Best Going Away Present EVER

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The night before I head off for orientation, I get a 'cream' come true
I remember it like it was yesterday, it was yesterday come to think of it. To properly tell this story I must go back a bit further though. My name’s John, and my best friend Rick and I have been hanging out for the better part of 6 years. We went to high school together, experimented with drugs together, partied together, and played games together. You would think we were separated at birth as much as we had in common. We even looked slightly similar, both standing around 5’9’’ and weighting around 150 each. We were more or less the outcasts at school, leader of the outcasts I would say. We had two major differences however, Rick is blond, I have dark hair. I’m an only child, and Rick has a twin sister that has been an outlet for my personal sexual satisfaction since I met her. Sadly it took until my last day in town to finally make my move.

Yesterday was my last day in town, and after finishing my shift at the local auto shop, Rick told me we were going to have one hell of a send off consisting of alcohol, video games, porn, and all kinds of random stupid fun. How could I refuse such an invitation? I went home, washed up, and walked over as it was only a block, a nice calm evening, and I made a great effort to get exercise when I could.

As I walked up to the door if flung open, and standing there as if expecting my arrival was Lucy, 18, long raven colored hair, silky and smooth. Her curves were gentle, proportionate and age appropriate, no more than a C cup on her petite frame, and subtle but noticeable hips. Her lips painted a rose petal pink, my mind couldn’t help but wonder if it shared the shades of other parts of her body like her youthful nipples, or glistening folds.

“Hey Jon-Jon” she spoke playfully, a nickname she had been calling me for ages, her voice holding the same tone when she spoke to me as she did when she spoke to her brother, that same tone that had made me give up on ever answering the questions I had just asked myself.

“Hey Lucy, your bro said something about a grand send off, where’s he hiding?” I asked wanting to quickly sidestep this situation before my mind could spin my 18 year old hormones into an awkward situation involving a bulge, and likely a laugh from her at my expense. Something about this young vixen sent my body into overdrive, like I could die the moment I slide inside her and it would be worth it.

She shook her head with a soft smirk “Like you have to ask, he’s in his room, where he ALWAYS is, he told me to send you up” she replied as she sidestepped and allowed me to enter the house as I quickly pointed myself to the stairs, knowing the way all too well. As I tried to make my escape she grabbed my wrist quickly, not finished with me. “You guys drinking tonight? I saw some bottles when he tried to smuggle them in past mom” her voice low as if she were a traitor plotting the king’s downfall and her life would be at risk from speaking those words. Course in this house, it very well might have been.

I swallowed hard, unsure what her next request would be, perhaps it would be a small 'have fun', or the dreaded 'I'm telling'. “Yeah, whats a farewell party without party favors” I answered hesitantly. I studied her face carefully, there was still time to hide it and deny all involvement if she wanted to get back at Rick for something by telling his parents. Her response instead surprised me slightly, a calm and almost naughty “Can I join you then?” her voice rang back, but I nearly had to ask her to say it again as disbelief stole my mind. I had known this girl many years, never once had I ever recalled hearing about her being in trouble for getting drunk, or breaking curfew. I knew she wasn't entirely innocent, however this still struck me as out of character.

My mind instinctively wanted to scream no, why would we want her interrupting our party? A part deep inside me insisted to agree however. The dirty, and hopeful male side of me thought that just maybe alcohol would help loosen her thighs and give me access to that sweetness that was hiding between. “I suppose Lucy, but you can't tell your parents, and you had better not bug us” I said sternly, authoritatively. We were all basically the same age, but I had always treated her like my younger sister.

With an over excited smile she now dragged me to the stairs, which was fine by me as it gave me a nice look at her perfect little ass in her shorts as I dawdled behind enjoying the view. As we reached the room she threw the door open and took place on Rick's bed while I took my seat beside him in the two recliners that sat entirely to close to the TV. “Lucy, you know the rules, out of my room” Rick said calmly in that 'I shouldn't have to tell you again' tone of voice.

I cut her off before she could plead her case “It's ok, I said she could join us” I started out matter of factly, before leaning over and whispering to him just low enough to be inaudible as far as she was away “She saw you bring it in, we don't want your parents crashing the party” I spoke as if that was my only reason for wanting her here. His reply was little more than a sigh as he handed me the controller and a plastic cup of vodka and orange juice. “Alright Lucy, you can hang with us, just don't be loud” he said asserting the authority of HIS room. She agreed and grabbed a cup pouring herself one, I noted it was heavy on vodka, she was definitely not one to mix drinks.

After many, many rounds of an assortment of games, from shooters to action games, and several amusing drinking games mostly of the 'If you die take a drink' variety we were all feeling pretty loose, and the room was spinning a bit more than normal after hours of gaming. “Alright, I gotta piss, I'll be back” Rick stated as he slowly rose to his feet and stumbled carefully out of the room and the distinct thuds of falling into the wall echoed back every few feet. Lucy quickly stole the chair and the controller. “My turn while hes gone” she slurred slightly as she started the next round.

After a longer than expected gun slinging war between the two of us, Lucy had thoroughly surprised me with her gaming abilities, if I had known she liked this stuff before she could have joined us more often. I still managed to win, but as the match timer flashed at the end, I realized Rick had been gone about 25 minutes. I may not time Rick's bathroom habits, but that seemed long even for being drunk. I started to stand but Lucy caught my arm again and pulled me back into my seat. She wasn't terribly strong, but the alcohol mixed with surprise gave her the edge of my lack of balance and I came crashing back down.

As I turned to face her she spoke before I could ask why she did that “So it's so horrible playing games with me you have to go drag my brother back?” she asked slightly offended. My look changed to puzzled as I formulated the best way to explain it wasn't like that. “I just wanted to make sure he didn't fall down the stairs, you're actually really good, it was fun” I confessed as I sank back into my original position in the chair. “I play a lot when he's out, gives me something to do when I'm bored and my friends are busy” she admitted to me, something I don't think me or Rick knew about her. “Is it just me or is it hot in here?” she asked suddenly. I would have taken that as a come on, except she was flushed and her face had a slight glow of perspiration.

It was either the alcohol or me realizing this would be the last chance I would get my lips parted and words slipped out before I could contain them. “Well you could take your shirt off” I commented as if it was as natural as breathing. Her look was confused for a split second, then she couldn't hold back a smile as she shook her head at me. “You would like that wouldn't you?” she answered back in a sweet and playful tone. As I was about to open my mouth and deny it, she reached down and slid her shirt quickly up over her body and past her head before adjusting her dark hair back into order. She sat there next to me now, in modest but short shorts, and a tight white bra. The beast in my pants noticed too as it slowly hardened.

She leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes, slowly fanning herself with her slender hands, trying to cool the fire the alcohol had lit within her body. This made matters worse as the position stuck her glistening chest out, and I could not tear my eyes away no matter how much will power I exerted. Even as her eyes opened and caught my gaze locked on her breasts. “Jon-Jon my eyes are up here” she stated plainly, and as my vision shifted up to her face she was merely smiling. “I wasn't trying to seduce you, but maybe I should, since you've been stealing glances for this long without making a move” she said almost coldly, as if I should have been this whole time.

“You have an amazing tits” I spouted randomly the mixture of hormones, alcohol, and fear turning my brain to jelly. Thankfully the comment only made her chuckle, her fingers slipping under the straps of her bra and pulling them down her arms until it held those perky breasts up like a strapless, at least for a moment or two before she slid it down her body letting them fall free, not that they had far to fall as they almost defied gravity, her small pink nipples hard in her heat. I could only swallow hard and stare again. This was far from the first pair I had ever seen, but it was the best by a long shot, my hand acted on it's own, reaching over to let my fingers wrap around her perky tips, pinching them loosely in my grip. I was all in now, and her reply put much of my fear to rest as she bit her lip and moaned softly at my touch.

I placed my other hand on the back of the recliner, pushing her back until she was laying down, my face inching closer to hers as I enjoyed the response her body offered for my efforts. I quickly realized it wasn't just my fingers that were driving her wild as I glanced down to admire her body only to find her thighs parted, and her fingers busy stroking her wet little pussy through her jeans. I could feel my cock pushing almost painfully against my pants as I reached my maximum hardness. My teeth clenched to ignore the pain as I shifted to adjust my hips to find a more comfortable spot, that spot happened to be in her hand as she reached her free hand over to grope my hardness. As her fingers felt the bulge her eyes slipped open, slightly surprised. I'm far from a giant but I could tell she was happy with what she was feeling.

She bit her lip and began running her fingers from tip to base through my jeans “Glad you let me drink with you now?” she asked before quickly adding “Because I am”. I nodded slowly in agreement before my head fell back and my eyes shut, moaning deeply at her touch. Quickly I slipped into the chair next to her, my hands moving to unbutton and unzip my pants, letting my 7 inches hang free, her greedy hand quickly wrapping around it and stroking it slowly. In return I undid her shorts and slipped a hand into them, my fingers feeling her wetness, she was dripping, drenched, hungry. As my finger slid across her clit before sliding inside, a loud moan escaping her lips and into my ear as I pressed my lips to her nipple kissing the tip before taking the tiny pink rock into my mouth and sucking it, my tongue flicking it passionately.

Her hand left with no distraction wrapped into my hair holding my head firm at her nipple, refusing to let me leave it. “Mmm yes, just like that, they are really sensitive” she whispered between quick gasps that came in perfect time with my finger sliding in and out of her. Just as her body started to buck against my finger and her gasps and moans border lined screams she pulled away, shook her head and stood up, going to Rick's bed. “I want to cum with you inside me” she said, almost shyly as she sat down on the soft bedding and licked her fingers that had wrapped around my cock.

I quickly stood up, letting my pants fall off of me as I moved over to the bed, laying down beside her as my fingers ran across her body, exploring those sweet curves, and letting my rough fingers brush across her delicate nipples which sent a chill down her body. She responded by sliding down off the bed and kneeling between my legs, her lips connecting with my thigh, kissing, nibbling at the meat of my leg, her nails digging in to my hips and leaving scratches down my leg as she inched closer and closer to my cock with her mouth. I could feel her cheek brush against my sensitive member, a subtle reminder of how close her warm mouth was to swallowing me whole.

Her lips pressed against it, wet with her saliva as it slowly slid up and along my shaft, leaving a shiny trail along the way, lubricating me before she took the head into her mouth and slid down taking nearly all of me into her, sucking softly at first as her hand moved down to my balls slowly massaging them as she coaxed my cum to fill her mouth. I had to thank the alcohol for so much right that moment, for one, it helped lead up to this moment of enraging the nympho within this dark haired vixen. Secondly it gave me the stamina I needed to resist the urges my body had to see her face soaked in my cream, instead insisting I wait until I could slide into a different set of warm wet lips before finishing.

I could feel her tongue wrapping around my cock like her hand had before, caressing it and stroking it up and down with her tongue, her lips, the feeling driving me insane as my moans got louder and louder. She must have sensed how close I was getting as she sucked me better than any girl I've ever been with, but slowly she pulled her head away releasing my manhood from grip and climbing back onto the bed. “It's a good thing you stopped, that was amazing and I was about to lose it” I confessed still feeling the warmth of her mouth even after the separation. She did not say anything, she merely slid her shorts and panties off giving me the sweetest sight of her bald, juicy pussy, then placed a thigh on either side of my head and lowered her dripping wetness onto my face. I eagerly complied with her request and licked slowly from her clit back to her hole and inside, slowly probing and tasting her delicious honey.

The moans slipping past her lips told me I was doing a good job, as did her hips grinding harder against my face. Her hand wrapped around my cock squeezing and stroking it in time with my licks. My tongue shivered as I moaned hard into her pussy, a moan that would have otherwise been a scream if not muffled by her silky wet folds. She must have liked the feel of me moaning because she quickly bent down and slipped the tip of my dick into her mouth again urging louder, and stronger moans from me. Every movement of our bodies in tune, each moan drawing a response from the other causing heightened pleasure and deeper groans of lust from us both as we ground and sucked our way closer and closer to orgasm. My tongue dove deep into her very tight hole, I could feel her squeezing around my tongue fucking herself with it like it was a massive cock filling her hole.

She pulled away frantically, panting, so close to the edge she could barely hold it back as she sat there on all fours struggling to find air and contain herself. While she fought for control over her body, I decided she had held the reigns long enough, I reached over to Rick's nightstand and retrieved the handcuffs he kept there as a paperweight more than anything. Police issue, I still need to tell Rick's cousin thank you for the awesome gift. I latched her left wrist quickly, which caused her to turn and look back at me, squirming to get away, but unable to voice her protest. She was enjoying having control, and had not anticipated me taking over in her moment of weakness. She did not fight hard though and with little effort her second wrist was locked behind her back with the first.

I climbed into position, letting the tip of my cock find her entrance as I mounted her from behind holding the cuffs firmly in my hand. She buried her face into the pillow knowing all to well what was to come soon, and I did not disappoint as I slid inch after inch into her, even through the pillow I could hear her screams as I felt her stretch around me, eased by her inhumanly wet pussy. Once I felt my balls slap against her wet little clit I began to slide out slowly, giving her time to adjust before abruptly stopping halfway and slamming in again causing her to writhe and scream.

My thrusts began to speed up, applying more force, enough to rock her body with each impalement as her face was smothered into the pillow until I pulled her back by the cuffs against my cock going just a bit deeper with the help. That extra was bit was all that was needed as her body convulsed and her pussy tightened and milked my cock as wave after wave of orgasm overtook her. It was enough to drive a man wild as I barely held my ground, fucking in rhythm with each contraction of herself around me cause a second round of body rippling orgasm to rock her core. That was all I could handle, her screaming, tight, sweet body was trying to suck me dry and there was nothing left I could do to hold out as I pulled myself swiftly from her wetness just as stream after stream of my cream coated her perfect ass.

I slowly reached for the keys and unbound her, but her arms stayed firm where they were, unaware of the change as I slowly slid from the bed, barely able to walk in my drunken and orgasmic state, I pulled my pants on and moved into the hallway, where in plan sight Rick was unconscious in the bathroom, snoring. Thank you Rick, I knew you were my best friend for a reason. I returned to the room and helped her clean up with my shirt, and we curled up on his bed.

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