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Best Friends

I fuck my sweetheart's best friend
***Parts of this story are fact and parts of this story are fiction. I‘ll leave it up to you to decide which is which. Names have been changed as well to protect identities.***

Working on a military base, you see tons of people come and go in your life, so when I was finally able to see my long lost love, Marquise, of five years, I was elated. Here we are living only two hours away from each other. My heart was on fire to see him.

So the time finally comes months later for us to link up and unfortunately through some situations not in his control, he had his best friend Donovan bring him to where I was so that we could finally see each other after five long years.

Seeing him walk off that elevator not only made my heart skip a beat, but my pussy wet. Umm, not sure if that’s for Marquise or for Donovan, but nevertheless, my pussy was on fire.

During my first encounter with my love’s best friend, Donovan, I was automatically attracted to him by his smile, his sexiness, and the smell of his cologne. The smell of a man always turn me on and it was doing it for me. I’d never thought I would see him again, so I was okay when we parted ways.

Months later, I had the pleasure of seeing him again because my love Marquise sent for me and being his best friend, he put up no reservations by having me as a houseguest. During my stay, unfortunately I was only able to see Marquise for about two hours because work had called for him unexpectedly. So this left Donovan to entertain me for the next couple of days and being a best friend, he did exactly that.

Yes, I would admit, I have a physical attraction to Donovan, but I’d kept it secretly inside. When my lover abruptly departed, the day was still young, so Donovan suggested that we go out and hit the town. I happily agreed and got ready. I must tell you that I am a sexy African-American woman who is 5’7 and 175lbs. I’m not skinny how “society” think I should be, but I have curves in all the right places and do not get any complaints from any man’s or woman’s perspective.

As I walk down the stairs, we both are immediately drawn to each other as we have dressed for the occasion and our scents are drawing us closer to each other in a way we need to avoid. As we drive downtown, your gentlemen-like behavior immediately kicks in and I don’t oblige as this doesn’t happen to me often. You open up the truck door for me and escort me hand-in-hand to our first club. We go to the bar as soon as we step into the club we order shots as well as vodka and cranberry. We both are feeling great and we start to dance closely. As we are bumping and grinding on the dance floor, something happened that I’d never thought would happen…we kiss…passionately. Not once, twice, but at least four times without reservations. You whisper in my ear your apologies, but I silence them by kissing you back.

We escaped to another bar to relieve some tension, but that didn’t help either as we only stayed in there for one song because we could not keep our hands off of each other. You walk with me back to the truck hand in hand and gently put me back in your truck. All the drinking and dancing has worked up an appetite within us, so we stop and get a burger. While getting our food, we avoid what is really going on in our mind by making small talk.

We drive back to your place and as soon as we walk through the door, our hands would not stay off each other. We start stripping each other of our clothes and greedily devouring each other as we climb the stairs to your bedroom. You lay me on the bed and start licking me from my lips to my pussy that is already soaked with my juices. As you continue to make my juices flow with your mouth, I am in desperate need to return the favor. I flip you on your back and wrap my hands around your 10in dick and stroke it up and down as I kiss your sexy body. Finally, I get the chance to return the favor and I place my juicy lips on your dick and start to work my magic.

I enjoy hearing you moan as I suck your dick, which makes me suck more and more and harder, making a popping noise to get you more aroused. I mount your dick and it seems like a electric shock has went off in me. The warmth of my pussy happily accepts your dick inside of me. I buck and buck more and finally you flip me on my back and spread my legs even wider so that you can go deep inside my pussy. You do the one of the things that I absolutely love during the course of fucking. You suck on my breast and give them equal attention while talking dirty to me.

As you slide your dick in and out of my pussy, you ask me “should we tell Marquise about this?”

I respond with “I don’t know.”

You thrust harder and deeper inside of me and tell me that you will fuck me anytime you want and that my pussy now belongs to you, and I happily agree.

Trust me, I agree because this is the first time I have had this type of sexual connection with any man.

We keep our fuck session going on for about 30minutes until you cum. But right before you cum, you look me in my eyes and tell me that “I bet that you have that good pussy that I could cum inside.”

I reply with a “yes, but don’t cum inside me because I want to taste you.”

I guess those were the words that you needed to hear because you pulled out of me and placed your dick inside of my mouth and pumped loads of cum inside of my mouth.

As some spewed out the side of my mouth, I caught it with my finger and place it back in my mouth because no drop will go un-tasted.

I look at you and tell you “whatever you eat and drink, continue to do that as you taste delicious.”

As we try and get our breathing under control, I look at you and you look at me and we both plaster on a devilish smile, knowing that this will happen again and again and again. And it does because after 10 minutes of resting, you come back ready for more, and the moistness of my pussy lets you know that I am definitely ready for more action.

You force your dick inside my pussy and I arch my back and let out a moan that lets you know, don’t stop. I’m in awe how you are able to get back up so fast, but I do not complain. I match your thrusts and tell you to “fuck your pussy” over and over again until you ask me where do I want it. I tell you to “cum inside your pussy” and you erupt inside of me. The taste of you still lingers in my mouth and I want more so I stick my fingers inside my pussy, scoop out your cum and place it in my mouth.

We lie on the bed totally exhausted. We snuggle up under the covers and fall fast asleep. I wonder will I ever get to experience Donovan again.

Donovan and I have still kept our secret from Marquise, but I wonder if he suspects anything....

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