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Beach romp.

two lovers haveing a adventure on a secluded beach while being watched
  Today I thought about how wonderful it would be to be in Puerto Rico, walking along my favorite beach beside you, hand in hand, watching the beautiful sunset on the horizon, just you and I, listening to the waves roll in.

   My intentions are to find this certain hidden cove I’ve known of, and take you there as a surprise. You will have no idea why I am making you walk so far, but as we reach the edge of the cliffs, you will see how the beach continues on, further and further, to a farther distance than it first appeared to either of us.

   I will continue to lead you, by the hand, to this secret cove of mine, nestled between two huge cliffs, so secluded that you and I are the only ones who know of it. I will bring you here to fulfill one of my pleasant fantasies, a fantasy I have only pictured with you. You will then turn towards me, pulling me near and whispering in my ear, asking me the perfect question. “Did you bring me here to turn your fantasy of making love outdoors in the moonlight into reality?”I look into your eyes and with a gentle smile I reply, “Yes, my love.”

  As you pull me closer in a tight embrace, you begin to kiss me. So deeply that as your hands begin to wander all over my voluptuous body, I drop my tote bag. You look down and realize I’ve come prepared for the evening of moonlight fun. As you let me go, you spread out the sheet I have brought with me. It is then your wandering eyes meet mine as you tell me, “You are wearing too much.”

   I reply with a lustful gaze and begin to slowly escape each article of clothing. I do this all for you. I toss the only barrier between myself and the moonlight on you teasingly, you laugh and move forward, grabbing my thighs and pulling my hot, wet cunt to your mouth. As a moan escapes your lips, a shiver runs throughout my body. Oh my love, you know all the things to do to me to make me love you so.

   You see that I am losing my stance, so you pull me down on the sheet beside you, quickly stripping off every piece of clothing separating you from me. You begin to stroke me teasingly with your stiff rod when you realize I can wait no longer. You slip deep inside me, in one full thrust, I meet you halfway grinding my hips to yours.

  “Oh my love!” I scream. “Yes, baby! Yes! Make me cum for you, I want us to cum together.” As you lift my legs to your shoulders, you dive inside me with persistent lust and our pleasurable noises combine together. Oh, my lover. I begin to cry with ecstasy, for your love is making me feel so desirable and wanted. You look down at me, and reveal your wish to cum inside me to plant your seed. Soon, we have both lost ourselves in the passion of the moment. As we cum together, you collapse on top of me. Spent and exhausted, we kiss one another gently until we have both fallen asleep with our bodies intertwined. We feel the high tide wash up on our feet and wake in a scare to see that we are no longer alone on the beach. There are fishermen enjoying the view of us! You scramble to cover my naked body from the onlookers as we rush to dress and leave. You pull me close to you as my big protector. We run away laughing, as we come to a halt, you tell me that you have just had one of your fantasies fulfilled, to be watched with a woman.

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