Before It Became Fashionable

By woodshaved

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First visit to nudist beach resulted in first time shaving pubes.
My first experience with shaving my pubic area was started more out of necessity than for the reasons I do it now. I was twenty years old, my girlfriend Amy and I had just returned from my first nudist experience at “Black’s Beach” near San Diego, and had to wait a couple of hours to shower off the sand and salt. I learned from my neighbor the reason for the wait was due to a water-main break near my house.

The build-up of sand/salt in my pubic area was so itchy it was driving me nuts (pun intended). I couldn’t stand it another minute, so at the suggestion of Amy I began to trim my pubic hair as short as I could with scissors. That helped, but I still itched, so I applied as much baby oil as I could without dripping all over the floor. The baby oil really helped a lot, but Amy suggested I just shave it all off since I’d already trimmed it so short, and she really wanted to see what it looked like.

Amy was very logical and made a lot of sense, so I grabbed a disposable razor and with the help of the baby oil as a lubricant, I started slowly, carefully shaving. The closer I got to my balls and base of my shaft, the more deliberate I got, and the more aroused I became.

The arousal seemed to actually help with the safety factor since the skin was now tighter and less likely to be snagged or nicked by the blade. Upon completion, we were both very aroused…me by the feeling and relief from the sandy itch, and my girlfriend by the new view of my smooth pubic area. This available erection could not be wasted so we immediately had some great sex right there in the kitchen.

We started by Amy sitting on a chair to get a closeup view and inspect my first attempt at shaving. She commented how well I shaved with only a couple missed spots and just one small nick. Since she already had me in her hand for the inspection, she began slowly stroking my now fully swollen cock.

Once I was hard enough to be 'functional', she stood up, turned around and bent over the dining table and reaching around to guide me into her wet pussy. The view I had of my newly shaved smooth cock slowly sliding between her lips was at first startling to me, but as the wet warmth of her tight pussy engulfed my cock I began to forget all about the shaving experience and focus instead on driving Amy toward her first orgasm of the day.

Of course we didn't stop there, we moved into the living room to continue on the floor until my neighbor knocked on the door to tell us that the water was back on. As soon as I closed the door, we both ran to the shower to rinse, soap, repeat, and continue our lovemaking.

Once the sex was over, and we had recovered, my girlfriend asked me to shave her. How could I refuse? Of course our arousal started again during her shave, so we had our first smooth on smooth sex experience.

We were both hooked from that point forward, and I’ve been shaving ever since. I’ll close out by saying that our next visit to the nude beach was greeted by a lot of stares…more looking at me than her because by this time it women had started trimming and shaving for a few years, but men had not.

By the end of the day we counted zero shaved men other than me. For those that haven't tried it, don't worry, it will grow back...but I will add that the sex is better!...especially oral....YUM!