Big and Beautiful Part IV

By PhatAndFabulous

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It was kind of trippy to realize that I would get to… study under him.
Getting back home to Jersey was nearly unbearable. They had kept us out all damn day doing the most pointless activities. Damien and I just hung out at each location, trying to make out without being caught. When time came to leave and head home for real, we were allowed to switch buses, and nearly every girl on my bus ran for the hills. Damien switched to my bus and we sat in the back, alone. It was nighttime, and I was set on napping a little bit. About an hour into the trip, the teachers were knocked out, I was nodding, but I couldn’t sleep.

“Hey,” Damien whispered. “You wanna have a little fun?” I shifted in my seat so that I was facing him.

“What did you have in mind?” He took the blanket I was wrapped in and made it so that it covered both of us. I heard his shorts unzip. “Oh. That’s what you had in mind.” I giggled and let my hand run over his thigh.

“Wait, you first.” In an effort to keep up my new façade of being “sexy” for him, I’d worn a skirt. It had quickly shown itself to be a great idea. Damien ran his hand up my leg and I moved them apart. He rubbed my pussy through my underwear for a little bit, I bit my lip to keep from moaning. When he moved them aside to put his hand into them, I couldn’t help it, one small, barely audible moan escaped. “Shhh.” He laughed.

“Damien, I can’t be silent. It feels too good. I can be quiet, but not silent.”

“Alright, well, try to be as quiet as possible, baby. Okay?” I nodded in compliance as he let his long fingers work my little cunt. He pressed his mouth to mine, which did help to muffle my moans even more.

“Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum, baby.” He pushed two fingers into my sopping wet cunt and I jumped a little bit. My mind was absolutely flooded with pure ecstasy and I loved it. He worked his fingers in faster, and I felt all the pleasure in my head flow straight to my pussy as I came hard. I exhaled sharply and kissed Damien again so that I could moan a little bit louder. “I love you. And now, baby, your turn.” He took his fingers out and sucked my juices off of them. I kissed him once more and ducked under the blanket. His soldier was standing at full attention, I licked the tip and he played with my hair. Slowly, I slid my lips down the side his shaft and used a hand to caress, and tickle his balls, very gently. I kissed the head, wet my lips, nibbled it a bit, and finally let his cock slip into my mouth, I went all the way down, slowly and teasingly. I continued slowly bobbing my head up and down his meat for a while as I played with his balls, I felt them tense up and Damien shot his load down my throat. I licked his cock on more time, then came up to find Mr. Brown right there, about to enter the bathroom. “Um… Hey.” I said.

“I know you’re teenagers, and your little hormones are raging, but how many times am I going to catch the two of you in the act? You’re going to ruin the images I have of you.” Damien started laughing, I slapped his chest.

“Sorry, but you should know once you get a girl that knows what she’s doing, it’s hard to stop doing it.” Dame said. Mr. Brown rolled his eyes. It seemed like they were sharing a joke, and I wasn’t in on it.

“The two of you come see me, once we get back home.”

“Kay.” Damien agreed. Mr. Brown went into the on-board bathroom and I looked at Damien.

“We are so fucked.”

As soon as we got off of the bus and retrieved our things, Mr. Brown ushered Damien and I into the school. “Are we in trouble?” I asked as we walked.

“No, don’t worry, you may actually like this a lot.” He led us to the locker room. “Now Damien, are you sure you still want this? There’s no turning back once we start.”

“I’m beyond sure Jim, you’re gonna thank me.”

“What the hell is going on here?” I asked looking around at the both of them. They just laughed. “Someone tell me, or I’m going home.”

“Not many people know, but Mr. Brown is my cousin, May.”


“Since I lost my virginity last year, when I was seventeen, we’ve been sharing girls. Whenever we start dating a girl, we share her one good time. I should have told you earlier, but I didn’t know how you’d react.”

“So what you’re saying is, if we keep dating, I have to fuck him?”

“Well, no, but it’s become sort of a tradition for us. And it only has to happen one time. It’s all up to you baby. Whether you want to do it now, or later. Just him, or the both of us. Anything you want to baby.”

“Fine. Since you said that. I want him, alone, during school.”

“Woah! You tryna get caught?!” Mr. Brown panicked.

“Maybe. But you said it was my choice. And that’s my choice. Take it or leave it.”

“You just had to pick a smart one, didn’t you, little fucker?” Mr. Brown cursed. It was great turn on.

“My bad, sorry for her being sexy and having a good head on her beautiful shoulders.” He rubbed my arms and kissed my neck. I giggled at the small tingling sensation. “You ready to go home, sweetie? I’ll drive you.”

“Kay, I gotta run to my locker and grab some stuff though. I’ve got a huge project due tomorrow.”

“Okay, you know my car right?”

“Yes, I’ll meet you there. Can you take my bags?”

“Of course. I don’t want my little miss lifting anything.” He kissed me tenderly and I ran off to my locker, thank God the gate was up. I took a bit of time making sure I had everything, then I rushed outside. Once in the car, Damien looked at me, smiled, and drove me home. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow. 6:45, okay for you?”

“Yeah, I’ll be ready. Bye, I love you.”

“I love you too. See you in the morning.” I came in, said hi to my parents, did my project quickly, and headed to bed. I had a big day ahead of me, and I was going to need my rest.

I woke up early and hopped in the shower, washing my hair. I let it stay wet and put something in it to make it curl. I dressed in my uniform, but tried to make it somewhat sexy. An orange polo, and a pair of black shorts. I dressed it up with jewelry and headed downstairs for a bite to eat. It was 6:30, I still had 15 minutes before Damien would be here to get me. I brushed my teeth a second time, started chewing a piece of gum, and made sure everything that I needed was in my bag. Finally, I heard a car pull up outside. I headed outside and smiled when I saw Damien there in his old Chevy pickup. As I got in, he laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I wondered.

“We match.” He was wearing an orange polo and black shorts too.

“Hmmm, well I guess the only difference is that I look better than you.” I laughed as I gave him a good morning kiss.

“Hahaha, little bitch.”


“I’d love to, but we gotta go.” He started up the car and we drove to the hell hole known as high school. We got there a little bit early and I slid over in his truck to lean against him, he put his arm around me and we started making out. We’d been going for a while when there was a knock on the window. It was our assistant principal.

“Hate to disturb, but it’s 7:05, kids.” Great, time to head inside, where I only have one class with Damien, and it doesn’t happen until the day is nearly over. But the good part, before that, I have a free period, and so does he. That’s when it will all go down. I still can’t believe that I’m going to have sex with the man who’s been my mentor for nearly five years, when I started in choir. It was kind of trippy to realize that I would get to… study under him. Damien walked me to my locker, and stayed with me until the bell rang for homeroom. I’d forgotten we kind of had that together too. We sat in our little corner of the choir room holding hands and talking. When the bell rang for first period, I dreaded leaving his side, but I had to. I went through P.E., history, theatre, Spanish, and lunch daydreaming about Damien. I lusted to feel him inside me again. Then I realized that now was the time for me to feel Mr. Brown. I excused myself from my lunch table and headed to Mr. Brown’s room down the hall. Damien and him were there, and no one else.

“Ready dear?” Mr. Brown asked. I nodded and went to him, “Damien, lock the door.” He tossed his keys to him. He turned all of his attention to me. He started with my shirt, lifting it above my head,

“Liking what you see, cousin?” Damien teased.

“Hell yeah, you always pick girls with tits, genius. My gosh you’re sexy, Maya.” I just smiled shyly at the compliment. He pulled off my shorts and my underwear then he kissed my pussy and rubbed it gently, I moaned softly under his touch. He came up and kissed my lips sweetly. He lifted me onto the desk and began to undo his black dress pants. He jerked off a little to make himself good and hard. If it was even possible, his cock was longer than Damien’s. He held it against my pussy with his thumbs and humped slowly against me, getting me wetter than I think I’ve ever been. I moaned, throwing my head back and shutting my eyes. He took advantage of that and thrusted into me. “Damn it! You’re tight as fuck. Damien, how’d you even last a minute? I feel like I’m gonna cum already!” He started fucking slowly, letting me feel him.

“It took a lot of control. I won’t lie though, I blew my load on impact when she started to give me head. I guess that’s why, I came a few times that night.”

“Nice, I shoulda rubbed one out before this.” He was already moaning and groaning as he pushed into me gaining a little bit of speed. I moaned out his name and grabbed onto him as he fucked me.

“Harder!” I demanded, he listened and began pounding me relentlessly, and mercilessly. My cunt was being attacked, and I had no clue how to react. All I could do was moan and climb up there on the scale. My voice was getting louder, and higher. I couldn’t contain it anymore, and I came blissfully, crying out. Mr. Brown gave up his control too, and he came deep in my little pussy. Thank God for birth control! I’d only been taking it to control my period, but now it really came in handy. “So, do you approve?” I asked, teasing.

“Oh hell yeah, you’ve got a keeper here dude.” He pulled out and I put my clothes back on, I went through the rest of the day full of his cum, and it was one of the biggest turn ons I’d ever experienced. I can’t imagine what the hell is going to happen to me next.