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Bedtime Routine

A little playtime before bed
"Let's go to the bedroom," I say as I rise from the couch.

"For what? We're watching TV out here!" He looks puzzled but turns off the TV and joins me.

He quickly readies for bed, stripping down to his undershirt and lying down. I take my time, stripping slowly as I bounce around the room. "Undo my bra please?" I ask lowering my body in front of him.

"Of course, babe," he replies with a smile.

He knows the game I'm playing all too well. Asking him to assist me in getting naked is just a way to get his hands on my body. He struggles for a moment before he unhooks the bra and swiftly wraps his arms around me, squeezing my breasts. He moans. "Your tits are perfect," he says, while planting tiny wet kisses down my back.

He spins me around, placing more kisses on and around my nipple before completely taking it into his mouth. My nipples harden and I moan as I feel his teeth lightly pinching them. His other hand is busy tugging eagerly at my panties. He looks down and sees the playful words splayed across the front "Too Much Fun". He laughs and smiles slyly while standing up.

He places himself behind me and bends me over the side of the bed. He laughs again, this time at the back of my panties that read "Smack That". He playfully snacks my ass.

"Harder." I moan, enjoying being toyed with. He smacks my ass again, much harder than before, making me shriek and moan at the same time. He roughly removes my panties. "Turn around and suck this dick!" he growls. He stands in front of me as I lie on our bed naked.

I turn over onto my stomach making myself eye level with his big, thick erection. I wrap my hand around his dick and he smacks it. "No hands, baby. Use your mouth," he commands.

I wrap my lips around the head salivating to make it wet and sloppy just how he likes it. I start slow making him harder and harder until I know he can't handle being toyed with any longer. I quickly take his shaft into my mouth, sucking it as hard as I can.

"Fuck! That feels so good! Keep going, baby!" he exclaims.

I take him deeper into my mouth, relaxing my throat until his balls are touching my chin. I can feel him trying to thrust, a sign that he is going to cum soon, and I quickly remove my lips from his dick. He moans in exasperation. "Why'd you stop?!" he shouts.

"I want you to fuck me," I reply teasingly as I spread my legs.

He grabs my ankle and roughly pulls me towards his dick, making me even wetter than I was before. He slams his dick deep into my pussy as he picks me up off of the bed. I grip his back as he starts to thrust deeper into me, bouncing me on his dick as he does so.

We both start to moan uncontrollably, gripping each other's bodies as we sloppily kiss. My breasts bounce in his face as he continues to pound me deeper and deeper. I can't help but scream as I feel him inside me. He abruptly pulls out and sets me down, smacking my ass as he pushes me against the bedroom door and slides his fingers into my pussy.

I gasp, holding in my screams of ecstasy. "You better stop making all that noise before the neighbors hear you," he growls into my ear.

"I can't help it. Your dick feels sooo good inside me," I moan.

He continues to finger fuck me and lowers himself to face my pussy. He plants light kisses onto my clit as he slides another finger into me. I wriggle, trying to pull away from him.

"Stay still!" he demands as he begins to suck and lick my clit.

"I can't! I'm gonna cum," I scream.

I can feel my pussy squeezing around his fingers and he speeds up his pace to make me cum harder. "Cum in my mouth. I wanna taste your sweet pussy," he says while licking click furiously.

I explode onto his tongue screaming, "Oh fuck! It feels so good!"

He licks every last drop until my pussy is dry. I slump to the ground, my pussy still throbbing and ready for round two.

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