Badge Bunny Adventures Pt4

By ToXiCFuN84

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Who Knew?
Mrs. Mays took me for a tour around their facility. I was introduced to several of the road deputies working that day. I met deputies, Hatch, Marshall and Ward; of course with Ward, there was no introduction needed. Ward was dispatched to a call and jokingly shook my hand saying it was nice to meet me. I giggled and told him bye. Hatch offered to finish my tour and Mrs. Mays told him that would be fine. Marshall was an older man about 60 and didn’t even register on my radar; Hatch on the other hand was young, about my age and very sexy. He was about six foot, muscular with very short brown hair. He showed interest in me too, saying I was the prettiest girl working there. I told him yeah right and laughed the comment off. He asked if he could take me out sometime. I pondered the question and replied telling him that co-workers couldn’t date; I was interested, but I didn’t want to loose my new job. He made a joke about me knowing the policies already and said I’d do fine on the test. I asked Hatch, “What test?” He said every employee had to study the handbook and complete the test afterwards. At that moment I had concocted a plan.

I told Hatch that I might need “extra” help studying for the test. He gave me a pleased grin and said he could “help” me study. I told him that would be great and I jotted down my number on a scrap of paper. As we finished the tour he told me he would give me a call later to set up a study date; I didn’t plan to do much studying and I don’t think he did either. I shook his hand and we parted ways. I stopped by Mrs. May’s office and thanked her again for hiring me. She handed me a packet of paperwork to fill out along with my schedule; I was excited that I had a whole week to fuck-off before I started. She also reminded me to study the handbook so I would be prepared for the small test. I told her, “yes ma’am” and headed for my car.

As I got into my car Ward pulled in. He walked over and asked if I still wanted to go shooting with him on Saturday. I told him yes and he congratulated me on the job. He told me he’d see me later and went inside. I called Kira on the way to my house and asked if she wanted to meet for lunch. She gladly accepted my invitation, and told me to meet her at a cozy little diner in town; she said she had some things she wanted to tell me. I begged her to divulge her information on the phone, but she insisted I wait until we met. I drove the entire way to the diner wondering what she was going to tell me; I figured if it was good news she would have had to tell me over the phone.

I found Kira in a corner booth of the restaurant. It was a quaint place, not very big and decorated like the dining room of someone’s home. I sat across from her and jumped right into questioning. First she told me not to get mad; I took a deep breath in and sighed. Then she told me not to do anything drastic; I started to get frustrated at that point and asked her to get on with it. Apparently Dane had video footage of our little tryst in the bar office. He had shown it to quite a few of his cop buddies. I completely freaked and screamed “What!” I slammed my hand down on the table, knocking the salt and pepper shakers over. Kira grabbed my arm and pulled me outside. I walked over to my car and grabbed a pack of smokes from the glove box; I only smoked on occasion, and this occasion called for it.

I paced the parking lot and tried to figure out what I was going to do. I was furious and Kira could tell. She came over and put her hand on my shoulder. “Calm Down.” She said. I asked her how and why I should. She assured me that if I spoke to the right person, the situation could be handled properly. I looked at her confused and said, “Who?” and Ward’s name rang in my ears. She said he was a great guy and he had handled situations with Dane before. Kira went on and told me that Ward had been trying to have Dane removed for quiet sometime, but Dane had never gone this far; or at least never showed off any videos of his previous experiences. I agreed with her and told her I would go to Ward and tell him my dilemma. Kira wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a comforting hug. I hugged her back and told her thanks for helping me handle this mess. Embarrassed, I followed her back into the diner to have lunch.

At home, I called Ward several times that evening and couldn’t get an answer. I gave up and figured he would call back when he could. I sat on my bed and started to fill out the paperwork Mrs. Mays had given me, when my phone rang. I rushed to grab it hoping it was Ward. Instead I was surprised to hear Hatch’s voice on the other end when I said hello. “Need help studying?” He asked. I sadly told him no, that tonight wasn’t good for me. Hatch kind of urged me to say yes, telling me that he could “make me feel better”. I laughed and considered it for a moment; there was no reason I should let the Dane drama ruin my fun. I laughed at him and said, “Fine.” I gave him directions to the house and told him I would be in the barn. Hatch made a joke about my living in the barn, then said he’s see me in a few.

It was about 6 o’clock and the sun was barley setting. My Aunt Eva came out and asked if I would mind feeding the horses. She was going out for the evening and wouldn’t have the time; I had done it many times as a child and told her it would be no problem. Hatch pulled in as she was leaving, I was standing at the stable when he walked over. He offered to help me as I filled the buckets with feed. I told him sure and told him where he could find another bucket. We stood in the stable making conversation as the horses ate. Hatch reached over my shoulder and pulled a cobweb out of my hair. I thanked him and told him how icky spiders made me feel. He laughed and then leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him back then looked down feeling a little awkward; I was seriously considering my reputation here.

Hatched grabbed my chin and looked at me. I couldn’t help but stare into his big brown eyes, they captivated me. He rubbed my face with the back of his hand and kissed me again; this time I allowed all reservations escape my mind. I placed my hands lightly on his shoulders and accepted his tongue into my mouth. Shivers ran through my body as my heart began to beat faster. I felt his hand rub down my back to grab my ass, pulling me closer to his body. I could feel my pussy get wet as our kissing became more aggressive. I pushed my body against his as we rubbed each other. Hatch slipped his hands under my shirt and broke our kiss to remove it; I wasn’t wearing a bra and he looked stunned as he stared at my tits. I grabbed a riding blanket and threw it over a pile of hay so I could lie down. He followed and laid over me.

I moaned as Hatch took my breasts into his mouth, gently teasing my erect nipples with his teeth. This made the juices flow from my pussy; I could feel the wetness on my thigh. I rubbed my hand through his short hair as he heightened my senses with each nibble. He kissed a trail down to my shorts and sat up on his knees. He removed his shirt, and then unfastened his pants. I could feel my pussy throb as I waited to see what he had to give. Hatch dropped his pants enough to allow his cock to be exposed. I was stunned by it. He was about eight inches or so, but the width was thick; at least 2 inches. I looked at him and gave him a “wow”. He smiled and told me he knew he could make me feel better. I quickly slipped my shorts off and leaned forward to take his thick cock in my hands; I wanted to feel a rod like that against my fingers.

I stroked him for a few minutes adding some saliva to make him rock hard. My pussy throbbed harder waiting for him to enter me. I lay back against the hay and invited him into my depths. Hatch wasted no time rubbing his hands through my folds to spread my warm juices all over my twat. I watched him as he bit his bottom lip. My body tensed as I felt his head press against my hole. I spread my arms out and grabbed at the hay around me as he pressed into me slowly. I could feel pain and pleasure as I became light headed by the amount of cock I was getting. I listened to his moans as he forced himself into me inch by inch. My pussy stretched to accommodate him and I yelled his name. “Oh Hatch!” He gripped my thighs as he began to move faster. I could hear the sounds of my pussy sucking him in. My body pulsed with every inch Hatch gave me.

I pushed my hands against Hatch’s belly to slow his thrusts. I asked him to change positions and he agreed. He withdrew from me and I stood up. I bent over and held onto to the wooden gate right in front of the horses; this was dirty sex anyway. Hatch stood behind me and entered my cunt once again. I couldn’t help but grab my tits as he began to plow me from behind. He grabbed my hips tightly and forced my pussy over his cock; this angel was much better he was rubbing my g-spot perfectly. The grunting sounds he made behind me only made me hotter. I helped him, and forced my self against him. He slapped my ass hard as he fucked me. I reached down and grabbed his balls. He moaned some more and called me a “dirty girl”.

My body started to feel weak from the fucking I was getting. I told Hatch I wanted to cum and he placed his hand over my clit. I braced myself by holding on to the gate with both hands, and let him fuck me how he wanted. He rubbed my clit with his hand and rammed into me hard and fast. My pussy began to clench his cock and I could feel my juices run down my leg; the warm sensation mixed with the deep thrust sent me into orgasm. I screamed loudly, so loudly I could hear the echo from the quiet outdoors. My knuckles were white as I held the fence for dear life, letting the waves of pleasure take over my body. My knees buckled as Hatch’s grip tighten around my waist. He plunged into me one last time and I felt his load explode inside me.

Hatch held his cock inside of me for a few seconds, and then withdrew. His warm semen leaked from me and we both collapsed on the blanket. I laid there and watched his chest rise and fall as he caught his breath; all he could utter was “damn!” I giggled at his comment and caught my own breath. I overly expressed how pleased I was. He agreed he was too and helped me find a rag to clean up with. We dressed and sat in the stable for a few minutes talking. Hatch helped me pick hay out of my hair and we laughed about how wonderful sex in a stable is. He decided he’d better get going and I walked him out to his car. I felt unbelievably awkward when Ward’s truck pulled into the driveway; how was this going to look?