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Birthday Pleasure

It was mid June and the car is driving through the country side of Yorkshire. The scenery outside is simply wonderful. It was as they say a perfect English weather, with slight cool breeze and the sun not too hot.

She turns to look at her Master driving the black sedan through the winding roads of the countryside. That morning, he had awakened her, ordering her to get ready and to wear the dress that has arrived in the mail yesterday. After he hung up she got out of bed took a long shower and got out to open the package. She was mortified at first looking at the small dress which was almost see through with a floral pattern on it and he had ordered her not to wear any bra or panties either.

Wearing the dress and her heels and putting on her makeup she stands back in front of the mirror to look and blushes lightly for it barely reached her knees. Nobody could see her nipples through the dress (well not very well) and of course with no panties if the light fell on her everyone could see that she was naked and she might as well not be wearing the dress.

At the sight of her, she had had a satisfied nod from her Master. Now, in the car, under a very beautiful sun and sky, she was enjoying her little trip very much also glad that it was the countryside and not many people around to look at her in her dress.

About one hour and a half in this little trip, suddenly, Master takes a small road. Stopping the car, turns toward her with one of his little smiles. Each time, she sees him with that little smile, she knows, something is going to happen, and usually to her...

"You enjoying the ride?" ask Master.

"Yes very much, the nature is so beautiful..." answers Adrienne.

"Well, we will make sure that you will enjoy you ride more!" and while saying this, leans back and picks the little plastic bag on the back seat and gives it to her. Curiously wondering what's inside she opens the bag, and takes out what seems to be a little plastic egg with a string attached along with a little box of the size of one of those gas lighters.

"Put this inside you my dear" he orders her.

She takes the little egg, looks at it for a moment surprised and inserts it in her vagina. With the dress barely reaching her knees she is wearing, and the fact she has no panties, the insertion of the egg is very easy. When she is done, he checks with his hand to see if the egg is where he wants it.

"No, this is wrong, the egg is too deep into you, bring it closer to your opening!" he said.

Without a word, Adrienne puts a finger into herself , brings the egg closer to her opening, following her order. When she is finished, he, again, with his hand checks to see if the egg is where he wants it, and satisfied, he takes the remote from her. And without a word, he shifts the car back into drive, and goes to the main road.

Adrienne is surprised. She can feel the little egg in her, but nothing is happening. She wonders when he is going to switch on the remote and steals glances at him to see if he will and sees that he is only interested in driving and quickly, she forgets about it.


They where driving in the mountains, and the scenery around them was just breathtaking. So, she didn't notice the hand of the master as he took it off the steering wheel to switch on the remote.

Suddenly, she started to feel a little buzz in her. Not strong, but very faint. She turns and looks at him, who's driving without looking at her, keeping his eyes on the road but, he has a little smile.

For a long time, the little egg is buzzing into her. Not enough to make her cum, but enough to create that nice feeling in her. To be honest, this little egg is making her more and more horny.

Now she is fighting the desire to let herself come to the point where she could let herself have that pleasure from cumming, and it is without thinking that she brings her hands to her pussy and start to massage herself slowly.

"NO! Don't do that!" He says, but while he is saying this, he doesn't notice the stop sign and goes through without stopping at the crossroad... where a police car is parked!!!

Of course, the police car just goes after the black sedan in which Adrienne and her Master are.

"I'm sorry Master!" Adrienne starts to say, but she is cut by him who is pulling the car along the side of the road, to stop for the police.

"Shhhh! Quiet!" he said, "close your legs and don't make a sound with them!" he says to her.

But just before she does, with a flick of his wrist, he puts the controller at the maximum. Adrienne closes her legs, just before she feels the egg vibrating like crazy in her.

The effect on her is devastating. Now, she is going to cum. She has been teased so much by the little egg vibrating slowly into her, that having this thing at the maximum into her, is just ...terrible.

Just before she is about to cum.

"Good morning Sir, May I have your drivers permit and the cars paper please?" ask the policeman in the window.

Very calmly, rolling the window down gives the policeman the papers. But for Adrienne it is not as easy, the egg in her is making her completely crazy. She is persuaded that the buzzing of the egg can be heard by all. She doesn't know how to deal with this. She wants to cum, but the policeman who looking at his Master's papers makes her very very uneasy. She really needs to come, the egg being so efficient in her.

The policeman notes that the person is of importance and giving his papers back requests to be a bit more careful. Smiling apologetically assuring it won't happen again he starts the car and starts driving looking at the mirror to see if the policeman was following.

Satisfied that he wasn't, turns and gives her a brief look with his dark eyes for a moment before watching the road. "You almost got us into trouble there little one" saying say pulls into a small road leading towards a village of some kind. Seeing this Adrienne, still fighting the need to cum, looks at her master, very concerned...."I'm so sorry Master!" she starts to say, but he stops her...

Stopping at the car in front of a building that looks like a local restaurant, turns and looks at her with another of his smiles "lets have something to eat" saying so he gets out of the car and waits for her. Scared of her predicament she hurries out of the car. With her high-heels, the short skirt and then egg still buzzing in her, Adrienne is having a very hard time to walk.

A couple of times, she felt the egg start to slip out of her, being so excited and so wet, but very quietly and discreetly, she pushes the egg into her, making sure that no one as much gave a glance at her. Blushing furiously she stands beside him her eyes downcast, her need to cum so badly that she is aching and her nipples now so hard and erect that anyone can see them clearly through her light dress.

Putting his arm around her waist opens the door and leads her inside; upon spotting them a young waiter walks towards them and leads them towards an empty table. Seating them and giving them menus he stands back a bit waiting for them to order. Adrienne trying to control herself so as to not cum feeling her wetness oozing out blushes even more and looks at her master over the menu who is deeply engrossed in his menu and steals a glance at the waiter to see if he is still there and quickly looks back into the menu noticing that he is there and is staring at her chest.

Ordering a light meal and some wine for the both of them Master hands back both the menus to the waiter who stammers while taking the order because he has been looking at Adrienne lush swelled breasts and her nipples showing through her dress. Once the waiter leaves Adrienne looks at her master and pleads him with her eyes. Smiling he shakes his head indicating she can't yet and hands her couple of tissues.

Taking the tissues carefully wipes her wetness as much as she can and starts to put it in her handbag when he asks for the tissues. Blushing furiously she hands him the tissues just as the waiter comes back with the wine. "Now little one cum for me" he orders her in a soft voice such that the waiter can't hear. Closing her eyes she grips her thighs together tightly clenching one hand against her clit cums hard and lets a small moan escape her lips and sighs in relief. Opening her eyes she looks at her Master with a vane grateful smile and hears the waiter say "Your glass ma'am".

Blushing again knowing that the waiter must have heard her cum she takes the wine and in downcast eyes sips from it slowly still feeling the egg vibrate inside her fast building her towards another orgasm. She feels the egg go quiet once the food arrives and looks back at his gratefully seeing that he is still sporting the mischievous smile. Picking at her food her thoughts wander, she is hungry but not for food but for his touch and suddenly feels his foot against hers. Looking up at him she smiles shyly as he winks and tells her "Soon little one soon".

Finishing the rest of the lunch (at least him anyway) they leave the restaurant after paying the bill and tipping the waiter. Once outside he turns her into him and pulling her close to him kisses her fully on her lips deeply letting her feel his hard cock. Breaking the kiss looks into her eyes and says "let's take a little stroll here."

Walking around he spots a small park and leads her towards it looking at the surroundings while she walks with her head against her shoulder. Reaching a park bench he lets go of her waist and sits down and as she starts to sit beside him he says "No little one not beside me" with yet another of his smiles. She realizes with horror that he wants her to sit in his lap and looks around worriedly realizing that if she did sit in his lap her dress is going to ride a bit high and everyone who walks by then can see that she isn't wearing any panties.

Standing there she looks at him fearing that they might get caught she stands still till she hears his voice again "Little know what I want. Do you intend to keep me waiting and disappoint me?" Not wanting to disappoint him removes the egg from inside her, putting it in her bag after wrapping it in a tissue turns around and sits in his lap feeling his hard cock against her ass trying to part her cheeks she feels a fresh wave of wetness hit her pussy.

Sitting straight reaches his arms around and holds her close and kisses her lightly on her neck. Feeling his lips on her neck she moans getting more and hornier feeling his cock hard as a steel bar against her ass fear now making way to excitement.

Taking her earlobe into his mouth sucks on it and bites gently and whispers into her ears "Unzip me little one and put my hard aching cock into your wet pussy." Hearing him say those words she moans again. Raising herself slightly off of him she feverishly unzips his pants and taking his cock out places it against her not hot wet pussy entrance and slides down onto his cock moaning as it fills her up. Once it's completely inside her adjusts her dress as best as she could and looks around to see if anyone is there before closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of his cock pulsing inside her.

Feeling her slide down onto his cock till she is sitting back in his lap groans lightly, placing his hands on her hips starts moving her around slowly on his cock telling her to raise and lower herself on his cock. Doing as she is told she starts raising and lowering herself on his cock slowly at first the increasing the speed, her pussy was clutching her master's as she rode up and down the red flesh, her finger was tweaking her clit and deep in her belly she felt the fluid rising. The fact that anyone might come across them and see them fucking in the park only added fuel to the already white hot blaze within her.

Working herself faster and faster on his cock she starts moaning loudly now abandoning any fear of getting caught lust taking over her starts saying "Ohhhhhhh master am going to cum soon" With a mournful cry, she raised her feet and let all her weight fall on her master's lap driving his cock as far into her squirming pussy as was humanly possible to go. Grabbing her by her hips he suddenly stands up and with his cock still inside her pussy and she trying to move even in standing position squeezing her pussy around her cock, leads her towards a tree. Adrienne now wanting him to fuck her hard and fast bends and places her hands on the tree trunk with her head bent spreads her legs wide and begs her master " ooh master please fuck me please take me hard fuck her hard and fast."

Getting himself in a good position grabs her by her hips and starts fucking her with his cock in hard short strokes feeling her pussy grab onto his cock not wanting to let go. Pounding his cock mercilessly intent on cumming deep inside her pussy reaches her breast, squeezing her breast pinches her nipple a bit hard and as he feels himself about to cum moves the other hand towards her ass and pushes his thumb up her ass as he pounds his cock deep inside her one more time before shooting his cum in her and feels her cum on his cock too.

Spent pulls himself out of her and unzips himself while holding her with one arm knowing that she wont be able to stand on her own feet picks her up in his arms and walks back to the car. Opening the door helps her inside, getting inside on his own side brushes her hair of her face and smiling kisses her softly on her lips and whispers gently " Happy Birthday Adrienne my beautiful little one."
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