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Awakening From A Dream

The thin line between a dream and reality
Awakening from the Dream

The dream.

It starts at a work happy hour at a downtown bar. A neighborhood type place, except it is in the middle of a bunch of office buildings. It’s the dive the professionals go to, not the locals. I go with the usual crowd, the usual b.s. around the office, is now just taken “offsite”. I really go because my friend Heather goes. Truth be told, I really couldn’t care about anyone else. Heather is a true friend and just gets me, understands me. We’re both in the same situation, been through lousy marriages, and have since moved on. I can talk to her about anything and everything.

Tonight has a little different vibe to it. Heather was wearing a v-neck blouse, skirt and boots. When I see her in those boots, I kind of sing out U2’s “Sexy Boots”, hey, hey, hey. Heather is drinking a little more than usual. As the drinks are going down, so are her inhibitions. It’s getting late and the afternoon sun has turned to dusk, and the party continues. People are feeding the jukebox and the tunes are playing. Heather pulls me out on the floor and we’re dancing, joking, having a good time. Until someone throws on a slow song, I turn to leave to go back to the bar, but Heather pulls me back. She wraps her arms around my neck.

“Are you that much of an idiot to let this opportunity go by?” Heather jokes.

My mind is thinking, just the dance, or the opportunity to have her in my arms, and do so much more?

As we dance, Heather presses herself into me. Heather has the nicest set of breasts. As she is only about 5’3”, it’s easy to look her in her eyes and her cleavage at the same time. I feel her hips press against mine and can’t help but to stir in my own pants. The song ends too soon and we go back.

Heather excuses herself to go to the bathroom with a few of the other girls.

Upon returning I notice one of her top buttons is undone, revealing more of her tits. So much more I can see the top of her black lace bra. As the bunch of us are talking, I am sitting on a bar stool and Heather backs up against me.

So here, I have this over the top, from behind view of this girl I’ve wanted the moment we met. My mind and my cock are only paying attention to one thing, and it isn’t our co-workers.

Her hands and elbows have rested themselves several times on my thighs. Heather knowingly wiggles against me, feeling my excitement in her backside.

My hands several times have rubbed her back and explored to her sides. I want so badly to feel her body.

My cock is at full attention as I can feel precum in my boxers.

Heather several times has looked over her shoulder with the ever so sly smile on her lips.

The Reality

As I stir in the excitement of the dream, almost waking at times.

I’m so stirred and restless from the dream. I reach over and pull her closer. I press my body closer to hers from behind. My hands slowly sliding under the spaghetti string tee shirt. I nuzzle into her neck, nosing away her tusseled hair.

Kissing her neck and shoulders, my fingers caress a nipple. My fingers roll it between my thumb and index finger. Her nipples are just incredible.

My hips pressed tightly to hers. I hear a deep breathe from her. And I feel the slightest reciprocating movement from her hips.

Her little movements inspire me further. One hand cups and squeezes her breast fully and firmly. My other hand roams its way over her thighs and sides. Eventually finding her panties, my fingers slide inside. I find her coarse, neatly trimmed mound and beyond to be moist already. One finger slides over slowly and just between her treasured lips.

That all she needs. Her hand reaches over and between us. Finding my rock hardness, she palms and squeezes it.

Now, I let out a low pleasured moan. Her hands are pure magic. I turn over to give her more access. She strokes, palms my cock and squeeze my balls.

I’m still kissing her neck and shoulders. Hearing her breathe deep with little whimpers is such a turn on. I finally pull down her panties and she kicks them off. We’re both half asleep and so awake.

Our legs tangle with each other as the foreplay continues. But how long can it continue?

She finally pulls my cock to her as pushes her wetness towards me. At the same time, she moans out, “Fuck me”.

I hold her tight as my cock slides in from behind. So easily in, but I don’t want to leave this paradise. For now, we just grind against one another. Feeling every muscle inside her is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Desire, lust, whatever you may call it takes over. The grinding turns to thrusting and the paces quickens.

I pull out and turn her over. Gliding between her legs and kissing her passionately. My cock sinks back inside her. Being as close to her as I can, I try to take intimacy to a new level.

After kissing her I can’t help but lower my head and give her breasts some attention. Kissing, licking and sucking her hard nipples. She pulls my head tighter to her chest.

Kissing her chest, neck and lips, but my desire is about to reach paramount. I’m giving my all and I’m just ready to explode. She knows this and locks her ankles with mine preventing me from not going too far.

I finally climax, hard. Grunting low like an animal, I shoot my cum deep inside her. I pull her close to me only to collapse. Taking deep breathes.

She still moves with me inside her. It tickles, shooting excitement though me. It makes make body jerk and convulse.

But she’s not done and not letting me go. We roll over with her on top. We slowly and lovingly kiss and carress each other. She’s absolutely glowing in the early morning hours. The pleasure on her face as she writhes on top me makes my cock grow again. Her pert nipples and wetness give away her excitement.

She slowly rides me till I recover. As I get hard, again, it satisfies her more. But she rides me harder. Between grinding and hops of her hips, I feel her juices slide between my legs.

With a series of hard grinds and exasperating moans her body tightens over mine. Her legs and pussy are an erotic vice that squeeze more life into you, not out. As this has tripped another shot of orgasm for me.

She collapses on top of me, kiss and cuddle until we almost fall asleep once more.

This is no dream. This is waking with Heather.

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