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Beach Clean Up

Jake is sucked into cleaning up the beach, finds a hotty to suck him off and fuck
Fucking flake, Jake thought, but the sentiment lacked heat. He knew he should be mad at his sister for conning him into this and then blithely skipping out. Really, he should be pissed beyond all get out for letting his sister rope him into wasting his free Sunday volunteering to clean up the beach. Not that volunteering was a bad thing, Jake thought. But volunteering was for tree-huggers and bunny cuddlers, and, well, pussies. It was definitely not for someone like Jake. He was way too busy to be playing trash man on his day off. But he could forgive Cindy for signing him up. Hell, he could even forgive her for deciding not to show up. What he probably shouldn’t forgive her for was the fact that she didn’t think it important to let him know. Now he was the sucker cleaning up the beach with strangers. And he knew he should be mad.

But Jake just smiled. He couldn’t be mad at his sister, not really. Not when there were two very good reasons to let it go. Reason 1: Cindy had always been a flake. He could get mad and yell and ask her how she could have left him, but he knew she probably just forgot. And then there was Reason #2. Reason #2 bent over to pick up a piece of trash, her shorts pulled tight across a magnificent ass, riding up high and tight. Jake nearly had a heart attack. She stood up, brushed her honey hair out of her face and looked up at the sun. Jake had watched that ass bend over repeatedly over the last past half hour, and silently thanked Cindy, where ever she might be, for bullying him into this. He had also previously noticed (rather briefly) her strong muscular legs, toned arms, and a tee shirt that hugged her pert little breasts. All that skin beautifully bronzed. But all was forgotten as soon as she bent over to pick some more litter off the beach. Her shorts stretched tight across that ass, rode up and gave a hint of cheek and Jake felt the overwhelming desire to get on his knees and thank God, as well as all the filthy pigs that were too lazy to clean up after themselves.

Jesus, it was fucking hot. Jake striped off his shirt, grinning as he imagined Cindy, smirking at his obvious display of “over-sexed He-man attitude.” All thoughts of Cindy evaporated as the girl pulled off her shirt. Under the tee had been the tiniest bikini top Jake had seen. It consisted of two tiny triangles held together by bits of string that barely kept her descent. The girl dropped her shirt in the sand and drank deeply from her bottled water, her head back, throat swallowing. Her body tan and glistening in the sun. When she capped the water and bent over to pick up her shirt, Jake fell in love.

“Hey” Jake called out, as the girl with that wonderful ass started to walk away.

She turned, saw him and smiled, “hello.”Her voice was soft and polite. It was like a whisper on the wind as the waves pounded the surf. Jake approached her, took in her dark shades that covered her eyes, her skin was beautiful. So soft looking, with full apple cheeks, soft pink lips, shiny with gloss and a bright smile.

“Hi, my name is Jake.”Idiot, Jake thought. Could he not come up with something slightly more brilliant than just his name? It was that ass, that ass had jumbled his brain, and the sun had fried what was left. But the girl didn’t seem to mind.

“Hi Jake, I’m Becca.”Jake fell beside Becca and they slowly made their way down the beach picking up refuse. It didn’t take long for them to fall far behind the rest of the clean-up crew and Jake eyed the pier as they approached it.

“How about we take a seat in the shade?” Jake suggested. Becca agreed readily. The shade was cool, the sand damp under their feet. They walked under the shade of the pier until the sand was soft, cool and dry. Becca sat facing the waves and Jake sat beside her. In the shade, the breeze blowing in from the ocean seemed cooler, and Beccca’s nipples showed clearly through her top. Jake found his hand moving to her back of its own volition, and it landed just below the ties of her bikini. Her skin was warm and smooth. Becca glanced up at Jake and he smiled down at her. When she smiled back he leaned in and kissed her. Becca leaned into the kiss, her breasts pressed against Jake’s chest. Jake pulled her closer and rubbed his hands up her back, under the strings holding her top together. His hands continued their exploration of her back, rubbing up along her shoulders and down to the waist of her shorts. His fingers skimmed the waist band, dipped down and grabbed her ass. Becca moaned, and Jake deepened the kiss, his hands firm on her rear, pulling her into feel his cock as it came to life. His hands moved across her back, along her sides to under her breasts. Teasing fingers traced along under the strings beneath her breasts. Jake’s mouth moved down along her jaw line, licking and sucking down her neck and across her collarbone.

Becca writhed and moaned, arching into Jake’s touch. She turned and sat in Jake’s lap, and Jake slipped the scraps of cloth off her breasts, revealing her hard nipples. He licked down the slope of her right breast, circling her areola before sucking her nipple. His hand palmed her other breast, took her beaded nipple between his fingers, rolling it and softly pinching it. Becca held his head to her breasts, moaning as the sensations he created rolled over her. Her vagina ached for him to fill it, and when his hand moved from her breast, Becca cried out at the loss.

His hands skimmed down her sides to the waistband of her shorts, quickly undoing the snap and yanking down the zipper. And then his fingers were reaching down in her bikini bottoms, parting her lips and stroking her clit. Becca’s hands grasped his broad shoulders, holding on as she rocked against his hands, moaning and grinding against him. Jake gritted his teeth. He was so hard, and dying to get inside. Craved her tightness gripped tight around him. But first, first he needed to watch her come. His thumb rubbed her clit as he slipped a finger inside. She was wet, god so wet. And her beautiful breasts, not quite a handful, sitting up high and proud, with her hard nipples jutting out at him as she arched her back. Jake licked her nipple and she moaned. He took her breast in his mouth and sucked hard, his tongue flicking her nipple as his thumb continued rubbing her clit, his finger fucking her slick pussy. She was moaning and tossing her head, so close. Jake added a second finger and began to fuck her with his fingers in earnest, pumping into her hard, his tongue circling her nipple, sucking it roughly, and Becca started to come. She threw her head back, crying out as she ground down against Jake’s hand. She slumped against him, her head nestled on his shoulder and the intimacy sent little flames of fear skittering down Jake’s spine.

Becca looked up at Jake, her eyes glazed over from her orgasm. She licked her lips and Jake forgot his fear. He bent and kissed Becca hard, his fingers still buried in her pussy. Becca moaned and rocked into Jake. Jake broke the kiss and pulled his hand from her shorts, forcing his fingers into her mouth. Becca sucked the remnants of her orgasm from Jake’s fingers as she rocked against his cock,

“Becca,” he whispered against her ear, “I need to feel those beautiful lips wrapped around my dick.”

Becca leaned back, looking Jake in the eye before smiling that sweet smile of hers and shimmying down his body until she kneeled in front of him. Her deft little fingers undid the buttons on his pants. His cock sprung free and Becca giggled nervously. He was big, really big, and she wasn’t sure she was up for swallowing all that cock.

Jake raised an eyebrow. “See anything you like?” he asked with a cocky grin.

Becca laughed, and nodded, bending down to lick his dick. Her hand grasped him at the base as her tongue licked up the length of him, circling his crown then taking his mushroom head into her mouth. Her tongue licked his cleft, her mouth sucking on his fat cock and Jake groaned. His fingers thrust through her hair, grabbing her head and rocking into her face as Becca sucked on his cock. Jake watched Becca slurping on his cock, her mouth strained wide to fit around his dick and her back arched, her ass thrust up in the air. Jake reached down and caressed Becca’s breast, pinching her nipple. Becca moaned and sucked on Jake’s cock harder, trying to take more of him in her mouth. Jake kept playing with Becca’s breasts, pulling and pinching on her nipples and Becca responded by bucking her hips, moaning in ecstasy as he felt the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat.

Jake grabbed Becca’s hair roughly and pulled her off his cock. “Turn around,” he commanded, and Becca quickly turned, presenting her ass to him. He pulled her up so that her back was pressed against his chest, both of them still on their knees. Jake brushed her nipples and Becca moaned, her face turned to his, begging to be kissed. He kissed her fiercely, then shoved her shorts and bikini bottoms down to her knees. His cock surged between her ass and Jake pushed Becca down to all fours before he seized Becca’s hips and thrust into her, his hips grinding into her ass. Her pussy was tight and wet, and Jake groaned, sure he was in heaven. He pulled out slowly, reveling in the way her lips clung to his cock, unwilling to let it go. He paused with just the head of his cock sitting at her entrance.

Becca moaned, “please.” Her hips tried to push back, to force him to fuck her, but Jake held her back.

“Rub your clit.” He ordered, and Becca quickly complied, her head laid on her forearm while her other hand reached down and spread her come around her lips, brushing the sides of Jake’s cock before rubbing her slickness across her clit. Jake shoved back inside her and began to pound into Becca’s tight little cunt like a man possessed. Becca quickly began to come and Jake followed, groaning in satisfaction as he emptied his seed into her. Jake closed his eyes, his body limp, hands resting on Becca’s smooth cheeks. He listened to their harsh breathing, his heart slowing back down, the rough pounding of the waves on the beach mimicking what he had just done to Becca. With a sigh Jake pulled out of Becca.

She turned and smiled at him, “Happy Earth day Jake.”

Jake smiled back, “Happy Earth day.”

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