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Badge Bunny Adventures Pt 3

Dumb Jen.....
I stared into the sky as I lay next to Ward. He rubbed my leg gently and asked if I had enjoyed my evening. I looked at him then smiled and expressed that I was indeed pleased. We laid there for a while and talked about random things. I knew that Ward had a gun; of course he did, he was a cop. What I didn’t know, was he was a firearm enthusiast. He went on about his different guns, competitions, etc. and asked if I’d like to go shooting with him; I was never one for shooting, but I thought what the hell. Ward was happy to hear me say I would go, and we made plans to do some shooting Saturday. I asked him how well he played pool. He responded by telling me, “I’m The Best”. I laughed and said, “Well let’s head down stairs and see.” Ward and I helped each other dress and made our way down to the bar.

In the pool-room, I walked over to the only available table. I grabbed two pool sticks and turned to look at Ward. He grabbed a stick, and then racked the balls; he looked sexy as he did. Ward told me to break and no sooner than I had bent over to play, my cell phone rang. I sighed and told ward to hang on. I answered my phone and it was none other than Dane; I never had the chance to get his number and wasn’t sure when I gave him mine. I asked Dane if I could give him a call back tomorrow, but he said needed to talk to me right then. I stepped away from the table and listened to him. He said he wanted me to meet him at the bar later that night. I politely told him no, but I would call him later to make plans. Dane said “fine”, with a gruff tone, then hung up; he didn’t even say good-bye. All of a sudden I began to believe the gossip I’d heard about Dane.

I shoved my phone in my back pocket and apologized to Ward for the interruption. He said, “No problem.” And I leaned over and took my shot; I was never good at pool, but I did a pretty good break. I watched as Ward took his turn and cleared at least four balls. I applauded him in flirting manner and kissed him on the cheek. My phone started to ring again and I saw it was Dane. I silenced the call and continued playing, but Dane didn’t stop calling. My phone must have ringed at least ten times; I was getting really pissed. Finally Ward asked me who was calling. I told him it was Dane, and he sucked air through his teeth as if he was upset. I kept apologizing to Ward; he explained it wasn’t me he was upset with. It was Dane. My phone rang once more and Ward grabbed it this time. He answered and told Dane to “chill out.” There was an exchange of words between the two of them, and then Ward ended the call. He handed me my phone and said let’s get out of here with a smile.

We climbed back into his truck and I felt awkward. Ward looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told him that I felt weird that he had to handle my problem on the first date. He explained that keeping Dane away from women was a full time job and he would make sure, if I wanted him to, that Dane didn’t bother me again. I told him that Dane didn’t have any place in my life, but I should probably handle him myself. Ward agreed and told me if I couldn’t, he would be there for me. I thanked him in excess, and he pulled me next to him on the bench seat of the truck. We pulled away from the bar and he wrapped his arm over my shoulder; we drove the entire way to my house like that.

Ward pulled into my driveway and I thanked him for a great night. He kissed me goodnight. I told him I’d see him tomorrow; I was applying for a job at the sheriff’s office. He gave me a big smile and I closed the door and headed to the barn. I stood for a moment and listened as his truck pulled away.

I flipped on a table lamp and turned on the television; it was extremely quiet and I liked a little noise. I rummaged through my bags for something to sleep in. I grabbed my pink shorts, a tank top and then took a shower. I lay across my bed and flipped through some TV channels. I started to doze off when a tap on my door startled me. I went to the door expecting to see Kira; she was the only one, I thought, that would know someone was in the barn. I opened the door slightly and saw Dane standing there. I told him to go away and tried to close the door. He put his foot in the way to stop me. I told him I wasn’t in the mood for bullshit and asked him to leave again. Dane begged me to hear him out; I was too tired to argue. I sighed loudly and let him in. I sat at the edge of my bed and muted the TV. Dane took a seat across from me and began to explain himself.

He apologized for the phone calls earlier and said that he really liked me, that there was something about me he couldn’t let go of. He also added that he didn’t think I would be off with another guy so quickly. I snorted back at him and reminded Dane that I was a single woman with no commitments. He tried to laugh it off, but I caught the hint of frustration in his voice. Dane walked over to the bed and sat next to me. He grabbed my hand and said sorry again. I just looked at him and he kissed me lightly on the cheek, then my neck; I didn’t stop him, I was still attracted to him sexually.

I allowed him to push me against the bed as we began to make-out. My mind was screaming no but my body said yes; I knew going any farther with Dane would only deepen our problems, but I didn’t stop him. I lay still as he slid his fingers into the waistband of my shorts and pulled them off. I watched as his head disappeared between my legs and felt his tongue brush my outer lips. I allowed my legs to fall to the sides to allow him access. For some reason doing things I’m not supposed to turned me on, that combined with Dane’s tongue on my pussy made my head spin. He licked me from ass-hole to clit with a little force. The sensation sent shivers through my body. I reached down and rubbed Dane’s bald head. He looked up at me and stared into my eyes as he slowly shoved 2 large fingers into my twat.

I let out a moan and lifted my ass off the bed to help him. Dane circled my clit with his tongue as he pleased my hole with his fingers. I reached under my shirt and rubbed my nipples and voiced how good his mouth felt. He hummed as he continued to eat my wet pussy; His hand brushed my thigh several times and I could feel the warm juices my pussy expelled. I rolled my hips as Dane finger fucked me and felt a third finger slip into my tight ass. I gasped a little as first pain, then pleasure came over me. The feeling of being fucked in both holes was overwhelming, and I started to feel the first hint of my orgasm. I voiced to Dane that I was going to cum and I pushed his head into my pussy. I rolled my hips and ground my body against his hand; I was not expecting what happened next.

Dane withdrew his fingers and spread my legs wide. He looked at me and smiled, then made a fist; I was so wet that my juices covered his hand and arm. I looked at him curiously as he held his fist up. Worry came over me as Dane placed his fist at my waiting hole; I knew where this was going and decided to let him do it. I took a deep breath as Dane forced his fist into my pussy. The pain was almost overwhelming as my pussy sucked it in. I dug my nails into Dane’s back as he went deeper into me, until the pain began to fade and total pleasure took over. I screamed out things like “fuck” and “oh my god as Dane fisted me. He licked my clit hard and I tweaked my nipples.

I noticed that Dane had dropped his pants and was jerking himself while he fucked me. I watched him stroke his cock and it set me over the edge. I rocked my hips against his arm and began to cum. I moaned out loud as my body shuttered in sheer pleasure, my hands gripped the sheets tightly as Dane slowed his thrusts. I lay on the bed almost unable to move and he withdrew his fist. He straddled me and began to stroke his cock above my pussy. I licked my lips and exposed my breasts to give him a good view. He pumped his cock hard and fast and blew his load all over my chest. I hummed as he did that to express the joy I felt. Dane collapsed on the bed next to me and we laid there together for a few moments.

I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned up while Dane dressed. I felt like a bitch, but I told Dane that we couldn’t mess around anymore; I let it happen again, but I had to stop it. He stopped cold and said, “What?” I nervously told him that I really just needed my space and our little session should have never happened. His reaction was scary. He grabbed my arm and called me a slut. He told me that I couldn’t play with people’s emotions. Play with people’s emotions? How? I just had sex with him; I wasn’t trying to marry him. I pushed him away from me and told him to get out or I would call the police. He smirked at me and said “whatever”, then left.

Sexually, Dane was awesome. Mentally, he was screwed. He had some issues that I was not going to deal with. Dane had really scared me, enough that I slept in the spare bedroom in my aunt’s house. I kept reminding myself how stupid I was to have let him in to begin with!

The next morning, as planned, I showed up at the sheriff’s office to apply for a job. Surprisingly as soon as I turned in the application, the secretary asked me to wait. I sat down in a chair in the lobby until she called me back. I stepped into and office and awaited the head dispatcher. She introduced herself as Mrs. Mays and we went over my application. She asked a few questions and noted that my only reference was my Aunt Eva. I explained that I had moved here from Jersey to go to school and didn’t really know anyone. Mrs. Mays decided to give me a chance and hired me on the spot; I would now be intertwined with every law enforcement officer in the county. This made me extremely happy!

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