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Best Friends Gift

Hi people! This is my first time of writing an erotic story so apologies for anything that isnt good, and comments and ratings will be taken in good heart.
*Names have been changed throughout the story.
Also apologies in advance, if there isnt much sex wise in this story, but more will happen next chapter, if people want another chapter.

Chapter 1.

Hi there, my names Natasha. I'm an average girl, who is 5' 5'', 8 and a half stone and long blonde hair. I suppose I dont have a bad figure and I'm okay in looks, even though I get complimented on my appearance and my style. I have the perfect boyfriend, Darren and two best friends, Amy and Todd. And this is my story.

I stepped out of the shop door onto the pavement, feeling the heat difference to the shop and the outside. The bright sun shone in the sky, sending out a mass of heat.
"Theres Darren!" muttered Amy (she didnt get on with Darren). He saw us, waved and came across to us.
"Hey sexy," he said to me, giving me a kiss and picking me up. Darren is a dark haired boy with dark eyes, a slim build and is 6' 7''.
Amy rolled her eyes. "I'll leave you and loverboy to it then. Give me a ring later," she told me, with a wink at the end.
"Okay, yeah sure, if im not busy." I replied to her also winking.

After Amy had walked away, Darren took me by the hand and looked me straight in the eyes.
"So then babes, what film are we going to watch at the cinema?"
"Erm I was thinking maybe a chick flick.... but I'm supposed to go with Amy sometime, and we did watch a chick flick last time so you choose." I replied.
In response to this Darren just planted a kiss on my lips and led me to his car. His car was a 4x4 and very nice, both outside and inside.

After what seemed like only a few minutes we were at the cinema.
As we went into the cinema, we were met by a blast of cool air, instantly causing us to shiver. As Darren chose a film, I took a quick trip to the bathroom to apply my lipgloss and freshen up before the film.

When I returned to the main foyer of the cinema, Darren had already got popcorn and drinks.
"What we watchin' then?"
"Wait and see my little bunny."
A few girls from school who were cheerleaders sniggered at this pet name, but I just ignored them. Like Amy always says, "At least we have better things to do, than hang around the cinema foyer, hoping for some highschool or college jock to pay for me to get in the cinema and then have sex with them after."

We went into the screening, after showing our tickets and settled into our back row corner seats. Very few people were in the screening, obviously due to the heat outside. We were the only ones on the back row, just as Darren liked it.

The film started and began playing. The coolness of the air con made me shiver once more. I snuggled down into Darren and fell asleep.

I dreamt that we were lying on a gorgeous beach, with the sea gently lapping around our ankles. Darren looked deep into my eyes and pushed my hair away from my face. He planted a kiss on my lips, and then again and again, each time increasing the passion and love. I kissed him back matching the intensity of his kisses. His hand moved from my face down past my neck and carried on travelling until it met my breast. He kneaded my breast and pinched my nipples. I could feel myself getting wetter, as I moaned and Darren knew this.

His hand stopped this sensual act and he moved down to the top of my shorts. He slowly unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped them. His hands caressed the top of my shorts, before going in for the kill, massaging on and around my swollen clit. I moaned.

Abruptedly I awoke, knowing I had moaned out loud. I rubbed my eyes and still felt aroused. There infront of me was Darren fingering me and rubbing my clit. Everyone seemed to have left, but the film was still running. On the screen was an arousing and frisky sex scene.

He knew just how to touch me, and I could tell I was getting him hard by moaning, from the large tent in his trousers.

"Ohhhh" I moaned in a whisper.
"Come on baby scream for me, its empty in here, moan and scream, like the little whore you are!" He said, fingering me harder and harder, rubbing my button.
That instantly made me explode, hearing him wanting me to come.
"Yes, Ohhh, Darren....." I screamed.
"Fuck yes!"

I bucked, wildly in my seat, coating his fingers with my love juice. I grabbed his throbbing cock, through his jeans, as I came down from my high.

He pulled out a tissue from his pocket and pulled his fingers from my pussy. He wiped his fingers clean and threw the tissue on the floor.

I released his cock from my grasp.

"Come on, lets get out of here," he said, pulling me from my seat. Still panting and wobbly, I rose from my seat.

"Lets go to the woods."

To Be Continued.......

Please write comments etc and tell me what you think. Like I said apologies for it not being very good, I made this up as I went along, but I have an idea of where I'm taking this story. Ideas will be looked at but may not be used, just to let you know.
Thanks. A.xx


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © My stories are completely made up and fictional and none of the stories have actually happened, so all are completely fictional. All characters are based on people i know but names are changed for obvious reasons. Please do not copy my stories, i know that sounds cheeky but please dont as it isnt fair on me who takes the time to write the story. if you would like to do an alternative chapter please ask me and give me an outline and if i like it i will allow you to do an alternative chapter. :)) hope you understand. :D

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