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Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part 5

My slit was slick with desire as I watched my best friend rock on such a large organ.
Brit looked at me and said, “You still find yesterday quite entertaining, don’t you Sam?”

I looked at her and laughed again. It was quite funny, but I had experienced it with my first boyfriend, although he never got it inside me. That’s how I knew my hunch would pay off, but I was not about to interrupt that moment with Brit. She had to experience it firsthand.

As she sat there, again still naked, I walked over and sat beside her and said, “Look on the bright side though. Now you know you can take a large one!”

“Yeah, but you have no idea how much it actually hurt! I thought I had been wet enough. It felt like my pussy was going to form another slit! God it fucking hurt, Sam!”

“I know it did. I saw the grimace on your face as you fell on it all the way when he arched his body.”

“Don’t remind me. I swear, my cervix is bruised. As I fell on it, I felt the tip of his monster hit it,” Brit said as she squirmed a little thinking about it.

“Actually goes to show that size REALLY does matter!” I said and laughed as I squeezed Brit’s arm.

“I can honestly attest to that!” Brit said and got up. She walked over to the door, opened it, and out she went. I followed her out. We were now on our fourth day of nude adventure.

We had already seen the pool, the lush garden, and the massage parlor, and had no idea what to do next. We decided to walk around and then we found a group standing on the grass by the tennis court. We walked over and found out it was naked zumba. I looked at Brit and smiled.

Brit looked at me and said, “Um, not with these,” and pointed to her breasts.

I had to admit, she had a point. She was a C cup after all and I could see her jiggling as compared to me. I often did not have to wear a bra.

Brit said, “Sam, you go ahead, it does look like fun. I’ll just sit here and watch.”

So, I walked up and everybody looked at me and welcomed me to join. The instructor was a fit young woman; toned and tanned and very athletic. There was not a hair on her body.

She started the session and I followed with the ones beside me the best I could. I was a little lost since I had never partaken in a zumba class before. It was very invigorating though. I must say, I enjoyed seeing the guys. The way their penises flapped up and down! I could actually hear it slap against their legs as we danced. To say the least, it was hot.

I was sweating when we were through. The drops of perspiration dripped off my hot naked body and cooled with the breeze. It really did feel good. It was a sensual feeling.

The instructor pointed to the showers and I knew that I wanted to hit them, even though I had no towel. I looked at Brit sitting on the grass and she nodded her head. I walked over to the outdoor showers and cut one on and stood under the spray. I never expected the water to be cold though. I thought it would be warm. My nipples instantly hardened on my small breasts as the cold water flowed over them. I even felt my pussy lips close under the coldness.

When I was finished, I saw the resort had towels furnished and grabbed one hanging up. I dried off and then put my hair up in it and began walking back to Brit. As I got closer to her, I saw that she was with a male. And I could not believe who the male was. It was Ross. I laughed on the inside as I got closer to them.

I could see they were actually having fun with each other. I was not sure if I should walk up to them or keep walking by and to the room. I knew I could not do that to Brit. I knew I had to stop.

As I walked up, Ross looked at me and smiled. His long flaccid cock hanging in front of him. He said as I joined them, “I was begging her for another chance.”

“Well, Brit, what did you say? Are you going to try again?” I looked her way, asked, and smiled.

“I told him that I was thinking about it. Only on one condition. . .”

“Oh. I know what that condition is.”

“Yeah, I promise to be better this time,” Ross answered.

“I told him that I forgave him since it was his first time. I told him that I was probably too tight for his monster cock.” Brit said and smiled.

I could not help it. I had to say to Ross, “Well, I have to admit, you are the largest guy I have ever seen. Makes me want to touch it.”

Ross turned to me and said, “If you like!”

I looked at Ross, then at Brit and then down at Ross’s long penis hanging down in front of him. I smiled and reached out my hand and felt it with two fingers first. It felt like a soft sponge.

“No, really touch it!” Ross said.

“Sam, what he means is, take it in your hand!”

I looked at Ross again and said, “Really?”

He smiled and nodded.

I did as he said and took it in my hand. It was heavy and very veiny since it was rather large. I could feel the veins in it pop out as my hand wrapped around it. As I felt it, I watched Brit and her finger was gliding over her pussy. I saw how it was already wet. She had already been getting wet just thinking about letting him fuck her again. Hopefully longer this time.

I could feel him starting to get hard, so I stopped and said, “Oh, I better quit. I’m sorry Ross, I didn’t mean to. . .”

“It’s okay. It’s a natural reaction we men get.”

“Make him hard Sam. I want to see. It’s hot watching you feel his huge cock.”

I knew why Brit wanted me to continue. She wanted to get wetter. She wanted to really be ready when she tried again to fuck him. So, I continued feeling him. I did not stroke him. I just kept feeling how round and how long he was and he reacted to my touch.

Brit began to feel her clit again and move it up and down and side to side. She moaned as she felt herself. It was a very hot moment because it took Ross all the way to erection. He was indeed large enough to wrap both of my hands around. It was also now even heavier as the blood had rushed to it. It was hard, no pun intended, to believe it actually stayed up by itself.

I looked at Brit and she had her head back. I looked at her pussy and I could tell she was ready. She was dripping on the grass.

I loosened the towel from around my head and spread it on the ground next to Brit and said, “Top or bottom, lay on this.”

“Bottom! I want to see you like I did yesterday before it went all wrong,” Ross said and immediately got down on the towel.

Brit did not say anything as she stood and just like yesterday, stood over him, lowered herself again to him, but did not waste time taunting his erection at her entrance as she positioned it there. She slowly lowered herself onto him.

I sat beside them, watching Brit’s pink vertical lips wrap around his long cock, inch by inch, until she had him all the way inside. As her body connected to his and she leaned back, I watched her clit poke out as her pussy lips were stretched open. Brit’s clit was erect, pink, and wet as the hood retracted over it. It was obvious that Brit did not have a problem accepting him this time.

Brit started to rock on him, her pussy lips sliding over his long hard cock, wetting it each time as she came down and rubbing his body at the base. Her clit contacted his hot skin, leaving a wet trail behind it.

My slit was slick with desire as I watched my best friend rock on such a large organ. My nipples hardened again, this time from pure erotic stimulation and I took both hands and felt my firm small mounds, letting my nipples massage my palms. I felt my clit pucker and my personal fold start to open. Like Brit did while she watched me fuck Gavin, I ran my hand down between my legs and felt my swelling labia. I actually jumped from my own touch. Then I felt my natural flow form and seep out as my pussy gaped open.

As I stuck my finger inside my hot canal, I looked over and Brit was now raising and lowering herself on Ross’s extremely large rod. Her pussy lips slid over it, literally folding over itself as Brit forced his hardness back into her. But she was taking his large muscle.

Brit started to arch her body back more now as she rode Ross. I could see his cock arch inside her as she bent her body backwards. Her hands gripped his legs as she arched and rocked at the same time. Ross began to match Brit’s movements and her moans came quicker, one right after another.

“Oh Ross, your cock feels so good inside me! So long and hard!” Brit managed to get out as Ross pushed deep into her.

I leaned all the way back into the grass, feeling its blades poke into it as I spread my legs wider. I slipped my finger out of my wet cavity and began rolling my clitoral hood in circles, feeling my hard button underneath it. The sensations built inside me at a fast pace. I could not hold them off. Slowly, I folded my delicate lips that hid my pink clit back and exposed it to match Brit’s. I touched it with my fingertip and immediately felt the spasm jolt through me.

I was not the only one that felt a jolt. As I felt my hot clit, I heard the deep moan of my best friend and looked up and saw the leakage of her arousal drip on Ross. That made me moan loudly and release more of my core. I was getting close.

So was Brit. I heard her starting to breathe faster and moan quicker and then she exclaimed, “I’m going to cum!”

I looked up, saw Brit raise all the way off of Ross’s hardness, and immediately start rubbing her clit fast in circles. Seconds later, Brit sighed an audible, “uuuuuhhhhh,” and released her orgasm in an arching squirt, just like she had done in the massage parlor. Her sexual fluid landed all over Ross and made his body glisten. He watched Brit’s pussy pulse her orgasm out until it dribbled the rest. It was more than he could take. Without a touch, h is cock rocked up and down with his initial spasm and then shot spurting streams of white, landing on his chest first, then on his stomach above his navel, then another long shot, until his cum oozed out of his long thick heaviness, mixing with Brit’s all over his body.

After seeing that, my self made orgasm was released in an oozing clear load that I felt trickle out of my hot pink lips and pool in the grass below me. My body tensed as my pussy contracted, expelling my inner goodness, watering the lawn in a very natural fashion. I squeezed my sexual lips together with my fingers, letting the last bit of my orgasm trickle to the grass under me. As I relaxed, I looked up and saw Brit and Ross watching me. I knew they had seen me cum.

Ross stood up and Brit looked at his cum covered body, actually shining from sexual energy. She smiled and said, “You’re all wet!”

“And sticky!”

I stood up and immediately started walking to our room as Brit helped Ross use the towel I had given them to wipe clean. There would be a stain on that towel later today.

Shortly after I had entered our room, Brit came in and headed to the shower. She walked by me and smiled. She was absolutely radiant. She had gotten what she wanted. Now I knew what she felt like while she had watched me and Gavin fuck our brains out.

I sat there on the bed with all kinds of thoughts going through my mind. Tomorrow would be our fifth day at the nudist resort. Our week was almost up. We only had a couple more days to do something we would never do again. I did not know what that would be. I’d have to wait for the sun to come up.

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