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Birthday Cruise, Part Two

Anne gets inspired by our mystery couple audience, and she takes our vacation up a notch.
Anne and I stood in the starboard side hallway on Deck 10, champagne glasses in hand, staring silently at the door to Room 1002. I didn’t want to go there, but Anne insisted.

“What if they tell someone about us having sex on the sundeck?” she asked with a tinge of remorse in her voice as we rode down the elevator. As the euphoria of the moment faded, the craziness of what we’d just done hit Anne like a ton of bricks and she was nervous that we were going to get kicked off the ship.

“They bought us a bottle of champagne!” I exclaimed. “They aren’t going to rat us out to the Captain.” But there was no convincing Anne. She insisted on finding the couple that had watched us to explain that we’d lost ourselves in the moment, and to apologize.

When we reached Room 1002, it was clear that no apology would be necessary. We could hear the nameless couple fucking inside, and no doubt so could anyone else in the vicinity. The rhythm of the man’s thrusts was plainly obvious, from both the sounds of movement on the bed and the woman’s moans and encouragement. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh God, keep fucking me! That’s it, right there! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Anne looked at me wide-eyed and bit her lip. “We probably shouldn’t knock,” she whispered.

“You did this to them,” I replied quietly. “Watching you ride me in the sun pushed them over the edge.” I felt my dick start to stiffen in my swim trunks. It had only been about 20 minutes since my steamy session with Anne on the sundeck, but the vivid memory of fucking her and cumming in her pussy in front of a couple of strangers, combined with the sexy noises from those strangers on the other side of the door, helped my cock recover.

Anne blushed slightly and took another sip of champagne. “Oh please, you’re being silly,” she said. “For all you know, they were on their way to the sundeck for a quickie and we got in their way.”

“That’s not how I saw it,” I grinned mischievously. I grabbed Anne and forcefully pulled her to me. My free hand traced her delicious curves from her hip to her waist to the side of her breast. “One look at these tits and it was all over for both of them.”

Anne’s nervousness and regret had vanished. She pressed her body even closer to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. She could feel my semi-erect cock trapped between us and she reached down and gave it a squeeze. She continued rubbing me as our tongues duelled in each other’s mouths and the action in Room 1002 reached its climax. The man’s thrusting reached a frantic pace and he let out a long, low growl as he came.

“Yeah baby, give it all to me!” the woman coaxed. “Cover me with it... fuck yeah, that's so hot.”

Anne broke our kiss and we finished our champagne, unsure what to do next. Then through the door we heard the man rhetorically ask, “Can you believe those two up on the sundeck? What were they thinking?”

“We should have stayed there and given them a show,” the woman countered. “It’s the least we could do. That woman was stunning.”

Anne and I looked at each other dumbfounded.

“Yup, gorgeous,” the man panted in reply. “And not only that, she was so into it; she rode him like she was possessed! That’s a woman in love with that cock.”

I whispered to Anne, “See? I told you so. It wasn’t me they were looking at up there.”

Anne giggled quietly and reached down to rub my dick again. She leaned towards me, raised herself up on her tip-toes and whispered into my ear, “He’s right- I do love your cock.”

With all my willpower, I grabbed Anne’s wrist and pulled her hand away from my hard-on. The sundeck was dangerous enough; I wasn’t about to let her get carried away in the hallway. “Let’s go. They don’t want an apology, and it doesn’t sound like they’re in any position to receive visitors.”

Anne nodded her head and then grabbed the champagne glass out of my hand. She silently placed the two glasses on the floor outside their door. “This way they’ll know we were listening.”

“You naughty girl,” I teased.

We walked arm-in-arm back to our room. I was desperate to get inside Anne’s sweet pussy again. As our door swung shut, I stepped behind her, unhooked her bikini top, and reached around to cup her full, heavy boobs. At the same time, I pressed my cock into the crack of her ass.

Anne tilted her head back and moaned softly, but then, to my dismay, looked at her watch. “Stop, we’re going to be late,” she protested.

In the excitement of the afternoon, I completely lost track of time and forgot that we had reservations for the early dinner show. Anne moved away and bent over to slide off her bikini bottoms. Intentionally or not, she gave me a full view of her glorious ass and pussy. I could tell she was still very wet, and my cock got even harder at the sight. I struggled to pull my swim trunks down over my erection. When I finally got them down to my ankles, Anne dropped to her knees in front of me and took my entire length into her mouth. “Mmmmmm,” we moaned in unison.

Anne bobbed her head on my stiff cock for about 30 seconds, and then stood and kissed me on the cheek. “That’s a preview of what’s to come later,” she teased.

Anne started getting ready for the show. For a few moments I stood there fully aroused and naked, feeling both horny and foolish, as she made her way around the small room to her drawers and closets and then hopped in the shower. I realized there was nothing I could do but get myself ready too.

Eventually, Anne and I made our way to the theatre. As we stood in line, it became clear to me that Anne had made it her mission to keep me erect all evening. As we waited, she repeatedly pecked me on the mouth, cheeks and ears, making sure her tits squished against me each time. Others in the line probably thought the kisses were harmless displays of affection, but she knew full well she was stoking my passion for her. At one point she turned away to read a sign posted outside the theatre and she backed into me to rub my crotch with her hot ass.

I was desperate to cum, but I didn’t get any relief from her teasing even through dinner. As soon as we were seated Anne’s hand was under the table and in my lap, lightly stroking my cock through my pants. She had on her best poker face to hide her wicked intentions from the three other couples at our table. I doubted that I was as composed and was certain that anyone who looked at me would see the unadulterated lust in my eyes. I was about to bend Anne over the table and fuck her from behind, consequences be damned, when by chance she was able to lift her sexual torment of me to an even higher level.

“Sir, we need a volunteer for the next part of the show,” a performer said to me. “Will you help us out?”

I wanted no part of it. It was bad enough that I suspected everyone at our table thought I was crazy or rude, or both. I was so lightheaded I couldn’t keep up any of the dinner conversation. I certainly had no intention of standing in front of more than 100 strangers when I was certain my erection would be visible through my pants to everyone in the room. Not only that, there was a good chance that a spot of pre-cum had soaked through. But before I could gather my wits to say “no thanks,” Anne volunteered me.

“Of course he will!” she laughed.

Anne flashed me a wicked smile. “Fuck it,” I thought. I’m not hung like a porn star, but I hold my own. Anyone who noticed my proud cock will look at Anne and know exactly why it was standing at attention. At least, that’s what I told myself.

Somehow I made it through my “performance” and the rest of the show. It could have been the greatest show the cruise industry had ever seen and I wouldn’t have noticed or cared. I just wanted it to end. I had to fuck Anne before I exploded.

The lights in the theatre came on after an eternity. “Go to the pool bar and get a bottle of wine,” Anne commanded. “I’ll meet you in the room.”

Damn! I couldn’t catch a break! That’s another 10 minutes before I could strip her down and repay the attention that she’d been lavishing on me for the last two hours. Anne turned towards our room and I started off in the other direction towards the pool bar, half running. Anybody who got in my way was going to get pushed to the ground.

When I finally made it back to our room, I noticed that Anne had turned the sign outside the door to “Do not disturb.” A nice thought, but hardly necessary. Once I got inside, the only thing that would get me off of her was the ship sinking.

I opened the door and nearly dropped the wine bottle. Anne was lying back on the bed, propped up on her elbows, completely nude except for a tiny black lace thong. As the door swung shut behind me, she slid one hand into her panties and said, “Open the wine and sit on the stool.” I did as she ordered and put a glass on the table beside her and kept one for myself. “While you were doing your part in the show, I was rubbing my clit under the table,” she said. “God, it felt good. I imagined it was your tongue. You’re so good at eating my pussy.”

My mouth was suddenly very dry and I took a long drink of wine while Anne continued.

“I almost made myself cum.” She paused for a few moments then continued, “I think the man across the table from me knew what I was doing, especially after he saw the bulge in your pants. He winked at me and I think he was stroking himself.”

I watched Anne intently as her hand moved beneath her panties while she spoke. I was desperate to see what her fingers were doing.

“Are you mad?” she asked.

“Are you insane?” I replied in shock. “Why would I be mad?”

“Because I think that man was thinking about screwing me.”

“Most men, and more than a few women, think about screwing you,” I said. “Look at you! Who can blame them?!?” I did look at her. I could tell that Anne was sliding a finger up and down the length of her wet slit. Her tits were starting to heave as her breathing got heavier. I looked at the tan lines on her boobs again. Our afternoon naked on the sundeck hadn’t noticeably evened out her tan at all.

“You’re not jealous?” she asked.

“Sweetheart, they’re jealous of me,” I assured her. “They’re off masturbating or thinking of you while they fuck their wives, and I’m sitting here watching you play with yourself.” Anne closed her eyes and tilted her head back as her fingers continued working on her pussy and clit, frustratingly out of my view. It was my cue to continue. “I’m the one that’s going to suck your mind-blowing tits and lick your sweet pussy until you cum,” I said. She groaned and I knew she was close to her first orgasm of the night, so I tried to help her over the edge. “I’m the one that’s going to fuck you.”

Anne squealed as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her. She removed her hand from her thong and I could see that two of her fingers were wet and slippery. I jumped off the stool onto the bed beside her to lick her fingers clean. She tastes so good I wasn’t about to let any of her juice go to waste.

“Get out of your clothes,” she said. I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt and pants. Immediately Anne’s hand returned to the inside of her panties and she resumed fingering herself while I undressed. I got down to just my boxers which were struggling to contain my throbbing prick. “Let me see that hard cock,” she purred.

Stripping off my boxers felt terrific. Anne kept me aroused uncomfortably in my pants for ages, and now my dick was finally free. The head of my cock was wet and shiny with all of the pre-cum that Anne had coaxed out of it since dinner. I stroked it a few times while Anne had one hand on her pussy and the other caressed her tits.

I reached into the cabinet above the sink and pulled out a bottle of flavoured massage oil that I’d brought on the trip. I went back to the bed, straddled Anne on my knees and squirted too much oil all over her stomach and chest. I tossed the bottle aside and lunged for her slick boobs. I squeezed them and rubbed them together as the excess oil slipped between my fingers. Anne put her hands on top of mine and we sensually massaged her big tits together. I reluctantly removed my hands to reach for the bottle again and Anne continued her erotic assault on her own breasts. I intended to give her a full rubdown, so I squirted oil onto her shoulders and arms, and of course, more onto her chest.

“Aren’t you going to fuck them?” Anne asked seductively, referring to her slippery tits.

I moved up a few inches and pressed my cock down into her oily cleavage and started pumping. Anne held her boobs together to create a perfect valley for my hard cock. The fingers of her right hand held it down and in place. I quickly felt my cum boiling up in my balls; fucking Anne’s warm, slippery tits felt almost as good as her pussy.

I slowed my pace and reached behind myself to feel between Anne’s legs. It was then I realized that neither of us had bothered to remove her thong yet. I rubbed her snatch from the outside and she groaned appreciatively. She was so wet, her panties felt like they’d just come out of the washing machine. I slid my hand inside her thong to finger her slit, just like she’d showcased for me a few minutes ago. I’d never felt her box so hot and wet. When I touched Anne’s clit, I felt her whole body tremble beneath me. Her earlier, self-inflicted orgasm had made her clit hyper-sensitive. I started to finger her fuck hole and rubbed the wetness all over her swollen clit. Anne shook as if electricity was shooting through her body and she instinctively spread her legs wider apart.

“That’s it, baby,” I hissed. “You love getting fingered, don’t you?”

“Uh huh,” she panted.

“You loved taking my cock in front of those strangers today, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh.”

“Tell me you want my cock in your pussy again,” I ordered.

“I want your fucking cock again,” she moaned. “But I gave you a preview earlier, and I’m a woman of my word.”

With that, Anne pushed me off of her chest and rolled me over onto my back. She then stood up and peeled off her thong. When she was completely naked, she knelt between my legs and hungrily gobbled my cock into her mouth. First she kept just the head in her mouth and stroked my shaft with her hand. Then she let her greedy mouth do all the work and took me to the back of her throat. She mouth fucked me like that for a few minutes and then released my dick to give my aching balls a hot tongue bath. Anne’s tongue did a few laps around my sack, and then she returned her attention to my cock. I almost came again when she stared into my eyes as she licked the head of my prick like an ice cream cone.

“I want to taste you,” I moaned. I wanted to prolong our sex and I thought I could cool myself down while burying my face between Anne’s legs. But instead of rolling onto her back and spreading her legs for me, Anne shifted her body 180 degrees and mounted me in a wickedly hot sixty-nine. She kept my pulsating dick in her mouth the whole time.

I inhaled Anne’s sweet aroma and then licked her pussy for the second time that day. I lapped at her with the flat part of my tongue. Within seconds my face was completely wet from her, but I needed more. I zeroed in on Anne’s sensitive clit and she started moaning and writhing on top of me. Anne did her best to hold up her end of the sixty-nine, but she could no longer concentrate on my cock as another orgasm built within her. My dick slipped out of her mouth but she retained her grip on the shaft and held it against her face. I could feel Anne’s hot breath on my wet cock and balls as I tongue fucked her to ecstasy. She came hard with my tongue deep inside her.

With no hesitation, Anne moved off of me but stayed on all fours. “Fuck me now,” she commanded. “Cunt, then ass.”

Anne was beyond horny. We had done anal before, but it certainly wasn’t part of our regular repertoire. The fact that she asked for it proved that she was feeling absolutely filthy.

My legs shook as I got into doggy style position. I grabbed the massage oil and squirted the rest of the bottle onto Anne’s ass and crack. I massaged her ass cheeks and pussy with the oil, but most of it dripped off of her onto the bed. I looked at my cock and saw it was dripping pre-cum onto the bed too. I lined up my cockhead with Anne’s slit and rubbed it up and down while I teased her asshole with my slippery fingers.

“For God’s sake, John, fuck me already!” Anne pleaded.

I immediately ploughed my full length into Anne’s hot cunt. She let out a groan that I was sure half the ship heard. I jackhammered her velvety box with long, deep strokes. Anne reached between her legs and tickled my balls while I fucked her. The sensation was going to make me explode, but I never wanted this to end. I slowed my pace and pushed my index finger into Anne’s tight asshole. I got a nasty rhythm going; I pressed my finger deeper into her ass as I slid my cock out to the tip, then I pulled my finger back while I rammed my cock back into her hole. Anne whimpered in pleasure, “Oh, God that’s good. Keep doing that, you nasty fucker.”

I desperately wanted to, but I knew I couldn’t keep it up much longer. I pulled out of Anne’s snatch and said, “It’s time your ass got some of this.” Anne stayed on all fours with her head down on the pillow, inviting me to take her from behind. As good as she looked, I had another dirty idea in mind. “Flip over onto your back,” I said. “I want to see your pussy while I fuck your ass.”

In an instant Anne was on her back and my cock was pressing against her oily asshole. She closed her eyes and fondled her big tits as the head popped into her tight butt. My instinct was to start pumping, but I resisted and held still for a few moments to let her get used to the feeling. Slowly I pressed deeper into her. Anne continued to massage her boobs and I reached down and probed her pussy with my finger. I paused long enough to look down at the bed and permanently embed the vision in my mind. Anne was spread wide, rubbing and tugging at her nipples. My finger was buried in her willing cunt, and my cock had disappeared in her ass. It was the hottest fucking sight I’d ever seen.

I started to explode and decided in an instant that I had to show my lust for Anne by spraying my cum all over her smoking hot body. I pulled out of her butthole and the buckets of cum that had been building up all evening started to fly. The first blast left a rope of sticky cum between Anne’s slippery tits and on her neck. The second and third spurts covered her stomach. I pointed my cock down at her pussy and stroked three more huge globs cum onto her neatly trimmed snatch. I watched it dribble down between her legs and onto her freshly fucked ass, then collapsed in a sweaty heap beside her.

Anne rolled on top of me and slid her slippery body all over mine while kissing me hard. “How soon can you do that again?” she asked.

Part Three coming soon . . .

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