Babysitting for Mr. Johnston

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Everything you do on the job isn't always in the job description
I'm Lorraine. I'm 19 and I have brown hair and eyes. And good B-cup boobs. I'm saving up to go to college, so I babysit when I can. So a lot of weekends I'm at someone's house not partying. It was Saturday night and I was looking after Mr. Johnston's baby. He had a baby girl named Jennifer, 4 months old and she was beautiful. So I found myself over there just watching some TV as he was gone and Jennifer just slept mostly.

“Shit, there is like not one damn thing on TV,” I said.

I looked all through the channels and found nothing good to watch. Maybe I'd settle for a rerun of Will & Grace or maybe Charmed , but nothing was on. After about 5 more minutes of searching for something to watch, I came across a porn channel.

“Now this is good,” I said.

So I watched it for a few minutes. I didn't have a boyfriend at the time, so I wasn't having sex at all. So once I found that, I just had to watch. My eyes were glued to the TV, but I had the baby monitor as well. So I'd know if Jennifer was crying or not. So I put my right hand into my underwear and started masturbating. Immediately I felt my juices on my hand from my pussy as I saw the guy ramming the woman, and that really got me really horny. Then I got up and pulled down my pants and underwear a little.

“Yeah, that's how I wanna be fucked. I wanna be fucked hard. Why can't I get a boyfriend to do that for me?” I asked.

No one was around to answer that question. But I still could pleasure myself a great deal. But on the other hand I had been masturbating a lot lately. So I really started rubbing it fast. I had to start breathing in and out heavily.

“Shit, that's the fucking spot,” I said.

I laid my head back completely and closed my eyes. As my fingers were right in between my pussy lips I just felt so good pleasuring myself. I put my left hand on my boobs and held them tight.

“Oh shit Tim, yeah fuck me hard. Really hard,” I said.

Tim was my ex boyfriend. He broke it off with us, but we had some good sex when were together anyway. The best sex I ever had with anyone honestly. I considered getting completely naked, but I didn't want Mr. Johnston to come home and catch me. But I couldn't help it, I thought it would be more kinky. So I lifted up my shirt and let my nipples out. I began pinching them.

“Oh shit,” I said.

Then I let out some nice moans and I had an orgasm. Then I started licking my cum soaked fingers.

“So it's looks like you are enjoying yourself,” Mr. Johnston said.

“Oh shit. I'm so sorry Mr. Johnston,” I said.

I turned off the TV. Then I got up, pulled my pants up and put my shirt back down.

“I'm sorry Mr. Johnston, Please don't fire me, I'm trying to save up for college,” I said.

Then he gave me a dirty look. He stood there looking pissed, he had brown hair and eyes too. But he was 6'2 though.

“Well you should have thought about that before you decided to masturbate while watching porn when you were supposed to be babysitting my daughter. You are fired,” Mr. Johnston replied.

I was heartbroken, I never got in trouble for anything like that before. Now it just cost me that job?

“OK. I'm sorry again. I guess I'll leave,” I said.

“Lorraine, I'm kidding. Don't worry about it. She's sleeping in the other room and you got the monitor here. I just ask that you don't make a habit out of it though,” Mr. Johnston replied.

Then I was relived. I thought I was gonna lose that job. And at the time he was the only one I was babysitting for. Then he sat down with me.

“So, you didn't have to buy that did you?” Mr. Johnston asked.

“No, I was just flipping through the channels and landed on that eventually. I couldn't find anything else to watch. I'm sorry,” I replied.

“It's OK Lorraine. I'm not mad, if Jennifer was crying, then it would be different. But don't worry about it. But I'm wondering about something,” Mr. Johnston said.

“What is it Mr. Johnston?” I asked.

“Call me Pete. And usually when you have to masturbate, then you are not having sex. Do you not have a boyfriend right now?” Pete asked.

“Not anymore, he broke it off. I never got a real reason. He bullshitted me and told me he needed some time away from me due to commitment issues. I'm only 19, it's not I'm looking to get married already,” I replied.

“But you haven't gotten laid lately?” Pete asked.

“Nope,” I replied.

Then he put his hand onto my leg and rubbed it slowly.

“Mr. Johnston, what are you doing?” I asked.

“If you have never ever thought about it or you are uncomfortable, just say no and I'll stop,” Pete replied.

Well truth be told I had thought about it. Even though he was 14 years older than me. I wasn't getting laid at all, and he was single.

“But what about Jennifer?” I asked.

“We got the baby monitor. And I'll be gentle,” Pete replied.

Then he kissed me on the lips and I didn't object to it. I actually liked it. So we made out for a few minutes and then I started to lean back a little onto my back. I wrapped my arms around him and he put his left hand onto my right boob. That's when my heart rate started racing.

“I just wanna ask you one thing, is this just sex?” I asked.

“Well let's see where it goes,” Pete replied.

I wasn't sure about this. I had what seemed to be a good relationship with Tim. But out of nowhere he breaks up with me after 2 years. So I wasn't sure I was ready to jump back in just yet. But he said we'd see where it went.

“Well OK. Just don't rip my heart out,” I said.

“I'll do my best,” Pete replied.

Then we started kissing once again and he put his hand back onto my boob. He squeezed it a little, then I leaned back completely and he was on top of me. Then he started climbing down and started undoing my pants. He pulled them off, but leaving my underwear on.

“Just so you know, I'm considering giving you a raise,” Pete said.

“I'm considering accepting,” I replied.

Then he pulled my blue thong off as well and started going down on me. He was licking my pussy with his really nice tongue he had.

“Oh wow, Mr. Johnston. That's good,” I said.

“I told you that you can call me Pete,” Pete replied.

“Sorry Pete. But you are good at eating pussy,” I said.

Then he went back in once again. I could only rarely get Tim to eat me out for some reason, I could never figure out why. I put my hands onto his head, and to react to that, he put his hands onto my boobs.

“Whoa, I didn't say you could grab my boobs,” I said.

He didn't reply to that. He just kept grabbing them firmly as he stuck his tongue into my wet pussy. It was already wet a bit of course since I was masturbating earlier. Then he brought his hands back down and began to spread out my pussy lips. Then I really started to moan.

“Oh shit yes Pete. Spread out those pussy lips as far as you can,” I said loudly.

“Shh, don't wake up Jennifer,” Pete replied.

“Then don't make me feel so damn good,” I said.

Then he did his best not to make me moan. But of course that was no easy task to accomplish in that situation. He just kept fucking me the way I had never been fucked before. He stuck his tongue in there and began moving it around inside my pussy. Unfortunately I just couldn't hold it. I was moaning a little loudly.

“Fuck me just like that,” I said.

Then I leaned up and took off my shirt and bra. Once again he put his hands onto my tits. That time he grabbed them more firmly though, since I wasn't wearing a shirt or bra. Then he started pinching my nipples as well.

“Oh yeah, pinch those nipples Pete, I love that,” I said.

“I know, I saw,” Pete replied.

I pieced together in about a second.

“Wait you were watching me?” I asked.

“Yes. I wasn't about to interrupt you. I let you keep going until you came,” Pete replied as he climbed on top of me.

He kissed me again as he put his hands on my boob again. But my hands went down and I started to undo his pants. Then I pushed them down. His dick poked out of his boxers. I saw his dick for the first time as he put about a foot between us. Then he got up on his feet on the floor and I leaned up. I pulled down his boxers down and got a good look at his dick. It was about 9 inches long.

“Holy shit Pete. You must have had more sex than Ron Jeremy. That is huge and thick,” I said.

“Well thank you Lorraine. I love getting compliments for my cock,” Pete replied.

Then I took his nice dick into my mouth. I never had been with anyone that old before. So it was really different for me to be blowing an older man. But I took as much of dick into my mouth as I could. But it wasn't easy with his thick dick.

“Oh my Lorraine, that feels so damn good. Take as much of it as you can. Go as far back as you can for me,” Pete said.

Then I started going back and fourth slowly as he put one of his hands onto my head. I looked up at him and neither one of us said anything. We just looked at each other for a minute. Then the pleasure was so good, that he just fell to the ground.

“Whoa shit. I never made a guy just fall down like that when I was blowing him,” I said.

“Get down here with me,” Pete replied holding a condom.

So I came down to the floor as he put on the condom. Then I got right over his dick, I lined it up and leaned down. Then his dick was inserted perfectly. Then I started to ride him as he put his hands onto my boobs once again. He started pinching my nipples once again. But it hurt a little as well.

“Be nice with those, they are a little sensitive,” I said.

“Sorry,” Pete replied. Then he brought me down with him and we made out for a minute. Then I put my boobs right over his mouth and he began licking my nipples. My boobs were nice I thought, and he seemed to be enjoying them quite a bit. It was like he was flicking my nipples with his tongue.

“Oh, is there anything you are not good at?” I asked.

“You are just saying that to make me give you more money,” Pete replied.

“So?” I asked.

Then he pulled me down and we turned over so I was on my back. Then he started thrusting his nicely sized cock into me. He stuck in there as deep as could as he kissed me once again. I held him down with me really tightly and he put his hands onto my boobs again.

“Damn Pete, you are a boobs man,” I said.

“Tell me something I don't know my lady,” Pete replied.

I brought him in once again and gave him another really big kiss.

“Thank you for that Loraine. You are a nice sexy lady,” Pete said.

Then he started getting a little rough with me. He went in and out a lot faster and started making me moan some more. We still didn't hear anything from Jennifer, so we just kept going at it like mad.

“Yes, jam that dick into your babysitter. Get it in there really deep,” I said.

He started licking my nipples once again as well when he grabbed onto both of my tits. I put my hands onto his butt once again as he was thrusting his dick still and he had out a few inches in between us. I noticed he was getting very sweaty all of the sudden. I thought maybe he was about to cum. But he wasn't moaning too much either though.

“Just don't explode just yet, I don't wanna get pregnant just yet,” I said.

Then he laughed a little and gave me a kiss.

“But you wanna be pregnant sometime though?” Pete asked.

“At some point in time,” I replied.

Then we switched to doggie style. I just absolutely loved doggie style. I don't know why. So he began thrusting his nice cock into me very deep once again and began spanking me very hard.

“Oh, Pete. That hurts, but don't stop now. Keep spanking me like that,” I said.

Then that time came. We both started moaning very loudly.

“Oh shit!” we both screamed.

Then we both had huge orgasms, then a minute later we both fell to the ground. We were both breathing in and out slowly and kissed a few more times as well.

“Well that was great in case it needed saying,” I said.

“I don't think it did personally. But I agree 103% though,” Pete replied just before we kissed again.

“And things just didn't work with Jennifer's mom?” I asked.

“No they didn't. I guess Jennifer just changed things between us. We never got married either. Maybe we both just knew it wasn't gonna work after I got her pregnant,” Pete replied.

“Well I wanna be with you. Do you wanna be with me?” I asked.

Then he leaned over and kissed me once.

“Are you good with newborns?” Pete asked.

“I'm a quick learner,” I replied.

So after we had sex, we started a relationship with each other. Maybe we just had some chemistry there and we just clicked, I'm not sure exactly. But we dated for a few months and he helped me out with college. But when Jennifer turned a year old, I got 2 surprises. One he asked me to move in, I was on the fence to tell the truth about that. But when I said I had to think about it, he swayed me when he proposed.

“Lorraine will you still babysit for me every now and then as my wife?” Pete asked as he showed me the ring.

“Yes,” I replied.

So we got hitched and I took his last name. When I met his ex for the first time, she didn't like me. And we didn't tell her that I was Jennifer's babysitter. So telling her we were getting hitched was awkward to say the least. Maybe it was because I was so much younger than him. On our one year wedding anniversary, we talked about kids. But I was still in school, I didn't wanna stop and I was still very young to have kids. So if anything happens there, we'll find out then.