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Birthdays can be Special

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How a surprise can make a Birthday Special
It was my birthday and what a wonderful day I had experienced. Arriving home from work, where I was been spoilt rotten with flowers, a luncheon out with my colleagues and numerous phone calls wishing me, to the single red rose with a note, from Craig, insisting that he would be here at seven to pick me up for dinner. What a lovely surprise, as I had not seen Craig since he was last in the city on business three weeks ago. I had often thought about him and the wonderful times we had together and just the thought of being with him on that night aroused me.

It was just after five and I had enough time to soak in a hot bubble bath, deciding to wear my black hugging cocktail dress and other than that, was all that I believed I needed.

Seven came and so did Craig. Seeing Craig again made me regret having to go out as I had better ways of spending my evening with him around. Craig was a good head and shoulders taller than I was, with an athletic build and a square jawline. He turned most women’s heads. Over and above this, he was charming, articulate and had the sense of humour to keep one occupied without distraction.

The French restaurant he took me to was one of our favourites, having often gone there when he was in town. We sat reminiscing about days gone by, recalling the day that we met at the ridiculously boring party a friend of his had thrown and how we had slipped out, unnoticed, and gone to a rather noisy nightclub to finish the evening off.

Arriving back at my home and closing the front door behind us, Craig approached me from behind, telling me not to turn around while he wrapped a blind fold around my head. The first thought that crossed my mind was that he had been planning this as he had retrieved the blindfold from his trouser pocket. However, the thought was fleeting as his large hands cupped my breasts, instantly triggering my pleasure signals and relieving me of any previous thought I had had.

Guiding me down the passage, Craig expertly steered me past the drinks cabinet, retrieving a bottle of chocolate liqueur, in passing, and directed me to the table. I could hear him moving things about and distinctly heard the scraping sound of glass on wood as he seemingly cleared the surface of my dining room table.

Standing behind me, Craig skilfully unzipped the slinky number I had worn for the evening and let it fall slowly to the floor whilst kissing me seductively down my spine. He knew this drove me crazy. With my breathing deepening, I could almost see those glistening white teeth of his as he smiled to himself, knowing of what he was doing to my hormones. With his strong hands on my shoulders, he gently eased me onto my back on the table, whispering; “Dessert is now to be served.”

My arousal was almost complete at this stage. With the cold wood against my naked back and his warm hands caressing me, I could feel my pussy becoming warm and moist as his hands explored my naked skin.

Each touch, each gentle caress brought memories flooding back of his ability to seduce and make a complete slut out of me. I could feel my nipples tingling and my pussy become more and more moist as his hands slowly unleashed the “other me”. His expert hands brought, and could bring about, sensations and emotions I often dreamt about when he was not with me. I regularly masturbated to the recollections and fantasies of him and of his taut body against mine.

Moreover, he had not even touched my torso yet. He was still caressing my feet and calves. My God, this man had a flare for arousing me. Moving his hands slowly up my leg to my inner thighs, my thoughts became even more risqué as I parted them slightly to entice him closer to my aching pussy. By now, I was not just wet. I could feel the trickle of my arousal slowly etching its way down my arse as my thoughts preceded his hands and my need increased even more.

 At last, his hands reached my aching pussy lips and parted them gently. I wanted to shout out for him to fuck me, to fuck me with his long, strong fingers. I, nevertheless, managed to contain myself to a degree. My moans and the lifting of my hips towards his gently probing fingers must have given him clue as to my urgent need of him, as he slowly and teasingly inserted a finger into my clenching vagina. With his one hand occupied, I could hear him opening the bottle of chocolate liqueur and wondered if he was going to try and douse the flame I had between my legs with this.

Instead, he trickled the fluid down my chest, the sticky fluid dribbling over my stiffened nipples and running down the sides of my fairly big breasts. I could feel the dribble as it ran down, off my breasts, and down onto my stomach, pooling in my navel before overflowing down over my hips.

Then it was the turn of his tongue. A tongue that had, on numerous occasions, brought me to earth-shattering orgasms and I instinctively knew that this would be no different. I did not want him to stop. I wanted this to last the whole night and fought desperately to slow my heightening arousal. It was unmanageable as his tongue flicked against my hardened nipples as he slowly licked the sweet fluid from my bared skin. My breathing gave me away as it deepened yet again and a soft moan escaped my lips.

I wanted him to continue licking me all over and desperately wanted that tongue on my pussy. However, I never said anything. I did not have to say anything, as my hips moved, almost involuntarily, portraying my immense lust of this man. Slowly, his tongue made its way down …towards my most wanton groin.

“Oh, God, I wish he would stop teasing me and move quicker toward my pussy,” I begged whoever was listening to my thoughts.

“Please, don’t stop. Carry on to my pussy, she is so ready, she is waiting, and I am about to explode,” I heard myself saying out aloud, as his tongue moved ever closer to my throbbing pussy.

Nevertheless, he had other thoughts as I felt his tongue moving up my torso again and to my distended nipples.

“Bastard,” I thought to myself as a contraction rippled through the walls of my vagina and his lips encountered one of my nipples. “He is really pushing the boundaries now. If he doesn’t touch me now, I am going to physically force him to,” I thought.

With his lips firmly sucking my one nipple into his mouth and his tongue teasing the tip, I felt his other hand easing its way down toward my streaming pussy.

“Yes,” I thought. “At last I am going to receive some much needed attention where I need it most,” and I parted my thighs even wider to entice him to touch me.

Instead, his fingers stroked the sides of my pussy lips, coming teasingly close to my swollen clitoris and causing me to, once again, raise my hips to force his hand. But he simply continued to tease around the fringes of my lust, whilst sucking and gently biting my hardened nipples and cupping and squeezing my breasts. At one stage he lifted his head long enough to kiss me deeply, our tongues swirling around one another’s as our lips mashed and sucked at the other’s.

It seemed ages before I too felt him climbing onto the table and easing his solid frame onto mine. I have no idea how he managed it but he had succeeded in taking off his clothes. I could feel the steely hardness of his penis against my inner thigh as his lips and tongue continued to tease my nipples. I so wanted that thick cock inside me, squirming and twisting to get myself in a position for penetration and almost forcing myself onto him.

Again, I was to be disappointed as Craig started licking my breasts, slowly making his way to my stomach as he licked up the sticky liqueur. However, this time his journey continued and slowly but surely came closer and closer to my burning desire. I think I might have moaned or called out or maybe even screamed softly. But as his tongue touched my clitoris, a wave of sensations flooded my body and I lifted my hips to meet his willing tongue.

Oh, God, it was beautiful as his tongue slipped between the lips of my pussy and flicked gently at my sensitive clit. It was then that I reached out and felt for his thick erection, my fingers wrapping around it as I started feverishly pumping at his shaft. I wanted to suck him, to taste him and savour the sweetness of the pre-cum I felt oozing from his rigid shaft. The idea was still fresh in my mind as his pager shattered the intimate surrounds with its “beep-beep-beep.”

“Oh, God, no, “I thought, selfishly, to myself at the idea of him having to leave me for another more pressing engagement; his commitment to his patients. Craig was a surgeon and had been on standby that evening. Although he had not often been called out, it just had to happen when we were at our most passionate.

“Shit,” I heard him curse under his breath as he stopped what he was doing and smiled down at me.

“A medical case, I’m afraid,” he said apologetically and started looking around for his scattered items of clothing.

By the time he left, I was still highly aroused, hugely disappointed at him having to leave so suddenly and completely unsatisfied. But by the time I lay back on my bed, whether it was from the intensity of our foreplay or just the sheer exhaustion of the entire day’s lusting and looking forward to our meeting, I closed my eyes and was asleep in no time at all.

It was after at least five hours before I felt the familiar heat and strength of the body behind me. Craig’s strong arms pulled me closer to him as his hands cupped my breasts and his fingers teased my nipples. Slowly all my nerve-endings started becoming aroused again and I felt the familiar sensation of my arousal reawakening. The slowly growing erection of his was also making itself known as it grew against the small of my back until it was completely erect and digging into me.

I just could not control myself any longer and turned to face him, taking hold of his hardness and stroking it lovingly in my hands as I guided it to the moistness of my pussy. I could tell how aroused he was by the way in which he plunged himself into me, making me cry out in sheer ecstasy as his penis drove deeply into me at every hard thrust.

With my hands on his hard arse cheeks, I could feel his muscles contracting with every thrust. As we got closer to our respective orgasms, could feel his thrusting becoming even harder. We continued thrashing about until I felt the twitching in his shaft as he exploded into me, sending huge quantities of his hot liquid deep into me. This, in turn, triggered my orgasm as my body convulsed in unison to his, my legs wrapped firmly around his arse as if to pull him in even deeper.

Lying contented and exhausted on top of me, I could feel Craig’s well worked shaft up against my cervix as the warmth in my body subsided and left just the feeling of fulfilment, satisfaction and gratification. Waking up in a similar position the next morning could only have led to one thing but I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

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