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Bestfriend to sexfriend

This is a short story about my new recent 'fuckbuddy'. Hope you enjoy!
My name is Amy. My bestfriend, who also happens to be my new recent ‘fuck buddy’, is Joey. We have known each other since the 7 th grade. All through high school we were quite flirtatious with each other, but never once acted upon it. Until now.

I’m 18, and he just recently turned 19. On his birthday he asked me to go to the beach with him. So I made sure I had a nice clean shaven pussy, and then I put on the sexiest bikini I own. It’s skanky, and hot pink, and it's thin enough that when my nipples get hard, anyone can see them, which makes me wet just knowing Joey will be scoping me out all day. I have perky C cup breasts, a thin stomach and big hips with a nice plump round ass.

For some reason I could almost tell that today would be the day that me and Joey were going to act upon this built up flirtatious frustration we had with each other.

Joey is 6’1, muscular, and I’ve seen his 8 inches of manhood quite enough over the years (by accident) to know that it looks delicious. I have masturbated countless times to the thought of that thick hard huge cock pounding my pussy.

When Joey picked me up I was wearing a cute pink sundress that came just long enough to cover my ass. When I got in the car Joey told me that I looked especially sexy today. He often gave me these cute little compliments, but today it made my heart race. He was only wearing a pair of blue swim trunks. Immediately I could see his cock growing. My pussy began to leak at the sight. The car ride to the beach is about 20 minutes. At one point he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing my leg. I was actually hoping that he might end up seeing or feeling my sopping wet pussy. I was aching for his touch.

We finally arrived at the beach and found a nice quiet spot on some rocks, it was beautiful. We set up our towels, and I began to take off my dress. I asked him if he could unzip me. When my dress fell to my feet, he turned me around, looked me up and down, said a simple ‘mm’ and ran off into the water. I stood there, my pussy aching for him, my nipples rock hard, and my mind was reeling with the things I wanted to do to him.

I ran into the water after him, we played around and laughed. I swam up and wrapped my legs around the front of him, clinging to him. Thankful that we were in water, so he wouldn’t know how wet I was for him. Just as I was thinking that, he slid his hand from my knee up to the bottom of my bathing suit. I stopped breathing, staying completely still. Then he pushed me away, at the same time pulling off my bottoms and swimming away laughing.

The feeling of the ice cold water, all over my naked pussy was making me horny as ever. I decided I was going to get his hard cock. I swam deep down, until he couldn’t see me, and then pulled down his shorts. Letting them drift away. As I was swimming up I grabbed onto his thick and to my surprise, extremely hard cock, jerking it slightly and then coming out of the water. Just as I hit the surface he grabbed my face and shoved his tongue in my mouth, loving finally having the attention from him I craved I wrapped my legs around him and moved my tongue with his. I could feel his huge cock rubbing against my pussy and ass the whole time.

He must have been able to tell how badly I wanted him, because slowly he touched my clean shaven pussy.

‘Oh, I like a clean shaven girl,’ he said with a wink. 

I couldn’t even talk I was so filled with lust for him. I reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking it slowly, secretly wishing my pussy was milking that cock. Finally he began frantically rubbing my clit, driving me insane, and then he pushed a finger in me, causing me to moan his name. Then he put two in, and then three. With one finger on his other hand he was slowly rubbing the tight pink star of my ass. I was going crazy, just then I moaned so loud and came all over his fingers. He took his hand out the water and shoved them in my mouth, loving the familiar taste of my own pussy. I sucked them clean and winked at him.

‘I want you so bad Amy, let me show you what I can really do.’ Just then he grabbed me, picked me up and ran up to where our towels were. He laid me down and began to stroke my nipples through the thin material.

‘Rip it off me baby,’ I said in my most seductive voice. 

He tore my thin bikini top off and began to frantically suck on my nipple, pulling on the other one. I was rubbing his cock as his pre-cum leaked all over my hand. I wanted to suck all of that pre cum off of him.

‘Let me suck it, I want to feel you fucking my throat, Joey,' I begged. 

‘You wanna feel my huge cock at the back of your throat baby? So you can be my little personal whore? Get on your knees,’ he demanded.

Oh how I got so horny when he called me whore, and told me what to do. I was immediately up on my knees, completely naked ready to take my new fuck buddy's cock to the back of my throat. He stood up and started jerking off his cock, right in front of my face. God I wanted to taste him, feel his pre-cum on my tongue, have him fill my mouth with his cum. I was moaning, and rubbing my clit frantically.

‘Ready to suck my cock baby?’ he teased, still jerking his cock, showing me what I could have. 

‘Mm yes, come here,’ I pouted, wishing the teasing would end. 

He stepped a little closer, rubbing my hair, then he grabbed onto it and forcefully shoved his big cock into my mouth, I nearly choked on it trying to take it all in my mouth. I soon got the feel for it, and began to suck and lick all over, moving my tongue up and down his shaft, sucking on his wonderfully pink head.

‘I'm going to fuck your dirty little whore mouth, and empty my cum down your throat.’

All I could manage to get out was a faint murmur. He had both hands stabilizing my head, making sure I couldn’t move my face, he then began to thrust his big cock into my mouth, over and over until I heard him grunt and I finally tasted my bestfriend's cum, the cum I’ve been dreaming about tasting for quite some time.

He collapsed beside me and told me that was the best BJ he’d ever gotten. But he wanted more.

‘I want to fuck that tight little pussy of yours, until you're screaming my name, and then I want to fuck that sweet virgin ass.’

To be continued...

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