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Badge Bunny Adventures

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Jen loves the law.......

Hi. My name is Jen. I am 27 years old and have long brown hair. My eyes are hazel, my skin is tanned and I have perky C cup tits; my butt is really nice to look at too. I listen to Eminem, Marilyn Manson and Patsy Cline. I have a tough exterior, but once you get to know me I am warm and fuzzy inside. Cross me and you might as well never show your face around me again. I am very confidant in who I am and not afraid to show it. Now that's out of the way I can tell you my story. I consider this chapter of my life to be an adventure. Sure I was a slut, but who cares? I enjoyed every moment of it.

My fascination with cops started at a young age. My dad and 2 uncles were cops and once I turned 21 I started dating my dad's co-workers. For some reason a man in uniform did unexplainable things to me. Most of them were too scared to date the captains daughter but I found a few willing to try. Tony was one of them. He was Italian, super sexy and awesome in bed. We had three great sex session up until he got caught on duty. He was with some girl and she handcuffed him to the bed, robbed him and left him there. He got fired when the police were called to help him. He was upset when I told him I wouldn't fuck him any more. I politely explained that I only did cops.

 I got bored with what Jersey had to offer and decided to pick a college far away from home. I chose a college in Augusta, Ga. I had an aunt that lived nearby and I knew her well. I spent summers with her in the past and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. When I say scenery I mean country boys. Southern men are more clean cut than Jersey guys and in my experience have much better manners. I told my aunt about my plans and she was more than happy to have me stay with her. I packed my stuff and headed south.

My aunt lived in a small town about 30 miles away from my school. The town's population was a whopping 2,000, much less than where I cam from. I loved it and the town's best attribute, their police officers of course! When I arrived at my aunts house I got settled and spent some time with her. After a few hours of catching up, I asked to borrow her car. I had made a few friends during my visits and was eager to see them. She handed me the keys and joked that she didn't expect me to spend a Friday night with her. I kissed her on the cheek and said thanks, then headed into town.

I pulled in to the park and ride; it was the most popular place to hang out on the weekends. I backed the car into a spot and scanned the parking lot. I looked for Kira, I hadn't told her I was moving and I wanted to surprise her. I looked for a minute and spotted her sitting on the hood of a car. I stepped out of my car and adjusted my clothes; I had on a denim mini-skirt and a pink tank top. I walked across the lot and stood in front of Kira. It took her a second, but she realized who I was and jumped off the car. "Jen", she yelled and threw her arms around me. I hugged her back and we exchanged the usual "how are ya's". She was excited that I would be living closer and drug me around the parking lot to introduce me to her friends.

As I stood there and made friends, a cop car rolled into the parking lot; it was one in the morning and time for everyone to leave. Immediately my attention was directed to the cop as he exited his car. I stared at him as he walked around and told everyone to leave. He was about six foot, shaved head and very muscular; like the guys from UFC. All I could think about was how hot in bed he would be. Kira nudged my shoulder and broke my stare. She said she had to go so I gave her my new cell number and told her call me later. I walked passed the cop and smiled, looking back to see if he noticed me. He did and I laughed to myself as I got in my car and drove off.

I stopped at the 24 hour gas station and went in to grab a snack; all the restaurants were closed. I noticed how quiet it was and even joked about it with the cashier. I paid for my stuff and went to my car. On my way there I dropped my keys and they slid under the car. I cursed at myself and sat my stuff on the hood of the car. I looked around to make sure I was alone and pulled my skirt down as far as it would go. I got to my knees and crawled under the car. I pawed around for a minute and was startled by a voice that offered help.

I banged my head on the edge of the car when I instinctively tired to look, then I backed out from beneath the car and stood up. I saw the same cop from the park and ride. I asked him where he came from and pulled down on my skirt; feeling a little embarrassed that he had more than likely seen my thong. He said he had pulled in at the back of the store and saw me under the car. He explained he thought it was odd and wanted to see what was wrong. I laughed nervously and told him about the keys.

 He walked over to the other side of my car, bent over and simply picked up the keys. He shook the keys at me and asked if I was really a blonde; I wasn't offended by that comment because I often did dingy things. I brushed my long hair behind my shoulder and thanked him in a flirty tone. He brought my keys to me and introduced himself. He told me his name was Richard Dane and I could call him Dane. He reached out to shake my hand. I told him my name and shook his hand. I flirted as I told Dane it was nice too meet him. We spoke for a moment when his radio went off and he had to leave, so I said good bye and watched him drive off.

I went home and crept into the house being sure not to wake my aunt. In my room, I stripped my clothes and threw on an over sized tee-shirt. I laid back on the bed and all I could think about was Dane. He looked so good in his black b.d.u. style pants and grey polo shirt. I slipped my hand under my shirt and started to finger myself. I stuffed three fingers into my pussy and ground my clit against my palm; using my free hand to flick my nipple. I thought of Dane and his sexy hands as I pretended his hands were in me. I lifted my ass off the bed and fucked myself hard as my orgasm exploded all over my hand. I enjoyed the remnants of my orgasm for a few moments and fell asleep.

Kira called me the next morning and asked me to meet her at the local bar around 10pm. I agreed and decided to go into town and get a new outfit. I took in the sights of the newly updated town; they had really spruced the place up nicely. I found a small clothing boutique and snatched up the first tightly fitting dress I saw. I examined myself in the fitting room mirror. The dark blue dress fit me perfectly, fitting to every curve of my body; it was sleeveless and the off the shoulder neck line really showed off my boobs. I paid the clerk for the dress and told her I would be back.

Back at home, I laid around until eight o'clock. My aunt and I caught up on school and future plans. She asked if I planned on getting a job, and if I did, the local sheriffs office was hiring dispatchers; this of course peaked my interest and I told her Monday morning I would be there. I kissed her on the forehead and said thanks, then headed to my room to get ready.

I met Kira in the parking lot of the bar. We walked arm in arm through the gravel lot being careful not to fall in our heels. Before now I had never been to a bar in the south; in all honesty I was expecting some twangy country music and a bunch of guys in cowboy hats. I was quite surprised when I walked in to see people dressed as usual, a live band playing the latest music and no cowboy hats. Kira and I sat at the bar and ordered drinks; we sat for about thirty minutes and talked, when a guy asked her to dance. She looked at me for approval and I smiled at her.

I sat at the bar and sipped my Corona when I heard Danes voice. " I need to see some I.D." he said. I looked at him and gave him a smile. He smiled back and told me how nicely I cleaned up. I brushed my hair away from my eyes and thanked him. I watched as Dane sat on the bar-stool; he looked so sexy out of uniform, still sporting his badge and gun as he ordered a soda. I asked him if he was working, he said no and went on to explain that he hangs around the bar to keep things in check. We sat and talked about his job and my plans. I learned that he was single, no kids and that he found me very attractive.

Kira came over and begged me to dance with her and her friend. I kept saying no, but Dane got up and grabbed my hand and pulled me with him behind Kira. We all did a line style dance and the music changed to a slower song. I started to walk back to the bar, but Dane stopped me and asked me to dance. I obliged and felt his strong hands grab my waist. I put my hands around his shoulders and started to move with him; I was never one for dancing, but I enjoyed dancing with Dane. I felt a warming feeling come over me when he pulled my body close to his. I lifted my head to look at Dane when my lips were met with an unexpected kiss; my nipples hardened and I could feel my groin get wet. I kissed him back and pressed myself against him harder. The song changed again and Dane lead me away from the dance floor.

I followed closely behind Dane as we walked through the crowd. He held my hand tightly as he lead me to a small office at the back of the bar. I heard the door close behind me and turned around to see Dane staring at me; I felt a little frightened at that moment, but it was quickly gone when he spoke. He explained that he had been thinking about me since yesterday and couldn't get the image of me on the ground out of his head. I gave him a big smile and followed it with a kiss. I unbuckled his belt as he pulled my dress up above my hips. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards me and then leaned against the wall behind me.

I watched as Dane pushed his pants down and exposed his cock; seeing it made me want it even more. I slipped my panties off and propped my foot on the nearby desk. Dane stood between my legs, holding my thighs. I could hear and feel his warm breath in my ear as he kissed my neck; his cock spasming near my entrance. I reached down and took his cock in my hand, then gently rubbed the head against my hole as I lowered myself onto it. I could feel Danes fingers dig into my skin as he forced himself into me as far as he could. I moaned out. I could almost feel his cock in my belly.

Dane grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me up. He pushed my body hard against the wall with every thrust; I held onto his neck tightly for support. I moaned with pleasure and pain as his rod ripped into me hard and fast. Dane was very strong; he supported almost all my weight with his arms as he spread my legs slightly to allow his belly to slap my clip. This sent me into an orgasm. I dug my nails into his shoulders and told him I was coming. Dane started to breath through his teeth and picked up speed. He lunged into me hard, so hard he bottomed out with each thrust. His tummy slapped my clit one last time and my orgasm exploded. I felt his load hit my insides like the recoil of a big gun.

Dane let go of my legs and laid against my body winded. I rubbed the back of his head and expressed how awesome th session was. He agreed with excitement and we started to get dressed. We looked each other over for any signs of sex and laughed while we did. Dane didn't stop smiling at me the whole time. When I opened the office door, there stood Kira with the biggest grin on her face. I just threw my head back sighing and smiling.

Kira was drunk, and when she gets drunk apparently she gets loud. Dane and I led her out of the bar and got her into my car. I had only drank four sips of beer, so I was good to drive. As I opened my car door to leave, Dane walked over. He brushed my hair from my face and thanked me for a fun evening. I kissed him on the cheek and told him he was very welcome. Kira poked at me the whole way home about Dane. Before she passed out she said, "Jen, you have no idea what you've gotten into." I tried to get her to elaborate, but it would have to wait until the morning.

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