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Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part Three

Immediately, I felt my sexual bud flower, its inner petals puckering outward.
Gavin reached for more massage oil and poured it over my stomach, trailing it up to my firm breasts. The stream fell over my erect nipples. I felt the cool stream of the oil on my hot hard nipples. The fire in them instantly warmed the oil as it landed.

He moved down with the bottle of oil and let a small stream dribble over my legs as he went down to my feet. He moved back up, this time letting an even smaller trickle fall, but when he reached my delicate bud, he squeezed a large dollop. I felt it fall upon it and the slow movement of its stream ooze between my tender fold. Immediately, I felt my sexual bud flower, its inner petals puckering outward. I began to breathe quicker as I felt the warmth blossom in it.

As Gavin began to massage my stomach, he circled my navel with a finger tip. His touch on my skin sent shivers through my body. I felt the tiny hairs on my body lift, even through the body oil. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Gavin’s hands slowly moving over me. His hands moved over every tiny bump where the fine hairs had lifted.

I glanced over at Brit and she was watching intently. I did not know what she was thinking, but I knew what I was thinking. Inside, I thought to myself, “My best friend was going to watch me get fucked,” because I knew I was going to let Gavin fuck me. We both saw his cock slowly starting to lengthen as his hands ran across my body.

Brit tried not to be noticeable, but I did see her hand go between her legs and let her finger linger there just long enough to get it wet with her juices. I guess she had to do something since Gavin was concentrating on me. I did not blame her.

Slowly, Gavin ran his hands up closer to my firm breasts. I felt his fingertips at the base of each one, teasing my skin there, contemplating moving over them. His finger traced the oval outline my firm breasts made, connecting them to my torso. I shuddered from the sensual tickle. Then his warm hands glided over them, spreading the massage oil, making them glisten. He pressed on their perkiness like a true masseuse; he did not squeeze. I felt my hard nipples against his hot palms as Gavin caressed my hand sized mounds. That sent a message to my pussy. I felt the nectar begin to flow to it and mix with the massage oil that had seeped through its seam.

Brit was now lying on her side; her eyes still glued on his every move on me.

Gavin took his finger and erotically circled my left areola. Slowly, his finger tickled its ridges, never actually touching my erect nipple. The sensations made me arch my body into his touch even more and he took my nipple between his finger and thumb and gently pulled. I moaned as he did that and felt my personal liquid flow. I knew it trickled out and onto the sheet under me.

He repeated the process on my right nipple. I began to moan even more and breathe even harder. As I moaned deeply, I watched his cock lengthen even more. Slowly, it rose until it was rock hard and throbbing. He removed one of his hands from one of my breasts and felt his stiffness. Now his cock shined with the body oil. Soon, it would shine with my pussy juice.

Gavin quit feeling himself and slowly worked his hands down my body again, past the blossom between my legs, down my thighs, and to my feet. He had finally massaged me all over so that my body was now covered in his special feeling liquid. He caressed each curve of my legs until he came back up and found my pink flower calling for his attention.

I once again closed my eyes as I felt his finger slip between my slit. Up and down through it, Gavin moved. I moaned and breathed heavier as his finger lingered there. Then, just like he did my nipples, Gavin circled my clit and pinched it between his fingers. The feeling was so intense, I thought my heart was going to pound through my chest. The feeling was more erotic than sexual. Immediately, more arousal leaked out. I was ready to be fucked and Gavin knew it.

Slowly, Gavin joined me on the massage table, spreading my legs as he did. He could see all of me now; my pussy was his for the taking. My sexual lips were engorged and highly sensitive. My petals were ready to be plucked.

I leaned up to watch him. His cock was extremely hard and throbbing. So hard, it arched. It jumped with each beat his heart took. Gavin’s cock was average, but from the angle I looked at it, it looked like it would hurt me. It was a very good thing I was extremely wet.

I watched Gavin grab his hardness and then I felt the smooth head of his erection run from the bottom to the top through my sensitive pink lips. There, he let the underside of his hard tip slap against my tender clit, now showing its pinkness from sliding out from under its hiding place. I moaned from delight and anticipation of him piercing me.

As Gavin guided his hard cock back down, I looked over at Brit and she looked at me. I wanted to see her expression as he entered my hot dripping pussy. My gaze never left hers as I felt the hard head at my sexual entrance. It was hot to match mine. Slowly, I felt the head puncture my opening, leading to the chamber that would consume it. I let out a long, “Uuuuhhhh,” as his head went inside me. I saw Brit look down there as he pushed his hardness into me, all the way, until I had consumed him. I could feel the slick oil covered ridges of his hard cock as my vaginal wall wrapped around him. God, it felt good to have a hard cock inside me again.

Gavin grunted as he filled me, “Mmm, so hot and wet!” and he started thrusting. I felt my outer lips sliding with his movements, actually wrapping around him as he came out. Every time he moved back inside me, I made a little sound of enjoyment.

Brit sat there watching with big eyes as Gavin slowly thrust into me. I never in my life would have thought that I would be watched by my best friend as some guy had sex with me. Somehow, I was glad Brit was there watching. It helped having her watch, actually, because it helped me get over my reserved side. Not like fucking Gavin on the massage table wasn’t.

My pink elasticity gave with every plunge Gavin’s cock made. I could feel him fill me, all the way inside until his balls rubbed on my skin. The more I consumed him, the more lubrication I released. I was almost scared I was too aroused. I wanted him to feel my warmth, not just slide into me without any grip. That was not the case. I may have been extremely wet, but I could still feel his ridges.

I began to feel the onset of my orgasm. Gavin was setting a pace that slowly let it build. I could tell the that he knew how to fuck a woman. Not to fast and not to slow. It was a wonderful feeling. I could feel his hard cock tickle my pinkness and feel my orgasm build at the same time. I began to let out little sounds of delight as I felt Gavin’s hardness push into me.

I glanced at Brit and she was lying on the table, her legs spread wide with two fingers buried deep inside her pussy. She was having her own little session as I was having my big one.

Brit glanced at me and saw that I was watching her finger herself. For some reason, she quit. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and they dripped with her arousal. Seeing that, the pressure built up inside me even more to the point I felt my pussy quiver. I was about to cum.

Gavin felt the change inside my chamber, and began to enter me slower, but harder, but still all the way into me. I could feel the head of his cock hit a spot inside me that had never been touched before as he pulled out. I did not know what it was, but it felt fucking good.

Suddenly, I felt something so intense, a pressure that had never been there before. It felt like something inside me was going to explode. My clit was beginning to pulse. My pussy was beginning to contract, even with Gavin inside me. My breathing was now more shallow. My body began to quiver. Whatever it was, I had to let it go.

“Uh, uh, uh,” I moaned as Gavin pounded into me, “I think—I think—I’m gonna cum!”

I was not sure if that was the case because it was not the same feeling I had when I usual came. All I knew, I could not hold it any longer. The feeling enveloped me and before I knew it, it was exiting me.

I shrieked as I gripped the table, “Oh my fucking God! I’m-I’m, oh shit!” and as I did, my body arched and an intense explosion happened and what felt like my pussy turning inside out, pushing out hot boiling water between gaps of Gavin’s cock still inside me.

The next thing I knew, my body collapsed further into the massage table and I felt nothing but warm liquid everywhere under me. It was even dripping on the floor. I had came so much, it resulted in a flood.

Gavin continued inside me until I felt the hot white spurts of his core deep inside my hot pink. It was the first time a guy had ever released their seed inside my vagina. It felt so good as his hot load filled me.

As his cock subsided, he removed it from me and the next thing we heard was the moaning sound of Brit and seeing the arch of liquid exit her. It seemed she had a squirting orgasm like me, although, mine was more of a gush than a squirt. Either way, we both made a mess of Gavin’s massage room.

Gavin gave us both towels to use to clean up. I could feel my leftover orgasm, mixed with Gavin’s thick load drip from my sensitive lips as I wiped the towel across my now sensitive slit.

Brit did the same and laid her towel on the table where she had been lying.

Gavin looked at both of us and smiled. He actually gave both of us a hug and kiss and we walked out of the massage parlor.

Heading to our room, I could still feel the moisture inside me leaking out onto my sensitive pussy lips. I tried to hide it and did so very well.

Brit walked gingerly beside me and said, “Damn, that was fucking hot! I’d say you came out of your shell with a bang!”

I looked at her and said, “Yeah, and it’s only our second day here. It’s your turn now.”

Brit looked at me, smiled a very sly smile, and I could tell in that smile, she could not wait for tomorrow.
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