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Bike Trips

Sex on the Beach with a Goddess

By BjS

Being a bike fanatic, I have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors on many a motorcycle and due to my dad’s untimely passing away (bless his soul), left me as a rich man well looked after. Being free to roam the roads of beautiful countries when ever I want to, led me to many places where I could pitch my tent for a night or two, depending on what the next day would bring. That also brought me to the West Coast of South Africa to a small town where I decided to unpack my bike and pitch camp. It also brought me in contact with one of the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on and who had a sexual appetite that matched her beauty.


Post apartheid in South Africa made it possible for all to enjoy the country and the immaculate parking grounds of, what they call, caravan parks. These parks are run by local authorities or entrepreneurs and are normally close to the beach as well as being located in beautiful surroundings. This result is stunning and sensual surroundings where a person could live life to the fullest. The opening of all these parks led to a new and diverse population investing in tents and caravans to camp and coming out of hiding to show of their strut.


So, while unpacking my stuff, not much though, I started pitching my tent. I then saw her. She came flowing in on the road leading from the office. She was wearing a light flowery dress with thin shoulder straps, over shoulders that were well formed, as was the rest of her body. She was light tan skinned, as was the case with most coloured women, but not a dark brown as the traditional African women. She had raven black hair and big eyes with a perky little nose that was moulded into the face by a master, accentuated by strong cheek bones and white teeth. She was about 5’ 10” and carried her splendid body with a fierce hold of pride that nobody dared to look away from. Her eyes were large, but hazel shaped and all I could see was the white of the eyeball surrounding the iris with long sensual eye lashes. I would eventually see the iris colour of this goddess in very exciting circumstances. What attracted me most were her shapely legs coming from under the dress into narrow ankles. She was muscular, well toned and a beauty to die for. I could not look away and she saw me looking.


And she looked right back. It was like lightning struck me and I immediately got a sexual tension in my belly.   She held my eyes and I could not look away. I felt an immediate stirring in my leather biker trousers and images flashed through my mind of her naked. As she walked away, the dress swirled around her legs and gave me a hint of two full butt cheeks underneath. I was mesmerized by the way she walked away with hips swinging - she knew I was in her power. I could not think straight and had to concentrate hard on the tent to get the sexual tension out of my body.


I restarted to pitch my tent under a tree alongside dense bush that would keep the Cape South Easter wind from ripping my tent to shreds. I eventually got the tent up and settled in for the night that lay ahead. I slept like a log with the sea and the waves in my ears. That night I dreamt of a sex goddess taking me out to sea and fucking me slowly in every way possible. I woke up before I came in my sleeping bag and immediately grabbed my hard on with the intention to ease the pressure. But I thought that I might just need every ounce of energy in the days to come, as I then decided that I will be staying for a few days. I must see this girl again, touch her.


I was up early and went for a swim. The sea was icy cold as is the case with the Western Cape waters. I did not swim long and came out shivering. As I ran to my towel, I noticed a movement and saw her standing between the trees looking at me. I work out regularly in a gym, well build and stand 6’3” weighing in at 95 kilo’s with sufficient muscle to bench 150kg’s. Women notice me and I have had them say that I am a pleasure for the eye, especially those that had the opportunity to enjoy my full undivided attention. I have big hands that can message a women’s body with strength, but also with tenderness that creates wetness between legs without touching any private places. And I know them all...


I picked up my huge beach towel and tried to vigorously rub some heat into my body. I could feel her eyes on me and I again felt the electricity. I turned around to look at the trees where I last saw her and was shocked - she was only a few paces from me and looked like a goddess. Her eyes were the most beautiful hazel shape and the irises were light green. She was dressed in tight fitting running shorts with a tank top – and I could see she had nothing on under those. Her hair was lose and the breeze blew it around her face. Hell, I was immediately as hot as a soldering iron and my rod started pushing against my shorts.


Not looking at the growing bulge of my hard-on, she walked up to me with a smile on her full and sensual lips and stuck out her hand, as is the custom here, introducing herself as Linn. I stammered a hello and my name and took her hand to shake it. I could not let go. She pulled her hand away and in the process stepped a pace nearer to me and in perfect English said; “You must be cold – let me help to dry you.” She took the towel from me and dropped it to the ground. Her hands started to rub my chest with quick circular motions while telling me that the Atlantic Ocean is very cold this time of the year and not meant for swimming. I could not bear it any more and touched her shoulders with my hands. It was like an electric shock that went through me. She stopped her hands and rested them on my nipples. I then knew that we are destined for more than just a handshake. I pulled and pressed her body against me and felt her supple breasts with nipples fully erect through the material. She did not resist and pressed her strong body up against me. By this time I had a raging hard on and wanted to have her, feel her naked body against mine and I needed to taste her. Her breath on my cold chest was hot and she moved her mount so that it pressed into my cock. I almost came just from that movement. She pressed her full lips onto mine and we kissed with our tongues fighting each other in between breaths of lust.


We were alone on the beach, but any moment now somebody could come onto the beach and see us. We broke of kissing. She took my hand and pulled me after her into the trees where she turned around and again pressed herself onto me. I could not hold it any more. We were shivering from lust against each other. I once again pressed my salty lips onto her hot and wet mouth and our tongues again duelled in our mouths. I pulled her top over her head and she lifted her arms up high. As I pulled the top off, I saw that she did not wear a bra, as I thought, and stared at two beautiful breasts with erect nipples. I touched her breasts with my hands and pressed both nipples with my thumbs. She groaned and pressed up to my cock arching her back to let me touch her fully. I stroked her stomach with my one hand and pulled her back up to me. We locked lips in a kiss again. I stroked her back from the neck down to her pants up again alongside her sides and stopping on the soft mounts of flesh of her breasts that was now pressing into my chest. She grabbed my swimming trunks and pulled it of in one action– stepping on it to get it on the ground. I pushed my hands into the shorts feeling her glorious round butt cheeks and as I pushed the shorts down to the ground, I went on my knees in front of her. She stepped out and in doing so opened her woman hood. I saw a neatly shaven pussy with a thin strip of black hair about two inches in length. I cupped her butt cheeks with my hands and drew her mount into my face.


The musk smell of excited woman came into my nostrils and my cock felt as if it wanted to burst. I pressed my mouth onto her outer lips in a kiss and parted them with my tongue, searching for the most intimate part of her wetness. I wanted to taste her and my wet tongue found the hard bud in her honey pot. She shaked violently, as I licked with soft long strokes from her opening up to and touching her raised rosebud. She leaned back onto the branch of a tree and opened her legs wide to give me better access to her deep pink snack. The lips opened more to allow me to press my tongue right into her vagina. My tongue swooped into her and up over her clit in circular movements, long soft smooth strokes of lust. She started to shudder and I knew she was near to an orgasm. I kept on licking her and I felt her shiver and shudder. I tasted her wetness and was having a problem not to come as I kept on licking. She let out a deep groan and I knew she is about to come. She pleaded with me to keep on doing in a hoarse whisper. When she came she took my head from behind and presses my face into her hot and wet “V” and shuddered like an earth quake while groaning. Her juices gushed out and I enjoyed the pleasure of tasting the juices of a squirting woman. She tasted deliciously and I wanted to have her more than anything else in the world, to push my big and engorged cock full of lust into her hole.


I stood up and we again locked in a wet kiss and it felt as if we would never let go. My rock hard cock was now looking for a hole to enter. My tip was already wet from pre cum. The pressure in my balls was intense. She pressed her body against me, grabbed my shaft spread her legs and pressed me against her woman hood – her pussy was very wet and juicy. I picked her up against me and laid her down on my towel. I held her butt up in the air and pressed hard – as I entered her, I almost cum from the heat in her pussy when I pressed my wind cold pole into her delicious hole. She put her legs over my shoulders and delivered her pussy for me to fuck.


It was wet, slippery and intensely hot. She let out a moan as I hit her soft vaginal walls with my thick and by now bloated cock head. We started to thrust – in out, in out - she met every thrust with her mount. We were in a non-stop rhythm of lust hoping it would never end. I could feel the pressure building up in my body and balls. The intense velvet feeling in her cunt drove me crazy. I started to thrust harder and harder, slamming her clit with my pelvic bone, my cock hitting her g-spot. She started moaning, panting and asked me to fuck her hard. Her pleasure mussels were gripping my cock and the smooth walls felt like heaven on my shaft. My balls slapped against her anus with each thrust. After only a few thrusts, she came with a soft moan that ended in a growl, sucking me fast so that I could barely move. I could not hold out my cum longer as well. I was oblivious of lust for this beauty and the way she pinched my cock in her vagina. When I came, it almost felt if my juice was to much for my cock, as if it were going to burst open. My load spurted deep into her pussy, she milked every drop from me as I had a huge orgasm filling her womanhood with all I had. Our juice were mingled and dripped onto the towel. We were sweating and clung to each other with small convulsions still making us enjoy it as much as possible. My legs were shaking from the orgasm. I felt her skin and was still hard inside her – she rolled me over and with her on top started moving again, grinding her wet and sticky pussy on my shaft. Thrusting, impaling herself on my still huge cock with a wanton that seemed to never end. She came again in seconds - another orgasm and she purred like a kitten. Our juices were overflowing and slid down my shaft as we lay impaled. We were kissing again. Soft and sensual kisses. As I slowly got limp she stroked my stomach in long sensual strokes. She broke loose and she stood up. I could not take my eyes off her body – it was just to pretty.


As she dressed herself, I looked at her body that was surely made for a goddess. Firm but full an all aspects of her build. As she completed dressing, she came to me and kissed me full on my mouth again. Her tongue darted quickly in and licked my inner lips.   I was still naked and my cock reared its head again – she took my cock in her hands and kissed me with her tongue caressing my tip. She stood up held my face with her hands and said; “please leave your tent door open for me when it is dark – for tonight I need you again my lover.


And then she disappeared in the brush. I could not believe the past twenty minutes of real luck. It was so intense and as I though about having her for the full night, my cock got hard again. I could not wait for tonight and was wondering what I could do to get the time past without walking with a hard on the whole day.   I wanted to make love to her in several ways.

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