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Badge Bunny Adventures Pt2

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Jen does another one........
After the bar, Kira and I crashed in the barn at my aunt's house. Years ago, my Uncle Tim fixed the barn up for me; he said a girl always needed a place to hide. I loved spending nights in the barn as a child.

From the outside, you would think there were horses inside. When you step inside, the light colored pink walls with black trim kind of pop out at you; black and pink were always my favorite colors. The room was large; set up like a bedroom. I had a T.V., couch and a small bathroom. The floors were covered with plush grey carpet, the room looked the same as I remembered; my aunt made sure to keep it clean in my absence.

I helped Kira onto the bed and helped her under the covers. I went to the bathroom and washed up, then crawled into bed next to Kira. She and I had spent many a night just being "girls" in this room. I laid on my back and stared through the skylight looking into the sky. I felt a little worried about what Kira had said; she knew Dane a lot better that I did, "Had I really gotten myself into something?" I let my mind wander for a bit, then feel asleep.

I woke up to Kira's arm across my face. One thing I had forgotten was how much she moved in her sleep. I pushed her arm off, then nudged her to wake up. She rubbed her face a bit and asked what had happened last night. I went through all the details, excluding mine and Danes session. My version was short lived when she came back to reality. Kira started teasing me again about hooking up with Dane. I asked her what all the fuss was about, why it was such a big deal. She went on to explain all the details about Dane, and what she had to say was a little "creepy".

Kira told me that Dane was on the controlling side. He had problems in the past with harassing women here and there. She went on and on about him; I liked Dane and was never one for gossip. Her ranting started to annoy me, so I stopped her and told her that what ever Dane might throw my way, I could handle it; besides, Dane and I "hooked-up", we weren't in a relationship. I couldn't see how one night of sex would make Dane attached. I hugged Kira, then thanked her for looking out for me. She told me, any time and asked if I would take her home. I grabbed a quick shower and dressed and Kira and I left.

We pulled up to Kira's house. She leaned across the car, gave me a big hug and thanked me for the ride. She said, "if you ever need me, I'm here". I thanked her and watched her disappear into the house.

My aunt's house was at least 10 miles away from Kira's. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I took in the sights as I drove. The tall Georgia pines surrounded the fields, while the sun lightly reflected from the leaves of the crops; it was a wonderful sight. I allowed Kira's gossip to wander my mind. My curiosity go the best of me and I couldn't help but wonder if what she said was true. I was so deep in thought that I didn't realize the blue lights in my mirror. I was 100 feet from my house and being pulled over, but for what? I wasn't speeding; or at least I didn't think I was.

I pulled over to the side of the road and dug around for my license. I realized I had left my purse at home. I put my hand to my face and sighed, waiting for the officer to come to my window. When I looked up I saw a young man standing about six foot tall, dressed in a sheriff's department uniform. I rolled down my window and ask innocently what I had done wrong. He said his name was, Deputy Ward and I had been speeding. He asked for my license and insurance. I explained I didn't have it and pointed to how close to home I was. A smile grew across his face and he asked if I was Miss Eva's niece. I told him yes and smiled back. He let me drive to my house but, he followed behind me.

I parked the car near the barn and ran in to grab my purse. When I cam outside, the deputy and my aunt were talking to each other. I walked over to them and showed him my license. He laughed and told me not to worry about it. The three of us stood and talked for a few minutes. The more I looked at Deputy Ward, the more sexier he became. His uniform fit him nicely; he was wearing his dress blues, a blue button up shirt with corporal stripes and tan pants. I was getting hot just talking to him. My aunt broke my concentration and excused herself back to the house; leaving me and the Deputy alone.

I thanked Ward for letting me go on the speeding thing. He said it was no problem. He asked me a few random questions to make conversation and I, of course, obliged. I told him that I would be applying for a dispatcher position with his office in the morning.

He said, "That's too bad."

I looked at him with a smile, in confusion and asked why. He told me that his department didn't allow him to date co-workers. An even bigger smile grew across my face and I told him that I wasn't hired yet. We made plans to go to Augusta around eight that evening. I watched him leave the driveway and rushed into the house to tell my aunt.

I sat down at the kitchen table while my aunt made breakfast. Aunt Eva put the food on the table and sat down. With all seriousness, she looked at me and told me she loved me. She told me that it was my decision on how I wanted to live my life; I wondered where this pep talk came from and where it was going, until I heard Dane's name. She said that boy was no good for me, in her sweet southern accent, and said I should stay away; I was starting to believe that Dane wouldn't be apart of my life for long. I asked her opinion on Ward. She was obviously quite fond of him, because she said that, Keith, was a "marrying" type of man. I laughed at her comment and told her I would heed her advice on Dane. I made her day when I told her I had a date with Ward.

I didn't get all dressed up to go out. I wore a nice fitting pair of blue jeans, a v-neck shirt and flip-flops; I didn't know what kind of plans he had. As I sat on the front porch I could hear the sound of his truck. A jet black Dodge Ram 4x4 with chrome trim. I rushed off the porch to meet him, he too dressed in cargo blue jeans, a nice t-shirt and flip flops. He opened my door and helped me into his truck; it was a little higher off the ground than most trucks. As he drove I admired his dark blonde hair and muscular arms. I asked him where we were going and the only answer I got was, "you'll see". For once, I wasn't just trying to get to the sex part of the night.

We were in the heart of Augusta, Broad Street. There was some sort of festival going on and the streets were packed. There were many food and activity vendors. About halfway down the street we stepped into a pool-hall called, "The Warden's 8". The place was pretty packed for a Sunday. Ward had me take a seat at the bar and I ordered a coke, he walked off for a moment to talk to someone. I looked around the room and noticed several pictures of Ward on the walls. I got up for a closer look and realized, Keith "Ward" Warden, happened to be founder and owner of the bar.

I felt his hand at the small of my back and it sent a tingle up my spine. I looked at him and told him how awesome it must be to have his own business. He smiled and said it had it's perks. Ward waved bye to a few people and we walked outside. We didn't go far, maybe 3 feet to a door. He opened it and we walked upstairs to his apartment above the bar. It was an open room filled with all the essentials for a single guy; pull-out couch, small kitchen and bathroom and a 50' flat screen TV. I took a seat on the plush couch, while Ward grabbed us a beer. Before he made it to me, he answered a knock at the door. A man came through with a large platter of food. He sat the food on the table in front of me and left. Ward brought the beers over and we pigged out on bar food and beer, watching random shows on TV.

He told me that "Ward" was a nickname and I could call him Keith if I like. I told him it didn't matter to me and offered to wash up the dishes we had dirtied. He placed his hand on mine and told me not to worry, then asked me to follow him. We walked to the roof and laid down on a blanket beneath the stars. Ward pointed out several constellation to me before finally leaning over and kissing me lightly on the lips. I kissed him back harder sliding my tongue into his mouth. His felt like velvet as it swirled with mine. he positioned himself slightly over me as we made out and rubbed each other. My nipples hardened as he rubbed my breast through my clothes; I could feel his bulge as it grew against my outer thigh.

I brought myself to my knees and pulled my shirt and bra off in one move. he did the same and I watched as Ward exposed his rippled chest. I ran my hands down his sides until I met his jeans and then began to unfasten them. He pushed them down the rest of the way and I felt his cock hit my tummy. I laid back on the blanket and let him remove my jeans as well. He was on top of me and kissed his way from my neck to my belly, then back up, meeting my lips for more kissing. I ran my hands down his back and grabbed his ass with both hands; I could feel his cock at my opening. I spread my legs to give him the access he needed to give me the full length of his rod. Ward grabbed a fist-full of my hair and slowly plunged into my wet cunt.

I let out a moan, and could hear the excitement in his breath as he felt my insides for the first time. My body became covered with goose-bumps as Ward's cock pleased me with every thrust. He was slow at first, allowing my pussy to adjust to his large member. I ground my pussy against him with every deep plunge. I wanted to feel the slight pain that his cock gave me. Ward sat up and I put my feet on his chest. He grabbed my ass and pulled me over his cock hard for a few minutes. I explored my body while he fucked me. I tweaked my nipples and teased my clit, screaming out as my first orgasm came over me. My pussy clenched tightly around his cock and he fucked me hard until I was satisfied.

I told Ward to lay on his back and I positioned my pussy over his face. He licked the remnants of my orgasm from my wet folds. I guided my body to his cock and forced myself down, hard and fast, feeling the wonderful pain of this new position. I used my legs to bounce up and down over his length. I listened to the amazing sounds of pleasure that he was expressing. I reached behind me and took his balls into my hand. I rubbed them gently as they drew closer to his body. I fucked him hard for a while and he yelled out that he was going to cum. I quickly hopped off his cock and took it into my mouth.

I stroked Ward's rod hard with my mouth; his head hitting my throat with every thrust. I used my hands to fondle his balls and stroke his member as it exited my mouth. Ward grabbed the back of my head and started to force himself farther down my throat. An orgasm began to overwhelm my body and grabbed my pussy hard and rubbed my clit; I could feel my juices as they soaked my hand. I rocked my hips against my hand and Ward fucked my mouth and finally released his hot load into my throat. I shoved two fingers into myself and came too. I swallowed every drop of his sticky mess and licked his cock clean. Ward sat up and kissed me hard to taste himself. we both laid naked under the stars and got to know each other better.

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