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Best Friends Part 2

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End of Part 1

We fell asleep together, her laying her head on my chest, her hair falling randomly on my body. I had my left hand wrapped around her, gently holding one of her breasts in my hand. I never slept so peacefully, or woke up more refreshed. She kissed me. “Baby, we just made love, but now I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me feel amazing, I want to be totally yours, completely under your control.”

So I did.

Avery presented her naked body to me again. Again, very much like the first and second times we had sex, I was awestruck. This girl, who had been my best friend, my confidant, for years upon years was willingly giving herself to me. Apparently in a playful mood, Avery wiggled her ass at me as she positioned herself on all fours, waiting for me to once again push deep inside her. In tandem with my dick begin thrust into the silky depths of her pussy, I leaned forward, showering the back of her neck with kisses and palming both of her breasts in my hands. I remained deep inside her, not thrusting, just content to fill her up. Avery, however, was having none of this. She pulled her body forwards, then threw herself back into me, indicating she wanted some hardcore fun.

Gladly, I began to thrust in and out of her, to her obvious delight. Her moans filled the air. No screams, just whimpers and soft moans of pleasure. I continued to rock into her as she thrust back and forth as well, the two of us in perfect rhythm. My hands massaged her breasts as she reached back and played with her own clit, hurdling towards orgasm. Finally, with a deep thrust, she came. Her arms wobbling, she fell face first onto the bed, still thrusting to and fro on my dick.

I, however, had yet to cum. I rolled her over and began to thrust deep and slow as we now fucked missionary style. I watched as she came down from her orgasm and recovered, only to stare at me, then beam that perfect smile at me. Unable to resist her, as always, her entire face causing me to fill with joy and unbridled passion for this perfect creature under me. Finally, a torrent of my cum blasted out of me and into her. As I came, she came a second time. I lowered my lips to her and kissed her deeply as we climaxed together. Finally, after we both came back to earth, we fell asleep, my arms encircled around Avery.

The following morning, I awoke in a daze. The events that took place mere hours ago seemed as if of dream-like quality. I wasn’t sure what to believe. I looked around, trying to get my bearings, and noticed that I was still entwined with Avery, both of us naked. I smiled. Last night was real, Avery and I were finally together. I stroked her hair as she slept, gently waking her from her slumber. Still half asleep, she managed to mutter, “G’morning love. What’s up?”

“Nothing baby, nothing. How’d you sleep?”

Appearing to gain her bearings, she yawned and stretched, her breasts thrust up towards me. “Mmmmm. Really well. You wore me out last night stud.” She lay her head back down on my chest, but did not fall asleep. We continued to talk, nothing in particular, just mentioning random stuff that had not been shared yet between the two of us. Finally, Avery broached an important topic. “About last night…”

I froze. My heart pounded and my hand stopped stroking her hair. I didn’t want this to be over, it couldn’t be. “Yea…” I replied with trepidation.

“Well, I was kind of in a rough state last night, you know, upset over Sam. I just want you to know, this was not rebound sex. It was real.”

“Oh thank God. I was hoping you would say that. But why then, after all these years?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. You were comforting me, like you had my entire life. When I needed you most, you were there. I knew you would never hurt me, I knew you were for real.”

I had nothing to say, so I leaned down and kissed her instead. “Ugh, AJ! Disgusting.” My face betrayed my confusion and hurt. “Morning breath, baby. But don’t worry. I’ll be glad to put up with it for you.”

With that, she straddled me and kissed me again. Deeply, and sensuously, she forced her tongue into my mouth (not that I was putting up any defenses) and our tongues dueled for supremacy. On and on they danced together. Avery, breathless, broke the kiss and moved to my neck, kissing, sucking and licking it. She kissed down my chest and then stomach. Her lips were mere inches away from my cock head, but she stopped. Her hands continued to gently caress my abdomen, as she stared lustfully at my proud erection. Slowly, she licked the underside from the base to the top, pausing to give the head a quick suck. She pulled off my dick and went back to trailing kisses along my chest and abdomen. Again, after several minutes, she moved down to my dick, giving the head a quick kiss, then taking one of my balls in her mouth.

She was good. She knew it, and I knew it. She knew she was turning me on, and she wanted me teased to the point where I would lose my mind. She sucked my ball into her mouth, laving at it with her tongue, her green-blue eyes locked on mine the entire time, sparkling at me. She released my ball from her mouth and placed little kisses on my dick, all the way up to the head, once again taking just the head into her mouth and sucking vigorously. All too soon, she stopped, and kissed up my torso to my neck, then to my lips. She kissed me deeply, with a soul-stirring kiss. She looked into my eyes and nodded at me. Again, she kissed down my torso and to my dick. This time, however, after what seemed like hours of teasing, she engulfed my entire dick in one move.

I felt the head of my cock push into her throat as she continued to lower her mouth over me. Finally her nose reached my crotch, and she had taken every inch of me in her mouth. She started to swallow, massaging the head of my dick in her throat. She pulled back and released my cock from her mouth as a long strand of her saliva connected her lips to the tip of my dick. “You’re a lucky guy, AJ. I love to suck dick.” And damn was she good at it. She went back to my dick and took the head in her mouth again, slowly, deliberately sucking on the head, swirling her tongue around it, pushing me close to the edge.

“Avery, I’m close, where do you want it?” She didn’t answer, she just kept sucking and licking, deep throating me again. When my breathing became ragged and she felt the head of my cock expand, she quickly pulled back so just the head was in her mouth. She sucked hard, as if attempting to draw the cum from me. Finally, I blasted her mouth with my cum, sending rope after rope into her mouth. Her eyes were on mine the entire time. She pulled off my dick and showed me all the cum she collected, then swallowed it all. “Holy fuck Avery. You were right baby. I am a lucky guy.” Avery just smiled at me, that beautiful, perfect smile. She got out of my bed, and went back up to her floor to shower and get dressed. She and I both had classes, so I showered in the boy’s bathroom, her in the girl’s.

Classes were uneventful that day. I had a hard time keeping my focus on the professors, instead my mind kept wandering to Avery. I don’t remember a single word of what the professors had said, and honestly, I didn’t care. I was happy beyond belief, and I must have walked around campus all day with a stupid grin on my face. But, again, I was not complaining.

After several hours, I got back to the dorm and wanted to visit Jess. Not to fuck her, but to thank her for opening my eyes to Avery. Avery was at class (I had memorized her schedule…), so I figured Jess would be alone. I knocked on the door, momentarily wondering why I did. I mean, I had seen both girls completely naked before, so what did they have to hide. I heard a muffled “Come in,” so I turned the knob and entered.

I entered the room and was momentarily shocked. Jess was lying on her bed, facing the door. Her legs were spread wide open, her body void of any clothes. Her pillow was clenched in her right hand, and her left has down at her pussy. A vibrator was still pulsing in her wet cunt, sending shock waves throughout her centerfold body. “Not that I mind, AJ, but what are you doing in here?” She wasn’t mad, just inquisitive. She had a smile that could melt an ice sculpture.

“Y-you said ‘Come in.’”

She started to crack up. “No you idiot. I yelled ‘Cumming!’ into my pillow. Oh, and you might want to close the door.” I just smiled sheepishly, no knowing what to say. I pushed the door closed behind me, still staring at Jess. “But now that you’re here, I don’t really need this.” she pulled out her vibrator and sucked it deep into her mouth, licking her juices off of it, “Mmm, want a taste?”

Shaken from my state of shock, I walked over to her and kisser lightly. “Sorry, Jess. Can’t. I just wanted to thank you for talking to me the other day. I realized you were right, and now I just well…”

“Now that you’re with Avery, you wanted to thank me. I get it. No problem. As I said…psych major. But now we come to the problem of your payment.” She stood up and walked around me in a circle, running her manicured nails along through my hair. She sat down on my lap, looking directly into my eyes.

“My payment? I don’t get a preferred customer discount?”

“Oh, yes you do. I would charge, but for you,” she leaned in and breathed into my ear, “I believe a fuck will work.”

The door opened, and my eyes darted to Avery, now standing in the hallway, looking in at us. “Really Jess?”

“Oh fuck” was the only thing running through my mind at this point. Although I hadn’t done anything wrong, I wasn’t exactly in the best position to defend myself. Here I was with my new girlfriend’s naked roommate draped over me. In short, I was fucked. And not in the good way.

I didn’t look promising, but I had to try something. “Ave, I am so sorry. I just wanted to –“

“AJ, shh. This is between me and Jess.”

“Avery, look. I know this isn’t how you envisioned it, but it’s on the table now. And look at him, I don’t think he’s going to mind.”

I was sufficiently confused at this point. “I know, but I wanted it to happen on my terms. I mean, come on, I’d be the best girlfriend ever.”

“You still can be. Just get over here.”

Avery threw the door closed and practically tore across the room, diving onto the bed and knocking us both backwards onto it. I must have looked confused, because Avery said, “What? You think you’re the only one that finds her hot?”

To say I was shocked was an understatement. My girlfriend, the picture of perfection, (in my eyes anyway) just admitted she was bi? It was insane, she just seemed so innocent, so pure, that I would have never expected her to be into something so kinky. But hey, I wasn’t complaining.

I was soon driven out of my thoughts as I felt a pair of hands tracing up and down my shirt, unbuttoning each button one by one from bottom to top. Teasingly taking my shirt off, increasing my desire. Avery finally undid the last button, then peeled my shirt off, delicately dropping it on the floor. She placed her lips to my chest, between my pecs and started to kiss up to my neck. She kissed and sucked, leaving me breathless with anticipation. She continued to play with my neck, gently nipping at it as she removed her own clothing. Pausing her kisses only long enough to pull her shirt over her head, exposing her bra. As she continued, Jess started working on my belt, slowly unhooking it, then sliding it out of the belt loops, and tossing it over on the floor with my shirt and Avery’s. Next she unbuttoned the sole button and bend down to take the zipper in her teeth. Teasingly, she dragged the zipper down, finally pulling my pants off and tossing them haphazardly away. My bulge was prominent in my boxers and Jess started to kiss it, no tongue, so sucking, just enough pressure to let me know she was there. I reached around Avery and unhooked her bra, which she then pulled off of her body, revealing her perfect breasts, a mole on the left one. The slight imperfection making her even more perfect in my mind. She began to work on her skirt, but instead of tossing it away, she just pulled it up her waist, letting it stay just underneath her breasts, exposing her pussy. Jess began to pull my boxers down my legs, again sliding them off and tossing them somewhere in the room. She kissed up my leg, much like Avery was kissing along my jaw line. Then, at the same moment as Avery planted a deep, soul searching kiss on me, Jessica began to inhale my entire length. The timing of it all made me let loose a moan in Avery’s mouth. She broke out kiss, and gave me a sultry look, paired with a smirk. “Just lay back, AJ, let us do the work.”

As requested, I lay back on Jessica’s bed. Avery wasted no time pressing her lips to mine again, kissing me deeply again. The feelings coursing through me were those that could only be cause by the touch of someone you love. She began to kiss down my body, my neck, my chest, my abs, until finally she joined Jess. Jess was deeply involved in her blowjob, currently just circling the tip with her tongue, lightly sucking. While not enough to make me cum, it was definitely enough to keep me hard, and tease the hell out of me. Avery joined Jess and began to kiss at the base, lowering herself to my balls, lightly sucking on each of them, before licking up the shaft to Jessica’s lips. As she touched her lesbian lover’s lips, Jess released me and began to kiss my girlfriend. Jealousy and envy coursed through me, but they were soon drowned out as I watched the two of them kiss. It was easily the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Between the sexiness of Jess, her centerfold qualities, and the adorable qualities my girlfriend possessed, well it was just perfect. They were tender and loving, and purposely teasing me, but I was enjoying the show too much to care.

The kiss broke. Jess giggled to Avery, “I think AJ’s little, check that, big buddy needs some attention.”

“By all means.” Avery kissed her lightly and Jess climbed on top of me, impaling herself on my stiff rod, Avery coming up behind her, cupping her breasts, kissing her neck. Jess and I both groaned as she sank down on me, burying me deep inside her.

“Fuck, I forgot how good you felt. “ Slowly she started riding me, grinding on top of me rather than bouncing. Behind her, Avery continued to massage her swaying breasts, pressing her own into Jess’s back. Every now and again I would thrust up into Jess, lifting her off the bed, sending my cock even further inside her, rubbing up against her clit in the process.

Avery moved out from behind Jess, and stood on the floor next to the bed. She repeated what she did to me. She kissed Jess deeply, then kissed down her body, focusing on her breasts, then her tight stomach and finally the union between my dick and Jess’s pussy. Mainly lapping at Jess’s clit, her tongue swiped against the base of my dick as Jess started to bounce on top of me. Nearing her orgasm, she abandoned her slow pace and began to ride me harder and faster, her boobs bouncing with her movement. Her silky cunt gripping me as she thrashed on top of me. Finally, gasping for breath, she came, drenching my dick and Avery’s tongue with her juices, and collapsing on top of me. Still hard, I slipped from her pussy, and she moaned at the loss. I kissed her, not like I would with Avery, but still a passionate kiss. She moved off of me and sunk to her knees on the floor. Avery moved on top of me and said “My turn lover boy. Now get up, you’re in control of this one.”

She lay on her back and I climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately. Jess knew this was just us, and occupied herself on Avery’s bed, slowly teasing her pussy, sliding her finger in and around it, teasing her clit. Still slick from Jess’s cum, I slipped inside Avery’s soaking sex, and slowly pushed until I was buried to the hilt, kissing her the entire time. As we continued to kiss, I began to thrust slowly in and out of Avery, our tongues dancing, our mouths muffling each other’s moans of pleasure. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deep inside her, mashing her body against mine. She broke the kiss and in a breathless voice she gasped into my ear, “More, AJ. Fuck it’s so good. More, harder.” I picked up the pace, slowly building steam over the next several minutes. Moving faster and faster, thrusting harder and deeper until we were both covered in sweat, moaning each other’s names as we fucked. Avery pulled my head down and kissed me with such ferocity and hunger, I knew she was close. As the kiss broke I leaned to her ear and whispered, “Cum for me my love. Cum for me.”

That did it. She exploded in orgasm, screaming, pulling me down close to her, raking her nails on my back and biting my shoulder to silence her screams. Her pussy convulsed as she writhed in pleasure beneath me. Finally I couldn’t take it, and came harder than ever before. I blasted rope after rope deep into her pussy, prolonging her orgasm as she felt me cum inside her. Finally, we came down from our orgasmic highs, staring into each other’s eyes. Our silent connection was broken as we heard Jess moan as her orgasm hit her. I stayed in their room that night, fucking each of them a couple more times.

If you guys want…I’m sure my perverted mind can conjure up a part three, but the votes and comments must be there. Feel free to message me, I promise I will respond. I love to hear from my fans.

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