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Ava and James: The Reunion (Part 2)

Part two of Ava and James story, Ava finally sees James again after spending a year apart.
Ava pushed through the large double doors emerging into the warm light of a late summers day. Small droplets of water clung to the surface of the plants and trees from a light summer rain earlier in the day.

Standing a few feet from the entrance James stands silhouetted in the light as he leans against a fence post to the side of the car park. Looking up from his phone a smile begins to spread across his face, his eyes lighting up as he sees Ava emerging from the building.

Spotting him standing the few feet away, Ava launched herself at him, nearly knocking him from his feet as she threw her arms around him, engulfing him in a tight embrace. Their bodies swaying slightly as they pulled each other in closer in an affection no words could express. Ava’s heart raced, threatening to beat right out of her chest as she pressed herself up against him, her mind franticly trying to find the right words to express how she felt.

Instead Ava just let herself lose herself in his arms, their bodies pressed together not wanting to waste an inch of contact as she nuzzled into his neck, inhaling his long missed scent. As their bodies squeezed together Ava felt her breasts pressing tightly into James chest. Most of the time she had been proud of her physic, her large breasts on such a slim figure had attracted her the attention of many guys. However on occasions like this she felt that they just prevented her from getting closer.

With every breath she let go Ava let her body melt a little further into his, wishing she could hold onto him forever, never letting go.

“I missed you,” she finally managed after what felt like an hour of standing in his arms, although it was probably closer to only a couple of minutes.

Ava lent away from James as if moving to end the hug as her eyes wandered over his body, her hands lingering upon his arms a moment longer unwilling to let go of him. The hot African sun had left his skin with a golden tan that seemed to make his smooth soft skin glow, seeming to radiate warmth and comfort. As Ava’s hands caressed down James arms, she could feel the strong firm muscles flexing beneath his skin with every movement.

“You’re looking really good,” she says looking him over, “Africa did you good”.

Ava couldn’t help but notice how much fitter James had gotten, his body had become firmer, his chest and shoulders larger and stronger and he stood with an a confidence, an air of authority. She had always found herself attracted to him, but now she couldn’t help but think ‘He is hot’.

"I missed you too," he smiled at her, “So I see you finally got that new job, beats putting clothes out I bet,” he teased.

“Haha,” Ava laughed, “Yeah its good fun although I’m not sure wiping old people’s backsides is much of an improvement to working in retail”.

“Oh that much fun is it? I might have to think of a career change, or better yet maybe I can move in and you can look after me,” he teased her.

“Oh is that so, well I’m sure we could find a spare straight jacket and a padded room for you if you like,” Ava said playfully, giving him a playful glance.

“Kinky,” he quickly returned before Ava pushed him away.

“The grounds are actually quite nice if you want the grand tour?”

Smiling James gestures for her to lead the way. Grabbing his hand Ava, pulled James down along the path towards the gardens. As they make their way around the gardens they begin chatting, catching up over the events of the last year.

One of the things Ava loved about the nursing home was the amount of history the grounds had. The main building was a mansion dating over hundreds of years. It had been converted to a nursing home after the one and only heir died while fighting in the First World War. The grounds were then used as a military hospital before being abandoned and falling into disrepair after the conflict ended.

After decades of decay the building was saved by a charity that converted it into a nursing home, maintaining the old structure and its grounds to their original standards. Ava loved to walk through the gardens in her spare time admiring the grounds. The gardeners took a lot of pride in their work and often the hedges along the foot paths were clipped to look like stags or swans that guarded the estates grounds.

As they walked they got further and further from the main buildings until they came to one of Ava’s favourite places on the entire estate. It was far enough from the main building that rarely anyone ever came this far out. The path wound through an ancient woodland before opening up into a glade that felt completely secluded as though you were miles from the nearest people.

Ava loved to come here to relax when she needed to get away from everything. At the centre of the glade was a large pond surrounded by bushes and more scenic trees dotted around the field. At one end of the pond there was a small wooden walkway with a park bench that overlooked the still waters, which Ava found herself leading James towards.

James moved to sit on the bench however as soon as he touched the bench, he had jumped back up, looking down at himself in agitated disapproval.

"Ah damn it," he complained wiping down the wet patch appearing on his jeans.

Ava couldn't help but laugh at him as he tried to wipe the damp from himself, giving her a mock evil look.

“Well seen as you’re already wet, I think you should let me sit on your lap,” Ava teased.

“Well you’re already wet anyway, I don’t want to get a wet bum do I,” she gave him a sad smile as though he would be condemning her if he denied.

“Fine,” he said in an exaggeratedly defeated manner as he returned to sit on the bench, pretending to wince in discomfort.

Ignoring him Ava walks over turning to sit in his lap heavily, sliding her body back against his, wiggling in an exaggerated way of getting comfortable.

"Mmm nice and dry," she teased.

“Okay, okay, you can stop rubbing it in already,” James complained.

A naughty thought popping into Ava’s mind as she remembered the time they danced together.

“What you mean like this?” she says grinding her ass harder against him, giggling aloud.

Laughing too James says “On no you can carry on like that if you like,” teasingly.

“Oh, well then, don’t you complain at me later,” Ava said with a naughty undertone in her voice, grinding herself against him as though trying to cause deliberate discomfort to him. All the while Ava’s mind is taken back to the night they danced, hoping to once again feel that familiar pressure against her.

“Oh now don’t you worry about that,” his voice offering the promise of something more.

Ava giggled at his comment a little lost on what she could come back at him with. Sliding her body against his again, Ava wondered how much more she would be able to get away with, before it did just become obvious she was just dry humping him.

Ava decided to try to distract him by carrying on their conversation, while subtly adjusting her position in his lap, pretending only to be getting more comfortable. Using her weight Ava allowed her body to slowly slide down his lap, giving her an excuse to push herself back into his lap, giving a little wiggle to get comfortable.

After a while Ava felt the familiar pressure against her ass as her efforts began to take their effect. Every time she moved back into his lap she allowed her ass to grind against his crotch, each time adjusting him a little more until his length rested between her cheeks.

Ava loved knowing she could turn someone on like this, having the power to make him so hard just from feeling her body so close to his made her feel empowered. The idea that every time she moved her body, wiggled against him, clenched her cheeks or slide against him, he would be at her mercy. She could reward him with pleasure or deny him, teasing him with the smallest movement.

As she moved against him Ava found herself just wanting to hear him let out an uncontrollable moan. Sometimes she wasn’t sure if she was imaging it but she thought she could feel him pressing his hips forward into her while she squeezed her cheeks around him. However all of her efforts to hear him moan backfired when before she realized to stop herself. A small half moan half sigh escaped from her lips as she felt his hardness slide along the valley between her cheeks.

"I thought you wanted to sit on my lap so you wouldn't get wet," his voice teased.

"Well what do you expect when you’re pressing it into my ass like that," Ava came back at him, squeezing him again.

"You keep doing that and I might think you actually like it," he said in a more seductive tone.

"Mmm well maybe I do," she purred back.

As if reading her mind, James wrapped an arm around Ava’s waist, pulling her body back firmly against his own. His free hand moved slowly, teasingly as he stroked along her thigh, gently squeezing her soft skin through her jeans. Each time his hand moved up her thigh it came a little closer, his fingers sliding in to massage her inner thigh mere inches from her aching sex.

Before she had even realised she was doing it Ava found herself rocking her hips in time with his fingers, pushing herself closer to him every time his fingers got near. She didn’t know when it happened but suddenly he was in control, her body was a slave to his will. She could grind against him, but her body craved his touch, more than she could deny him hers.

“You’re still a little low,” Ava purred to him in a seductive tone, as James hand Moved away down her thigh.

“This any better for you?” he asked bringing his hand closer, his index finger lightly grazing against her crotch.

Moaning her encouragement, Ava pushed her hips forward, grinding against him with increased vigour. Becoming more confident James began pressing his fingers firmer against her, rotating them in a slow circular motion, as Ava tried to push further against him.

Reaching down, Ava slid her hand along James arm that was wrapped around her waist, lacing her fingers through his, she guided his hand up to her breasts. Cupping, massaging and caressing herself with his fingers, Ava sighed and moaned at the touch of his fingers as she encouraged him to take over control.

James soon took the initiative, caressing Ava’s large firm breasts, feeling her nipples harden, poking through the thin material of her tank top as his fingers rubbed over them. James squeezed his thumb and finger around her nipple causing Ava to moan out while his other hand worked to undo the button and zipper on her jeans. Before she knows it she can feel his fingers finding their way down, rubbing through her already damp underwear.

‘Damn he is a fast learner,’ Ava thought to herself, arching her back and taking in a sharp breath as she felt his fingers pressing against her clit. Ava felt she had lost control of her own body as moan after moan escaped from her lips, her body wiggling in his lap as his fingers pressed deeper inside of her. The more she rocked herself against him the more she could feel his hardness pressing between the cheeks of her ass.

James pressed his fingers inside of Ava, pushing them deep inside of her, twisting them as he slowly pulled them back out of her tight pussy. The more he did it the faster he became, until his fingers pumped into her causing Ava to become lost in the ecstasy, screaming out her pleasure.

Feeling herself getting closer to the edge Ava pulled his hand away, standing up she turned to James.

“I need to feel you inside me now,” she demanded, pulling off her clothes, gesturing for him to do that same.

Before long their clothes are a pile on the floor, all except for James boxers which he was still wearing, his erection threatening to burst out from them at any moment. Moving over to him Ava looked up into his eyes, biting her lower lip as she reached down wrapping her hand around his shaft.

Ava still couldn’t quite believe that this was happening, this had been the centre of so many of her fantasies. A part of her thought that in a moment she would open her eyes find herself alone. His cock throbbed in her hand as she slowly stroked up and down along the length, squeezing him in her palm. Ava smiled to herself as she listened to James moan. Slipping her fingers over the elastic waist band of his boxers, James cock sprang up towards her as she pulled the fabric away.

Ava couldn’t help but stare, wide eyed as the purple head of James cock stood up in front of her eyes. Her hand slowly stroked up and down along his length savouring every last inch, feeling the pulse as each beat of his heart sent blood surging through him. Squeezing him between her thumb and fingers, Ava watched as pre-cum began to emerge from the tip.

As her hands caressed him, Ava found herself leaning slowly forward getting close and closer to him. Soon the tip of his cock stood an inch from her lips and before she knew it she found her lips closing around him in a slow gentle kiss. Hearing his moans urged Ava on further. She flicked her tongue over the tip of James cock, leaning in a little more to take his head into her mouth, slowly sucking on him. Each time Ava went a little deeper taking more of him into her mouth, James moans urging her on.

After a few minutes of sucking and teasing him Ava looked up into James eyes, she watched as his eyes seemed to roll back into his head, as she took him deeper. Her hand pumped along James cock as she looked up at him, seeing the expression of pure lust and pleasure within.

"I want you to fuck me now," Ava demanded, getting up.

James took Ava in his arms kissing her deeply as his hands moving down to her hips, turning her to face away from him. Ava found herself standing behind the bench looking out over the lake with James standing behind her. He pushed her forward forcing Ava reach out to grasp the back on the bench to steady herself. Arching her back James was treated to a great view of her ass.

James held onto Ava’s hips with one of his hands to gain advantage over her, sliding the head of his cock along her lips as her juices coated the head of his shaft. Ava felt him press against her lips as he positioned himself at her entrance, she couldn’t help but give him an encouraging seductive moan in anticipation.

James hand came down hard on Ava’s ass filling the air with the loud sound of skin striking against skin. The stinging sensation the spread across Ava’s cheeks shocked her forcing her to push her body back against his, James cock suddenly found its way deep inside of her. The pain was soon forgotten when she felt him rocking his hips back and forth, sliding his cock almost all the way out slowly before ramming hard back into her. Ava soon found herself lost to the world again as she became consumed by the feeling of James cock filling up her tight pussy.

With every moan and scream that escaped from Ava’s lips she could feel James becoming harder and faster. Spurring him on she allowed herself to succumb to the pleasure with each of his thrusts. Her pussy tightening around him each time his hand descended hard upon her ass, often eliciting a loud moan of satisfaction from her.

Feeling herself coming closer to the edge, her pussy tightening around him each time his cock found itself deep inside of her. Ava gasped for breath as her screams and moans merged into one, her body becoming a slave to his will, her body trembling as he keeps her on the edge of orgasm. With one hard thrust James buried himself deep inside of her, spanking her at the same time sending her over the edge. Ava screamed out as her body trembled in a violent orgasm.

“You wouldn’t believe how long I have waited for that,” Ava purred as she came down from her orgasm, taking long deep breaths as she tried to regain herself.

“Probably not as long as I have,” James smiled back at her.

Ava turned to face James, noticing his still hard cock, glistening with her juices.

“Are you close?” she asked him.

“Yeah I’m just holding on” James replied.

Leaning forward without a word Ava took James cock into her mouth, tasting their combined juices in her mouth.

“We taste good,” she said with a teasing smile.

Holding the base of his cock in her hand, Ava licked up along his length, taking the head of his cock into her mouth and sucking, as she looked up into his eyes. Ava stroked slowly along his shaft as she sucked and licked him, savouring the taste of their combined juices. Pushing her hair from her face so he can see her eyes James gently rocked his hips encouraging her to take him deeper moved up and down along his shaft.

"I'm going to cum," James moaned after a few minutes of her sucking him.

"Yes cum for me I want to taste you," Ava said back to him in a seductive tone.

Ava Pumped her hand along his shaft harder and faster, squeezing him in her palm, her tongue flicking out over the head of his cock. It didn’t take long before she was rewarded with the sweet flavour of his cum spilling out onto her tongue.

Collapsing onto the bench, Ava fell into James arms, recovering from their exertions as they enjoyed the closeness of each other’s bodies. James softly stroked her hair from her eyes as she leant into his chest.

Finally Ava managed "So where are you staying now your back?”

"I've not really thought about it yet, I was thinking of finding a hotel for the night until I figure out what I'm doing”

"You could always stay with me if you like,"..."I've only got one bed in my flat as long as you don't mind sharing that is," she said back in a playful tone.

Laughing James said "I don't know about that then, couldn’t you could sleep on the sofa, I am a guest after all, I should get the bed," he teased, to which he received a short sharp punch to the shoulder.

"Come on I think we should go before someone wonders why I'm still here," looking at her watch "An hour after my shift ended," she laughed, and with that they re-dressed making their way back to the car park before heading off to Ava's flat.

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