drinking in all the little details of her body, he was saving them, to imagine her later in his fantasies, was a massive turn on to Ava. The thought that he would go home at the end of the night and imagine her as he lay in his bed, his hand vigorously bringing him to a self-induced climax, often left her feeling frustrated at work.

‘Although,’ she thought to herself, ‘it would only be fair that she be a regular in his fantasies as he surely was in hers. Sometimes when she laid with her boyfriend, she had to be careful not to call out the wrong name, muffling her voice by biting her pillow.

More and more, she wished she could see into his mind as he looked at her. Did he imagine softly caressing every curve of her body - carefully, delicately, affectionately? Or did he want to tear at her clothes, to make her body his, grasp at her, spank her, bite her?

Each day became harder for Ava to control her thoughts. Often she would find herself standing in a quiet corner of the store as she imagined the things he might do to her and often she found herself craving to be touched. Sometimes on a quiet night, standing outside the changing rooms she would imagine taking him into one of the fitting rooms where he could ravage her body.

She couldn’t take it any longer. With every beat of her heart, desire seemed to run thick through her veins. The throbbing between her legs refusing to go away, demanding that she satisfy its needs. ‘It is a quiet night,’ Ava thought to herself, ‘Would anyone miss me for a few minutes?’

Ava’s entire body seemed to tremble with excitement as she formed the dirty plan in her mind. Slipping into one of the changing rooms, she pulled the curtain across to conceal herself from view.

Inside, the room was bordered on three sides by full length mirrors. A small bench was pushed against the wall. Looking back at her, her reflection mimicked her every move, her face flushed red, her breasts rising and falling with every breath. As she listened intently for any nearby sounds, Ava’s hands moved nervously at first but gaining confidence as she began to cup and massage her breasts. Her fingers slid over the soft skin, feeling the curve before going to her nipples, pinching them hard.

Unbuttoning her work trousers, Ava’s breathing became more laboured as she touched herself. Her hand slipped between her legs, rubbing along her moistening lips and over her clitoris with a firm pressure. Ava let out a sharp gasp as she began to push inside, feeling the instant relief as she touched herself.

Ava’s heart raced, her senses becoming more acute as she listened beyond the curtain for the sound of approaching footsteps, as her fingers pressed inside of herself. Moving her hips in time with her fingers she brought herself closer to the edge.

Small moans escaped from her lips as in her mind James pressed her body up against the wall, pinning her with his own. The tension was becoming unbearable of Ava and she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. He began lining himself up to her, sliding the head of his manhood over her lips and with one hard thrust buried himself within her.

‘Fuck me,’ she pleaded with him, ‘Make me cum,’ she begged, reaching around to grab his arse, pulling him into her harder.

In a matter of seconds, Ava was biting her shoulder in an attempt to muffle her moans, her juices pouring out around her fingers as her body trembled. Her pussy tightly constricted around her fingers, refusing to let them go, as her entire world blacked out.

Opening her eyes Ava’s heart skipped a beat as she looked into the bright blue eyes staring back at her. Withdrawing her fingers from herself quickly and reaching to pull up her work trousers, it took her a moment to realise the eyes belong to her. She nearly burst out laughing in relief, before quickly redressing and running off to the toilet to clean up.

The following week when Ava got to work she had began changing into her work clothes when she noticed a missing button from her blouse. It wouldn’t be so bad except this was the second one to go and she was going to find it difficult not to be flashing her bra throughout the day.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but smile thinking James might be getting a bit of a surprise today that he wasn’t expecting. ‘This must be a sign,’ she thought to herself. Today’s the day she finally built the nerve to talk to him.

The plan formed. Ava made sure to give him the best show she could, leaning as far forward as she could, arching her back so that her perfect little ass was on display for him. After seeing his eyes fix on her, she turned to look over her shoulder at him, catching his eye and smiling innocently before carrying on. As the day went on she would find excuses to pass close by his desk, making sure to catch his eye, smiling at him with a friendly ‘Hi’ as she passed.

As the end of her shift got closer, Ava became more daring, taking every opportunity to go over to his desk, leaning forward on it as she smiled at him.

“I’m so bored,” she complained. “I can’t wait to go home,” she said with the exaggerated discomfort of a long day's work.

“What time do you finish?” he enquired politely, his eyes quickly darting down to her open blouse and back up to her eyes.

“At eight,” She sighed, “And I broke the top button on my uniform. I’ve been trying to hide this so no one can see down my top.” She pretended to be bothered by it, drawing his attention as she pulled the material open a little to show the missing button. She watched with a smile as she noticed his eyes lingering on her breasts, as she held the material open. She liked to imagine this little extra bit of exposure would have her visiting his fantasies tonight. She knew his lingering gaze would definitely have him visiting hers - if she could wait that long, that is.

After breaking the ice, Ava found herself looking forward to the days they worked together. Passing by more often, sometimes lingering nearby, so she had an excuse to talk to him always made the shifts go quicker. She couldn’t help but like him. Every time he thought she wasn’t looking, she would catch his eyes wandering over her body, but he was either too shy or too nice to flirt openly with her.

Every week Ava would try something new, a playful flirt, a little extra wiggle of her body while she was bending over for him, or a coy smile just to give him a hint at her thoughts. But it wasn’t until the end of the month Ava got to really tease him the way she wanted.

It had become a monthly ritual with her friends to go out and blow half their pay in the night clubs. Her small group of friends slowly grew smaller throughout the night as each one was claimed by one of the many guys on the prowl, and soon enough, Ava found herself alone. Well, not entirely. There were three overly eager lads all trying their luck, each trying to pull her away from the others. Their hands clumsily grasped at her body in a not-so-subtle attempt to try to cop a feel.

Ava liked to be admired, but this was the wrong kind of attention for her as she nervously looked about the dance floor for a familiar face to save her. This was the moment Ava noticed James stood on the edge of the dance floor with a couple of his friends. She had never seen him out before and jumped at the chance.

Nearly knocking him off his feet, Ava wrapped her arms around his neck as she pulled him into a close embrace, the alcohol in her blood causing her to lose her footing. James quickly grabbed her to support her weight with a look of confusion as she hugged him tightly.

“Save me,” she half-whispered half-shouted into his ear to be heard over the music.

Envious eyes glared from the dance floor at James as he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her body closer into his. Ava nuzzled into him, smelling the scent of his aftershave on his neck as she folded into his body. She wasn’t sure if it was being in his arms, the alcohol, his aftershave or a combination of them all that caused her to softly kiss his neck. She froze for a moment hoping that maybe he wouldn’t notice and push her away from him, and was relived after the moment passed when he didn’t.

Their bodies began to sway in time with the music as James held Ava in his arms and before long, they were holding each other close as they danced together. Occasionally, Ava would notice that the way he was holding her would cause her to graze her breasts against his chest, his hands adding a subtle extra press against her hips to pull her into him at the time. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe she was just too caught up in the moment, but Ava threw all caution from her mind. She forgot about her boyfriend as she pressed her body into his, her boobs pressing firmly against his chest while they danced, hoping for a reaction.

As the night pressed on, the songs changed and their dance became more risky with each one. Twisting in his arms, Ava turned to face away from him, placing his hands on her hips as she pressed herself into him, swaying her hips from side to side in a slow circular motion in time with the music. It didn’t take long before she got the reaction she wanted, feeling the firm hard prodding of his arousal between her arse cheeks as she ground herself against him.

She’s not quite sure if she heard it or just imagined hearing the soft groan in her ear as the music blasted over the dance floor. Bending at the knees, Ava leaned her body forward, pressing her arse harder against him, knowing that as he looked down on her, his hands on her hips, all he thought of was what it would be like to have her. As she straightened her legs again, Ava could feel his long, hard tool sliding along the valley between her cheeks. She grinned at herself as she squeezed them around him.

Ava couldn’t help but become more and more turned on as the night progressed. Feeling his hardness pressing against her was enough to make her want to tear his clothes off and fuck him right there on the dance floor. Feeling him pressing into her, she tried to imagine what he would feel like inside of her. She kept bumping and grinding against him as their bodies desperately craved more intimate contact.

Hot flushes washed over her as she felt him sliding up and down, in and out from between her ass cheeks. She wondered if he could feel the heat of her arousal just as obviously as she could feel his. Squeezing her cheeks together, Ava heard the faint sound of a moan come from behind her, although her mind was more focused on the long thick object pressing into her.

She wondered if he was imagining fucking her just the way she was imagining him, if he wanted to tear at her clothes as much as she wanted to his. In her mind she was pulling apart the buttons on his shirt, her hands exploring his chest as he cupped her ass, pulling her hips hard against his own. Ava rolled her shoulders forward and backwards, A motion that carried down her entire body, her arse tightening around his hard tool. Her cheeks squeezed him tightly, rubbing up along his entire length. Both of their moans were lost in the music but Ava smiled knowing the effect she was having on him.

As fast as it all seemed to come together, it seemed to end quicker. The lights had come on and the bouncers had ushered them from the room so fast they still weren’t sure where they were when the taxi came to take them home.

Ava remembered lying against James's chest in the back of the taxi, simply enjoying the closeness of his arms around her, the beat of his heart through his chest and the smell of his aftershave. She had been gently stroking his chest, following the slope of his muscular pecks and shoulders that she hadn’t noticed before. Before long, she found herself getting lower and lower until her hand rested on his thigh, dangerously close to the one place she wanted to touch most of all. Her subconscious mind argued with itsself about ethics as one side urged her to do it while the other reminded her of her boyfriend.

The decision was taken away from her when the 20 minute taxi journey that felt more like 3 when she arrived at her house, before the car took him away again. Stumbling into her room, Ava finally managed to get herself into bed, feeling both tired and restless. That familiar itch returned between her legs, demanding to be scratched. She found herself lying in bed her mind, randomly finding images of James as her hands found a mind of their own and reached down her body.

Ava laid on her bed, her legs slowly opening wider to accept the welcome touch from her hand. As her fingers caressed along her lips, they became coated in her natural lubricant. Closing her eyes, she saw James standing at the foot of her bed, looking down at her as her body invited him closer. Climbing onto the bed, he lowered himself onto her. Her fingers slowly spread her juices around her clit, as he let out a warm breath close to her pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” Ava moaned as he breathed her in, his tongue flicking out to taste her sweet flavour.

She stroked her fingers along her lips, lightly pressing between, allowing her fingers to tease penetration as James tongue licked along them. When he reached her clit, his tongue circled around it before kissing her. Soon, the kiss became a suck and then a bite. Ava Arched her hips upwards, pressing herself into him as his teeth came down onto her, clamping around her clit as his tongue flicked rapidly against it.

Ava began to feel as though she was no longer in control of her own body, her fingers wildly attacking her pussy as she pinched and circled her clit. Her moans became louder as her other hand proceeded to fondle her large breasts, pinching her nipples hard as her fingers found the entrance to her pussy.

James tongue lightly lapped at Ava’s pussy, each time the tip of his tongue pressing between her lips threatening to go deeper but never committing. After the third time, Ava couldn’t take it any longer. She thrust her hips forward to meet him and felt his tongue press inside of her. He instantly went to work exploring her with his tongue, pressing as deep as he could, experiencing her sweet flavour.

Ava moaned as her body demanded more from him, ‘Just give it to me,’ she begged him, ‘I need this. Just let me have it,’ but nothing she said made him go any faster.

Without warning, Ava let out a sharp gasp as she felt his fingers plunge deep inside of her as his lips went to suck on her clit. He was an expert with his hands, she thought. At first his fingers moved slowly and with purpose, but with each stroke, became faster and he would twist them while inside of her. Ava grasped at the blankets to steady herself as she felt him brush over her g-spot, her moan telling him all he needed to know. Again and again, his fingers brushed against it, causing Ava to thrust her hips at him each time to intensify her pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Ava’s body was going wild, her hips pushing forward to match the pace of his fingers and she felt her orgasm nearing. Curling his fingers inside of her, Ava fell over the edge.

Clamping down on his fingers, Ava’s body exploded with built up tension as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body. After it was over, Ava couldn’t believe how hard she had just cum. It was one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced. Yet when she looked down, the only sight were her glistening fingers, soaked in her pleasure.

From then on, Ava would always look for James on her nights out, hoping to recreate that explosive orgasm he had given her without ever knowing it. He was all she could think about at work, at home, at college; even when she was with her boyfriend, it was always him on her mind. She wished there was some way she could be with him, but she couldn’t. She just hoped for another night like that where she could at least pretend.

Looking back, Ava could hardly believe how fast time had seemed to fly by; weeks and months felt more like days. Everything seemed to change so fast over the summer, James left to go travelling the world, her boyfriend started at university and she had taken on the apprenticeship. However about three weeks at university her boyfriend cheated on her with another girl and their relationship quickly fell apart.

Normally she would have turned to James for support but he was living in a small wooden hut in South Africa with no electricity, let alone an internet connection. Instead she had thrown herself into her work waiting with anticipation when she could see him again.

A year is a long time and a lot could happen but it seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. Ava had spent so long waiting for James to come back, and now that he was back, she could hardly believe it. She felt like she was in a dream and when she opened those doors, there would be no one there waiting for her. Looking at her phone, she read the text message again to reassure herself as each step brought her closer to the door.

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