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Bathed in the Lights of Vegas

A night in Vegas as a couple explore her fantasy.
We made it to Vegas. We drove along I-15 through the heat of the desert and made it to our hotel. We were giggling like kids, but that’s because this wasn’t so much of a vacation as a mission. You see, my lover revealed a fantasy. A fantasy I would like to explore with her.

We checked into the hotel, and took the elevator up to the 16th floor. We checked into our room. It was a nice room. I didn’t cut corners on the room. It had a nice king size bed and a nice size in-room hot tub. It also had a pretty comfortable couch in front of the window. The window, you see, is the main reason for the room: a floor to ceiling window overlooking the strip. 

We quickly brought in our things and settled in. After a long drive, she wanted to take a shower and freshen up. I took that opportunity to turn the couch around so it faced the window. Then, I went into to check on my gorgeous lady.

I walked into the bathroom, and I saw her taking a shower. I had an immediate reaction to seeing her wet with soap running down her luscious body. I stripped off my clothes, and I moved in behind her. I turned her around and gave her a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced together while my hands began to massage her ass. 

Tease. She turned around, rinsed off, and left me with a massive hard-on. I cleaned myself up. I was tempted to relieve myself of the problem she left me with, but I know how she feels about my doing things without her.

After I rinsed off and grabbed a robe, I walked into the room. I found her sitting on the couch. As I approached, the sight of her took my breath away. To say that she still had her robe on would be an exaggeration. Technically true, but still. The robe was off her shoulders. Really, just covering her arms. Her breasts were nearly completely exposed, except for her nipples. Then, the robe flared open exposing her abdomen. I had no trouble seeing how she was lazily playing with her clit.

Her head was tilted back, and I could tell that she was thinking of something erotic as she played with herself. Good thing I didn’t relieve myself or I would have had the problem come back instantly anyway. She knows exactly how to turn me on. If you think it wasn’t planned, you’re wrong. Beyond the obvious exposed breasts and cunt, her exposed neck and bare shoulders really turn me on. This lady knows what I like. 

Good thing, I know what she likes, too. As I move in front of her, she looked at me. I opened my robe and exposed my rock hard cock to her. Her eyes were immediately drawn to it. As she starts licking her lips, she tried to move towards it.

“No. Sit back. I want to help you with what you were doing”.

She smiled an incredibly sexy smile, and just laid back. I got on my knees between her legs, and I began to lick her. Slowly, I licked her cunt lips: first one, then the other. I gently sucked them. I removed her hand from her clit and began to lick it. Her hands went to my hair as I licked her clit from side to side. Then I began to suck her clit. She began to pull my hair, as she got more and more excited. I then began to finger fuck her. First one, then two fingers were exploring her.

She then was practically shoving my face into her cunt. My actions had her nearly ready to cum. I then stopped, got up, closed my robe and left.

“Come back here. Finish what you started”, she screamed.

“Sorry, my love. We have to go if we want to walk around the strip and eat before the show. Besides, you did that to me when we were in the shower.”

“It’s not the same. Besides, we’re not talking about you, we’re talking about me. Bastard.”

“Look, sweetheart, I promise I will make it up to you. We have the whole weekend. You will have plenty of times to cum. I promise.”

She got up off the couch, and perhaps didn’t care, but stood in front of the window, open to the strip, without closing her robe. As she passed me to get her clothes, she didn’t seem too happy with me. I don’t think she was mad as much as frustrated. Something I hoped to increase until tonight when we get back. I mean to keep my promise: to give her plenty of climaxes, but I want to get her worked up. 

She dressed in a sexy number. I find her irresistible in it. I love the fact that the material is pretty thin. Touching her while she wears it is pretty close to touching her bare skin. I’m glad. Exactly what I want for our time on the strip.

I pull her towards me and kiss. At first she resists, but then relents. 

“I love you, you know.”

“And I love you. But that wasn’t fair.”

“I promise I will make it up to you.”

“You better. Now let’s go. You’re the one who said we had to go now.”

She walked off with a fake “I’m still pissed at you” look.

We left the room and made it to the elevator.

As it opens, there are already some people inside. I stand behind her. At first, I caress her arms. She tilts her head a little, exposing her neck to me. I gently kiss her neck.

Unfortunately (or, for me, fortunately), it takes forever to reach the lobby. That’s ok. With the elevator never empty, I get to play with this gorgeous creature in front of people. I just am trying to be subtle about it. My hands move to her waist. I pull her towards me so she can feel my hard-on against her ass. I whisper into her ear, “I promise, I will make it up to you. Anything you want, I will do for you.”

I then began to massage her ass as more people leave as others get on. I just realized, she doesn’t have any panties on. 

“So, I see all you have on is your dress.”

“That’s right. Does that bother you?”

“Yes, but in a good way.”

I then took a finger and start running it between her butt cheeks. This time, I heard her moan briefly. Fortunately, the elevator opened, and we quickly left.

We made our way down the strip. Always touching. Either we held hands, or we held each other. But we were always touching as we walked. If we stood for more than a couple of seconds, one of us began to caress the other.

We stopped at Fredericks of Hollywood and took a look around. She asked me to go look for something for her, but when I returned, she had already purchased something and told me we should head back to the hotel. I kept asking her what it was that she bought, but she wouldn’t tell me.

So we made a brief stop at the hotel so she could drop off her purchase and she retrieved a coat. We then again went to the elevator. This time, we were alone. After the doors closed, I turned her around, and we kissed. What a passionate kiss. If it weren’t for the fact that we were in an elevator, and at any minute a family could walk in, we’d probably have fucked right there.

Finally, we reached the lobby. As we stopped kissing, I looked into her beautiful face. However, the look on her face was one of pure lust. I just about came right then. Her aroma filled the elevator, and I knew she was quite moist. The doors opened, and we left.

We made our way to the restaurant. It was a very nice place, and very secluded. We sat down, and had a lovely dinner. However, throughout the dinner, we teased each other. I love watching this woman eat. She knows how to place various items in her mouth in such a way that it makes it clear what she’s really thinking. I would lick various items to remind her what I had done to her earlier in the day. She positioned her foot to massage my leg. She eventually placed her foot next to my crotch. I started to massage her foot, which she certainly didn’t mind.

After dinner, and having to endure watching her eat a white creamy dessert (needless to say, she had my full and undivided attention), we made our way to the show. At our request, they sat us at the back of the theater. We were at a booth in the corner and we sat next to each other. As people were milling around, we talked about various things we saw earlier in the day, laughed at some of the freaks we saw, and generally, just enjoyed each other’s company.

As the show began, they dimmed the lights. I put my arm around her, and she snuggled in. It was nice to be holding her while we watched the comedians. She then began to rub my crotch. With her coat over our laps, I moved my hand up her dressed to her bare cunt. I proceeded to tease her cunt and then began to finger fuck her… slowly: torture for both of us. Neither of us were really paying attention to the show (why did we spend the money), but we couldn’t just do what we wanted here without being arrested.

I asked her if she brought her toy. She said she had. She proceeded to insert it into her cunt after I lubed it up with the copious amount of her wetness. Then, she gave me the remote. I continued to rub her clit as I changed the setting. I could tell by the look in her eyes, she was concentrating on the feelings that were flooding her body. While I know she could have easily cum if I let her, I always backed off if she started to get to close.

So for the next half-hour, I worked her up to near orgasm, then backed her off. This frustrated the hell out of her, but that was my plan, anyway. As the show ended, she quickly pulled out her toy, gathered her stuff, and pulled me to the elevator.

The elevator was full. She pulled me and managed to get me to the back. She stood in front of me, and whispered, “I’m going to fuck your brains out.” She then turned around, faced away from me, and proceeded to grind her ass into my cock. The ride up was excruciating. She was teasing me the whole ride up with her ass.

I whispered, “You’re not playing nice.”

She shot me a mean look, and said “Good.”

The elevator finally reached our floor, the doors open, and she practically ran to the room. After opening the door, she ran into the bathroom. She was in there for a bit and I could hear the water running.

“Are you ok?”


I just need to calm myself down.”

“Are you upset? I didn’t mean to make you upset”

“No!! You didn’t make me upset! You just spent the entire day teasing me, and I need a moment to collect myself.”

Ooops. Did I go to far?

When she came out of the bathroom, my jaw dropped. She wore this shear nightgown. It was so shear, it was see-through. And she had nothing on underneath. I could see everything underneath. I’ve never seen anything so sexy. I couldn’t imagine her looking any more desirable.

“Your jaw’s on the ground. You better pick it up.”

After awhile, I finally caught on to what she meant. She seemed to enjoy watching me drool over her. 

“I’m sorry if I went too far. I..,”

She interrupted me by kissing me. Not quite the passionate kiss that we’ve shared before, but a very loving kiss. 

“You didn’t go too far. If you had, I would have told you to stop. I told you, I just needed a chance to collect myself. You had me quite worked up.”

She then proceeded to turn out the lights and stood in front of the window.

I was wrong. Seeing her in the moon light and the lights of Vegas shining trough her shear nightgown was probably the sexiest vision ever. She was some kind of sexy angel come to me. A vision of loveliness – my dream come true.

“Come here”, she said.

“Strip for me”, she commanded.

I don’t know why, but she seems to like my body. So now, with the lights of Vegas shining on me, she gets to see me as I strip off my clothes while I just see her silhouette. It was readily apparent to her that I was hard.

“Kiss me.”

I went to her, and at first gently, kissed her. It wasn’t long before our kiss was incredibly passionate. I pressed her body against the glass. 

“How does it feel knowing that everyone on the strip can see your amazing ass?”

She looked at me, and realized what I meant. With her ass pressed against the glass, it wasn’t impossible for someone to look up at our window and see her ass.

She then kissed me with even more passion. 

“Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

I looked at her after she said that, and fell to my knees, parted her nightgown, and began to tongue fuck her. I sucked her clit, and finger fucked her. Pressed against the glass, she had her first orgasm since we’ve arrived at Vegas. I could feel all the frustration flow out of her… just like the cum that flowed out of her now.

“Sit on the couch”, she demanded.

I sat down, and my sexy angel kneeled between my knees and began to lick and suck my cock like she’s never done before. It wasn’t long before I was getting ready to cum. 

She knew this and stopped. She stood up and backed away a little, and then removed her nightgown. She caressed herself a little. Played with her breasts. Played with her clit. She then came back to me and sat on me. She started to slowly fuck me. At first we kissed. I love it when we kiss like this. It’s never better than when she’s fucking me like this and we’re kissing. She then tilts her head back, and I start to suck her nipples. After a little bit, she gets up off of me, turns around facing Vegas, and starts to fuck me again.

She was fucking me like an animal. The couch was creaking and groaning because of what she was doing. I did the best I could to play with her clit as she rode me hard and fast. But she wouldn’t let me cum. She stopped again, stood up, and told me to lie down on the ground with my head towards the window.

At first, I thought she was going to ride my cock again, but instead, she sat on my face and fucked it with her dripping-wet cunt. I sucked her clit as she rode my face. She was incredibly noisy as she ground her cunt into my face. She slowed down long enough to hand me a toy. I took her toy and inserted it into her cunt as I continued to suck her swollen clit. I also took the opportunity to get my finger coated with her juices and inserted it into her ass. It didn’t take long.

“Yes….yes… Fuck…. Fuck…I’m cumming…”

Her body was racked with an incredible orgasm and my face became completely coated with her juices. After a minute, she got up off me. But instead of sitting or lying down on the bed, she just put herself on her hands and knees, looked at me, and with a lusty, desperate voice said,

“Fuck me.”

As she faced Vegas I took her ass, and licked her from her clit to her ass. I licked up all the juices she had released. I licked her cunt. I licked the space between her holes and I licked her ass. She was already set for another round.

I proceeded to tease her some more as I moved my cock all over her cunt and ass.

“Just fuck me already. I need you to fuck me. I need to cum while you fuck me.”

I inserted my cock into her cunt, and kept it there. I pulled her hair and whispered into her ear, “This is what you wanted. To be fucked in front of an open window. Think of all the people down there walking, gambling, fucking. Think of all the people you can see down there as we fuck. As you cum. Is it what you expected?”

“That and so much more. Now fuck me!!”

And that I did. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. She placed her hands on the window and pushed back. Matching me stroke for stroke. I’ve never been so deep into her. With all the screams that were coming from her, I’m surprised no one came to make sure we were ok.

And this time, we both came. I flooded her cunt with my juices (finally), and her cunt clamped down on my cock as we came. After awhile, we just lay down in front of the window. Laying next to each her, I looked at her bathed in the lights of Vegas.

I kissed her and said, “I love you.” 

And she responded, “and I you.”

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