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Biggest Squirt Ever

Hubby's magic fingers make me squirt off bigger than ever!
Laying on my side in bed in that state when you just begin to regain consciousness and slowly begin to wake up I was thinking about many of the erotic stories I have written and feeling quite horny. Then I feel him stir and spoon up against my back. He reaches his arm around my torso and grabs my nearest breast. Slowly at first then a little faster he starts rolling my big now erect nipple between his thumb and index finger.

“Ahhhh, harder and pull on it” I sighed.

He does as I have asked and I feel my clit twitch and quiver.

In my not quite awake raspy voice I say “ohhhh don’t stop.”

He keeps rolling, pinching and pulling on my hard nipple sending tingling sensations straight to my horny pussy. All my coos and soft moans must spur his advances as he reaches down to my waiting eager pussy. I roll over on my back and part my legs wide to give him full access. He begins softly stroking my length of my smooth lips and sucking on my hard sensitive nipple.

“Is it all nice and wet for you?” I ask. 

He inserts a finger in my hot hole and says “Yes nice and wet like always.”

Another finger goes in and he hooks them both upwards rubbing my G spot. He knows exactly where it is and what to do. Up and down the rhythm begins. From rubbing my G spot to stroking my pink lips up to tweaking my clit over and over while still sucking my nipple hard. He knows how to get the angle just right to do all that with a single stroke of his magic fingers. Right away I feel it building. My pussy is on fire and the heat is radiating through my abdomen. My hips are responding in time urging him to stroke faster.

I let out a big groan and feel the walls of my vagina pulse and squeeze his fingers so hard. Then I feel it, all the hot juice running down the crack of my ass. I reach under myself and feel my ass and confirm the mess I am making.

“Oh crap I squirted there goes the sheets” I exclaim as I jump up to go retrieve a towel.

He snickers and says “Towel time for your juicy pussy!”

I run just steps away to the bathroom linen closet and get a towel and spread it on the bed to catch any further mess as it seems I’m extra juicy today. I lay back down on the bed returning to my original place, legs spread awaiting more magic fingers treatment. He wraps his legs around the leg I have closest to him pinning me down and continues his rhythmic assault on my hot, wet sex.

My horny hole is crying out for penetration as I gasp “Fuck me, fuck me!!!”

With his hooked fingers he begins moving up and down and in and out all at once. I’m cumming wave after wave feeling my hot juices running down the crack of my ass and it is getting stronger. All at once my hot juicy twat convulses so hard and long I can feel all the sweet girl cum ejaculating right out of me. I’m writhing on the bed legs jumping all over riding out my giant orgasm. Brushing his hand away I lay panting recovering from my exertion.

“That was the biggest squirt ever!” he says with an excited giggle in his voice being proud of his accomplishment.

He continued “The sheets are trashed you sprayed me all the way up my arm and chest almost up to my neck!”

I hopped up and sure enough puddles all over the bed from where my ass rested all the way to just below the pillows at the head of the bed. I quickly ripped the sheets off the bed to be laundered. He is covered in girl cum and heads for the shower with me following behind.

“Thanks for making me cum so good baby” I tell him as he showers.

What a way to start a Saturday. Now I’m so relaxed but I’ll be ready for round two this afternoon!!!

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