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Better Than Any Dream

A dream turns into reality
Gentle fingers trap my ankles and pull gently, separating my legs and leaving me wide open. You kneel between my thighs. Licking your lips, anxious to devour the woman before you. You’re bending over me, stretching my arms above my head. ”Stay,” you whisper as you emphasized the soft command by pressing my hands into the mattress. I shiver and my tummy flips as you describe in detail all the things you want to do to me. I can feel your erection against my mound as you gently rock above me.

”Wake up, baby girl,” you say. But I just groan and bury my cheek deeper into the pillow.
 I’m not ready to start another day. Not after the dream I just had. I open my eyes and see
 that it’s still dark outside. Happy with the knowledge I want to go back to sleep. Rolling to
 my side I feel my arms tied to the bed above my head. Startled, I realize that in fact it isn’t
 dark anymore but that I’m blindfolded. I can feel the morning sun shining through the
 window onto my naked body.

I realize that I haven’t been dreaming at all, just incorporating reality with sleep. I start to panic, my heart thuddering as I try to move, but I can’t even wiggle so much as an inch. A feather-like touch tickles my left breast, making my skin break out in goose bumps. I hear your soft chuckle as you tell me to relax. The feather, at least I think it is one, strokes over my exposed neck like a lover’s caress, soothing me despite my fears. Your fingers trail a blazing path down my throat, along the valley between my breasts, pausing to circle my aerolas. Your fingernails scrape gently across my abdomen and stop to dip into my belly button. I suck in a breath at the exquisite feeling. My face grows red as I smell my arousal.

”So soft. So smooth,” you say as your hand moves even lower over my shaven mound. I want you to touch my clit. Wanting your fingers inside, to make me come. But you stop and I can feel you move over me.

You‘re kneeling over me. I can smell you just inches away from my face. I realise what you have in mind, even before you tell me to open my mouth. My tongue moves over the tip of your cock. Tasting the pre-cum gathering there. Circling around it in slow strokes. Nippling up and down your shaft. Licking at your balls before I slowly suck them inside my hot mouth. I love the feel of you. The feel of your hard cock against my throat as I take as much of you in as I can. While I suck on your cock, I can feel two fingers entering me. The intrusion makes me moan around your cock. Feeling the vibrations on it. Realizing you get harder still. You start setting a pace for your fingers and cock. With every thrust of your cock in my mouth you retreat your fingers from my dripping cunt.

My climax rises as you continue this assault on my senses. My tongue licks over the top of your cock. Wanting to taste more of you. Hearing you curse, as my tight throat muscles milk your cock, puts me over the edge. I’m cumming. My lips around your cock. My moans vibrating getting you higher and higher. I want you to come in my mouth but you are already pulling out.
"Enough. I don’t want to come yet. I need to be inside you when I do.”

"Stay,” you tell me just before you leave the bed. I can hear you moving around the room. A drawer opens and I can only imagine what you’re looking for. You return to the bed, placing the items next to me. I have no idea what you’re planing to do; I just hope it has something to do with my earlier dream.

You don’t give me time to catch my breath. No time to prepare, no hesitant licks or gentle kisses to my thighs. You dive into my pussy, your tongue parting the bare curves, your lips moving over my clit and proceeding to drive me insane. My cries shatter the room as I arch to you. My thighs falling apart as you push at them, your hands moving between my thighs before I feel you lifting my hips higher, shoving a pillow beneath them.

I thrash beneath you as your tongue whips over my cunt, licking, stroking, circling my clit and teasing me, as I feel something pressing against the entrance to my ass.

"On my shoulders,” you growl, lifting my feet until they rest on your broad shoulders, leaving me completely open to you.

Your mouth works over my flesh with devastating results. You suck at my clit, your tongue flickering until I tighten, so close to orgasm I can feel the ripples beginning in my womb.
You pull back.

”No, damn you.....,” I cry out raggedly, then my back arches, my tied hands try to hold onto something as I feel the first circular ball of the anal wand sink inside me.

Your tongue plunges inside my weeping pussy again, pumping erotically, erratically, sending my senses spinning as you lick at the tender walls. My nerve endings clashed, blazed. Again you pull back.

”Rich.....” I wail your name, pleading.

The wand sinks in several more degrees, stretching me further as the rounded balls it consisted of grow larger.

”Hot, sweet, little pussy,” you growl, licking through the slit, tonguing the fold as you blow several warm, heated pulses of air toward my clit. "There, sweet baby. You like this?”

My feet press into your shoulders as I lift, fighting to get closer. Your tongue begins to rim the entrance to my vagina, flickering over the opening, lapping at the juices falling from me.

You are teasing me to death.

The wand slips in further, sending fire through my anus as it begins to stretch wider, to send a startling mix of pleasure/pain through me. My pussy spasms as I cry out, my voice rough, strange even to my own ears.

”How pretty.” You ease back, sinking the wand inside me one degree deeper as I jerk in your grip. ”That sweet bare pussy is intoxicating, Kate. All silky and slick.” You lick at the folds again, causing me to jerk with pleasure. ”We’re going to see how much of that wand you can take.” I can hear you smile when you say, ”then I’m going to fuck you Kate. I’m going to sink inside your pussy, and it’s going to be hotter, tighter, so fucking tight I’ll have to work in slow and easy.....”

I’m going to come from your words alone. I shudder, cry out as the wand eases in another notch. I’m lost in sensations that are building, one upon the other, streaking through my nerve endings, blazing out of control as I fight the increasingly desperate need for orgasm. An orgasm you hold just out of reach.

”Pretty baby,” you whisper, leaning forward to suck my clit into your mouth, to tongue it gently as I twist in your hold. ”There you go, princess. Just let it feel good.”

I lose my breath as the wand sinks in further, stretching me, burning me, as your head moves lower, your tongue plunging into my pussy. A gasp leaving my lips as I feel your tongue stretching me. The knobby extension in my rear is pressing into my pussy, making me tight, snug.

You chuckle, the sound of dark hunger. ”Oh yeah, darling. I think we’re ready now.”

Removing the blindfold from my eyes, you crawl over my body. Pausing at my breasts, your lips and tongue are tormenting my hard nipples as the head of your cock brushes against my pussy. Breathing brokenly, my senses dazed, I move against the heat and hardness pressing against me as the firm tugs of your mouth at my nipples send agonizing pleasure to my clit.

You steal my breath, moving from my breasts to my lips, your teeth tugging at the lower curve as you fill my vision.

”Ready, baby?” The flared, too-wide head of your cock pressing against the entrance to my cunt. The folds part slowly before wrapping around the wide crest. You pause.

”Let me taste your kiss, Kate. Give me your lips, baby,” you whisper.

I can taste myself, a sweet taste that clings to your lips and to your tongue as you kiss me with such gentleness I can feel it sink into my heart.

”I love you, Kate,” you whisper against my lips.

I scream, bucking against you begging you to untie my arms. As soon as they are free, and despite the pain in them, I hold onto your shoulders as you begin to work your cock inside me. Fire, a blazing conflagration of sensation, pleasure/pain, heat and hardness works slow and easy inside me, shifting the wand embedded in my ass even as you fill my pussy.

”Oh God. Rich..... Rich..... More.” I’m stretched on a rack of sensation, violent, intense, pushing me close, so close to orgasm my womb is rippling with it. So close but not yet.

You push inside me, retreat, thrusting deeper with each impalement until I shake, shudder, so filled with you that I’m certain you penetrated my soul.

”There, baby.” You’re in me to the hilt, throbbing, hot, blistering me with passion and need. Lust is spinning through my dazed senses as I whimper, cry. ”Here we go, darling.” You kiss my lips again, a slow benediction of feeling before your hips shift and you begin to move.

You begin slowly. Slow and easy, working inside me with each thrust as I strain closer to release. Within minutes you are moving faster, harder, testing the limits of my arousal, my pleasure, holding me on the edge, making me wait until my legs lift further, wrapping your hips and I plead.

”Fuck me, Rich. Fuck me hard. And fast and deep...and... Oh. God.”

I’m gone. There isn’t just me any longer. My screams fill my head, or are they yours, as you begin to pound inside me, shuttling in and out, jackhammer strokes that pierce my senses.

My orgasm is violent. It slices through me. It burns me. It shocks every bone and muscle in my body. It shatters my mind, sweeps through me with the force of a tornado. Stars explode in front of my eyes, sweeping through my mind. It leaves me drifting in a haze of harsh, violent aftershocks. The feel of you shuddering above me, the heated pulse of your seed blasting inside me, triggers a bone-wracking tremor, a startled whimper, before coming back down from this earth shattering lovemaking.

I hear you whisper but can’t make out the words. Exhausted I open my eyes framing your face with my hands.

”I love you,” I say before pulling you to me and sealing my words with a kiss.

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