Black Friday Bargain

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This MILF needed a game machine and would do whatever she had to to get one.

It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2007, and I am a tried and true associate of one of the largest retail chains in the business.   Some call this day “Black Friday”, we call it “Blitz” among ourselves, because it is reminiscent of the Blitzkrieg of generations before us.   I woke early and arrived at the store at 4:00 AM as requested by my store manager, then proceeded to familiarize myself with the specials and where in the hell they were in the store to be able to better guide the onslaught of people to their chosen bargain.   The rush at the doors was lighter than some years, but it only took 90 seconds for the deluge of patrons to have every shopping cart in use, trampling each other as they scurried to and fro, I could have thought it humorous save for the bruised shins and trampled toes that went with it.   But that is only the beginning of the day when I would reconsider my ability to serve the customers to their satisfaction as I always tried to do.


It had been a trial so far, now it was 8:00 AM and the rush was dwindling down, most of the good specials were long since gone from the shelves, but everyone still wanted them, especially that new game machine that we had 20 of only 3 hours before, there was one left, my mark on it for my own personal purchase when I got my break and could put my money on the counter, so-to-speak.   To make a long story short, there was a local lady that really wanted one, she needed it desperately for her teen age son, enough so that she would do anything to get her hands on it, and I mean ANYTHING!


So, as she spoke to me I told her I had one set back for my own purchase, a slip not intended, but I had said it, there was no turning back from the inevitable conversation and actions that would follow.   You need to know that this lady is 36 years old and could model for Playboy magazine, her body is a wonder to behold, 36 DD cup bra that she rarely wore because she didn’t need one, and all natural, her slender waist and nicely full hips atop long muscular legs, all finely bronzed in a tanning bed, no doubt.   Her face was set with high cheekbones, a finely rounded chin, big brilliant blue eyes, and luscious red lips that were meant to do things beside talk.   I couldn’t help myself, and we struck a bargain on how she could get the last of the game machines available, she promised to make it worth my while if I would carry it out to her SUV.   I finally agreed, knowing that this could be, at best, a rouse or at worst I would get fired, but I didn’t care, the promises she made were too tempting to pass up. So, I had her go out and move her SUV to a spot at the end of the building out of the main stream of customers going to and fro.


Upon here return, I was waiting at the front of the store with her prize, ready to check out and be carried to her vehicle by yours truly, go figure.   She waited in line for about a minute, paid for the item, and I went out the door as she held it open for me.   We walked casually to her SUV, she opened the back panel door, and slid inside to receive her prize, not just the game machine, but the other one she had made the bargain for, I was in the SUV and had the door closed in no time.  


I lay down on my back as she quickly unzipped my pants and tugged them down to mid thigh.   She yanked my briefs down to meet them and gasped as she saw my penis, already almost hard, a full ten inches and very, very thick at that, standing up proudly to be taken.   I heard a moan come from the pit of her gut as she leaned over to wrap her smooth lips around the head and then the lapping of her tongue around it filled me with overwhelming surges of pleasure and I began moaning as well.   She wrapped both hands around the shaft and began to jack me off as she took the first three inches in and out of her mouth, grunting as she choked on the thickness of the bulbous head.   She removed one hand and leaned farther to me and pushed her throat around the head of this massive tool she had agreed to suck until I came in her mouth for her to drink of and enjoy.   Thank God for tinted windows, people were walking near the car, and never knew we were there.   She fidgeted as she continued to suck more and more of me with her willing mouth, lips and tongue, teasing me almost to the point of climax more than once.   I wasn’t willing to blow my wad too son, and restrained the urge for about five minutes.   By that time, she was wanting more than she was going to get and hiked up her skirt and started squeezing her clit hard, she wanted to cum too, and was going to, no matter how it had to happen.


My erection was still full as I pushed her face from my loins and pulled her towards me.   She caught on very quickly and straddled me on her knees, pulled her skirt up above her waist and let me push the thong to one side of her fine wet pussy.   I reached to it and ran my fingers into the wetness of her inner labia, parting the dark petals surrounding it.   I pushed two fingers into the canal, so wet and ready I could hardly stand it myself, she was gong crazy, and I could feel why, her orgasms had already begun in full force within her.   I used my fingers to drag her willing cunt to the head of my cock and felt her push herself onto it forcefully, taking about half of it in one thrust.   She cried out “Holy Shit!” and impaled herself on most of it before beginning to ride me like a pile driver in and out of her canal.   Her vaginal muscles went into spasms and contractions around me as her honey flowed around the shaft.   The feelings of her orgasm spurred me on and I let myself be lost in the wildness of the moment.   The veins on my cock were enlarged and making a great “French Tickler” along the walls of her vagina, but she hadn’t taken me all yet, she had stopped short of entering her cervix due to the torturous pain she felt with the size of my head.   I told her to take the rest; she looked at me with a crazed expression and pushed harder onto me with the next thrust allowing me to enter her womb fully.   She screamed aloud as it went in, I trembled like a school boy having his first real orgasm and shot my wad deep into her womb as her juices squirted along my shaft and out of her pussy.   She pulled herself off of my cock, still throbbing with the joy I had been fulfilled with.   She leaned over to it and licked the gooey mass from the shaft as she pulled her skirt back into place.   I pulled up my briefs and pants, refastened them and opened the door of the SUV to exit.


As we got out, she touched my arm to stop me momentarily.   She said “this isn’t part of the deal, but I want to make love properly with you next time, and I want it to happen soon.”   I smiled and replied “OK, that sounds wonderful, email me with the details of where and when, I’ll be there”.   I retrieved one of my personal business cards and handed it to her.   She smiled and said “SOON” and turned to get in the SUV as I went back towards the front of the store to finish my day’s labors.   I wasn’t worth a shit for work after that, but I really didn’t care, I was in a daze of remembrance.   The thought of her anticipated email danced in my head all day.   When I got home, I checked to see if it was there. OMG, yes it was.