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Gloria called me to baby sit for her. The pay was excellent.
I could not believe what had just happened. I had just had sex with a woman half my age. She was truly gorgeous girl with amazing eyes, hair and she was breast feeding her daughter so her breasts were huge. I told Gloria to call me anytime she needed a hand with her baby girl Katie. Katie was a doll and I was already wrapped around her tiny little fingers.

It was almost a week later when Gloria called me and asked if I could sit with Katie while she did some clothes shopping. I jumped at the chance to see them both again. I arrived at Gloria’s about thirty minutes later. I gave her a huge hug and a kiss on her cheek.

“Katie just ate, she will want to play for a while but she needs a nap in a few hours,” Gloria said as she gathered her purse and keys.

“We will be fine, have fun, be free, I got this,” I said ushering Gloria out her front door.

I grabbed Katie and off we went to the playground in Gloria’s complex. We played for an hour before Katie started rubbing her eyes telling me it was nap time. I scooped her up in my arms and started softly humming a lullaby as her head dropped on my shoulder. Katie was out before I got her back home. I put her down in her crib then covered her with a baby blanket.

I headed for the couch and picked up the TV remote as Gloria bounced into the apartment.

“That was some quick shopping to get all of those bags in under an hour,” I laughed.

“I found some amazing deals all in one store,” Gloria said enthusiastically. “I never thought I could find bras that fit at Target but I got four new ones. Want to see them?” she asked.

“Sure girl, show me the lot,” I replied cheerfully, never expecting just how she was going to show me the bras.

“Great! I’ll be right back,” Gloria said grabbing the bags and heading towards her bedroom.

A few minutes later Gloria emerged in a pair of sheer panties with a matching bra. They were black, lacy things, and barely covering anything. She spun around joyfully, her hair fanning out as she did. She was absolutely breathtaking, and I said as much.

“Thanks. I haven’t purchased any pretty, frilly undies since Katie was born. It was time,” Gloria said still twirling merrily around her living room.

Gloria, who is of Hispanic descent, has the classic looks that light any man’s fire. She is a bronze goddess with dark curly hair that reaches halfway down her back to her nice plump assets. She is petite without looking helpless. I am actually sure she can take care of herself. Her milk laden breasts are currently her strongest attribute.

The skimpy bra she was wearing was straining mightily to corral her massive breasts, and losing miserably. They are swaying all over the place and I was mesmerized by them. Gloria stopped twirling and staggered a few steps before I scooped her into my arms.

“I am so dizzy,” Danny laughed.

I leaned down and kissed her. She responded by jamming her tongue into my mouth. I pulled away and apologized profusely.

“I am so sorry Gloria, you were just so sexy I could not help myself,” I stammered.

“Who do you think I bought these for you silly bastard?” Gloria laughed as she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom.

Gloria unbuttoned my shirt and caressed my hairy chest as she slipped it off me. She kissed my neck and ear as she unbuckled my pants and slid them and my briefs down to my ankles. I stepped out of them as she clamped her ruby red lips on my throbbing dick. She was looking up at me the whole time with such love in her eyes.

She fondled my balls as she twirled her tongue around and around my hardness. I moaned as she swallowed my dick.

“If you keep that up I am going to cum very soon girl,” I said in way of warning her.

Gloria pushed me back onto her bed, peeled off her bra and panties then then she climbed on top of me. She slid her wet pussy up and down my shaft several times before she grabbed my dick and aimed it at her entrance. She sat down burying my dick into her soft warm pussy. I pulled her face to me and kissed her hard and deep. I was trying to shove my tongue down her throat.

Gloria started rocking back and forth. Each time she rocked back my dick was shoved deeply inside her and forward until I almost came out. I reached up and started gently massaging her swaying breasts. Little droplets of milk formed on each nipple. I squeezed her fabulous tit flesh towards her huge nipples causing her to leak more milk.

Gloria reached up and pinched both nipples causing milk to spray my chest and face. I leaned up and opened my mouth which she promptly aimed her squirting breasts at. I reached up and pulled her to me so I could suckle on her leaky breasts. She fed me one massive brown tit and I sucked on the entire end of her breast trying to suck her tit into my mouth before closing my lips down onto her fat nipple.

I started suckling as we continued to rock together. I alternated back and forth sucking her sweet milk and savoring the feeling we were sharing. Gloria started breathing quicker and grinding harder. I flipped her over on her back and started slamming into her oozing pussy. I was sucking her heavy laden breasts hard squeezing them as we neared climax.

“Oh god I am cumming,” Gloria announced proudly.

I pumped harder and she rewarded me with her orgasm. I pulled out and crawled down between her legs and feasted on this beauty’s sweet nectar. I licked and nibbled and snaked my tongue into her over and over while squeezing her ass cheeks. She started pulling my hair and grinding into me fucking my face with her wet messy pussy.

I reached up and started flicking her clit as a sucked and tongued her sweet pussy. She started bucking and came again.

“My turn sexy lady,” I said flipping her over face down.

I gently pulled her hips bask and she pulled herself up into a kneeling position. I fondled her sexy full ass as I moved in behind her. My dick was jabbing her thighs and ass before she reached under and guided me to her wet entrance. Grabbing her by her hips, I buried my dick in her from behind.

I started fucking her in earnest. Our sweaty bodies were making loud slapping sounds as I fucked her faster and faster. When I came, I poured cum into her already wet pussy. I grunted and squeezed her hips hanging on for dear life as I erupted over and over in Gloria’s hot young pussy.

I collapsed on top of her hugging and kissing her back, neck and face while trying to roll off of her.

“Stay put!” Gloria ordered. “I love feeling your weight pinning me to my bed,” Gloria purred.

I pumped my softening dick in her a few more times just to feel her beautiful round ass flattening under me. She wiggled playfully.

“You really like asses and milk laden tits huh?" she asked teasing me.

‘Yours yes, very much indeed,” was my husky reply.

“Big girl nap time. Cover us with the sheet,” Gloria said with a yawn.

“If your dick got that hard from the bra and panties just think what can happen when you get to see the Teddy I bought,” she said as she drifted off to sleep.

The things I want to do to this young beauty.

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