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Beltane Rites

  He walked into the grove not knowing what to expect.  His arms Burned yet fro the adornments the priests had placed upon him when he was chosen.  They had explained that he would know what to do when the time came but the young hunter was still nervous.  The fog of uncertainty was lifting as he walked further into the circle and closer to the bonfire that raged in its' center. Sweat gathered at his brow, under the heat of his headdress and the antlers it contained.  Finally he came upon a woman resting upon the ground on the other side of the fire.

  "I am Gaea. Virgin of the Earth. We are here to bring Life back from winters grasp." She stated as she rose.

  She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  She looked familiar but had an aura and presence that confused him when he tried to think of who she was. She was dress in gossamer gowns of earthen colors, yet even with the many layers of cloth he could see her naked body beneath.  The smooth swell of her young breasts contrasted by the sharp points of her nipples pressing through the fabric.  The dark mound of hair protecting her motherhood between her legs. Her started to get aroused as her took her in and felt a power filling him.  Her face was painted in dark woad. Symbols he did not understand and still a part of him did.  Her dark brown eyes sunken pools of knowledge on a field of blue. Her hair was the color of flax and pulled back into plait with leaves of fall woven within.

   A voice that was not his own bellows from him as he declared, " I am the horned one, Hunter and provider. I have come to bring life back to the land."
  He moved to her like a cat pouncing upon prey. Reflexes took over as another force guided him into the Rite. He tore the garments of autumn colors from her body and reveled in the glory of the goddess standing naked before him.  He moved, as a force of nature, unstoppable into her arms and pulled her close to him. Kissing fiercely and suckling on her neck.  He fed on her as an addict would that which compelled him.

   The whole time Gaea mumbled the spells to which she knew not the words.  Complacent in the feelings, yet her own passion growing as she was ravished. She felt figures gathering around the edges of the grove and knew that as her passion grew so did theirs'.

  He felt the power move within him as his hands slid down her body followed by his lips. He marveled in the way her flesh responded to his own. Goose bumps raised as he trailed his hands down her perfect sides and finally rested on her young hips. The soft moan that escaped her lips as he brought his tongue to her nipple.  The warm fresh scent of sex in the air as she became as aroused as he. Yet with all his ministrations she still kept mumbling incoherent words under her breath.

  The animal restrained within him could wait no longer.  He franticly pulled at his own robe to remove it and present her with the rod which would complete the Rite.  Her legs were opened and again he pounced.  He watched the lightning flash in her eyes as he entered her for the first time.  Screams in unison came from around the grove as the Rite was repeated.  She let go to lust, forsaking her body for feeling and the spell.  The god moved within him as he moved within the goddess. A new hunter with his first woman moving with the skill of a seasoned man.  Her first as well with no thought but the Rite. They clung to one another as he continued to thrust, each hoping the other would save them. The fire grew as their passion did and in short moments it exploded in a shower of sparks.  Exhausted the collapsed into each other's arms. 

   The Rite was complete.  Green grass replaced the dried grass upon which they had been laying.  Buds of leaves appeared upon the trees of the grove.  The life spread as revelers outside the grove completed rites of their own.  It was going to be a good year.

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