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Big And Beautiful Part III

I was so lost in ecstasy that I almost didn't notice that we were being watched.
The minute we got back out to the main party, we ran intoChristine. She was drunk, I could tell already, she took a long look at me and smiled her ass off.

“Sooooo! My pretty little Maya got her brains fucked out, eh? Nice job! I told you May, he wanted you. I fucking told you!” Before she could say anymore, or I could yell at her for embarrassing me, she got pulled away by Brad Murray, the bass player in the band and her boyfriend. “See ya, sexies!!” I stood frozen and Damien looked at me and laughed.

“What?” I asked, I checked over myself, nothing seemed out of place. “What are you laughing at?” He stopped and grabbed my ass.

“Your face just now, you look so cute when you’re surprised. You want a drink?” I declined.

“Beer’s not my drink of choice, you should know that.” I teased, I’d been drunk around him before, all off of hard lemonades. “Besides, I wanna remember tonight.” We went and joined his friends, his hands never stopped touching me, and I could have sworn he had a hard on when he held me closer. He kissed my neck and whispered to me at about one am.

“We’ve only got another hour or two. How do you wanna spend it?” I responded by turning to him and kissing him hotly. Everyone else around us was either high, drunk, or also involved with someone. He took me around back and we began to tear off our clothes, Damien was quick to pull me on top and shove his huge cock in me quickly. He grabbed my hips and I held over his hands to help him hold me up while he thrusted his giant dick into me over and over. It was the greatest feeling, even better that a few hours ago when we’d done it back in the hotel room. I was certainly moaning a lot more, I had to try and keep it quiet so that we weren’t discovered. After a good ten minutes of that, he’d gotten a little winded, so I took over, bouncing on his dick. He seemed to enjoy watching my boobs flop and bounce all over the place. “Yeah baby, ride that dick, fuck yeah. Don’t stop!” Lucky for him, I couldn’t! I felt another orgasm building up inside me, and I wasn’t gonna stop till it took hold of me.

When my orgasm hit me, something released, I thought I’d peed myself, and I was beyond terrified. “Oh my God!” Damien was in shock. “I’m so so sorry!”

“You’re a fucking squirter?! Holy shit! That’s hot!” Alright then, I guess that’s not a bad thing then. He flipped me on my back and started going at me harder than he’d dared to before. I was lost in ecstasy. In fact, I had no time to worry though because as soon as I noticed, the both of us came. I screamed Damien’s name, and he pulled out to cum in my mouth. Damien noticed our audience only after a chorus of clapping went up from the side of the hotel where our fellow classmates had been watching us screw. I quickly fixed my clothes, putting away my exposed breasts and yanking my underwear back into place. And of course, they were soaked. Completely, uncomfortably soaked. Damien pulled his pants up and took my hand. We walked past them like they hadn’t just caught us having sex. He took me to my room, kissed me, and said goodnight. “I love you, and don’t worry about that. If they even remember it tomorrow, it’ll be old news as soon as we’re back home.”

“Alright. I love you, too. Night.” He left and I stole away into my room. Marie and Christine had beaten me back. Marie was in her pajamas watching TV, Christine was passed out on our bed. Figures.

“Hey, Maya, you look like you had fun.” She giggled.

“Chris told you, didn’t she?” Marie nodded and bust into a loud laugh. “I’m gonna shower, alright? Let me know when we get taped again.”

“Okay, you do that.”

I went into the bathroom and took a good long look at myself. I didn’t look the same, not at all. My eyes were crazy, and I just looked happier. One night of crazy sex, and now I’m happy? Is that even a thing? I dismissed the idea and turned on the shower. While the water heated, I undressed. My red, silk panties were soaked from me “squirting.” Figuring they would make the whole room smell like sex, I ran water in the sink and kind of hand washed them. Finally the water was just how I like it and I got in. Feeling the hot water flow over me was amazing. After cleansing myself, I lingered in the shower, thinking about tonight. Finally I could not help myself, I let my fingers wander south. While I teased my pussy, I let myself think that it was Damien. My thoughts wandered, and a moan slipped. It wasn’t too loud, but I tried not to do it again, sine Marie was still awake. I put one foot up on the edge of the tub and let my fingers do what came naturally. And I liked the result. My clit responded right away, and pleasure was already coming at me, full speed ahead. And now for once, without my hymen there to restrict me, I slipped two fingers into my wet cunt. Using my left hand to fuck it gently, and at the same time rubbing my clit with my right, I had an orgasm that nearly knocked me over. I shut the shower off and stepped out, drying off. I took care, dressing in my shortest pair of shorts and a cami before going to bed. I drifted off quickly, extremely tired.

Later that morning, I rose, perfectly refreshed. Christine was hung-over, and Marie was just her normal self. We managed to get Chris to breakfast okay, but she was miserable. Her and nearly every senior in the room. But somehow, our teachers never put two and two together, ironically. Either way, I was just happy when I saw that Damien was enticed by my out-of-character wardrobe. “So all it took was a dick in that tight little pussy to bring all this out?” He whispered.

“I guess so, yeah. Thanks.”

“I’m scared to know what’s gonna happen when we keep going.”

“I guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out, huh?”

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