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Being a University Student - Part 1

A university experience!

My name is Aaron and some of the best times of my life were at university.

It was a standard week day student night, so myself and my friends decided to go out for a few drinks to celebrate one of my friends belated birthdays. Around 7pm, I got ready into my slickest clothes. Keeping it simple I wore some skinny fit jeans, a long sleeve top, a grey slim blazer, and some dark brown boat shoes. To top my look off, I put on my designer watch and sprayed some Paco Robanne One Million, and headed over to my friends flat (Andy).

I reached Andy’s flat and greeted him, soon realising that the rest of my friends were already here. Making my way around the room, shaking the guys’ hands and hugging the girls, I finally made it to the kitchen where I poured myself a fair sized shot of Grey Goose vodka with a mixer of coke. After pouring, I made my way back into the lounge and found that I was stunned. Standing on the opposite side of the room to me was possibly one of the most beautiful girls my eyes have experienced. It took me a while to take in the beauty. However, the girl was not your standard beautiful girl. She was not the girl who every guy would turn to his mate and say, “Shit she was fit”. She was one of those girls, who if she walked past you, your jaw would drop and you would turn to your friend and say, “Wow, she was beautiful!” From afar I saw that she had dark brown hair, olive skin and a figure of a goddess. Her chest was average sized but fitted her nicely, a slim stomach, slightly wider hips with legs that seemed to go on forever. What I didn’t notice straight away is that she had the perfect behind to go with it. So in my eyes, the perfect girl.

I socialised with everyone for a while, pouring myself a few more drinks, while turning around every now again to stare in awe at this lady. The next time I turned around, I caught her eye. At first it felt as if I had frozen on the spot, but the moment that she smiled at me, I felt at ease and as if everything was ok. I smiled back and turned back to my friends. I stared into space in front of me and felt confused. A girl had never given me a feeling like this before.

After a few minutes I got up and walked over towards her with my drink in my hand and neatening out my top with my other. As I approached her she realised I was walking over and seemed to be happy. It was most probably because her friend has just gone off and left her by herself.

“Hey I’m Aaron, a friend of Andy’s.”

“Hey Aaron, I’m Sophia. I don’t really know Andy but I came with Kelly. Do you know her?”

I didn’t immediately take in what Sophia was saying as I seemed to be mesmerized. Against her olive skin lay her bright green eyes. I couldn’t stop staring. With her olive skin, her green eyes looked amazing. If you hadn’t guessed by now, I have a thing for a girl with nice eyes.

“Ah yeah I know Kelly, I went to school with her for most of my life. Can’t say a bad thing about her.”

Sophia smiled her gorgeous smile and said, “Yeh she’s amazing. I’m surprised I haven’t met you before, I’ve known her for a very long time too.”

“True, sounds like we have both been missing out ha.”

Sophia laughed in return and I added, “Ah looks like everyone is getting ready to go to the bar. You’re joining us for the rest of the night aren’t you?”

Sophia smiled and said, “Of course” as I handed her coat over to her and went over to get mine.

The walk into town was around twenty minutes long. It didn’t feel long enough to me, as I didn’t get longer to focus on the beautiful goddess in front of me. Shortly we arrived at a bar we regularly start our nights out at. Walking in, I straight away recognised people I knew and waved hello. I was quite a well known guy around our town.

Soon I made my way over to the bar. Without realising, Sophia was stood right next to me. She elbowed me in the side and asked why I was ignoring her. I laughed and replied, “Ah shit sorry, I was too busy concentrating on what I want to drink. What you having?”

Sophia paused to think and said she was going to get a glass of rose wine. Without giving her a chance to say no, I got the barmaid’s attention and ordered her drink for her and ordered myself a beer. Money wasn’t an issue to me that night, I had got paid, and I was out to have a very good time.

Sophia thanked me with a gentle smile and motioned me to go sit next to her.

After many beers on my behalf and many glasses of wine for Sophia, conversation was flowing very easily. I had found out she was studying Art at a university in London and that she had recently come out of a relationship.

None of us had realised that we had spent such a long time at this pub. The original plan was to go somewhere else before we hit the club but that was scrapped. We decided to head straight over to the club which was only five minutes away.

Tonight was the busiest night of the club usually, but the appearance of a guest DJ made it ten times busier. Luckily, the guest DJ was an old friend of mine (Jamie). I walked up to the front door and explained the situation to the bouncer. Five minutes later, Jamie walked out and greeted me with a manly hug.

“How you doing mate!? Been a fucking long time brother!”

I laughed as he hugged me, “All good man, all good! Couldn’t do me a favour could you, and get these lot in tonight. No way are they queuing in that!” we both looked over to the queue which was at least an hour wait to get in.

Jamie stared at me harsh and said, “Of course, don’t ask again. Think i’m gonna make you wait outside? Nob.”

With that comment, we all walked in, put our coats away and followed Jamie. To my surprise there was a second queue to get into the club too, but luckily we walked straight past that too.

The music was pretty loud and Jamie turned and said to me, “Mate, I got two VIP booths booked for tonight but obviously I don’t need them as I’m on the decks. Take ‘em.” He passed me over two cards and told me to listen out for him at around midnight for his set.

I kept one of the cards and gave the other to one of Andy’s mates. I pulled Andy over, “Andy…split the group into half. But just make sure me, you, Sophia and Kelly are all on the same table.” Andy just looked at me and winked, he knew my plan.

The club was getting busier and busier by the minute. About six of us sitting in the VIP booth just relaxing and talking. Everyone had a drink and was beginning to feel the affects. Suddenly, the good music dropped. The DJ was playing ‘Like a G6’. I had to go and dance. I asked Andy if he wanted to go but he told me to stop being an idiot. The only person left to ask was Sophia. She seemed to be enjoying the track, bobbing her head to the music. Before I knew it, Sophia was asking me if I wanted to go dance. I agreed and she took my hand and led me to the dance floor. Initially the dancing was a little pathetic to be honest, but it gradually got better and we both gradually got closer and closer together. Her legs would brush against mine a few times but I just took it as an accident as I didn’t think she would ever want to dance dirty with me. I was wrong. After she had finished her drink, Sophia dropped her glass and gently interlocked her fingers into mine. Sophia twisted her self around so she was facing away from me and started backing up. Instantly I just followed her lead and let her back on to me. Her amazing ass backing up on to me and pressing against my crotch, the feeling was…incredible. Those big soft ass cheeks rubbing against my crotch as she sensuously swayed her hips. She knew exactly what she was doing.

My free hand slid up her leg and rested just above her hip at her side. My other hand stick interlocked with hers, I move our hands across her body so my arm is across her waist and I pull her back towards me a little more. My crotch being pressed a little more by her perfect ass. My penis reacting to the friction of her behind. It all felt like a dream.

Leaning forward, my face above her right shoulder, Sophia feels my breath on her neck as she turns her head to the side to face me and just smiles. With that smile, my heart melts and it feels as if my knees go weak. I lean in a little, not sure whether to go for it or not. But Sophia made that decision for me. She leaned in and paused, and at that moment I thought she was going to walk away. But with another flash of her smile, Sophia leaned in and her soft lips touched mine. Wow! She was a good kisser, very good. Her tongue slowly sliding into my mouth and playing with mine and her sexy lips pulling on my bottom lip. Nothing else around us seemed to be moving, the music was muffled, and all I could sense was her lips kissing mine and my hands caressing her side. Sophia smiled in the middle of our passionate kiss which made us both laugh. She turned to face me and we just stared into each others eyes smiling. I put both my hands on her hips and pull her quickly towards me. Her arms rest on my chest and still all we are doing is looking into each others eyes.

For what seemed like a very long time, but was only a few minutes, we stood there in each others arms just kissing. Ideally, doing that all night would have been fine with me. But the time was midnight and Jamie was about to perform.

“I just want to say a huge shout out to one of my very very good friends, Aaron!” roared Jamie.

I looked at Sophia and just sighed, “Jamie!” I looked around and heard him start. Jamie was a very talented DJ. For the next hour and a half, we stayed on the dance floor with our friends also joining us, everyone dancing and enjoying themselves.

Soon we got tired and headed back to our seats. I let everyone go back and headed over towards the bar in the VIP section. One of the many advantages of VIP is that you get served straight away. So I ordered two bottles of Moet champagne to be sent to our table. Placing myself next to Sophia, I put my arm around her and just kissed her on the cheek softly. She appreciated this and rubbed my thigh a little. This surprised me a little, but in a positive way, I wasn’t expecting her to be so forthcoming.

Shortly, the bottles of champagne arrived and everyone was pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t told anyone I had ordered them. The first bottle was opened and I poured everyone a glass and toasted it to the good night, touching glasses with everyone on the table.

The rest of the night continued in a similar fashion to before, more flirting and kissing for Sophia and I, and more promiscuous dancing. We were becoming more comfortable around each other. Our hands reaching places where they wouldn’t dare go before, but still not too daring, considering we are still in a public place. My hands would rest on her perfect ass while I kissed the side of her neck. While her hands would sometimes run up my thigh but stop before my crotch. Nothing to explicit but more teasing.

Before I knew it, the lights came on, making everyone squint like vampires because we were so used to the dark. I took hold of Sophia’s hand and led her to the cloak room to get our coats. The members of security were ushering people out of the club whilst making sure no fights broke out at the same time. It was around 4am and the weather was bitterly cold. Sophia was shivering so I brought her close to me and just hugged her tight. Her head nestled on to my chest and her arms wrapped around me. I didn’t care how cold it was, staying like this forever would be amazing.

“Aaron, do you erm…” was all I heard from below.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered back.

Sophia looked a little worried and said, “I’m not usually like this, but with you it feels different. I’ve had such a good time tonight with you and I don’t want it to end.”

 She paused for a bit and looked up into my eyes, “Do you fancy staying the night at mine? I don’t want to be alone tonight?”

With a big smile on my face I replied, “I’d love to; I don’t want you to be alone now do I?”

Quickly following what I said I leaned down and placed a soft kiss on to her lips.

Once explaining the situation to Andy, I waved down a cab and entered with Sophia. What happened from that point on needs another story of its own…

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