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Best Massage Alive Part I

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I never thought I would ever get a 'massage' like this...

Sometimes after work, I would always be so tired and my whole body would be swore and aching. So I would go to the massage parlor near my work area to get a nice full body massage before I head home. Ever since the first day I went to the massage parlor I had a somewhat old aged woman, Catherine, who was an expert masseuse to massage me. However, one day when I got there, the front desk told me, "I'm sorry miss, but Catherine had just retired a few days ago."

I was so upset not getting my usual massage; I was extremely tired that day, "Well, um is there another masseuse that can do my massage today? I'm so swore all over, I really need one., please"

The front desk lady checked her computer and said, "Well, we are quite full tonight, but if you wait for a while, one of Catherine's best understudy, Alex, will be available to provide you the service. Why don't you head on in and change into your robe for now, miss?"

I headed into the changing area, I stripped myself bare, took sometime checking out my nice toned, fine body in the mirror and then got into one of the nice Egyptian-cotton robes. Afterwards, I headed on into my usual massaging room and waited there for my new masseuse, Alex.

I heard a knock on the door and I said, "Come in." In came this tall, dark hair, piercing green eyes boy. His body seemed so perfect judging by that tight shirt of his. I could see his abs muscles were so ripped, even without flexing. His arm muscles were toned just right. He had a smile on and said, "Well, hi there, I'm Alex, and you are..."

" Tracy " I suddenly blurted out. My eyes could not get over how hot this guy looks.

"Well then, Tracy , today you are here for a full body massage yes?", Alex said with a smile.

"Mm Hm.", I nodded as my eyes still stared, shocked at his perfectness.

"Well then, Tracy , why don't you take off your robe and lie down on the massaging table." he said as he gestured me to the table.

I was taking off my robe half way, when then I froze and quickly put it back on again. I don't know why but I was blushing so much!

"I promise I'll look away", Alex smiles, "I'll go get the massaging oils ready, just get on the table when you're ready, Tracy."

As he went to go sort out the massaging oils, I quickly took off my robe, got on the table, and laid a towel on my ass area. As soon as I was comfortable on the table, Alex came back and already laid his hands over my back giving me a nice warming up massage.

His hands felt sooo good all over my back. It was warm, not sweaty, but just nice and warm. The strength he used on my back was not too hard, but it gave me some nice pressure.

"Can you possibly work on my legs today, Alex? I've been walking all day, running errands and things, my thighs are killing me."

"Sure thing,  Tracy " he said with such a nice voice.

I heard him open a bottle of massaging oil and placing it over his palms. He then placed his hands all over my thighs and gave me a nice warm massage there. He was rubbing it so nice I kept on going, "Higher please. Oh yes. Right there. Oh, Alex. Higher, higher!" His hands got so high up my thighs that it got me so excited that he was so close to my pussy. I could feel my pussy getting hot. I could feel myself getting turned on. I was about to let out a little moan, but I gripped my teeth and tried to held it in. However, when I did that, I suddenly spread my two legs further apart and Alex's hands accidentally slipped in and were touching in between my legs, right next to my pussy.

"Oh, I am so sorry, Tracy . My hands I...."

I got up completely forgetting the awareness of being naked, "Nonono, Alex. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have just suddenly spread my legs. I'm so sorry." I was so embarrassed, I was completely red, "Alex, I guess I should leave..."

I was about to walk over and get my robe back on when suddenly Alex had placed his two hands around my waist from behind and whispered in my ear, "I'm so sorry Tracy. It's really my bad. I was so distracted by you. You're beauty had completely taken me over. Please. Let me make it up to you. This massage will be on the house. I promise I won't let you leave here unsatisfied." He was breathing stronger and stronger as he pulled me towards him more, his hands were going down on my waist.

I let out a little moan by all the excitement, "Ok, Alex". I smiled and he turned my head to kiss me softly on the lips. I couldn't help myself and kissed him back. His hands were touching all over my bare body. We couldn't let go of each other. He stopped, stared deep into my eyes and said, "You wanna have the best satisfying 'massage' of your life?"

"Yes baby, I'm all yours." I grinned. He picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him. He slipped his tongue down my throat, and placed me back on the massaging table, climbing on top of me....

to be continued..

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