Batman and Catwoman the day after

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Batman's dreams came true last night, he nailed Catwoman, will it continue

Hey all this is Joe and this is the continuation of my hookup with Alexis, one of my coworkers and the fuel for more mastubation sessions than I can count in the last few months.

I was having the most wonderful dream, last night I had gone to a costume party dressed as Batman while the woman of all may fantasies was dressed as Catwoman. Somehow in the dream we ended up leaving together and in the car she had sucked my cock till I filled her mouth with my hot cum. Once back at my place I had eaten her to a couple of orgasms and then got her on her knees and giver her a hard and fast fuck from behind while she screamed at me to fuck her like a whore. Now in the dream I'm getting some of the best head of my life, someone is not just sucking my cock they are making love to it. I slowly start to come out of my sleepy haze and realize this isn't a dream after all and as my eyes focus I'm looking right into the big blue eyes of Alexis. Seeing me looking into her eyes she pulls her hot mouth off my cock and quickly straddles me sliding her hot pussy down over my rock hard cock. As soon as she has the whole length of me buried deep inside her we both let out a moan. She slowly starts to grind herself on me as I reach up catching her nipples between my finger and play with them pinching them lightly as we just stare into each others eyes. I love the way her pussy feels wrapped around my cock anmost like we were made to fit together, I open my mouth to say something and she quicly puts a finger to my lips silencing me.  So we continue to stare into each others eyes as this slow sensual lovemaking drivers her up the wall and she moans out as she cums all over my cock, never taking her eyes from mine. As I enjoy the sensations of her milking me I can't help but think I know what I see in her eyes, she's in love with me and I'm even happier at the thought cause I've been falling for her for a while now. Somehow I've managed to not cum and she's been riding me for a good 20 minutes now but hey I'm not Superman only Batman and I can feel the tension starting to rise in me. Still looking into my eyes she lowers her mouth to mine and thrusts her tongue into my mouth as she starts to moan and is taken over by another orgasm. Feeling her tongue against mine and her pussy contracting against my cock sends me over the edge and I shoot off, my cum spashing deep inside her. Sitting back up with me still inside her she looks at me and says I think I'm falling in love with you already. Before I could respond she jumped of the bed and headed to the bathroom, srambling to get up she's already in the shower by the time I get there. Pulling the door to the oversized stall open I look in and ask if there's room for me in here too, instead of getting an answer I get pulled in under th e hot spray of the water. I quickly take Alexis into my arms and pull her into a hot passion filled kiss reaching around and grabbing her hot ass pulling her into me. Breaking the kiss I look into her eyes and ask why she jumped out of bed so quickly, she said she was sorry and that it just slipped out. Holding her in my arms I kissed her again and pulled back telling her it's ok because I've been falling for her for quite some time. Grabbing the soap I wash her back taking extra time to massage her wonderful ass even going so far as to slip a finger down and massage her anus. Turning her around I wash the front, paying careful attention to those hard nipples sticking out at me. After making sure they are completely clean I suck them into my mouth one ofter the other nibbling with my teeth. Moving lover I wash her pussy thorougly, slipping my finger between her lips and rubbing on her clit, satisfied that she 's clean I get on my knees and bury my face into her succulent pussy. Still having soap on my hands I let my hand wanted till I'm pressing against her ass with a finger, just playing with the entrance. My tongue is going crazy as I eat her out, into the honeypot between her lips and over her clit. I can hear hear breathing getting heavier and she's now pushing my head petween her legs. Just when I think she's on the verge I slide my finger into her ass and she screams out in orgasm and her whole body shakes. It's a good thing I'm holding her, as her knees buckled form the intense waves of pleasure as she came hard. Staning back up she pushed me back against the wall and her lips attacked mine once again as we shared another passion filled kiss. Feeling the water start to cool I tell her hurry and wash me before the water is freezing cold, she quickly washes me and we jumo out of the shower toweling each other off. Walking naked out to the kitchen I thank god I set the coffee pot up the night before and I have a fresh hot pot all waiting. Alexis walks right into the kitchen and takes over finding all the stuff to make pancakes telling me to sit down she's got to feed her man now. I sit at the table smiling as she whips up a batch of pancakes and plops them on the table in front of me complete with butter and syrup. Noticing she has made none for herself I ask what she's going to eat, looking at me with a sly grin she sinks to her knees and takes my cock into ther hot mouth again. All the while I'm trying to eat my pancakes I'm getting blown better than I have ever been in my life god did this woman know how to hit all my buttons. I quickly gobble up the pancakes and slid back from her sucking mouth before I could blow. She stands up and asks me if I have any lube, I quicly answer sure in the drawer beside the bed. She walks of to the bedroom and comes back a minute later with a gleam in her eyes and the tube of lube. Without saying anything she bends over the table, her beatiful ass staring straight at me. Looking back she asks what I'm waiting for, I say what do you want me to do? She looks back at me and says I want your cock where your finger was when you made me cum so hard I'm still shivering thinking about it. With that I popped open the lube and coated a couple of fingers in it as well as squeezing some right onto her rosebud ansking are you sure? She says yes I am sure you may not be my first but you will be the first to have me there, so without any further waiting I start to work a finger into her ass feeling her muscles contracting around it as I slowly work it in and out. Once that on is sliding pretty fairly I start to work a secind finger in, I can her her moans and grunts as I push my secind finger past her muscles and work them in and out as she starts to relax. Feeling like she ready I lube up my cock with plenty of lube, this being her first time I don't want to hurt her and hate me or this new experience. Pulling my fingers out I get up behind her and just rest my cock against her rosebud and ask one more time if she's sure about this? Yes the way I came when you pushed your finger in there was unreal and I want to feel all of you in my ass. I start to push until the head pops in and I feel her muscles grip me immediatly, Relax I tell her if this is going to work you need to relax. Please just go slow I feel so full she says to me, so to relax her a little more I reach around and start rubbing her clit while moving ever so slowly in and out just a little at a time. I feel her hand on mine as I rub her clit and before I know it I'm all the way in her ass and ask her how it feels. She tells me she feels stuffed and that she loike the weird feeling of my cock in her ass. I start to slowly pull out and push back in lettineg her get used to the feeling as I grab her hips in my hands and she takes over rubbing herself. Taking long deep and slow strokes she's quickly coming and i can feel her ass contract aroud my cock as she does. Alexis now starts moaning fuck me fuck my ass, oh yeah like that baby fuck me, come on harder oh fuck me. I pick up the pace and start to really give it to her when I notice shes now pushing pash at me as I thrust into her. She's still urging me on come on stud fuck my ass, come on harder and faster, fuck me baby, fuck me like the slut I am. With that she starts screaming as she cums her body shaking and I con no longer control my self pounding into her hot ass till I can't handle it and the cum races from my cock and I grunt as I fill her ass with cum. Oh yes this relationship is going to have real possibilities.........