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Best Friends

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My movie night takes an unexpected turn.
The movie just ended and the credits are rolling. Our weekly movie sessions had only started a month ago but already I am thoroughly enjoying our time together. We spend some time chatting on the couch. It’s getting late and you mention something about having to wake up early in the morning as you turn to give me a hug. This embrace is like the many thousands of hugs best friends have given each other over the years but for some reason, I hold you for just a second longer. Long enough to look into your eyes. Long enough for you to look into mine and long enough for that spark to ignite.

I smile at you, a mere curving of my lips. I know you want me. I can see the lust in your eyes. You are so close I can feel your breath on my skin. You teasingly run your fingers oh so lightly up my knee and the inside of my thigh, a hint of things to come.

Your lips brush mine but were gone before I could steal a kiss. I crave to have those lips pressed against mine. The very thought of it makes me ache with need.

With feverish desire, we move from the couch to the bedroom; our movements animalistic as we dance our way down the hall touching and grabbing each other. Once in the bedroom, you throw me onto the bed.

You kiss my neck, sending shivers down my spine as your tongue plays across my skin.

Your lips are suddenly upon mine and I’m temporarily lost in the fierceness of your kiss. I pull away so that my lips are just out of reach. I flick out my tongue teasing your upper lip and gently nip your lower lip. Two can play this game, I think to myself.

I rub my lips across yours barely touching, your breaths becoming heavy. Your hands cup my face and you kiss me, unable to bare the torture any longer. Your lips eat away at mine as your hands move down my neck until they find the mounds of my breasts. I gasp at the pleasure of having your hands on me. You tease my nipples through my clothes, making my back arch. I silently curse the layers between us.

My moans are muffled by your kisses as you thrust your hips into mine. I smile dreamily at you. I can feel your hardness despite the cloth that stands between us. Oh how I want you in me, my pussy aching with desire.

Your warm and sweaty hands slide up under my shirt, feeling sticky against my skin. Your wandering hands find the elastic of my shirt. Getting the hint, I lift myself just slightly off the bed, allowing you plenty of time to slide my favourite V-neck over my head, revealing a black lace bra. You take a moment and admire what’s in front of you. There’s a twinkle in your eyes as you reach behind and unsnap my bra with one hand while removing it with the other. It’s my turn to even the playing field as I unbutton your shirt. I’m craving to have the heat of your flesh against mine. Your hands find my breasts once more, your touch drawing moans from deep within me. Your lips abandon mine, kissing across my jaw. They eventually find their way to my sensitive ears before reaching my breasts. You take one of my nipples into your mouth, sucking and gently nibbling them. I gasp, my body bucking with the pleasure of it. After finishing with one you move to the other, every lick and bite making me want you even more.

You go up on to your knees, my legs are spread on either side of you. You drag you hands down over my breasts and across my stomach, causing my stomach muscles to convulse and tremble. Your hands lightly glide over my crotch and down the inside of my thighs. I fear I may lose my sanity with the lust of it.

You reach for my belt buckle, but I stop you. It was my turn to drive you crazy. I sit up and push you back on the bed. I straddle you, pressing my crotch hard on to yours as I steal a kiss. You moan with the thrill of it.

I kiss my way across your jaw line and down your neck, dragging my lips across your skin. I trail my hands down your chest, a mere trailing or fingers. I work my way slowly down to the top of your jeans. I press my cheek against your cock, feeling your excitement through your jeans. I rub my hand across the bulge of you, savoring the sensation of having your hard cock pressed against my hand.

Now it’s my turn to torture you as I remove your pants and boxers. I run my hands up the inside of your thighs, following with my lips until I reach your balls. I take them into my mouth, gently sucking them, playing with my tongue. You gasp, lost in the ecstasy of it.

I slowly kiss you, making my way up your cock while my hand is now playing with your balls. I don't take you into my mouth just yet. I tease you with my other hand, my fingers exploring your body with the lightest of touches. I continue to tease, occasionally flicking my tongue on your cock and sucking your head. Each caress brings a pant of excitement from your throat. I finally wrap my lips around you and draw you all the way into my mouth, right until my lips reach the base of your cock. Now with both of my hands giving your cock their full attention, I start to suck. I slowly increase the pace, your breath becoming irregular. My attack becomes more furious as my head starts to bob up and down at a regular pace. You try to match my movements by thrusting your hips into my mouth. With each thrust, I push back even harder, making sure my lips form a tight seal around your cock.

You run your hands through my hair, and pull my head back. I can tell that you’re close. The look on your face says it all.

"Not yet…" you say unselfishly.

I smile with an unspoken wickedness and crawl up your body until the length of me is pressed up against you. Your arms now wrap around me and you roll me over so that you’re on top. You pin my hands above my head and my heart starts racing even faster. You run your hands down my body until you find my belt. This time I don’t reject your advance. You skillfully unbuckle the belt, unbutton my jeans and hastily remove them, leaving me in a pair of black lace panties. I know that soon they’ll be on the floor with the matching bra.

You trail your hands up my calves, your fingers brushing the back of my knees as they went. The brief touch draws a gasp from me. You kiss up my inner thigh, stopping once you’ve reached my crotch. You pause briefly, smiling at what you’re about to do next. All I hear now is heavy breathing; the suspense is torturing. I need you to touch me. You rubbed you fingers on my pussy, finding my clit. I gasped. You start to play with the lips of my pussy, teasing me. I want them in me so bad. You slide your hands under my ass, and pulled my panties down. I ache with the thought of having you touch me uninhibited.

You plunge your fingers deep into me. I try to muffle a scream of pleasure but fail. Your fingers start to explore, twirling and swirling within me. I feel the orgasm building, my body shaking with the slightest motion of your fingers.

Before I can come, you plunge your cock into me, our hips grinding into one another's. Our pace is furious at first but becomes steady. With each thrust comes a high-pitched, drawn-out moan of pleasure that escapes my lips. I look down, watching your cock slide in and out of my bare wet pussy. I arch my back just as you plunge into me to give you a helping hand.

Our ecstasy built until it was nearly unbearable. Orgasm took us at the same moment; our bodies convulsing together. The explosion of pleasure is overwhelming. My vision is blurry and my limbs tremble with the force of it. I can feel you filling me with your warm seed. I scream out your name, unable to hold in my pleasure.

We both collapse on the bed, breathless.

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