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Best Friends Reconnect in a Big Way

Phil and Marissa reconnect to each other over winter break
Phil adjusted his shirt as he stared into the mirror, double checking to make sure it was appropriate for tonight. This party would be the first time in four months that he would see his high school friends. Phil had thoroughly enjoyed his first semester at university but was looking forward to catching up with his high school friends. He was especially anxious to see Sarah. Even after four months of being surrounded by college coeds, Sarah still was a frequent visitor to Phil’s wet dreams. She was always the hottest girl in high school. She always wore the skimpiest outfits which showed off her big tits and tight ass. Phil and Sarah had never been super close but occasionally talked. Phil had gotten in good shape this year and had high hopes for this evening. Hopefully with the influence of alcohol and his new shape he would be able to hook up with her. Phil checked the clock. It was nearly time to go.

On the drive over to Marissa’s house Phil got more and more excited. Even if he didn’t get with Sarah it would be a good opportunity to catch up with Marissa. They had been best friends in high school but had hardly been able to talk to each other since they had gone off to different colleges. Phil pulled up to her house and texted her to come out to the car. When he saw who walked out of the house his jaw dropped. Marissa had always been attractive but this girl was stunning. She had clearly lost a bit of weight. Her red dress hugged her long slender legs and tight hips. The deep plunging neckline showed off some major cleavage which was accented by a lovely golden neck chain. She had curled her light brown hair which framed her face. Finally there were the beautiful green eyes that had always captivated Phil.

Squealing she waved when she made eye contact with Phil, then got into the passengers seat and reached over to hug him as she gave him a good view of her cleavage. The conversation on the car ride was just as fun as the ones they had back in high school. They went back and forth with stories of their college experiences. She was enjoying her school and had a nice group of friends and had made good grades. She had even started dating. They pulled up to Jessica’s house and went inside. Then they split up to say hello to some of their other friends.

Phil was shocked when he saw Sarah sitting across the room. She was surrounded by her usual group of guys but something was different about her. Maybe he had built her up too much in his mind but she wasn’t the stunning beauty he had remembered. She was just average. After some internal debate Phil decided to abandon his quest to sleep with Sarah. She would just have to stay a fantasy. He decided to go off and find Marissa.

When he found her she was surrounded by a group of guys pumping shots into her. Little did they know she could probably out drink all of them. They kept getting drunker and drunker as she seemed to be barely affected.

After a few more drinks Marissa made an excuse about needing the bathroom and ran over to Phil. She giggled as she grabbed his hand and dragged him off to the bedroom to get some peace and quiet. They laughed as they fell onto the bed.

“What morons,” she said. “Do they really think that they’re going to get with me by pumping me full of a few shots of vodka? I don’t even feel drunk at all. Those guys were total jerks to me in high school. They wouldn’t even look at me back then.”

“Well can you blame them? You look so hot tonight. Too bad for them you can out drink them all.”

She giggled and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Thanks Phil I’m glad you approve. I picked this dress out just for you. Let me explain. You were always so sweet to me and never cared that I wasn’t attractive.”

“Don’t talk like that, you were always pretty.”

“Aww, that’s what I’m talking about. You’re the nicest guy ever.”

Her hand moved to his chest. As excited as this was making him, Phil knew he couldn’t let this go any further. She had a boyfriend and was clearly drunk.

“I’ve always kind of had a crush on you.”

Her hand moved down to his thigh and clenched it. Phil’s heart started pounding. Marissa leaned into him and pecked him on the lips.

“Do you think it would be bad if we slept together?” she asked.

“I-I’m sorry Marissa, but we can’t. You have a boyfriend. I’m not going to be the one to come between you two. Plus you’re drunk and I’m not going to take advantage of you. It’s not right.”

“But Phil, it would be so much fun. I promise I’ll make you feel unbelievable.”

“You know I’d love to but I can’t do that to you. It wouldn’t be right.”

They went back and forth for a few more minutes about it before Marissa started to doze off. Phil lifted her arm around him and carried her on his shoulder out to his car. She slept the whole ride back to her place as Phil took a few guilty glances at her body. He carried her through her house and tucked her into bed. On the drive home Phil couldn’t believe he had turned down that opportunity, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

The next few weeks of winter break went off without incident. He hung out with Marissa a few more times but they didn’t talk about their conversation. Then the day came for Phil to go back to school. He had to go back to school a week earlier than Marissa so she stuck around at home for another week. Then on Friday she surprised him by showing up at his school to hang out.

They found a party to go to at Phil’s friends place. Downing a few drinks as time wore on Phil introduced her to some of his friends. Then at the end of the night they finally made it back to his apartment. He offered her his bed and opted to sleep on the couch. She gave him a hug as a thank you and grabbed her pajamas out of her bag. Phil wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or just the comfort level between them was so high but she just turned around and took off her shirt.

“Oh sorry, Marissa, I’ll let you change.”

He tried to get up but she just pushed him back on the bed.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

Standing there in just her adorable pink bra and skin tight jeans, she put her hands on his chest and began unbuttoning his shirt. She mounted him and kissed him hard.

“Marissa we cant do this. You have a boyfriend.”

“Really? You don’t want to do this? This guy would tell a different story.”

She grabbed his hard cock from outside of his jeans.

“Besides. I wasn’t going to tell you this but Jason and I broke up. I found out he was cheating on me.”

“Really? I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah it’s a damn shame.”

Phil was in shock as he considered the ramifications of sleeping with a friend.

To knock him out of his confusion Marissa grabbed his pillow and smacked him across the face with it. With that all inhibitions left him.

Phil pulled her onto him and kissed her back, something he should’ve done a long time ago. They rolled around kissing for a few minutes until she pulled off him and stood up. He was afraid she was uncomfortable with what had happened and began to apologize when she shushed him. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her ample tits bounced with their freedom and Phil got even harder. Her skirt soon joined the pile of clothes on the floor and he found that she hadn't been wearing panties all night.

She looked shyly at Phil as if awaiting his approval.

“Wow” was all that would come out of his mouth. This was by far the most attracted Phil had ever been to a woman. That answer seemed to satisfy her and she reached for his shirt. She threw it off to the side and then pulled off his undershirt.

Next she went for his belt and pulled down his jeans and boxers in one pull. His cock sprang free and she smiled as she grabbed his balls with one hand and held the base with the other. Licking it down from tip to base she then pulled it into her mouth. Cramming as much as she could into her mouth she gagged a little bit, then sucked hard and fast. It felt amazing. This went on for a while until Phil thought he couldn’t take anymore. She slowed down and let go of him.

“We can’t let you off that easy,” she giggled.

She came back up to eye level and kissed him with her hand still playing with his cock. Even though it wasn’t a blowjob it still pushed him over the edge. His first stream of cum landed on her hand and she rushed down to catch the second with her mouth. The third landed on her chest.

“I’m sorry Marissa that just felt so good.”

She laughed and kissed him.

“Its no big deal, I’m sure we can work this guy back up somehow.”

They kissed and Phil figured it was his turn to please her. He slid down and sucked on her tits, hard on each one and was rewarded with a series of moans. Then he softly bit each of them as she played with his hair. Kissing his way down her stomach he dove into her pussy. His tongue explored her warm cave and latched onto her clit. She shrieked with pleasure and pushed his head harder into her.

Screaming loudly she rolled into her first orgasm of the night. Phil slid back up to her and she licked her own juices off his face. They kissed and their tastes mingled, then they lay there cuddling and revelling in the passion. She played with his cock absentmindedly as they just lay there, as it responded it got hard. Gasping with pleasure she threw her leg over him, then grabbed his cock and slammed herself down on him.

Phil gasped as he entered Marissa for the first time. It was pure pleasure. Marissa gyrated on him and took more and more of him into her. They moaned in pleasure as she continued to ram fill herself. He didn't want to let her do all the work so he pulled her down and flipped her over. As he bent her over the bed he threw himself into her. She screamed in pleasure as they got into a rhythm with each other. He continued building harder and harder until he felt the inevitable end approaching. Not wanting to end it too soon Phil began to slow down. She sensed what he was doing and wasn’t going to let it happen.

“Oh no you don’t. Were taking this all the way.”

Phil went back to pounding her harder and faster than before. He felt her pussy begin to tighten around his manhood as she reached her orgasm. Somehow even in the throws of orgasm she continued to pound on him through into his orgasm. He pulled out quickly and sprayed jet after jet all over her body. She yanked him up with a look of passion in her eyes.

“Oh Phil you don’t know how long I’ve wanted that. Thank you.”

“You have no idea how great that was Marissa. I’ve wanted you for so long as well.”

They held each other in silence for awhile before falling asleep, naked and sweaty in each others arms. That weekend that followed was an insatiable weekend of lust and love for the both of them.

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