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Back in the saddle again - Part I

This is my first attempt at writing and would appreciate constructive criticism. I am not going to tell you whether this is a Fiction of Non-Fiction piece. I would encourage you to submit comments stating which you believe it is though. This is a mutli-part story. Also like to dedicate it to a good friend who inspired me to start submitting stories (Morticia). Enjoy the story!


Have you ever found yourself in a rut? Well that’s where I was. I had been so busy that my personal life had become non-existent. I had let my business consume all of my time and any of my spare time was taken up with my two kids. I’m a single father of two fantastic kids. I’m 32, running our household and I work from home.

I woke one Saturday morning thinking to myself that I needed to find me someone to play with. I wasn’t dating anyone or even pursuing anyone for that matter. That morning I rolled my ass out of bed, half depressed, when I heard my kids running to my room. “Dad, Dad! Let’s make pancakes!” Duty called!

We had made a huge mess while making breakfast but managed to get it all cleaned up before I had to drop my kids at my ex-sister-in-law’s house a few blocks away for their cousin’s birthday party. I decided that I would duck out to get my brakes checked while the party was going on.

I have to admit... I have always checking out the younger sister of my ex-wife, as she was about 8 years younger than me and we would flirt all the time.

I went down to the brake place and they told me how long it would take. I sat in the lobby working on my laptop while they worked on my car. I usually liked talking to other people a bit but it was only me and another guy there and I really didn’t feel like talking to him.

About fifteen minutes later, a beautiful professionally dressed woman walked in. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and looked. WOW! She was tall, about 5’8”, thin, dirty blonde hair and a nice rack! I looked away when I noticed the guy next to me was checking her out too. Me in a cocky mood and her busy talking to the clerk, I whispered to the guy, “Hey, I bet you I can get her number,” He laughed and said to me, “No way Bro!” I took that as a challenge then. As soon as she turned from the counter to find a seat, I coyly smiled her way. She shyly smiled back and noticed a seat available near me.

“You’re a bit over dressed for getting you brakes fixed aren’t you?” I commented to her.

“Well, I left work early to get here,” she replied.

“Really? What do you do?” I asked digging for information.

“I work at the funeral home down the road,” she answered.

“That’s an interesting line of work. How did you get into that?” I asked her.

And the conversation continued for another five or so minutes until the clerk returned. I looked at the other guy and he was wide eyed shaking his head and couldn’t believe how I had got her to talk to a total stranger.

I overheard the clerk mention the issue with her car and how long it how take. When she returned I said, “Well it looks like you’ll be here for a while, my car is in there too. Why don’t I buy you lunch at the cafe across the street?” She looked me a moment and then responded with, “Sure!”

I looked at the another guy as I walked out behind the beautiful woman. Should have pulled out the my favorite movie lines like I am prone to do.... “ Do you like apples??? Well how ya like them apples???

As we walked across the street to the cafe. I realized I hadn’t introduced myself nor asked her name. As we were seated I introduced myself, “By the way, my name is Peter.” “Oh how silly of me, I’m Kate.” she replied.

We had a great lunch, wonderful conversation and as we are walking back across the street Kate slid a napkin in my jean pocket. It was her number.

BooooYea ! I still got it!

The next day I called to say hi and schedule a date. Not ask if she would like to go out some time... that would be lame. I just assume since she rammed her number in my pocket that we will be going out at some point.


Friday Night, Date Night!

I picked up Kate at her place. That’s when I learned that Kate was renting a room from a roommate who owned a condo. I never met the lady, as she was always gone. I think Kate mentioned that she traveled on business a lot.

Kate was dressed in a nice sundress with spaghetti straps. The elastic just under her breasts really accentuated her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra so every time she moved I could see them jiggle so well! Her hair was up in a ponytail. Today she looked much younger than when I met her a few days ago.

We enjoyed dinner at an Italian restaurant and some small talk. Then I heard her mention something about school. Puzzled, I inquired further.

“So where did you graduate college?” I asked.

“Oh I haven’t graduated yet,” she replied.

“What are you studying?” I asked.

“I’m studying to become a funeral home director,” Kate said.

“Really?? I was unaware the local college offered such a program” I replied.

“It doesn’t, I go to...” forgive me but I don’t recall the speciality college and it probably shouldn’t be mentioned in this story anyway.

“So that is why you are working at the funeral home now... as an intern I guess?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s right. I plan on becoming the youngest Funeral Home Director!” she replied.

Ok, this caught me off guard. A beautiful woman who seemed intelligent and has a lot going for her... but a Funeral Home Director? Why? Found out that was a long boring story so I won’t bore you with the details.

We arrived at the theatre and I noticed she was really snuggling up to me. After seeing what was playing, I caved and agreed to watch some chick flick. She cuddled with me during the movie, holding my arm first across her lap then ever so slightly she eased it between her thighs but not too high. I could feel the warmth of her body. She was on fire! Wait... is that some moisture I just felt?

I attempted to move my hand higher a few times but she was not about to release her grasp.

After the movie Kate was all smiles when she whispered, “Let’s go back to my place, my roommate is out of town!”

I didn’t need a second invitation.

We somewhat behaved on the short ride to her place. I had no more finished shutting the door behind me before I heard her running up the stairs and felt an article of clothing fall on my head. It was her sundress!

(Laughing to myself) Oh GAME ON!

I dropped the dress and slowly made my way up the stairs. I reached the top of the stairs where I saw this flawless woman standing in her doorway wearing only a smile. She hadn’t been wearing any panties. Her hair draped down hanging over her breasts nearly covering her perfectly shaped quarter sized nipples.

As I reached Kate, I slowly caressed her body inhaling her magnificent scent. She responded with a shiver. I kissed her softly behind her ear and down her neck gently sucking as I planted each kiss. Then I scooped her up in my arms and she giggled.

As I laid her on the bed, I continued kissing down her neck to her chest and located those gorgeous nipples. My lips played with her right nipple while one of my hands traveled south. My right hand gently massaged her left breast and tweaked her nipple a bit.

I softly bit down on her nipple and Kate let out an approving moan. I tweaked the left nipple more and her moans increased. I raised my head from her breast to her mouth. The moment our lips met I drove my hand down finding a very wet pussy.

Kate let out a louder moan as she thrusts her hips to meet my hand. As we held our deep kiss, I rubbed her clit. Kate responded like she was about to cum. I broke the kiss and with one quick motion I dove between her legs.

The smell of an aroused woman is intoxicating. I sucked on her clit then sent my tongue deep into her pussy. Kate started to buck away from me violently so I grabbed her hips with both hands and slid her back to me. I dove back into her sweet pussy. As I found her clit again, I held on for all I was worth as I heard Kate moan “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

I continued licking her pussy and probing her with my tongue. It seemed like no time when her climax over took her, “HOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIITTTTT!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MMMMYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!” she screamed again and her whole body writhed like crazy! She squirted like I have never seen! She laid there shaking and trembling, trying to catch her breathe.

Kate’s orgasm was so intense that it took several minutes for her to come down. She leaned into me pulling me to her and whispered in my ear, “Fuck baby! Fuck my pussy really hard I like it rough!”

I was out of my clothes in record time. I think some even hit the celling fan!

I pulled Kate to the edge of the bed, then pushed her on her back and grabbed her legs. She was all smiles. I rubbed the head of my cock over her lips and them slapped them with it a few times. She jumped as I hit her clit with my cock. I smeared my pre-cum and her juices around before entering her. I eased in the head of my cock in her entrance, it was very tight! She let out a loud moan and said “Uuuuhhhh yea baby! Now, fuck me hard!”

I slowly slid into her clean shaved pussy inch by inch teasing her. Then I was in to the hilt. Damn she was incredibly tight. I got a rhythm going and she started screaming! “Fuck me baby, Fuck me! Give me that dick!” I started slamming into her. The sight of those amazing breasts bouncing combined with how incredibly tight she was and how great it felt when my balls slapped her ass, I found my own orgasm building.

Normally I can last until I’m ready to release, but this chick was just too tight!

I slowed down our pace and without removing my cock, we changed position to doggie style. I grab her hips and ground my cock into her backside then just held my cock there a moment. “OOOohhhh my god you’re so deep! Fuck me now! I want you to fuck me hard right now!” Kate yells.

I reached up, grabbed a handful of her beautiful dirty blonde hair and slammed back into her. Kate responded by saying, “Yea baby, pull my fucking hair! Fucking me like a dirty slut!” she continued screaming and I felt her body start to shake with another orgasm. She let out a long and low “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as her orgasm consumed her.

I took that as my cue to finish her off. Our bodies clapped together so loud you would think I was slapping her ass. She squealed “Ah Ah Ah AAAAhhhhh” as her orgasm peaks and I buried my seed in her tight little pussy with six or seven long strokes. Her body convulsed as we both fell to the bed.

As we recovered I heard Kate moan softly, “WOW that was amazing!” as she exhaled roughly. “I have never felt an orgasm.... I mean that many orgasms at one time” she continued.

“Babe, I don’t know what to say to you. That was great! And you must have the tightest pussy I have ever had!! How old did you say you were again??” I asked.

Kate replied, “Oh I don’t think I did... I’m 18.”


to be continued....
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