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Bestfriends Forever

Two bestfriends that are in love
This is a true story

Shizz and I have been best friends for 11 years. We’ve been through everything together. We’ve gone from friends, friends with benefits, dating, lovers, relationship, back to friends with benefits. That’s where it pretty much stopped. I don’t think we can ever go back to just being friends. Probably because he’s still in love with me and I’m still in love with him. I’m looking forward to seeing him this Christmas. I am so excited. I haven’t seen him since he moved to North Carolina to be with the rest of his family. He’s been down there for 5 years…after the 4 th year he stopped begging me to move down there. I remember the night before he left when he was crazy drunk and he was begging me to leave the next morning with him. He wanted me to drop everything and move to North Carolina with him. I probably would’ve done it too. Until, common sense hit me. After he called me 2 weeks ago, to tell me he was coming I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. I have been so busy with work that I haven’t had time to call him regularly like I used to.

Last night while in bed, are stating thinking about all the times we’ve spent together. It was so funny, last year he came to visit and we spent the day together. We went to church and afterwards he came to see my 1 st apartment. I was so excited and so happy to have him there. We started watching TV and talking about old times. He looked at me and before I could say anything, he kissed me. His lips were so soft and his taste was so sweet. His hands were on my cheeks guiding my head with his as he was kissing me breathless. He began to move hands down and underneath my blouse. He began to play with my breast. Squeezing, rubbing and pinching. His thumb kept brushing over my nipple making it hard to the touch. I was getting so aroused that I began getting wet. Before I knew it we were both half dressed lying on the bed kissing like a couple of teenagers. He breaks the kiss and looks at me lovingly while touching my face. I realize just how much I love him and just how much I miss him and I need to show him desperately. I glide down his body taking his boxers off with my teeth. I look at his 7 ¾ inch manhood (yeah I measured) standing at full attention. It looked so beautiful and suffering for my lips.

I took it in my hand and watched the pre-cum ooze from his tip. I licked my lips and took him in my mouth. The pre-cum tasting so good, without wasting any time I took him all the way in. I heard him do a slight groan as his manhood touched my tonsils and hanged down my throat (I’m blessed with no gag reflex). His hands find my head to help direct me with my strokes. His manhood is so wet and so hard before I know it he flips my legs around and he’s eating my pussy. I lift my head up and properly sit on his face while I stroke his manhood. He’s pushing his tongue in and out my whole and licking my clit in figure 8’s. I’m grinding my hips to his tongue strokes and I squirt my juices on his face. Shizz is a little startled because he’s never had a squirter before. He’s so startled that he begins rubbing my large booty. I get up and let him clean himself off. I bend over to fix the bed and he comes up behind me and shoves his manhood inside of me. It hurts a bit because I’m so tight, but it feels so good. As he begins to stroke, I feel myself getting wetter and my walls getting tighter. He moans in pleasure as he begins to stroke a little faster and smack my booty. At this point he is damaging my pussy and has me screaming like a new born baby. My beautiful memory is interrupted by a phone call.

At this point I am so turned on that I get a towel, my electronic toothbrush and the tightest shirt I can find. I lay the towel on the bed and put on the shirt wrapping it around my neck and right breast. I turn the toothbrush on to its highest setting and press it to my clit rubbing in small circles. I begin thinking about Shizz and how his manhood damaged my pussy. I feel the intensity of wanting to pee and squirt my juices all over my bed. I begin moaning in pleasure as I rub my clit to an orgasm. As I think about him sucking and playing with my nipples, I begin to suck my own nipple. I’m getting so turned on that I begin biting, nibbling, slobbering and blowing on my nipple. I feel myself reaching the edge so much that I take the toothbrush off my clit and put it in my pussy and I began rubbing my clit. I began massaging my G-spot so much that I squirted all over my hand. I’m rubbing my clit so hard, stroking my pussy so deep and thinking about Shizz pleasuring me that I explode all over my hands wetting half my bed. I guess I will be sleeping on the couch tonight. I can’t wait till Christmas!

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