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Batman Meets Catgirl

Catwoman was tied up on the bed, what would Batman do next?
Hi all my name is Joe and this is the story about how Alexis and I first hooked up at a Halloween costume party last year. Ever since the first day she started working at the telemarketing firm I was at, I looked at her as the object of all my sexual desires. She would walk past my cube and I would start to stiffen with sexual excitement, and if I didn't know better she was feeling the same way. We were always flirting and bantering when we had our breaks, looking back it must have been fate the we had the same break and lunch schedule. After a while we would always sit in the caf and have lunch together, just sitting across the table from her I would get hard as a rock while talking to her and looking into her beautiful blue eyes. It was a Friday on the way out and she asked what I was going to the Halloween party as, I just looked into her eyes and told her I would be her favorite superhero. Saturday afternoon came and I was picking up my costume, I was going to be Batman this year. While I was at the store I couldn't help but seeing the catwoman costume hanging on the rack and thinking there was gonna be one hot woman wearing that vinal tonight. After picking up my costume I went to my mothers for dinner and got carried away just shooting the breeze with her, crap I was gonna be late. I raced home and changed into my costume and quicly headed out, shit I needed to stop at the store I was out of cigarettes. I got to the party about a half hour after it started and walking in it was going full swing. I walked over to the bar and got a beer and started to scan the crowd looking for Alexis, the woman of all my mastubation fantasies for the last few months. Just then Jen came running up to me all decked out in a nurses uniform, said she was going out for a smoke did I want to join her? As I hadn't seen Alexis anywhere i said sure and headed out onto the patio. I was just lighting my cigarette when I saw her with her back to me, whatever woman rented that catwoman outfit was here and she was standing about 20 feet away with her back to me. Jen and i stood there talking and smoking and then it happened catwoman turned around and I nearly came in my pants it was Alexis. She came over to where we were and I couldn't help stare at her cleavage as we finished our cigarettes and I had to tell her she looked incredible. On the way back in I watched her ass sway inside that vinal suit and drained my beer dry. We both headed to the bar for another drink, I got a beer and she got a glass of wine than sat down at one of the tables and started talking. I can't even remember what we talked about as all I was thinking was about how hard my cock was and how I was going to get this goddess into my bed. She snapped me out of the daze when she asked me to dance and I had to ask what she said, she just got up grabbed my by the hand and led me out onto the dance floor. I was in a daze watching her as we rocked along to AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long, when that song ended a slow number came on and she just melted into my arms as we swayed to Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Close My Eyes. I know she could feel my hardness rubbing against her as we danced and then it happened, she looked into my eyes and I put my lips to hers pressing my tongue into her mouth. We kissed until the sone ended and then we both stared at each other breathless, looking into your eyes I asked you if you wanted to get out of there and with no hesistation you took my hand. Heading out to my car you turned to me and threw yourself on me kissing me with so much hunger it shocked me. I break away and tell you if you keep it up I'm gonna take you right on the hood of the car, jumping into the car you look right into my eyes and tell me to take you home and fuck you like a whore tonight. I put the car in drive and can't get home fast enough now, a couple of minutes in to the 15 minute drive I feel your hand storking my cock through the tights of my costume. Looking at me with a gleam in your eye you pull my cock out and lean over taking the head in your mouth. I moan as I feel your lips and tongue caressing my cock as you suck on me, taking me deeper and deeper into you hot mouth. Having my fantasies about you now coming true I can't hold out any longer and I warn you I'm gonna cum, in response you start to bob your head faster and suck me harder. I quickly pull the car over and with a grunt I let loose into your mouth as you greedily suck the cum from me. Sitting back up you look at me and licking your lips you tell me that was tasty. After pulling away from the side of the road we're at my place in no time at all, I'm so excited by the thought of what's to come I can't get us inside fast enough. We race into the bedroom peeling off the costumes as we go, I look at you and say leave the mask on. You look at me saying oh yeah and what it Batman gonna do with Catwoman now that he's caugt her. Both of us now naked I push you onto the bed and lay you out spread eagle I fasten the restraints you your arms and legs. Looking at you I simply say Batman is going to eat the Catwoman now and I dive between your legs and push my tongue into your already wet pussy and start eating you like a starving man. In less than a minute your moaning and thrashing on the bed as I eat you to your first orgasm of the night. Not being one to have patience I keep my tongue lashing over your clit as I slide a finger into you and you quickly climb towards orgasm again. After you have come down from that one I undo the restraints and flip you over onto you hands an knees and get up behind you. I tease you sliding the head of my cock between your lips just sliding up and down. Please you ask, I ask you what you want and you shout at me fuck me now you bastard, fuck me like the whore I am. Without any further prompting I slam myself all the way in in one stroke and start to fuck you deep and hard. You slam yourself back onto me fucking me like an aniaml out of control and I'm loving the way your hot wet pussy grips me as I hammer into you. Really getting into it I reach up and quickly spank your ass while I fuck you with wild abaondon. All of a sudden when I bring my hand down onto your ass again you set off into orgasm yealling and screaming for me to fuck you. Feeling your pussy contracting around my cock sets me off as well and I pump you full of hot cum. Exhausted I crawl up the bed beside you and you lean into me kissing me, I fell asleep thinking this is the strt of something wonderful
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