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Belle's Weekend Adventure

Will Belle be able to resist the handsome stranger?
Driving up the mountain road with top down off the jeep the wind blowing through my hair as the radio blasts out so loud it can be heard over the roar of the tires against the hot pavement. The temperature topped 100 degrees today my skin shinning from the tiny beads of sweat forming on my skin and the bottom of my sundress whipping in the wind under the steering wheel. There’s a fair amount of traffic with people heading out to camp and have fun on this 4th of July weekend. I hear that song, that one song that makes me think of him. Changing the station on the radio to get my mind off being alone, I see a gas station ahead and I pull in to fill up and grab a bottle of cold water.

Climbing back into the jeep I fasten my seatbelt, I look over at the pump beside mine to see a very sexy man in his truck looking back at me. I felt my heart beat faster. He’s a little bit younger looking then I am light hair and I couldn’t see his eyes as he is wearing sunglasses. He pulls his glasses down a bit looking at me over them; I blush slightly, smile and start up the engine. Making sure the car is in first gear, still looking over at this gorgeous man in the next car I lick my lips seductively and gently let out the clutch and pull away from the gas station.

Watching in my rear view mirror to see if he’s going my way, hoping he is. I keep watching till the station is out of my sight, and nothing. Bringing my full concentration back to the road in front of me, seeing the gorgeous mountains ahead I continue my drive to the lake. I see my turn off which takes me to Big Bear Lake. I can’t wait to get to the cabin and head down and take a nice long sun bath at the lake shore. I love having a semiprivate cabin on the lake with only just a few other cabins around for miles.

Grabbing all my stuff to cabin, I can’t help but stop and take a look at the breathtaking views ahead of me. After getting all my things put away and stocking the fridge with water, beer and plenty of wine for my secluded weekend alone. I quickly change into my bathing suit, grab my towel, my sunscreen and my book and head down to the water. Finding my favorite rock, I climb up on its smooth surface and spread out my towel and I lay back letting the sun kiss my skin. It feels so good feeling the warmth of the rock beneath me and the heat beating down from the sun. Relaxing and hearing the water rustling below me is removing some of the tension I’ve been feeling. Lowering my sunglasses over my eyes, I reach over and grab my book and pick up where I last left off.

Hearing the roar of a boat drawing my attention away from my reading, glancing over I see the handsome stranger from the gas station. Turning on my side and propping my head up with one hand I watch as his boat skims over the water. Pulling behind him a skier, a man and in the boat with him was a very pretty woman and a young girl; I assume it is his wife and daughter. Watching the skier as he fell into the water, the boat came to a stop so he could swim his way back to the boat. The sexy man driving the boat looked over at me I laid back down and resumed reading my book, hoping he didn’t notice I was watching him.

After reading a few chapters of my book I noticed the boat had gone. I closed my book and got up to go see how the water felt. I was so warm from the sun. Walking my way into the water it felt so cool against my warm skin. I swam out a bit just looking around seeing a few of the other cabins out in the distance. I see a boat docked about a mile or so up the lake, I wonder if that’s my mystery man. Wanting a closer look I keep swimming in that direction. I can hear laughing and carrying on, the little girl is playing at the water’s edge building sand castles. I see him, walking towards her; I stop and float in the water just watching from a distance. The little girl sees him and shouts, “Uncle Ryan.” I quickly swim back hoping he hasn’t seen me.

Getting out of the water and back onto the warm rock I lay on my stomach. Not wanting a line across my back I reach back and undo my top and let it fall to my sides. Lying in the sun and relaxing as it dries my skin feels so good. Laying there I can’t stop thinking of him…of Ryan. The wetness forming between my legs is becoming evident by the small dark spot on my swim suit.

Waking to the warmth from the sun gone from my body I notice the sun has down. I tie up my suit and gather my stuff and head back to the cabin. I pour myself a glass of wine, turn on the radio and plop down on the couch. Trying to decide if I want to take a bath or read, I decide to do both. Taking my wine and book to the bathroom I run myself a hot bath with plenty of bubbles. Turning the light down a little I undo my top and let it fall to the floor, releasing my full breasts. Sliding down the bottoms of my suit, I step out of them and into the hot water.

Laying there in the bathtub felt so good the warmth of the water engulfing my body. My mind was relaxed and thinking of Ryan, I love knowing his name after seeing him today. Laying my head against the tub arching my back my breasts rose up and my brown hair cascading down my back. Taking my bath sponge and squeezing some wash onto it and getting a nice lather I start at my neck and work my way down my chest. Feeling my nipples start to harden as the roughness of the sponge glides across them. Thinking of his smile, his eyes turn me on so much. Imagining his lips sucking my tits and biting my nipples makes them even harder.

Working the sponge down the rest of my body my left leg resting on the edge of the tub I run the sponge on top of each leg and then up the inner thigh; brushing past my already aching pussy and around my stomach. Feeling the desire burning from deep within as my mind races with thoughts of this man I have never met wanting him, needing him, and desiring him.

Spreading my legs further apart needing to touch myself my fingers run down my slit touching my clit, feeling it grow harder in the warm water. I imagine him, his tongue licking up and down my clit and sliding in and out of my pussy, feeling my velvety softness with his tongue. I pinch and pull each nipple making them hard and throbbing moaning at how good it feels. Pinching my clit between my fingers as soft moans escape my lips; needing to feel something deep inside my pussy, I reach over and grab my razor. Sliding the handle end up and down my clit to my opening; I want to be filled with his hard throbbing cock…NOW thrusting the handle inside my pussy and sliding it in and out as my other hand massages my clit. Needing to cum so badly as I thrust the handle in and out of my pussy faster and harder, water splashing out of the tub. My leg bends to steady myself against the ledge of the tub as my orgasm builds like a volcano that’s ready to erupt. Arching my back and lifting myself slightly out of the water as I cum, squirting so hard it hits the end of the shower wall. Screaming in ecstasy as my body shakes and thrashes around the water until my orgasm subsides.

Still rubbing my clit feeling it twitch and ache; needing more, wanting more.

“Oh God, this feels so good.” I keep sliding the razor handle in and out of my pussy, turning slightly to slide it down to the crack of my ass and to my wet puckered hole. Sliding the tip in and out of my ass, so tight the bumps on the side of the razor penetrating my ass it feels amazing.

Pushing it in deeper and harder the bumps on the handle added to my pleasure driving me to the brink of another amazing orgasm, needing to flood the bathwater with my cum. Rubbing my clit feverishly and down to my already soaking pussy. Splashing all around the tub feeling it mount not being able to control my desire the razor handle fucking my ass…screaming “OMG YESSSSSSSSSSS,” as I let loose my body shuddering and convulsing. Caressing my body with my hands, my nipples very sensitive and hard not wanting to move, the water has cooled off some and its making my nipples even more stiff.

Laying there in the water my legs very shaky I reach down and let the water out of the tub. Turning on the shower feeling the hot water as it hits my body I stand and let the water cascade down my body. Leaning my head under the water as I wash my hair; the water gently caresses my body as it runs over my nipples and down my stomach. Rinsing my hair and my body I shut the water off.

Goosebumps cover my body as the night air hits my skin stepping out of the shower. Grabbing and wrapping the warm fuzzy towel around my body taking a sip of my wine. Finding my way to my bedroom in the dark I turn on the light beside the bed. I turn down the sheets and climb in discarding the towel onto the floor. Feeling the coolness of the sheets against my naked body, brushing against my still hard nipples feels so good; taking one last sip of my wine before laying down and drifting off to sleep.

I wake to a knock on the door. Grabbing my silk robe and covering up, as I walk to the door I wonder who it could possibly be. Running my hands through my hair to make sure it’s not a mess before putting my hand on the door knob and opening it just slightly, just enough so I can see who it is. Shocked and excited at the same time, it’s Ryan.

Opening the door, “Hello, my name is Ryan, I am staying in the cabin just down the lake from yours. Our power has gone out and I was wondering if you had some spare candles we could borrow.”

Feeling my heart skip a beat, this man is so handsome; I open the door fully and invite him inside. “Nice to meet you Ryan, my name is Belle, won’t you please come in.”

Leading him over to the couch…

“Please have a seat, and I will find some candles for you.” Walking over to the cabinet in the kitchen I find some candles and a lantern, you never know when you might need them up here. My mind is racing at the thought of him in my cabin. Adjusting my robe making sure it’s closed fully I glance over at him looking at his gorgeous face.

“Can I offer you something to drink Ryan?” I ask in a shy coy voice.

“Sure, I would like that. I will have whatever your having Belle.”

Walking back into the kitchen I grab two beers from the refrigerator. Popping the top off them I walk back into the front room.

“Here you go, would you like a glass?” I asked not being able to resist looking into his dark eyes.

“No, thank you this is just fine, thank you Belle,” he said in a very sweet tone of voice.

Sitting down beside him on the couch, I place the candles and lantern on the coffee table. “Here is what I found. I thought you could use the lantern as well.”

Taking a sip of his beer, he winks and says, “Thank you I’m sure it will come in handy, they are working to restore the power as we speak.”

I wonder if he knows I am the one from the gas station…Do I bring it up or wait and see if he mentions it. I can feel my breathing change each time he looks at me, the heat rising to my cheeks. This man turns me on just sitting here next to me.

Getting up to go get a few more beers, Ryan grabs my hand before I can take a step from the couch. I turn to look at him he winks his dark green eye at me. “You remember me from earlier today don’t you Belle?”

Without another word spoken Ryan pulled me back down onto the couch, my robe comes loose exposing my naked breast. Leaning over to me he kisses my bare shoulder. My head leaning to the other side loving how his lips feel against my skin; I know that I shouldn’t be doing this with him, I barely know him. But I can’t help myself it’s been so long since I’ve felt the touch of man. Wanting to feel him all over me I give into the passion that’s been building since the first time I laid eyes on this man.

His lips working their way up my neck to my ear; feeling his breath touch my flesh makes my skin tingle. Light moans escape my lips as trails his lips down my chest, untying my robe and letting it fall behind me exposing my naked body totally to him. Bring his lips to mine, soft and sweet you can almost feel the electricity flow from his lips to mine. Our tongues meet as they slide in and out of each other’s mouth. I’ve never tasted anything sweeter.

Scooping me up in his arms he carries me to the bedroom and places me on top the sheets. Still naked my legs gently fall apart as he stands beside me and slowly removing his clothing once piece at a time. First revealing his hard chiseled chest, tanned and beautiful; unbuckling his belt and letting his shorts fall to the floor taking his boxers with them. His hard cock springing free, so erect and what a lovely sight to see. He grips his shaft tightly and gives it a long slow stroke, my eyes never leaving his sexy form.

Climbing between my legs I spread them even further for him. He kisses from my ankle all the way up my leg leaving small kisses on my skin. My body is tingling and my skin on fire feeling the softness of his moist lips touching me. Kissing my inner thigh and on up I feel his tongue graze past my already wet pussy lips. Feeling him blow his warm breath sends my body into convulsions the moment his warm wet tongue invades my velvety soft opening.

Feeling the wind blowing through the window and over my body making my nipples harder than I ever thought possible; my back arching as Ryan’s skillful mouth works its magic on my pussy, his thumb pressing against my clit I can barely hold it together. Moaning so loudly as my orgasm builds with the very depths of my being. Lifting my ass up meeting his mouth, my body starts to shake, his tongue darting in and out of my pussy faster as he feels my muscles squeezing his tongue with each thrust. The waves hit their highest peak as my orgasm crashes against his tongue like water against the shoreline.

“Ooooo, that feels so good, don’t stop.”

My body still shaking his arms wrapped around my legs his mouth suctioned to my opening lapping up every drop of the nectar he’s so skillfully withdrawn from deep within my pussy. Continuing to lick and suck my clit his hand slides up my stomach taking my hard nipple into his hand and rolling between his thumb and forefinger. Feeling him kissing his way up my stomach taking time to suck and bite each nipple his hard cock pressing into my flesh like a hot hard spear. Our lips meet, tasting my sweet juices all over his mouth and tongue.

Next thing I knew he was turning me over and bringing me on all fours. Arching my back wanting to feel him deep inside me, he positions his cock head at my entrance and with one fluid motion he buries his hard rod of steel in my wet tight pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck me, deep and hard. Mmm, that feels so good.”

Grabbing my hips and pounding my sex like a wild man. Raw animal passion banging his balls against me with each powerful thrust; holding it hard and then pulling out and thrusting hard back inside me. Jarring my entire body making me need it more and harder;

“Do you like it like this Belle? Tell me what you want.”

“I want to cum; I need to cum, DON’T STOP FUCKING ME.” My pussy is milking his cock with each thrust needing to release, my orgasm on the brink once again. Ryan feels my body about to explode and he thrusts even harder, not wanting to cum yet and feeling my pussy milk him is more than he can take. He pulls out and leans down replacing his tongue where his cock was making me cum again in such a wave that I squirt all over his face and onto the bed. My back arched as far as I can get it my ass in the air, Ryan’s face pushing hard into my pussy as my orgasm subsides licking and sucking up all I have to give him.

Slowly rubbing my slit with the palm of his hand, bringing his finger up the crack of my ass teasing my pink puckered hole; sliding his finger in slightly holding it…as I adjust to the invasion he slides it in a little bit more twisting and licking with his tongue. I can’t help but let out moans at the pleasure my ass was receiving.

“Mmm, yes, fuck my ass.” Not needing to be asked again, he places the head of his throbbing cock inside my pussy lubing it up with my juices. Sliding it up the crack of my ass and resting it on my opening. Pushing just the head into my ass; so tight inching himself into me until he’s all the way in; pushing his hand on the small of my back making me open up to him further. Thrusting himself in and out of my tight ass slowly at first then picking up the pace; pushing myself back into him reaching under and rubbing my clit in time with his thrust. Hearing him grunt and moan with pleasure intensifies mine. His balls are so full and aching as they slap into my pussy. His own orgasm building to such heights, the fire he feels in his loins shoots through my ass and through my entire body as he feels me tense and squeeze his cock so tight that it makes him cum, shooting his load deep inside my ass with one final grunt and groan. Feeling the pressure in my ass and playing with my clit I squirt my juices all over his legs and balls. The warmth of my juices and the heat from his cum has us both writhing with pleasure. Our sweaty bodies connected as one, he collapses on top of me.

Both of us are still breathing hard, his cock still inside my ass as it slowly starts to soften; sliding behind me wrapping his arms around me and whispering in my ear, “That was amazing Belle, I am so glad we bumped into each other today.”

Feeling so warm in his arms trying to bring my breathing back to normal; my arms over lapping his, “Yes, I most certainly am, and I am very glad your cabin lost power and you happened onto my doorstep.” Laughing lightly we lay there cuddling each other and drift off to sleep. I haven't felt this safe and content in a very long time.

Feeling the sunshine through the window and hitting my face, the warm of the sun kissing my skin; reminding of me of the night passion that Ryan and I just shared.

Opening my eyes trying to focus, something seems different. I’m not in my cabin. Propping myself up on one elbow I survey my surroundings. I look over by the dresser and I see my bags packed on the floor, I am still in my apartment in the city. Looking at the other side of the bed, I’m the only one in it; the left side has not been slept in. I look under the covers and I’m wearing my pajama shirt.

Laying back down my hand over my forehead, sighing…How could it be just a dream?
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