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Badge Bunny Adventures Pt 5

Jen, Relationship? Maybe!
I stood innocently looking as Hatch hopped in his car and left. Ward walked up to me and didn’t really seem concerned with my guest. He apologized for the intrusion and said he really needed to talk to me. I told him it wasn’t a problem and invited him into the barn. I sat next to him on the sofa and listened to him. He told me he came across the video today. I looked into my lap with shame; for some reason, I felt guilty in Wards eyes. He went on about how disgusted he was by what Dane had done. When he realized that I head my head down, he grabbed my chin and looked in my eyes.

“Jen, this is not your fault,” he told me. I couldn’t help but let a few tears roll from eyes; Dane had hurt me in a way I’d never felt before. Ward reassured me I had nothing to worry about.

I asked Ward how I had nothing to worry about. He took my hands in his and said he had taken care of it already. I looked at him and asked him how. Ward had gone to Dane’s boss with the video and copies of the e-mails sent to other officers; thankfully only three other people saw the video. Dane was given the option to resign or be fired with criminal charges, he quit. Ward promised me the video had gone no farther than a few people and he made sure all copies were destroyed. I thanked him and hugged him tightly, in that moment I felt strong feeling for Ward.

Ward kissed my forehead and assured me that it wasn’t a problem. As he looked at me he said he didn’t know what plans I had for my life, but he hoped he could be apart of them. My chest tingled a little and I told him he would always be apart of my life. Ward stepped up and defended me, without being asked; it felt obvious I meant something to him. He hugged me again and sadly said he had to leave. I whimpered a little and said I understood. Ward left me with something to ponder. He said, “If you ever consider a committed relationship, remember me. You’re too beautiful of a person to be used.” I watched him as he walked out the door and let his comments weigh heavy on my mind.

Ward was right. I wasn’t living my life as I should. I took a good hard look at the things I had been doing. My mind danced around the idea of being in an actual relationship; in all honesty I had never done it. There was a long line of friends with benefits and one night stands, but never a committed, monogamous relationship. Hell I was only 23 years old and never once thought about settling down, but something about Ward made me consider it. I decided I had enough excitement for one night and hit the bed.

I spent the next few days preparing for school and work. On Thursday I went to Augusta State and signed up for school. I was quite happy to have been able to sign up for online classes; It made my work schedule easier and not to mention I wouldn’t be driving all the time. On Friday I headed to the sheriffs office and turned in my paper work and took my little test. It was not hard at all, just general common sense questions. I decided to call Kira and invite her to lunch. She obliged and we met at the same little diner where I had previously made a scene.

As Kira and I walked through the door of the diner, I spotted Dane sitting at a table along the back wall. He wasn’t alone. He sat a across from Hatch; they seemed to be engaged in a friendly conversation. I sighed to myself and followed Kira to a booth close to the front. Kira patted my hand and ask if I was alright. I assured her I was fine and she asked if I had gone to Ward about the video. I gladly explained that I didn’t have to; he had already taken care of it. She widened her eyes and said, “Really? Wow.” I told her I was just as surprised as she was. Kira and I ordered our food, then talked about Ward and the comment he had made before leaving the other night. Dane walked over to our table and interrupted.

“What Dane!” I growled at him as he stood there. He went on to apologize to me about the situation at hand. I politely told him to walk away and that I wanted nothing to do with him. He stood for a moment, obviously biting his tongue, then apologized again and walked away. He and Hatch left the diner.

Kira looked at me and said, “Fuck him.” I laughed and told her that’s what got me in the situation I was in. She giggled at my taking her comment so literal. We spent the remainder of our lunch discussing my possible future with Ward. Kira was all for it and told me to go for it.

After lunch Kira and I said our goodbyes and I called Ward. He answered with a flirty hello and I asked if he was busy. He said he was just about to take his lunch break and offered to meet me somewhere. I asked him where and he gave me directions.

I drove along a dusty dirt road just on the outside of town. I saw Ward’s patrol car parked in front of an old shack; the place was quite secluded. I pulled in beside him and walked over to his car. He was standing at the trunk going through some of his things. I stood next to him as we exchanged greetings and he kissed me on the cheek. His lips felt so soft against my skin and a shiver came over me. Ward looked at me and said, “What’s up?” I told him I had been thinking a lot about what he said the other night. He looked at me and said he was glad. I told him that the thought of commitment scared me, but I was willing to try if he meant what he said. Ward promised he meant every word.

Ward wrapped his arms around me tightly and joked, saying, “I guess this makes you my girlfriend now huh?”

I held him tightly and told him yes; I can say I had never felt happier being with someone. I pulled away from him and strutted away from him, running my index finger down the side of his patrol car. He looked at me with hungry eyes as I made comments on consummating our new relationship. He followed me towards the front of the car as I rubbed the hood with my hands, suggesting it would make a great place. He grinned and grabbed my cheeks in his hands. Ward stared in my eyes for a moment then kissed my lip, pushing his body against mine; my body pulsed as I waited for this outdoor tryst to unfold.

My hands rubbed through his hair and the back of Ward’s neck, as he kissed my face and neck; I could feel the passion he felt as his hands moved about my upper body. I leaned back to pull my shirt off. Ward gazed at my breasts and took them into his hands. He lightly tickled my tight nipples with his tongue, causing goose bumps to cover my skin. He rose up and we both removed our clothes. Ward knelt down in front of my and brought his tongue to my twat. I moaned when he began to lick my folds, gently separating then to taste my clit. I leaned back on the hood of the car and propped my foot on the bumper to give him full access. I felt his hand rub against my thigh as he brought it to my opening, pushing two fingers inside; I felt my juices flood my pussy.

Ward ate my pussy so delicately while he rubbed my insides with his fingers; my head felt numb from the pleasure. I slightly moved my body up and down to assist his finger plunges. Ward rose up and I felt his cock rub against my leg; his pre cum left a trail on my thigh. He brought my other foot up onto the bumper and pulled my ass down closer to him. His hands gripped the tops of my thighs and I felt his cock throb at my hole. He teased me slightly, pressing his head against my outer lip and then he forced himself into my depths. We both moaned loudly with the first thrust; there was more to this moment than just sex, there were feelings.

As Ward looked down at me he said, “You’re beautiful.” I looked at him and bit my bottom lip, then winked at him; he knew I accepted his remark. My body felt warm all over as Ward slowly fucked my pussy, taking time to feel every fold of my depths. My pussy sucked him back in when he withdrew and the feel of his tummy against my clit heightened my enjoyment. I twisted my nipples between my fingers and ground my body against his. He pushed into me harder as I rocked my hips knowing I was getting closer. I watched at his facial expressions as he moved faster; watching him breathe harder and lick his lips only pleased me more. Ward let sucked air through his teeth as I started to run my nails down his sides.

I gripped Wards sides tightly as he slipped his hands under my ass. His hands help my cheeks tightly as he began to plow me harder. I moaned when his cock bottomed out with every thrust. I could feel his tummy slapping my clit harder. I released his sides and grabbed my tits and squeezed my nipples hard. My juices leaked all over the hood of the car and my body slid around on the hood of the car while he rammed me. Ward took a deep breath in and said, “Oh I’m going to cum.”

I forced my crotch against him as hard as I could and said, “Me too.”

He ripped into me with three more thrusts and slapped his tummy against my clit each time. My body stiffened and my pussy clenched around his cock as he held his it in place to release his warm cum into my twat. I moaned and twitch as my orgasm waved my body.

Ward collapsed on top of me and I rubbed his back lightly as we caught our breath. “That was amazing!” he said through his stifled breath.

“Yeah it was,” I said back to him as I sighed with satisfaction.

He propped himself on his arms above me and leaned in for a tender kiss. “Lunch has never been so good,” he joked. I laughed at him and jokingly pushed him up. The two of us dressed and cleaned our juices from his car. We spent the remainder of his lunch break making plans for the weekend and just enjoying the company of one another. We parted ways at the main road and Ward hit the siren to tell me bye. I beeped my horn back and headed to my house.

When I got home my aunt was sitting on the porch cleaning peas. I offered some assistance and she handed me a basket. I sat next to her and announced my good news. “Ward and I are dating now Aunt Eva,” I told her. By the look on her face I thought she would explode.

She wrapped her arms around me and said, “That’s wonderful. I’m so happy for you.” I thanked her and she went on about her approval for Ward. I finished the last few peas in my basket. I got up and Aunt Eva said, “I almost forgot, you need to call your momma.” I told her I would and headed to the barn.

I plopped down on my sofa and dialed my moms number; I was surprised she hadn’t called me the entire week, I figured she’d gotten busy.

“Hi honey,” my mom said on the other end. I greeted her back but was not expecting the news she had. She sadly told me that my Uncle Teddy had been killed during a sting operation in Patterson; Patterson was one of the worst cities in Jersey and was well know for their high crime rating. I cried a little as I heard the facts of his death. I knew I had to go back home so I told my mom I would call her later with more details on when I would be coming. She told me she loved me and hung up and I immediately called Ward.

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