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Birthday Present

I wanted it to be the best night of his life and bring some pleasure to me too!!

I wanted to make his birthday one he would always remember because I felt I owed him so much. He always catered to me and treated me well on my birthdays so this was my turn. We had dinner reservations and I offered to drive. I didn’t wear anything special, just a nicely tailored navy mini skirt and a pale blue silk blouse that was sexy but not overtly sexual. He wore a dark suit and turtleneck. Since this was his birthday but my plans… both of us were commando. I told him it would help build up to my ‘dessert’ later.

We shared wine and he seemed pleased when I toyed with some of the buttons on my blouse, unfastening one at a time to allow him a peek inside my blouse. To see if my teasing was working I slid my hand up his thigh and yes he was getting aroused. The food tasted better this night probably from the tension that was building. When the waitress asked if we wanted dessert I smiled and said we were finished.

The drive home was fun… usually when he drove I would fondle him and sometimes suck his cock while we drove. I couldn’t do that now so he began molesting me. His hands were under my blouse rubbing my tits and when my nipples became erect he pinched them. I was having a hard time concentrating on driving. He had my blouse completely unbuttoned and if it had been daylight I am sure a lot of drivers would have gotten an eyeful.

We weren’t inside the apartment long before we were kissing. Without a word we both moved to the bedroom & undressed. His fondling of me had made me already damp & his cock was hard standing straight out.

I laid him on his back and got on top of him sucking him. He tried to get me to turn so we could 69 but I told him NO this was his night. He didn’t understand but I knew what I was doing. I licked his shaft while staring into his eyes. Then I took his cock into my mouth as deeply as I could while holding his cock and rubbing his balls. Every time I got a taste of pre-cum I would kiss him on the mouth deeply. I then would go back to sucking his balls into my mouth. I knew him well enough to know when he was close to orgasm & would stop & kiss him.

Building all this anticipation was my plan. I was getting wet myself just pleasuring him. Finally, I decided to let him cum and cum he did. After waiting he came with greater force and I swallowed and swallowed. Then in a surprise move to him I moved up and mounted his still hard cock sliding easily down his shaft until my lips fully engulfed his cock. I leaned over and kissed him deeply while he massaged my tits and twisted and pulled on my nipples sucking them alternately. Because I teased him for so long his cock never went completely soft, just semi-hard. I bore down with my internal muscles and clamped onto his cock then I slowly slid up his shaft. When I almost reached the top I relaxed and slid back down. I was very wet and some of his cum had continued to leak out and added lube. I continued this until I could feel him getting hard again. Then I let him take over fucking me. He made me cum twice because he lasted so long.

Finally he came and I collapsed on top of him. We fell fast asleep.

Morning came and I woke first. I went to the bathroom and took a quickie shower, but now getting my hair wet. Then I got a small bowl filled with hot water & a washcloth and went back to the bedroom. He was on his back fully exposed. I took the warm washcloth and began washing his cock and balls. This woke him. After a good cleaning I coaxed his legs up and washed his anus too. When finished, I again nudged his legs up and started tonguing his asshole. Plunging deep over and over. I sucked his balls into my mouth over and over. I completely ignored his cock which was showing a drip of pre-cum on the tip.

I moved so we were 69 and he started licking my pussy, sucking my lips and ticking my clit with his tongue. He was masterful at making me cum orally. I was so aroused, I quit sucking him and orgasmed. Then I told him I wanted him inside me and he took me missionary until he came inside me as I was awash with my own cum and now his.

I think I made this birthday as special for him as it was for me!
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